After a burst of passionate speeches and expressions of determination by the leaders of the county and towns, the townspeople scattered in twos and threes, and their eyes sparkled with joy and hope for the future.

This was just a mobilization meeting in advance, and Roche’s relevant personnel would visit Yantian County in two weeks, accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Health. Because Xie Wenjie was born in Qinghe Town, he was appointed as the person in charge of the preparatory work.

Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee put forward the reform and opening-up, China had actively introduced foreign capital, and the position of the Ministry of Commerce had suddenly jumped to the forefront of the State Council, which was only inferior to those old and important departments, which made the Ministry of Health, once half as bad as it was, feel very uncomfortable.

Roche’s appearance was simply a pie falling from the sky for the Ministry of Health. Among the top 500 in the world, there were only a handful of top 500 in China, and Roche was the only pharmaceutical company that proposed to invest and build factories in China. As soon as Roche reached out, the Ministry of Health listed it as an important plan this year, and the whole department attached great importance to it. If Xie Wenjie could perform well in this project, his future path would naturally be much smoother.

Compared with the jubilant Qinghe Town Auditorium, the atmosphere of the Yang family was much more solemn.

“Say something, the boat of the Li family is in the hands of Zheng family boy!” When mother Yang heard the news, she was shaking with anger. She spent so much thought and did so much, and finally made a wedding dress for others.

Yang Sheng dropped the bowl heavily on the table, “Wasn’t it you who passed it on? Short knowledge! ”

“I did too much? ! Who said to give those two children a little pressure, now you’re blaming me, I didn’t see you stop me when I started doing it! ” Mother Yang’s momentum became stronger. “Yang Sheng, don’t forget, who did you rely on to secure the position of vice captain of the production team?”

“Shut up!” The speaker was a middle-aged man, dressed in a wide black-gray suit with a blue pen in his chest pocket, who looked somewhat imposing with the glare. That was the man who just appeared on the auditorium, the director of Yantian County Cultural Bureau, responsible for the cultural propaganda work in the county.

“Is that how you speak?” Wang Aiguo mercilessly stared his sister, so grown-up yet she couldn’t hold back. Even if Yang Sheng came to this step today by relying on the relationship between the Wangs, she couldn’t say it in front of Yang Sheng!

Yang Sheng’s face really turned ugly, if Wang Aiguo wasn’t still sitting here, he would have dropped his bowl and left.

“It’s just a ship, if it’s gone, it’s gone, have you heard about the foreign company coming to Yantian County to build a factory.Guess how much the investment is?” Wang Aiguo took a sip of tea and patted the non-existent dust on his sleeve.

Wang Aijuan’s head was smart at this time, “100,000?”Did that mean that he was putting her son in the new factory?

Wang Aijun looked at his sister in disgust!

He forgot all about his stunned look when he first heard about the investment amount.

“A million dollars, foreign exchange! Dollars!”

Yang Sheng and Wang Aijuan both sucked in a breath of cold air, Wang Aijuan was an employee of the cannery, the cannery was the largest factory in Qinghe town, the fishermen over nine layers of sea goods were sold to the cannery. It was no exaggeration to say that half of the town of Qinghe was dependent on the cannery for its livelihood. Spare a thought, the current value of the cannery was only 300,000 RMB!

One million foreign currency! The Yang family just felt like they couldn’t breathe.

“I’ve asked around, and the wages paid by foreigners are also very high, close to 150 a month.”This was already more than two months’ salary for a normal worker.

“Brother, what do you mean?”Wang Aijuan swallowed her saliva, and all she could feel was a golden road appearing in front of her. Even Yang Sheng, who was a deep-hearted man, could not help but breathe faster.

Wang Aiguo enjoyed the attention, and he patted his sister’s shoulder.

“The old factory director’s relationship is complicated and it isn’t good to interfere with people, but the new factory is a blank piece of paper, I am the director of the Cultural Bureau, I can take two places, it shouldn’t be a problem, a place Chengcai one, then for Kaijian”Wang Chengcai was Wang Aiguo’s son.

“Good good good!”Wang Aijuan said, her face swept away the shipwrecked anger, as if the factory was already completed, “Kaijian, say thanks to your uncle!”

Yang Kaijian nimbly picked up the teapot and added water to Wang Aijun’s cup, “Thank you uncle, uncle drink tea!”Yang Kaijian’s heart was full of pride. Ever since Li Zheng publicly stated that he had given the ship to Zheng Xiaodong, Zheng Xiaodong had gained a crowd of envious eyes, which made Yang Kaijian, who thought he already had the Li family’s ship in his pocket, several times crazy.

Zheng Xiaodong and the Li Kid, we’ll see.Yang Kaijian’s eyes flashed with a hint of grimness, even though Wang Aiguo had pointed him to another, brighter path, the always cautious Yang Kaijian wasn’t going to let the matter rest like that.

After this mobilization meeting, Qinghe Town moved up and down, with families cleaning their gardens, busier than the New Year’s cleaning.

Most of the roads in Qinghe Town were loess roads with a fine layer of small stones.Because they had not been maintained for a long time, many of the yellow layers had been exposed, like a garment full of holes, mottled and ugly.To this end, these two days the town brought several large carts, full of stones and dumped it down, raising smoke and dust.

Probably because of the attention paid by the county leaders, the town of Dongliu was also busy, including Dongliu High School….

Li Zheng, who had cleaned the glass windows for two days, felt so tired that he could almost drop the water, his hands that operated the precision instruments to configure the drugs! F*ck.The rebirth of an egg.

