The next morning, the first to arrive at Qing Garden were Xu Mingsheng and Chen Sufen and the medical team Chen Sufen had found. Several white vans drove into the garden in turn and parked in front of Villa 4.

        The doors were pulled open, and the doctors in white coats on the vans quickly moved the portable first aid equipment into the laboratory. About an hour later, the entire first floor of Villa 4 was converted into a small temporary medical center, except for the laboratory area inside.

        “This medical team from the Clinic has a very good level of first aid, and Dr. Gong has some research on this disease.” Chen Sufen pushed Xu Mingsheng off the car.

      “Thank you so much for your trouble.” He took the initiative to take Xu Mingsheng’s wheelchair from Chen Sufen’s hand, “Teacher, you really love to come out, you’re already like this, can’t you rest properly?”

        Xu Mingsheng glared at him, “Every day, I lay in bed, you want to suffocate me ah, I can now walk, you’re not studying medicine, so you don’t know if I should move more now!”

        Li Zheng: ……

        “I heard about Xuefeng, Dong Juncheng didn’t do a good thing, but do you have to involve yourself? Although Dong Juncheng isn’t a bully, he has been in this industry for so many years. What kind of academic competition are you engaging in with great fanfare this time? What if you fail?  If you don’t hold your heart high and keep your eyes low, the good situation you laid in front of you might be completely destroyed. Even if you succeed, can you win? If I wasn’t your teacher, and I heard a 17-year-old junior wants to engage in academic competition with my fellow scholars, I would also be unhappy. This will add a lot of obstacles for you in the biomedical circle of Hong Kong.”

      Xu Mingsheng didn’t know how he would teach such a stubborn student. Xu Mingsheng could see that although Li Zheng seemed mild and polite, if anyone said anything he listened carefully, his listening ability was very good, but he still turned his head to do his own thing, what a temper!

“Old professor, I don’t like to hear things like that. The academic competition is a good thing, not only can we promote the development of the discipline of biomedicine, we also add some vitality to this dead industry, and we make those old people who rely on each other have a sense of tension, there is pressure to have motivation, it can help them progress.” A man’s voice came from not far away.

      Several people looked back, only to see a man wearing a racing suit style jacket and big flared pants.

        Chen Sufen ……

        Li Zheng ……

        Xu Mingsheng ……

        “Liu Sichao?” Xu Mingsheng spoke uncertainly.

        Thirty-seven-year-old Liu Sichao already had a notable reputation in Asian biomedical industry, but of course it wasn’t a good reputation. It was because of this reputation that he was amicably released from a collaboration agreement by a laboratory in Singapore four months ago, and came to Hong Kong in a tumble.

In Xu Mingsheng’s impression, Liu Sichao was bad, but at least several times he met him in major public places, he still had a normal scholar image.

Yet today … was a long story.

“Professor Xu still remembers me, what an honor!” Liu Sichao said playfully.

        Xu Mingsheng frowned, “What are you doing here?”

        Liu Sichao put the backpack behind him heavily to the ground, “I accepted your student’s invitation to become one of the project leaders of Li Zheng’s laboratory, the salary package is 20% higher than that of a professor at Hong Kong University,” he trailed off after a few words.

        Xu Mingsheng lifted his head, his gaze turned viciously to Li Zheng who was quietly acting as a set-piece, “You invited this?”

        Li Zheng blinked, a hint of embarrassment appeared on his face. In his previous life, he had heard more than once from old-timers in the industry that Liu Sichao was a bit of a loose cannon when he was young, but even though he had a rich imagination, he couldn’t have imagined that the Chinese biomedical leader would actually look like this when he was young.

        The shocked look on Li Zheng’s face was too obvious, and with his young tender face, the cheeky Liu Sichao felt embarrassed by the junior who was about to become his boss.

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m not poor, this is my nephew’s clothes, when you pay the advance salary, I’ll immediately go to buy clothes and cut my hair, I absolutely won’t cause Li Zheng laboratory shame!” Liu Sichao patted his chest.

        The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth twitched, and he coughed dryly, “Teacher, it’s windy outside, let’s go inside first.” At the same time, he looked at Zheng Lingling.

        Zheng Lingling nodded and turned her head to Liu Sichao, revealing a professional-style smile, “Mr. Liu, come with me first to do the induction procedures.”

        Liu Sichao was about to say something when Zheng Lingling added, “Once you do the induction procedures, you will get the three months’ salary paid in advance.”

        “Then what are we waiting for, go go go!” Liu Sichao picked up his backpack and put it on his back, urging Zheng Lingling to do the procedures quickly.

