Ma Wenmin stared blankly at Li Zheng, until Li Zheng said it again, she came back to her senses, her face revealing a complex expression.

        “Is it possible?” She was asking Li Zheng, moreover, she was asking herself.

        Was it possible? What they were missing wasn’t a month or two months of progress, but two or three years. Although reluctantly, Ma Wenmin had to admit that Dong Juncheng’s academic level wasn’t below the two of them, only that he was older and his mind was somewhat limited, as long as someone opened the door for him, he wasn’t slower than anyone else.

Just now, Li Zheng was hot-headed, and he felt a little impulsive when he spoke.

         At present, the most important thing for Wen Xuefeng and his wife was to treat his illness well. Nothing was more important than life.

        But since the words had already been spoken, Li Zheng had no intention to take them back. He couldn’t help but think of Liu Sichao, if he sincerely wanted to engage in academic competition, then he could be considered one of the best talents.

   “This promise is valid at all times, take good care of Mr. Wen.” Li Zheng stood up and patted Ma Wenmin’s shoulder, “Also, if you’re interested in joining Qing Garden, I don’t mind paying you in advance.”

Li Zheng and Zhong Peng were silent all the way from the couple’s home to the Qing Garden. They were all old faces in the industry.

        What was more, Dong Juncheng’s fame and fortune and the status quo of the couple was such a stark contrast, it was really saddening.

       A few days later, Ma Wenmin didn’t make any moves, Li Zheng, although he felt regret, he put this matter aside. He wasn’t a fighter guarding justice, if he encountered injustice, he was willing to properly lend a helping hand, but if the parties involved weren’t active, he naturally wouldn’t push himself out.

        However, a few days later, a special guest was welcomed to Li Zheng’s lab.

        Li Zheng looked at Wen Xuefeng, who was brought in by Zheng Lingling, and spilled the reagents in the test tube in surprise.

        Wen Xuefeng? He gave a few hand gestures to Zheng Lingling, signaling Zheng Lingling to bring Wen Xuefeng to the meeting room, and then turned around and called Ma Wenmin.

      “I knew it, I knew he would go over there. Mr. Li Zheng please don’t promise him anything, I’ll come over right away.” Ma Wenmin’s voice sounded shaky.

Li Zheng nodded in response, he heard the sound of cup breaking and a woman’s shriek from the other end of the phone, he couldn’t help but sigh gently as he hung up the phone.

        Li Zheng changed his lab equipment, carefully shampooed his hands and put them under the hand dryer before walking out of the lab.

        He was holding a cup of hot tea, and the sunlight sprinkled on his body through the glass, concealing the withered air of his body and making him look peaceful.

        Li Zheng couldn’t bear to disturb this beautiful scene, his footsteps stopped in place.

        When Wen Xuefeng saw him, a smile appeared on his dark yellow face, “Mr. Li Zheng.”

        Li Zheng nodded and quickly stepped forward, as he sat down at the other end of the sofa, his gaze swept over the coffee table and saw a file bag sitting on the coffee table, his gaze was fixed on it, if he remembered correctly, that file bag had the logo of Mary’s Hospital on it.

       “Mr. Li Zheng, I took the liberty to visit, I am very sorry if I have disturbed you.” Wen Xuefeng said politely.

        Li Zheng shook his head, “Mr. Wen is very polite, it’s an honor for you to come.”

        Wen Xuefeng smiled and didn’t answer, he picked up that file bag on the coffee table and opened it.

        “The doctors thought I, the patient, couldn’t read the terminology, but they didn’t know I was a student of biology. My liver disease is genetic, my father and my grandfather all went that way. I became a student to research genetics, to see if I could make a good liver for myself, but when I really learned and understood, I realized how difficult it was.”

        Wen Xuefeng paused then continued.

        “I feel like my life is going to end before it even starts. I am most sorry to Wenmin and my daughter. But even so, I still want to be capricious, not only to get justice for myself, but also to take out all the things that are still in my mind. When people die, their lights go out, I can’t bear the things in my mind going with me. “

        Wen Xuefeng spoke with a smile, he took a sip of water and looked at Li Zheng, “Mr. Li Zheng, do you believe that life comes with original sin?”

        Li Zheng was slightly stunned, obviously not keeping up with his jumpy thoughts.

        “I believe.”

   “Look at me, and then look at all those people around the world who suffer from genetic diseases at birth. Our original sin came into this world along with the genetic material. I hope that one day, we biologists can change this phenomenon and at least achieve birth equality in life.”

       The room was silent, even Zheng Lingling and Ma Wenmin, who had just stepped through the door, subconsciously held their breath.

        Li Zheng opened his mouth, at this moment, he felt that all words seemed thin and powerless.

