“Old, old, really old, but after two or three days, this head doesn’t seem to be mine.” Su Changzhi stretched, then he put the last tube of antibiotic extract into the incubator.

These days, professors of Hong Kong University School of Medicine, headed by Su Changzhi, completely put down their work at hand and stayed in the laboratory with Li Zheng, ate some bread when they were hungry, and leaned against the table for a short while when they were sleepy. Under the concerted efforts of all, two hundred carbapenem antibiotics were sent to Mary Hospital.

“Just now Professor Xu called, he has completely gotten out of the danger period, the wound is also recovering very well. If there are no accidents, he’ll be discharged from the hospital in a week.” Li Zheng smiled and announced the good news to everyone.

The professors became really happy.

“Good Xu Mingsheng, when he is discharged from the hospital, we must have a good meal at his home, I’m an old man with old legs.” An old professor said while pressing his shoulders, which led to a burst of laughter in the laboratory.

While there was laughter in Qing Garden, there was another scene in the hospital.

As of last night, Mary’s Hospital confirmed 87 infected people, 78 of whom had been injected with carbapenem antibiotics were sent back to the general ward after successfully passing the danger period.

But the remaining nine people were either old or suffering from other serious illnesses, and their resistance was extremely weak. Experts at Queen Mary Hospital assessed that the chances of these patients surviving antibiotic nephrotoxicity were less than 20 percent.

“Patients in beds 18 and 24 are showing signs of organ failure. The situation of the remaining seven is not very good, drug-resistant bacterial infections have caused a variety of complications, whether to inject antibiotics or not, I think we need to take a collective vote.” In the conference room, Chen Xuhua said in a deep voice.

“With no drugs, the patient will die because of the drug-resistant bacteria infection, with the normal medical risk, the hospital won’t be responsible. If the drug is used and the patient dies from drug toxicity, that’s medical malpractice. We are doctors, but we are not saints.” A middle-aged doctor spoke up.

A rustling discussion sounded in the conference room, Chen Sufen pursed her lips and didn’t speak, while Chen Xuhua smiled bitterly.

“Then let’s take a vote.” Chen Xuhua slapped the table, “Raise your hand if you are in favor of the injection.”

The meeting room was silent, the crowd looked at each other, and not a single hand was raised.

“Then I will ask again, those who agree not to inject raise their hands!”

There was silence again, and after a few minutes, one hand was raised alone, and then it was as if a movie had pressed the play button, and one hand after another was raised.

In the end, except for Chen Xuhua and Chen Sufen who didn’t take a stand, almost all the doctors were against giving carbapenem antibiotics to the remaining nine patients.

Chen Xuhua’s heart was indescribably complicated, he had a sense of shame but at the same time he was relieved.

“In that case, everyone do a good job of explaining and pacifying.”


“According to our news, last Wednesday Mary’s Hospital announced an outbreak of large-scale nosocomial Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, the number of people infected this time is 92, of which 78 people have been successfully removed from the danger period, 5 people died, and the remaining 8 people are still trying to be rescued. This drug-resistant bacterial infection is rampant and widespread, and very rare in the world. According to the hospital’s explanation, this is mainly the result of antibiotic abuse. At the same time, the reporter learnt from the relevant pharmaceutical practitioners that for the large-scale Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections, the global average survival rate is less than 12%, and Mary’s Hospital achieved a survival rate of 84.8%, which is a miracle!”

“BBC antibiotic abuse feature, British textbooks to put Mary’s Hospital incident into British medical school textbooks!”

“Hong Kong University School of Medicine suspended classes, actually related to the Mary’s Hospital’s incident!”

“Another Einstein, the inventor of the original drug once again discovered a new antibiotic!”

After the internal staff of Mary’s Hospital accidentally spilled the beans, the reputation of Li Zheng and Li Zheng’s lab reached its peak at once.

“Li Zheng, if this goes on, you’ll have to pay for more security guards. I never thought that those reporters from the daily and evening newspapers would also try go over the wall.” Zheng Lingling said as she tidied up the lab table.

Li Zheng also had a helpless look, he thought he made much more achievements in his last life than now, back then he didn’t see reporters blocking his laboratory door ah.

“By the way, won’t you register the patent first this time? It’ll save you from the same loss as last time. ”

Li Zheng shook his head.

“It’s still a half-baked product.”

Of course, this was just Li Zheng’s excuse. Although the carbapenem antibiotic failed the biological test and the drug toxicity was still very strong, the 84.8% survival rate of Mary’s Hospital fully illustrated the practicality of the drug. The molecular structure of the drug was also stable enough to apply for a core patent.