        Xu Mingsheng had been doing education work for half of his life, looking at Liu Sichao’s behavior really made him want to bleed from the eyes.

        He looked at Li Zheng with hatred, his fingers trembling as he pointed at Liu Sichao’s back as he quickly walked away, “Look, look, look at what kind of people are in your lab!”

        It was already after ten o’clock when Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin arrived. Wen Xuefeng had gone to Mary’s Hospital in the morning for an injection, Director Liu personally sent them over.

        “Thank you so much, Director Liu.” Ma Wenmin thanked him again.

        Director Liu waved his hand, “You are the people of Li Zheng’s laboratory, I said it earlier. At the beginning of the hospital infection incident, it was Mr. Li Zheng that made us able to retreat. The president is now also in Li Zheng’s lab, and he is an expert in this area of tumors. If your liver replacement surgery is operated by him, the chances of success will be quite high ah.”

        He handed Ma Wenmin a few sheets of paper with notes, “For the liver. I will keep an eye on the source for you. Remember to ask President Chen and Mr. Li Zheng to return to the hospital when they have time.”

      Ma Wenmin nodded repeatedly.

       In March 1983, Hong Kong was still immersed in the afterglow of the Chinese New Year, while the future leaders of the academic competition, known in the history of biology as “the battle of life,” was quietly unfolding in Li Zheng’s laboratory, who was just starting to make his mark.

       Most of the research materials of Mr. and Mrs. Wen Xuefeng were left in Dong Juncheng’s lab. What they could bring around now was either irrelevant or what they had memorized after being expelled from Dongchen University.

     For a scientific research project, these materials were really thin.

    Li Zheng gathered the people in the second laboratory.

Li Zheng, the general director of Li Zheng’s lab, Zhong Peng of lab number three, Liu Sichao of lab number five, Zhang Chao, the deputy of lab number one, and Zhang Yuejun, the deputy of lab number two.

        That’s right, Zhang Yuejun.

        Zhang Yuejun had a wooden expression as he tried to control his mouth from grinning. He wae only 27 years old and graduated from graduate school in June this year. While his classmates were putting in their resumes, running job fairs, researching where to work after graduation, or fighting over a place to stay in school one at a time.

        He, Zhang Yuejun, was already on a par with someone like Zhang Chao! Zhang Chao, this was the leader of the new generation of the biology industry in Hong Kong, who has been praised repeatedly in the professor’s class.

      “Little brother, it’s my first time here, take care of me.” Zhang Chao poked Zhang Yuejun in the back and said with a smile.

        Zhang Yuejun’s eyes instantly went red with excitement.

        “For our project this time, the people before us have the foundation.” Saying that, Li Zheng distributed a few points from the journals in his hand to the crowd.

        “I would like to emphasize one thing here first. The project creator is Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin, Li Zheng laboratory is providing mutual aid and friendship between peers to provide site support, all the research results of this project will go to Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin couple, no comments from anyone.”

        Li Zheng said in a serious manner.

        Good-natured laughter was heard in the laboratory.

        Liu Sichao even made a “tsk” sound and squeezed his eyebrows at Li Zheng.

        Li Zheng turned his head away from him, “Teacher Wen, I will temporarily give you the right to use the second lab. Liu Sichao, you are good at academic competition, you’ll be the technical director of this project, don’t fall off the chain. Zhang Chao, you’ll also join this project, you all will listen to Mr. Wen’s commands.”

       As for him and Zhong Peng, he didn’t intend to participate in this project. In a lab, only one person was needed to give instructions. Li Zheng was the boss of the entire laboratories, and Zhong Peng’s seniority was far above Wen Xuefeng’s, so if they were to participate in this project, Wen Xuefeng’s dominance over the project would be weakened, which wasn’t what the couple wanted to see.

       In line with his decision, Mr. and Mrs. Wenfeng looked at him gratefully because of his arrangement, and the last trace of worry in their hearts was also put down.

      Everyone took their positions, and a war without smoke and mirrors started silently.

“Then I’ll start by introducing this project. The biggest highlight of this project is the artificial organ ……” Wen Xuefeng spoke with a frown, his vivid appearance was different from his almost dead demeanor a few days ago.

        This project was divided into four phases, Dong Juncheng laboratory had published the first two phases of the paper. Especially in the second phase, the idea of constructing human organs in animals was proposed, which attracted the attention of many people inside and outside the circle.

        Human organs included external organs, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, internal organs, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and so on. The importance of external organs needed no introduction, as many children born with facial deformities, people who were bitten by dogs or other fierce animals in childhood were left with lifelong regrets, and many soldiers who came off the battlefield.