        Genes and genetic diseases, the human genome project wasn’t for this purpose, but unfortunately, even in his previous life, before Li Zheng died, humans only successfully mapped out the human genome “working framework”. The actual nucleotide arrangement of more than 90% of the 24 human DNA molecules was drawn, but that was all it was, from the community to the individual, from theory to practice, from the laboratory to the clinic, it still took a long, long time.

[TN: A genome is the complete set of genetic information in an organism. It provides all of the information the organism requires to function.] [I never paid any attention in biology classes 😪.]

        “Did I say a little too much?” A blush appeared on Wen Xuefeng’s face.

       “No, you are great.” Li Zheng said in a deep voice.

        Before his life was about to end, what Wen Xuefeng thought of wasn’t to try to save his own life, but to choose to pull out all the useful knowledge in his mind to make another contribution to the progress of human biology. If it were him, could he do it?

     Li Zheng shook his head and smiled bitterly, he …… didn’t know.

       “Great? Mr. Li Zheng is joking. I shouldn’t have let Wenmin follow me, I clearly knew that my family has this genetic disease, but I was in love and thought that my luck couldn’t be so bad. Now I just hope that in the future, my child will not repeat my tragedy.”

       “I …… know.” Li Zheng replied seriously.

Although he knew that even if Wen Xuefeng tried his best to finish his project, it was only a drop in the bucket for the big subject of genetic diseases, the whole biology discipline was accumulated little by little.

“Teacher Ma ……” Li Zheng was about to speak when Ma Wenmin and Zheng Lingling came over.

        “I’ll help you.” Ma Wenmin had long been in tears, she forcefully wiped away the snot and tears on her face as she walked to Wen Xuefeng, “I don’t regret, I have never regretted. With you, I made the best decision of my life.”

       His hand holding the cup trembled slightly.

       He forced a smile, trying to remain calm, but his voice still trembled, “Wenmin ah, don’t make me cry.”

Zheng Lingling clenched her fist, if before today, the reason she was in Li Zheng’s lab was mostly admiration for Li Zheng personally, but after today, a sense of “biological mission” sprouted in this little girl’s heart.

        Seeing the couple’s emotions had calmed down, Li Zheng stood up and clapped his hands, “Well, go back and rest today, take your medication. Adjust yourself to the best state, we will start working tomorrow.”

        Mr. and Mrs. Wen Xuefeng let out good-natured laughter.

        After Zheng Lingling asked Zhang Yuejun to send the two back, Li Zheng started making phone calls.

        “Teacher’s wife, I’ll probably have to trouble you again this time. Wen Xuefeng, you should know him. Yes, please take a look at his case. I need 24-hour medical support here for him personally. No, not at the hospital, it needs to be in Qing Garden. I remember that private hospitals have this service. Then, thank you.”

     “Zhang Chao? This is Li Zheng. Yes, that’s the same Li Zheng. Report to Qing Garden tomorrow at nine o’clock, precisely to start work. Really …… I’m not a fraud.”

      After making two phone calls, Li Zheng once again brought out Liu Sichao’s information.

      “A good knife or a bad knife, depending on what hands it is held in.” He muttered to himself, and then dialed the phone number on his resume.

    “Hello?” The noise on the other end of the phone was a little too much, the roar of a car motor was audible.

     Yes, he remembered that Liu Sichao liked racing cars when he was young, and when someone in later times dissected the character of this big man, they believed that that competitive academic style of his was greatly influenced by racing.

        “I’m Li Zheng, head of Li Zheng’s lab.” Li Zheng had dealt with Liu Sichao quite a few times in his previous life, and at that time Liu Sichao liked to lean on his age and more than once posed as an elder in front of Li Zheng.

        In this life …… Li Zheng pursed his lips, although his body was still a little young, he was still vaguely proud to be Liu Sichao’s boss.

        “Li Zheng! The little genius who discovered carbapenem antibiotics? What? Want to invite me to join Li Zheng’s lab?”

        When Li Zheng dealt with Liu Sichao in his later life, Liu Sichao was already almost 70 years old, and although he was somewhat old-fashioned, he looked like a calm and dignified senior. So he was like this when he was young?

      Li Zheng’s face twitched, no wonder he had such a bad reputation when he was young.

“I received the resume you submitted, are you interested in joining Li Zheng’s lab?”

        “Hahahaha, you’re quite thoughtful. OK, OK, I’ll take the initiative. Tell me, is the treatment really that good? 20% higher than a professor at Hong Kong University?”


        Li Zheng didn’t understand, how could people differ so much, just now he was still immersed in Wen Xuefeng’s awe-inspiring righteousness, now with Liu Sichao’s two words, that feeling of grief almost washed away.

     “Then can the salary be prepaid?”

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