“Teacher, I have extracted a brand new antibiotic, biological test is effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, but no one has tried it clinically.”

The rustling in the ward immediately resounded, Xu Mingsheng was stunned, his student had created a brand new antibiotic?

A new antibiotic?

“The new antibiotic that works on Pseudomonas aeruginosa?”

The actual data of Li Zheng’s experiments wasn’t really good, looking at these experimental data alone, judging by the strict antibiotic experimental standards, Li Zheng’s extracted antibiotics were too toxic and not suitable as a human clinical treatment.

“Xiao Zheng ah thank you, this carbapenem antibiotics still needs to be perfected.” Even at this point, Chen Sufen still maintained the tolerance and gentleness of a high-end intellectual woman.

“Professor ……” he weighed his words. If it was someone else, since they themselves refused, Li Zheng would never say one more word, but this person in front of him was Xu Mingsheng, the teacher he acknowledged.

“Teacher, I have 30% certainty.” Li Zheng opened his mouth, this was already the biggest guarantee he could make.

The medical industry due to its industry specificity, whether doctors or pharmacists, they absolutely wouldn’t make any guarantees to patients or patients’ families, the most they would say is that they would try. Because the weight of life was too heavy, no one could afford it.

In the patient or the patient’s family’s ears, it sounded like perfunctory words, these practitioners wanted to protect themselves. From the moment Li Zheng set foot in the field of biopharmaceuticals in his previous life, his mentors kept instilling this concept in him.

“Never make any guarantees to anyone without ten percent certainty!” The words were still ringing in his ears, but Li Zheng still spoke, “The molecular structure of carbapenems is already very stable, its nephrotoxicity can be completely reduced to a human acceptable level with adjuvants, and the most important thing is that Pseudomonas aeruginosa is sensitive to it, teacher I know that in your opinion, I may be experimenting with your life… …but ……” Li Zheng never felt he was a man of words, and when it came to excitement he couldn’t even express himself well.

His forehead slightly oozed beads of sweat, he was experiencing this for the first time in two lifetimes, the pharmaceutical genius, completely lost his usual steadiness.

The group of professors couldn’t help it, their eyes stated tearing up, they fully understood how much risk Li Zheng was making in the end.

Chen Sufen also couldn’t help but be a little moved, as a doctor and as a dying patient’s family, the emotions in her heart fiercely struggled, reason and professional ethics told her to absolutely not to let the patient inject a drug still in clinical trial, but her husband was dying, and those patients in the isolation room, the drug-resistant strains after high temperature dehydration was causing internal organ failure, her husband was running out of time!

Maybe …… this so-called carbapenem antibiotics could really produce a miracle!

Xu Mingsheng because of the high temperature, his consciousness had been somewhat chaotic, his ears were buzzing. Although Chen Sufen didn’t say, Xu Mingsheng was clear in his heart, this was an infection with a drug-resistant strain, or a multi-drug-resistant strains that wasn’t sensitive to all antibiotics on the market.

Faced with impending death, Xu Mingsheng couldn’t say what he felt, perhaps because the fever was too high, he had no energy to think.

He seemed to hear Li Zheng talking about drug-resistant strains and antibiotics during his daze, and Xu Mingsheng’s spirit lifted.

“Experimental data on drug-resistant strains? Let me see!” Xu Mingsheng remembered that he was only halfway through his drug-resistant strain project, no, he should say that he had just prepared the preliminary information and finished the preparation for the start of the experiment.

When the old man scholar’s excitement came up, he felt that his head, which was confused because of the high fever, had cleared up a lot, and he tried hard to hold himself up.

Seeing this, Xu Keqiang hurriedly took a cushion and put it behind Xu Mingsheng’s back.

He took the information handed over by Li Zheng, “Old Chen, give me my glasses.”

Chen Sufen glared at him, but still brought the glasses from the cabinet to Xu Mingsheng.

Xu Mingsheng moved the pages, sometimes applauding and sometimes laughing, but he didn’t know, onlookers could hear how hard he laughed, the eyes of Xu Keqiang and his disciples went red.

After seeing the last page of the biological experimental data of carbapenem antibiotics, Xu Mingsheng was silent for a minute, then turned his head to look at Chen Sufen, “You have the clinical trial protocol here, bring a copy.”

Chen Sufen’s face changed dramatically, “What, are you mad?! Have you not seen the experimental data! Less than 30%, this doesn’t meet the standard for human clinical trials! Even if you sign the clinical trial agreement, it is still invalid!”

Yes, each stage of drug testing had its own criteria. In the biological testing stage, if the experimental standard wasn’t good with mice and other organisms, it couldn’t enter the next stage. Like Li Zheng said, the mice survival rate was less than thirty percent, he was unauthorised to enter the human clinical stage, it was simply a crime!