       If the external organs of the human body could really be reconstructed, it would be the greatest blessing for these people.

        As for the internal organs, if it was really possible to construct human internal organs in animals, then people like Wen Xuefeng wouldn’t to worry about the liver. This would be a medical revolution.

       Therefore, Dong Juncheng was heavily sponsored by the scientific research funds, according to Liu Sichao’s estimate, the number was no less than three hundred million.

        “The boss is worthy of being the boss, really discerning! I have been a wandering bird for so many years, this time this prey is considered big.” Liu Si Chao sighed from the bottom of his heart.

      The people in the room ……

       Liu Sichao was worthy of being a master of academic competition, he caught the focus, “From the current situation, the third phase has began, but the theoretical level is weak, the actual results are what a group of investors want to see. So …… If we want to win this academic competition and pull the investors’ money out of Dong Juncheng’s lab and get it to our own side, making a real artificial organ is what we should do now!”

       Wen Xuefeng nodded in a daze, it seemed to make sense. But when was that purpose of grabbing the investor’s money from Dong Juncheng’s lab to their side added?

       “Don’t care about such small details, Mr. Wen, don’t you think it’ll be funny to snatch the money and watch that old man jump in anger?” Liu Sichao waved his hand and said, “I don’t have a deep attainment in this area, as soon as you make progress, notify me, I am responsible for keeping the opponent under pressure.”

        After saying that, he wandered out the door. This laboratory was left to the couple.

So there was Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin left in the second lab, as well as Zhang Chao and Zhang Yuejun, who were assistants.

        “Let’s begin.” Wen Xuefeng showed a gentle smile to Ma Wenmin, who nodded her head. Watching Wen Xuefeng reveal his first real smile in two years, Ma Wenmin was a little teary eyed. Being able to see her husband like this, showed her decision was right.

      “You just handed over the lab to them?” Xu Mingsheng looked helplessly at this student of his.

      Li Zheng shrugged, “It’s their project, I’ll stay out of it. If it weren’t for the weakness of Mr. Wen and the fact that Ms. Ma is a woman, I wouldn’t even lend out Zhang Yuejun and Zhang Chao.”

       “Just wait and see, it won’t be long before someone comes to the door.” Xu Mingsheng said with certainty.

       Xu Mingsheng was worthy of being a veteran of so many years, as he expected, the next day someone came to the door, the person who came wasn’t small, claiming to be with the Hong Kong newspaper.

      “Hello, Mr. Li Zheng is really a hero, remarkable, remarkable. I am Yang Ziyan, Yang Wanru, wife of the owner of Hong Kong Newspaper, is my elder sister.” It was a man in his early fifties with a fat figure who spoke smilingly.

      “Hong Kong Newspaper?” Li Zheng lifted his eyes, “The newspaper known as the mouthpiece of the government of Hong Kong, it’s remarkable.” He said insincerely.

       But apparently the obese man couldn’t hear the insincerity in Li Zheng’s voice, a trace of pride surfaced slightly on his face, “You’re right, you’re right, but it’s not worth mentioning.”

        The corners of Li Zheng’s mouth twitched, he spoke as if he was complimenting him, if he hadn’t announced himself, Li Zheng would have thought that the person in front of him was Shen Wannian, the head of the newspaper industry in Hong Kong.

       “I wonder what Mr. Yang wants to do in Qing Garden?” The good mood of the day hadn’t lasted long before it was ruined by the fat man.

      Originally, because of the Mary’s Hospital incident, Li Zheng didn’t even spend his first Chinese New Year in Hong Kong properly, and he had thought of taking a good two-day rest while there was still a bit of holiday atmosphere.

       It so happened that yesterday, Butler Fang called and asked him to go to Liang’s house for soup dumplings, and Li Zheng hesitated then agreed.

        He was a loner, and Liang Zhe was also a loner, so it was appropriate for them to have a soup dumpling together in a group.

        But just before he went out, he was blocked at the gate by this fat guy.

“I came as the middleman for old Professor Dong, everyone is in the industry, old Professor Dong is a senior, why do you have to face each other? We can all make money with peace and prosperity.” Fatty Yang smiled with a simple expression.

        Yang Ziyan was Yang Wanru’s second brother, the Yang family wasn’t a family in Hong Kong. After Yang Wanru became Mrs. Shen, with the support of her husband, she touched the threshold of some families. Yang Ziyan was idle, what he liked most was to carry the flag of his sister and brother-in-law and go everywhere.

        But this trick got him some fame.