“Aigoo Li Zheng, you’re standing so high, be careful of falling down.” Yang Kaijian passed by with a mop, and when he saw Li Zheng, he had a cold smile on his face, he dragged Li Zheng’s chair under the windowsill outwards for a distance, and smilingly swept the chair twice with the mop dripping with dirty water.

Li Zheng coldly looked down at Yang Kaijian who was performing like a clown, with a sneer on his face.

“How stupid.”Li Zheng mouthed at at Yang Kaijian, instantly Yang Kaijian’s eyes became bloodshot with anger and before he could move, there was a sudden wet sticky feeling on his face, Yang Kaijian stiffened.

He tremblingly reached out to that face, it was a dark rag, it should have been used for a long time, even if it was wet with water, he could feel its rough like gritty touch, a cloud of disgusting dust caked on it, Yang Kaijian even spotted a deas spider on it with a sharp eye.

“You… you!You!”Being smeared by such a disgusting thing, Yang Kaijian moved the chair next to him in a rage and made a move to smash it upwards.

“What are you doing!” When Principal Zhang saw this scene from afar, his heart almost stopped in shock. A skinny kid stood on the window sill to clean the glass, while a tall male student on the floor actually lifted a chair to smash it at him. That was going to be fatal!

Principal Zhang ran two steps quickly and dragged Yang Kaijian, “Which class are you from! You’re a deliberate killer!”

“Little classmate, come down quickly.”He dragged Yang Kaijian as he said softly to Li Zheng, he recognized Li Zheng as the little classmate who had a difficult time in class last time, he had heard that the adult in his family had just passed away, and he had encountered such things one after another in school, Principal Zhang felt bad for him.

The old generation of intellectuals in the eighties were born in the most turbulent times in China, they were honest, firm and full of ideals, President Zhou said, “study for the rise of China”, it was the most common words on their lips.

According to some people, this kind of noble, stubborn scholar, was like the stone in the latrine, stinky and hard. If they had decided on one thing, it was hard to change their minds.

When the students next to him saw the principal coming over, they had already moved their chairs and placed them at Li Zheng’s feet so that he could come down from the ledge smoothly.

Li Zheng slowly climbed off the ledge and stood firm on the ground.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.I just saw the chair being taken away, and my hand slipped in a hurry.”There was no such slip at this time, but Yang Kaijian hardened himself to hear the teasing meaning in Li Zheng’s mouth and became even more furious.

“He’s doing it on purpose! He just does it on purpose!”Because he was struggling so badly and Principal Zhang was older, he stumbled and almost fell over, and Principal Zhang got even angrier!

“Withdraw from school! We can’t have students like you at Dongliu High School!”Principal Zhang bellowed.

Before the introduction of the Compulsory Education Law in 1986, the headmaster had tremendous power in his acre of land, and it was a matter of a single word to make a student withdraw from school.

Yang Kaijian was stunned at first, then shook off Principal Zhang’s hand viciously, “Withdrawing from school is fine, who’s afraid of who?!”Anyway, his uncle has arranged for him to get a job at the new factory for over 150 bucks, and this bullshit principal hadn’t even seen it!

Looking at Yang Kaijian’s back as he walked away on his own, Principal Zhang was trembling with anger, “Director Ma, cancel his school registration for me, immediately!”

Director Ma secretly complained, he listened to the students complain about the headmaster at the gate of class 18 before finally coming, but he didn’t expect to stand on such a job. He knew the relationship between Yang Kaijian and the Wangs. Although Dongliu High School was in charge of the Education Bureau, it was also necessary to deal with the Cultural Bureau. This happened …

“Disperse, disperse and clean well.” Director Ma dispelled the onlookers and held the old principal’s arm. “Principal, please calm down and go back to the office first.”

The students dispersed in a hurry, and Li Zheng dragged his chair to the classroom. He was shocked and needed a rest, as the headmaster said.

Zhou Sitian turned pale with fear when she heard the news. What would she tell her stepfather if something happens to Li Zheng? So she and Zheng Xiaodong ran to the classroom of Grade One at once.

Looking at Li Zheng, who was sitting by the window and interested in reading magazines, Zhou Sitian breathed a sigh of relief, and she quickly stepped forward.

“It’s okay, how did you build a conflict with Yang Kaijing?” She pulled Li Zheng up and looked around several times.

Li Zheng … He hated his tiny body.

“Sitian, I can’t blame Li Zheng for this. There is something wrong with Yang Kaijian. He was holding a chair to smash Li Zheng!”

“Yes, Li Zheng didn’t mess with him at all!” Before Li Zheng could answer, the students in Class 18 of Senior High School rushed to accuse Yang Kaijian of evil deeds, and they completely ignored the rag that Li Zheng “accidentally” dropped.

Zheng Xiaodong felt vaguely uneasy, he had known Yang Kaijian for so many years, he felt that Yang Kaijian couldn’t endure it.

“Xiao Zheng, starting today, you go with me after school. The rest of the time, you look for Chaoyang, I am afraid that Yang Kaijian will find something. ” Zheng Xiaodong said seriously.

Li Zheng blinked and nodded. He was an educated man. He could solve it with his head, so he wouldn’t use his fist.

Perhaps because of welcoming foreign investors, the county had been paying special attention to public security recently. Sometimes, when they went to and from school, they could see the militia in villages and towns patrolling the road.

Yantian County had a criminal record and had been warned well. Even the unemployed people couldn’t stay at home. The leaders of counties, regions and even provinces had come one after another, which showed that Haidong Province attached great importance to this matter from top to bottom.

Yang Kaijian hadn’t acted. After more than ten days in a row, Li Zheng also slowly relaxed his vigilance.

More importantly, Roche’s people were here. Leading the team was David Andorio, an old acquaintance of Li Zheng.

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