“Old Chen ah, don’t forget who brought you out hand in hand. I understand my own body, the existing antibiotics don’t work for me at all, I can still talk to you with a clear head like this because of your twenty-four hours of non-stop physical cooling. But it’s useless, probably in less than half a day’s work, I will lose consciousness, and then my whole body’s organs will slowly fail.”

Xu Mingsheng was so calm that he turned over the page with the experimental data printed on it and wrote in the blank section at the back, word for word.

“I, Xu Mingsheng, voluntarily accept the injection of carbapenem antibiotics developed by Mr. Li Zheng, and I have fully understood the dangers of this experiment. All consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by myself and no one shall be pursued in any form.”
Signed Xu Mingsheng, February 17, 1983.

“I disagree! I do not agree! At least not now! I don’t agree!” Chen Sufen saw Xu Mingsheng’s action and couldn’t help but scream out, at this time Professor Chen was already completely a patient’s family, “It can’t be now, it can’t be now!” Her mouth kept repeating.

Chen Sufen also understood that Li Zheng’s antibiotics might be Xu Mingsheng’s only hope, but the probability of this hope was too low. If he didn’t receive the injection, maybe Xu Mingsheng still had three or five days left, and maybe something miraculous could happen within these three or five days?

What she hoped for was to wait a little longer, a little longer, although she didn’t know when it was appropriate, but now! She couldn’t accept it!

“Old Chen ah, as a biologist, the director of the medical school of the University of Hong Kong, I hope that even my death will be dignified and valuable, there are still many infected people outside ……” Once the excitement passed, Xu Mingsheng’s spirit weakened again all of a sudden, and he spoke tiredly.

“Why, why do you experiment for them, not them for you!” Chen Sufen finally said the words from her heart, once the words were out, her face paled, she covered her face and went out, the proud Professor Chen understood that she had lost her benevolence and professional ethics as a doctor, she needed to calm down.

“Li Zheng, I heard my father mention you several times, originally I was still very unconvinced, but it turns out that I am indeed inferior to you. You ……” Xu Keqiang was silent for two seconds, “Do you know Mr. Kent of Mercer?”

Mercer? Li Zheng’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of light.

The chief of the New York laboratory under the name of Mercer. He had dealt with that old man in his previous life, a very cunning old fox.

“I don’t know him.” Li Zheng remembered the introduction Xu Mingsheng made about his son, a doctoral student at Harvard Medical School, and he had some vague guesses.

“Well ……” Xu Keqiang’s face flashed with disappointment.

After learning that his father was infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Xu Keqiang first contacted his mentor, hoping that he would pull strings from it to get a drug that his father could use from Mercer New York Lab.

But apparently his mentor didn’t have the face to let Mr. Kent break the rules of the lab, and he called Kent Blair numerous times until he was annoyed with him and turned his phone off. But from the mouth of the annoyed Blair, he heard a term, carbapenem ……

So when he heard the carbapenem antibiotic from Li Zheng’s mouth, he was so excited that he trembled a little.

“I will convince my mother, my father is counting on you!” He signed his name on the agreement written by Xu Mingsheng as well, and then bowed deeply to Li Zheng.

Li Zheng raised his eyebrows slightly, he nodded, and without any nonsense, took out a tube of reagents from the frozen holding tank.

“Wang Jing, ask Professor Chen to come in, and also ask her to prescribe kidney protection and nephrotoxicity relief drugs for teacher.”

“Yes!” Wang Jing answered crisply and then quickly ran towards the door of the ward.

But before she could run to the door, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Chen Sufen walked in calmly from outside the ward holding a tray of medicine.

“No need, I’ve already dispensed the medicine, let’s begin.” She said calmly.

The crimson liquid slowly entered Xu Mingsheng’s body along the transparent polyvinyl chloride tube, and the people in the ward watched without blinking as the liquid in Li Zheng’s hand was slowly pushed through.

He put the discarded needle inside the metal tray, then stepped back and said to Chen Sufen, “The kidney protection medicine will be injected in half an hour, and the oral medicine to relieve toxicity can be taken now.”

Chen Sufen nodded, and since the test had already begun, she did exactly as Li Zheng told her.

After putting the oral medicine into Xu Mingsheng’s mouth, Chen Sufen clenched her fist tightly, and the ward was so quiet that even the sound of the needle dropping on the floor would be heard clearly.

Twenty minutes later.

“What is that redness on the teacher’s face?” A young man suddenly spoke up.

Chen Sufen swooped up, only to see a red rash near Xu Mingsheng’s ear, the rash was dense, there seemed to be fluid present inside, it was so horrible.

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