        Intermediary, commonly known as peacemaker, Yang Ziyan was now doing this business. In these years, he got acquainted with some contacts, and opened a small studio, for small things he sent people under him out, for big things he came out himself, because the really big people wouldn’t ask him to do things and the brand of Hong Kong Newspaper was hard enough in front of ordinary people, it was really rare for Yang Ziyan to do uncertain things.

        “Professor Dong of Dongchen University?” Li Zheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, the news spread really fast.

        “Yes, yes, it’s Professor Dong Juncheng!” Seeing Li Zheng smile with a gentle expression, Yang Ziyan was secretly happy, it seemed that this would be easy. He had always thought that the business owners were generous, but yesterday Dong Juncheng’s check made him drop his jaw, so those old men engaged in research are so rich.

        Li Zheng went forward to pat Yang Ziyan’s shoulder, “Mr. Yang, please take a message to Professor Dong. I, Li Zheng Laboratory, have no intention of getting involved in the feud between him and the Wen couple. Out of the virtue of peer support and friendship, I provided their laboratory, after all, Mr. Wen’s health isn’t good, this is his last wish, I, as a junior, naturally can not stand by and watch.”

        He paused and looked at Yang Ziyan, whose face had changed slightly, and continued, “And ah, I wonder if Professor Dong has heard of Professor Wen’s theory of original sin. I think it’s very interesting, the way of heaven is clear, the sky is watching, sometimes people can’t be too greedy.”

        Yang Ziyan looked at Li Zheng suspiciously, Dong Juncheng’s people told him that Li Zheng wanted to engage in an academic competition with Dong Juncheng, but now it seemed that there were other preoccupations.

Yang Ziyan was still waiting to speak, when he saw a stretch Rolls-Royce slowly coming from not far away, the car’s flashing lights flashed at him, he used his hand to cover the blinding glare with discontent in his heart. But he knew that the people who drove such cars weren’t ordinary people.

        The car slowly approached, and then stopped beside the two men.

        The man in the passenger seat quickly ran down and opened the rear door.

        Liang Zhe and Butler Fang got down from the car.

        Liang Zhe pursed his lips, while Butler Fang smiled with a kind expression.

        “Aiya, I told you, Mr. Li Zheng must have been tripped up by something, there’s no way he’d go back on his word.”

        Liang Zhe’s cold gaze swept over Yang Ziyan. Yang Ziyan felt goose bumps on his fat flesh, he subconsciously took two steps back and rubbed his arms.

        “Liang, Mr. Liang.” Since Liang Zhe officially took over the Liang family, his young face, like that of several other bigwigs in Hong Kong, had appeared on the front page of the economy, entertainment and even some political newspapers. It would be strange that Yang Ziyan didn’t recognize him since he was on the front page of the political press.

        “Hn.” Liang Zhe coldly responded, and when his gaze turned to Li Zheng, it was as if his gaze was already as warm as spring.

        “Butler Fang asked me to pick you up for soup dumplings.” He said in a serious manner.

        “Mr. Liang is just shy. I asked him to eat first in the morning, but he refused to eat without you, the soup dumplings became cold then I saw that the time wasn’t right so I came to pick you up directly.” Butler Fang didn’t have the slightest sense of self-consciousness to save face for his young master.

      The tips of Liang Zhe’s ears became red and flushed, but his face didn’t show it at all.

        Li Zheng’s bad mood of being disgusted in the morning was swept away, and he laughed softly in a low voice.

        “It’s really hard for Mr. Liang and Butler Fang, we’ll go eat now.” He said, then turned to Yang Ziyan, “Mr. Yang …… want to join us?”

        Yang Ziyan’s head shook like a rattle, “No …… no no, no need.” Although he knew that at the opening of Li Zheng’s laboratory, Mr. Liang was present, who knew that Li Zheng and Mr. Liang’s relationship was so good, they were going to eat soup dumplings, this was the treatment of family members.

        “I still have things to do, I’ll go first.” He had to go back to find out what kind of nastiness this Dong Juncheng and Li Zheng lab had, and if he could talk, that would, of course, be best. He could also get friendship with both sides, if not …… Yang Ziyan gaze flashed, Dong Juncheng, that old man, didn’t make his words clear, he wouldn’t return the deposit.

“Mr. Li Zheng, get in. This time, Mr. Liang personally rolled the dumplings, each one is fat, not to mention how cute they are.” Butler Fang said with a smile.

        Li Zheng looked at Liang Zhe in surprise, and the corners of Liang Zhe’s mouth were slightly curved, obviously very flattered by the compliment from Butler Fang.

    “Okay, I’d like to try it, the soup dumplings that Mr. Liang personally rolled.” Li Zheng said and got into the car.

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