“Li Zheng, on behalf of the country, I thank you! The production line has already arrived at China’s port, and the part from Tianjin port was shipped to the National Research Institute last night.” From the other end of the phone came Professor Meng’s cheerful laugh.

        “You are very kind, compared to the scientists who have been struggling in the front line to add bricks to the biological discipline of our country, this is not worth mentioning.”

        “Hey, you’re too modest. Everyone has their own way to serve the country. Without you, we old people would still have to rely on old objects for a long time! When you have time, go back to your country to see, the development of the motherland nowadays is good!”

        Li Zheng froze for a moment, and then a smile appeared on his face, “Professor Meng, I’ve never left China.”

        The old man on the other end of the phone obviously paused for a moment, and then a loud laugh came from the other end of the phone, “Yes, yes, I made a mistake. I made a mistake!”

        After talking to him, Li Zheng stretched his back. The resumes on the desktop in front of him were already less, and a dozen people to be inspected had come one after another yesterday afternoon.

   Li Zheng had to give up a few candidates with real talent but high-minded and arrogant, and finally only three people really entered the candidate list.

        Zhang Chao, 32 years old, excellent experimental operation, but lazy personality, career wasn’t strong, this kind of person needed a leader who could direct him. Li Zheng’s critique of him was that he was a very good support person, but he needed a few years of training to be on his own.

        Qiu Hua, 36 years old, a Princeton returnee, served as an associate professor in Princeton’s biology department, then returned to China for family reasons, and now served as a technical consultant for a pharmaceutical brand under the name of an internationally renowned cosmetics group.

        The last one, Li Zheng pursed his lips, he never thought he would see this one in the recruitment resume.

        Liu Sichao, a well-known figure in the biopharmaceutical industry, he could sit on the podium of every international biology conference in Asia.

        But his behavior when he was young really attracted criticism, and even in the older generation of biology scholars had nicknamed him “academic rogue”.

   Academic Rogue, Liu Sichao didn’t steal other people’s research results. But he had a quirk, he liked to engage in academic competitions.

        A scientific research result had to go through multiple stages, and many laboratories in order to seek follow-up financial support, often chose publish it. Liu Sichao liked this kind of research projects that people had started, but hadn’t yet come up with real practical results.

        People’s first stage research results just came out, yet according to their results, he directly established a project, to carry out follow-up research. The annoying thing was that eight out of ten times in this one-sided academic competition, Liu Sichao won.

        In fact, the publication of a paper was tacitly equivalent to knowledge sharing. Liu Sichao’s behavior was disgusting, but he could only be morally condemned, after all, the paper was published, they were the same starting line, the final results who came out first was yet to be determined.

        However, having said that, but if this type of thing happened to anyone, who would be happy? The final results were preempted by others, meaning that all the previous efforts were wasted, which for some small private laboratories, was almost a devastating blow.

        Now Liu Sichao was only thirty-seven years old, which was when he engaged in academic competition crazily. Li Zheng rubbed his temples, unless it was the a last resort, he really didn’t want to provoke this bogeyman.

        Li Zheng organized the details of these three people and used a binder to clip them up. His eyes swept over two thin sheets of paper on the other side of the table, and his brow couldn’t help but furrow.

        Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin, these two people obviously put in their resumes, but they never showed up, and Zheng Lingling called, but both never responded.

        “Hasn’t Zhong Peng come out yet?” Li Zheng turned his head and asked Zheng Lingling.

        Zheng Lingling was concentrating on her book, “Like you, he can’t get out after entering the lab. Mr. Zhong hasn’t come out since he entered the lab yesterday afternoon, and he hasn’t even had a bite of rice.”

        Li Zheng was dumbfounded as he stood up, “I’ll go see him.”

        In the third laboratory, Zhong Peng stared closely at the reaction of the reagents inside the conical bottle, his eyes looked a little bloodshot because he hadn’t slept for a long time. The desktop was cluttered, a jacket was randomly spread on the ground, next to it was a temporary pillow made of foam, this was probably the equipment he rested on yesterday.

Li Zheng knocked at the clear glass of the laboratory door.

        Zhong Peng didn’t respond.

        Li Zheng frowned slightly and increased the force of the knocking.

        This time Zhong Peng finally heard it, but it happened to be the key moment of his experiment, suddenly disturbed by someone, Zhong Peng’s heart was irritated, he looked up angrily and found that it was Li Zheng, he froze then coughed dryly, “Li Zheng, it’s you.”

        After formally signing the labor contract, Li Zheng asked Zhong Peng to call him by his name directly. Although with his age in his two lifetimes combined, the title of Mr. could still be afforded. But in the future, they would be in the same environment, so it was better to kill unnecessary conflicts in the cradle.

