“Mr. Li Zheng is young and wise. He is the most poised scholar I have ever met.” In an interview with an American television station, Mr. Smith wasn’t hesitant to praise Li Zheng to the highest degree.

He described in detail the fact that Li Zheng voluntarily gave up all commercial interests in carbapenem antibiotics, portraying Li Zheng as a great biologist who respected patent rights and regarded money as a floating cloud.

In fact, everyone in the industry could see clearly that Smith did this completely in order to make Li Zheng give up the commercial interests of carbapenem antibiotics, so as to avoid Li Zheng reneging.

The people of the United States were brainwashed by Hollywood’s American heroism to admire such heroic people with high moral character, dedication and sacrifice.

So the word “Li Zheng” soon resonated throughout the United States of America, and even in a television interview, there were people who said that if their president could respect the rules and have the spirit of dedication and sacrifice like Li Zheng, the future of America would be better.

Li Zheng, who was labeled as a great man by the American people, had been so busy that he didn’t even have time to drink a sip of water.

After sending away a wave of opportunistic people, Li Zheng poured a cup of cold water.

“I contacted the professor in Huajing, the production line was disassembled into three parts and shipped to Xiamen, Ningbo, Tianjin ports, and then sent by land to the Huajing Academy of Sciences.”

Speaking of this matter, even though Li Zheng was always calm, his heart couldn’t help but feel vaguely excited. China in the 1980s was like a dry sponge, trying hard to absorb the technological experience from various advanced countries.

However, these developed countries had put this sponge in a dry glass bottle, isolating it far away, so that it couldn’t break free.

When Li Zheng was in his previous life, he heard his predecessors in the research institute say that. During a state visit, China’s admiral was invited to visit the advanced warplanes of a major country.

Because it hadn’t been officially put into use, the warplane was surrounded by red ropes, China’s admiral grabbed the red rope with one hand, and tried to look inside, he was photographed by a reporter from a certain country, and became an international laughing stock.

Later, the admiral returned home when talking about this incident, full of bitterness, “My personal pride is small, I just wanted to look, just one glance, this glance can let our scientists take a few years less detours, so that China will have less years of bullying ah!

This showed the firm determination of this era and that China wanted to learn and wanted to develop.


Huaqing University Building

Huaqing University, one of the two most famous institutions of higher learning in China. Unlike the relaxed and soothing atmosphere of Hong Kong University, the students of Huaqing University came and went in a hurry, they looked resolute and had a firm gait.

“Professor Meng! A call from Hong Kong!” Chen Anbang excitedly rushed into Professor Meng’s office, his face was covered with a red glow from excitement, “The production line! Sixto’s production line! I agreed with Li Zheng that the production line would be split into three parts and sent to the ports of Xiamen, Ningbo and Tianjin. I handled my local friends, the customs ……”

Professor Meng was reading the newspaper word by word with his presbyopic glasses on, and when he heard Chen Anbang’s words, he slapped the table violently, his face full of excitement.


“It’s confirmed! Liang’s ship is coming over.”

“Hahahaha, good! Bravo!” Professor Meng excitedly paced back and forth in his office, “Xiao Zhao has a good nephew, go, come with me to the teacher!”

Professor Meng’s teacher, the leading figure in Chinese biology, Professor Liu couldn’t help but applaud and laugh at this news.

“Good, good, you guys contact the Hong Kong side, leave the rest to me!”

The news that Sikto’s production line would soon arrive in China had slowly spread in the small circles of the upper echelons of China, while the name Li Zheng once again appeared on the desks of various heavyweight leaders.

Zhao Mu found that his office was starting to get lively, with people running to his office door every three days, looking at him as if he were a panda.

While Huajing received the news, Li Zheng and Liang Zhe also got on the car to the warehouse. Because of the sensitivity of the matter, Li Zheng and Liang Zhe didn’t want a third person to know.

So ……

“You’re driving?” Li Zheng sized up Liang Zhe suspiciously, not that he underestimated him, he had never seen Liang Zhe drive by himself.

Liang Zhe discontentedly looked at Li Zheng, then silently entered the driver’s seat. He really hadn’t driven in a long time, but …… Liang Zhe casually fiddled with the steering wheel, he was a licensed driver!

However, it turned out that Li Zheng’s concerns weren’t unreasonable, when Liang Zhe crashed into the van in front of him to avoid a small dog, Li Zheng helplessly rubbed his brow.

He took a look at the expressionless face sitting in the driver’s seat, Liang Zhe was obviously not going to move, so he walked out of the car.

The people from the van also came down.

Sister Qiao and her husband and another middle-aged couple.

The woman came down cursing, “You can’t drive ah, we were well parked in front of the sidewalk, how did you suddenly hit the van, the driver is probably a female.”