Only Li Zheng knew that Merck, that was, Merck of the United States at that time, had already registered the core patent of carbapenem antibiotics, because it involved unlisted new drugs, the patent was still in the confidential stage.

With Li Zheng’s foresight, bypassing the core patents and pre-registering imipenem’s generic wasn’t difficult at all.

But he had no intention of doing so. The pride of being the world’s top scholar didn’t allow him to do so.

But if he thought so, others didn’t.

The pursuit of life and health knew no borders, and the news of the 84.8% survival rate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection at Mary’s Hospital in Hong Kong soon reached the United States across the ocean.

The United States considered itself to be the most advanced country in terms of medical care, but looking at the report, which was described as a miracle, even the best experts in the United States were dumbfounded.

“The people of Hong Kong must have developed a new antibiotic! God, an antibiotic for Pseudomonas aeruginosa! This is a milestone in the history of antibiotics.”

Merck Sharp & Dohme headquarters, USA.

President Mr. Smith viciously slammed the New York Daily News on his subordinates.

“Eight hundred million dollars, the whole eight hundred million dollars, not including the laboratory construction and equipment investment! Why are you still inferior to a minor child!”

“Mr. Smith, imipenem has made it to the biological test stage, and it’s working very well. After seeing the New York Daily News, we called the national patent offices first, and that biologist named Li Zheng did not register a patent for carbapenem antibiotics.” Mr. Brown kept wiping the fine beads of sweat from his forehead.

Aminopenem was a key project of Mercer, and seven years ago, he completed the first phase of the core patent registration, but these seven years, the slow progress of drug trials, the drug had long been unable to be marketed. The dawn was in the foreground, then Li Zheng came out of nowhere. Like a 3,000-meter run, he had obviously almost reached the finish line, but found that someone was waiting for him at the finish line. This sense of suffocation, was really not pleasant.

What was more, in order to finish this project, Mercer East had invested nearly one billion dollars before and after, after nearly nine years, if Li Zheng’s drug really preempted the market, their loss would be incalculable.

“Perhaps that scholar doesn’t intend to register a patent ……” Mr. Brown’s voice was a little weak.

Smith’s cup smashed hard on the ground, “Aris. Brown, when did you learn to pin your hopes on others. Mercer East doesn’t need such a weak man!”

“Ask Mr. Kent to come over, I have something to discuss with him. Also, have the secretary’s office contact Li Zheng’s lab, I think I need to talk to that genius in person.” Mr Smith said, rubbing his temples.

Brown nodded repeatedly and quickly walked out of Mr. Smith’s office.

A week later, Smith and Kent got on a plane to Hong Kong, the British BBC Personality of the Century program team officially sent an invitation for an interview to Li Zheng’s lab, while at the same time, of the nine people who were not injected with antibiotics at Mary’s Hospital, six were declared dead, and three survived by their strong willpower, but were left with lifelong after-effects.

“Teacher, congratulations on your discharge!” Li Zheng held a bouquet of carnations and came with a group of professors from Hong Kong University to receive Xu Mingsheng from the hospital.

Xu Mingsheng’s injuries recovered well, and after the surgery on his leg, although he couldn’t move freely yet, it was no problem to walk a little with crutches every day.

“Hahahaha, I’ve lived so long, but it’s the first time I’ve received flowers! Li Zheng, this time it’s really thanks to you. You are my life-saving benefactor!” Xu Mingsheng sat on a wheelchair and was being moved by Chen Sufen.

“Teacher, you’ve said too much. You made a good start on this topic, so I just followed your ideas.”

Xu Mingsheng waved his hand, “Don’t shame me, ideas …… collate information is also ideas, I had those under the first year of research ”

Professor Wang laughed, “Old Xu ah, you should thank Li Zheng, otherwise, your funding, I’m afraid that this group of old guys have long divided it up.”

Xu Mingsheng’s eyes bulged at the words, “Go go go! Don’t hit me with funding ideas!”

The ward was filled with laughter, and while the people were talking and laughing, a sudden burst of mourning came from outside the window. Cries of mourning and curses rang out.

“What’s going on outside?” Xu Mingsheng asked with a frown.

Chen Sufen poked her head out to take a look, and her expression froze instantly.

At the entrance of Mary’s Hospital, rows of wreaths blocked the entire hospital gate, and several patients’ families stood in the middle of the gate holding the patients’ posthumous photos.

They shouted: “Mary’s Hospital is killing people and not giving medication!”

The sound of such neat slogans accompanied by the cries of the women and children drew the sideways glances of the passers-by.

“Old Xu, talk to them, I’ll go out first.” Chen Sufen said, forcing a smile.

Xu Mingsheng patted her hand, “Go, you don’t have to worry about me.”

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