        “Mr. Zhong, your health is important, this experiment is not a day or two, I think you should eat something first.” Li Zheng said with a smile.

        Zhong Peng touched his stomach, his stomach cooperated with a “gurgling” sound, he couldn’t help but show an embarrassed look on his face, “Okay, I’ll be right out.”

        A laboratory dog obsessed with experiments right away, it was necessary to be more understanding. Half an hour later, Zhong Peng only hurriedly ran out of the laboratory.

        The two drank some of the white porridge left by the aunt in the morning to fill their stomachs.

        “Mr. Zhong, do you know Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin?”

        Zhong Peng took a sip of plain water, “Li Zheng ah, calling me directly by my name is good, my own boss calling me Mr. Zhong makes my heart weak. Wen Xuefeng …… I have met him once, he’s a very thoughtful young man ah. Ma Wenmin ……” he pondered briefly for a moment, “the one with Wen Xuefeng, I had the impression that this person doesn’t like to talk much.”

        “What, you want to invite them to Qing Garden?”

        Li Zheng shrugged, “Qing Garden isn’t that easy to enter, I just heard Teacher mention them both so I was a bit interested.” He paused and looked at Zhong Peng with a smile, “I wonder if Mr. Zhong is interested in accompanying me on a trip?”

        Zhong Peng had no choice but to agree.

        Dongchen University was located in the eastern part of Hong Kong, which was considered the location where the city and the suburbs met.

        Li Zheng was most satisfied with Hong Kong’s well-connected subway line, in half an hour’s time, Li Zheng and Zhong Peng stood at the entrance of the University.

        Although it couldn’t be compared with the University of Hong Kong, a university with a deep history, but from the gate alone, Dongxhen University wasn’t worse than those famous universities in later times.

  Li Zheng and Zhong Peng walked through the gate and headed straight for the address that Xu Mingsheng had provided at the beginning.

        “I’m looking for Wen Xuefeng.” Li Zheng said to the aunt at the bottom of the teachers’ dormitory.

        The aunt, who spoke authentic local Cantonese, looked up and took a good look at Li Zheng and Zhong Peng, “Wen Xuefeng? He was expelled from school long ago for plagiarism.”

        “Thesis plagiarism?” Li Zheng’s brow furrowed, “When did that happen?” He asked afterwards.

        “It’s been two years. It’s strange, Mr. Wen seems to be a good person, and his relationship with the students was also very good, I didn’t expect him to do this kind of thing. You can know people yet not know their hearts na.”

        Li Zheng and Zhong Peng looked at each other, shook their heads and laughed bitterly, while silently moving these two names out of the candidate list in their hearts.

        When they were about to walk out of the gate of Dongchen University, someone suddenly called out to them.

        “Mr. Li Zheng?”

        Li Zheng looked back in surprise, he didn’t remember that he knew anyone at Dongchen University.

        A woman who looked like a woman of less than forty came trotting all the way over, “Hello ……, are you Mr. Li Zheng?” The woman’s voice was still a little breathy.

        “I am.” Li Zheng spoke with a frown.

        The woman smiled, an uncontainable look of excitement appeared on her face, she took two deep breaths, slowly straightened her body and spoke, “Hello Mr. Li Zheng, I am Ma Wenmin. My husband and I have sent a resume to Qing Garden!”

        Li Zheng took a quick glance at the woman. With short, sharp hair and an old cotton jacket that looked a bit bulky, her features were pretty, with some fine lines at the corners of her eyes. To Li Zheng’s surprise, the two almost opposite temperaments of gentleness and harshness actually coexisted harmoniously in this woman’s body.

        “Hello, Ms. Ma.” Li Zheng smiled politely and didn’t answer the question.

        Ma Wenmin stared closely into Li Zheng’s eyes, and seeing that he had no intention of speaking any further, a trace of gloom flashed in her eyes.

        “I wonder, do we have an opportunity to become a part of the Qing Garden?” Li Zheng didn’t mention it, so she took the initiative to do so.

        Li Zheng’s eyes narrowed, before he could reply.

        A young man in his early thirties came trotting all the way over.

        “Teacher Ma, Professor Dong promised, he said he would take the time to see Teacher Wen.” The young man ran to Ma Wenmin’s side and said softly.

The man looked at Ma Wenmin with a heartfelt and apologetic look in his eyes.

        “Teacher Ma, if there is anything you need help with, just say it, Professor Dong said that if Teacher Wen needs a liver transplant, he will go and say hello to the hospital and ask them to give priority to Teacher Wen.”

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