Li Zheng subconsciously turned his head back, just in time to see Liang Zhe’s dark expression from the driver’s seat.

“Yo, it’s a man, his driving skill is not as good as a woman!”

Liang Zhe’s face became even darker.

Seeing this, Li Zheng’s heart was swept away by the depression generated by the accident, and he patted Liang Zhe’s shoulder comfortingly and was about to go up to negotiate.

But his clothes were tugged.

Liang Zhe shook his head at him, then crossed Li Zheng and walked up to Qiao’s group.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, the woman saw Liang Zhe’s expression and all of a sudden started making a scene.

“Ai yo yo, you hit our car and you’re still throwing your face at whoever you want to see. Pay for it, you must pay for it!”

“How much?” Liang Zhe’s expression eased a little, since it could be solved with money it wasn’t a problem.

The woman secretly looked at Liang Zhe’s dress and the Mercedes Benz SUV he drove, and muttered, “Rich man.”

“A thousand dollars.” She spoke tentatively.

Her husband pulled her sleeve, obviously thinking that his wife’s price was too unreasonable.

Liang Zhe didn’t even raise his eyelids and put his hand into his pocket.

One second …… two seconds ……

Liang Zhe’s expression slowly became serious, and he turned around and walked quickly to the driver’s seat.

“You won’t want to renege, but I took down your license plate number, even if you escape now, I will find a police officer to report the case.” The woman saw Liang Zhe turn around, sh actually trotted to the front of Liang Zhe’s car and screamed loudly.

Liang Zhe frowned, he was clearly very unhappy.

Liang Zhe wasn’t one of those rich kids who was ignorant about the world, he carried cash with him. But because he was going out with Li Zheng, he deliberately changed his clothes, so his money was gone, the card was also gone. The only thing in his pocket was a replacement button.

He rummaged through the car’s locker, there wasn’t a penny ……

“Sister-in-law, forget it. I know this little gentleman, or for my sake ……,” Sister Qiao suddenly spoke.

The woman called sister-in-law sneered, “Face, sister-in-law, your face is worth a thousand dollars?” The woman from the bottom of her heart didn’t care about Sister Qiao, a stowaway, if she didn’t rely on her brother, how could she live such a life.

Sister Qiao’s face turned pale, she forced out a smile, “Sister-in-law, how about you make it a little cheaper.” The corner storefront where the couple opened their store was the dowry of this sister-in-law, if not, how would Sister Qiao’s cannonball temper put up with this woman for so long!

The woman glanced at Sister Qiao, “Eight hundred, can’t be lower.”

Li Zheng, who just gave up a ten million dollars business interest ……

Liang Zhe, the helmsman of the Liang family, who was known as the largest landlord in Hong Kong ……

“How about we write an IOU.” Li Zheng spoke awkwardly.

The woman was still reluctant, when Sister Qiao persuaded her, the woman reluctantly took out a piece of white paper from the car and wrote in crooked handwriting.

Today, Liang Zhe and Li Zheng owe Xu Jindi 800 Xiangjiang dollars, which needs to be paid within three days. 27 February 1983

“Sign! Put your thumb print!” Xu Jindi brought out a red seal clay from nowhere.

Li Zheng: ……

Liang Zhe: ……

After this episode, back in the car, Li Zheng couldn’t help but hold his stomach and laugh, Liang Zhe’s back ears seemed to drip blood, he solemnly held the steering wheel, and his eyes stared ahead unblinking, he didn’t dare to have a trace of distraction.

That IOU, was Mr. Liang’s biggest black history in this life.

Li Zheng put his hand on the car window, and balanced his head to survey the side of Liang Zhe’s face.

Liang Zhe was very good-looking, not the latter-day kind of creamy good-looking, but a kind of angular handsome, Li Zheng’s heart felt tickled, watching Liang Zhe purse his mouth into a straight line, he had an urge to scratch Liang Zhe’s chin with his hand.

“Here it is.” Without waiting for Li Zheng to put it into practice, he drove through a residential building in front of the lane and wound into a factory.

This was the cosmetic factory under Liang’s name, and the factory was very large, not too tall plants were scattered in the factory, which had a chic aesthetic.

“Mr. Liang!” The person in charge of the factory ran over at the first opportunity after receiving the news that he had entered the factory.

Liang Zhe frowned, then threw the car keys to him and spoke, “I’ll just see for myself.” He totally treated him as a parking boy.

The two crossed the central plant, Liang Zhe pointed to a warehouse built with a canopy not far away, “That’s it.”

Liang Zhe’s always expressionless face showed a trace of faintly visible excitement, he was like a child offering a treasure, he quickly walked up and opened the door, then stood in front of the door and looked at Li Zheng with slight expectation.

“It’s right inside.”

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