“I promise!” David stared at Li Zheng with a gleaming gaze, ignoring Daniel’s gaze that looked at him like a madman.


Li Zheng was also looked a little surprised, he looked up and met David’s firm gaze, then the corners of his mouth slowly hooked up into a smile


“I think …… we can prepare the contract.”


On wisdom, interpersonal, market sensitivity, David wasn’t as good as Daniel, but in his last life David had steadily pressed down Daniel, Li Zheng originally thought it was the luck of the draw, now it seemed, David’s drive was the crucial factor.


Daniel opened his mouth and couldn’t say anything. Looking at the two men talking happily, he felt as if he had missed an excellent opportunity, he again carefully considered Li Zheng’s conditions, then shook his head with a bitter smile, if he could choose again he would still choose to refuse.


Doing business and negotiating cooperation, wasn’t that how it was done? Who knew David wouldn’t follow the usual rules.


“Mr. Watson, we are talking about business secrets, you, a third party, should leave.” David didn’t give Daniel the slightest face and directly tried to drive him away.


Daniel’s face stiffened, then shrugged and stood up, with a polite and modest smile on his face, “Mr. Li Zheng, you should know that compared to Roche, Pfizer has deeper roots in Asia, can’t you negotiate your second condition?”


Li Zheng crossed his fingers flat on the table and looked at Daniel with a smile.


Daniel touched his nose, “Well if you change your mind, you can always contact me.” Daniel slightly bowed to Li Zheng, and then politely excused himself.


Looking at Daniel’s figure disappearing in front of the store, Li Zheng leaned back slightly in his chair, “David, are you sure you can convince Roche’s headquarters?” This wasn’t an easy task.


Without Daniel, David’s tense nerves finally relaxed a bit, “Li, you should trust me, I’m not a credulous person, I’m sure to convince the headquarters. I think we should make an early appointment to discuss the details of the contract, the Indian side is fast, our new drug has to be marketed before them!”


Li Zheng casually fiddled with his tea with his hand, “February 12th is a good day for the unveiling of my lab, I think we can announce the cooperation with Roche at that time.”


The construction work over at the Green Garden had ended half a month ago, and the interior soft furnishings and household goods purchases were handed over by Li Zheng to the newly minted lab’s grand housekeeper, Miss Zheng Lingling.


The equipment shipped from Europe and the United States arrived one after another. Zheng Lingling’s eyes almost popped out these days, afraid that the workers’ rough hands and feet would destroy the experimental equipment, that was all money ah!


She still remembered the scene when she first got the breakdown of the equipments.


“Yes, this is put in Villa 2, just put it there at the entrance, someone will come to the door to load it.”


“Well, take apart the centrifuge and take a look, double-check if there was any damage in transit.”


Zheng Lingling spoke while directing the workers to move one of the experimental equipment to several villas. She had thought that Li Zheng’s lab was just like the school lab, just a big room. When Li Zheng brought her to Qing Garden and told her that the whole area was his lab site, Zheng Lingling’s mouth opened wide.


“Hello, everything has been moved, this is the breakdown provided by the supplier, you can check it, if it’s right, please sign your name.” After moving the last piece of equipment, the person from the freight company came to Zheng Lingling with a white envelope.


Zheng Lingling took the envelope, tore it open, and then her whole body froze in place.


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Eight digits! With the dollar sign!!!


After she rubbed her eyes to make sure it was the US dollar symbol and not the Hong Kong coin symbol, Zheng Lingling took a deep breath, she definitely admitted that she hadn’t seen the world!!!


Li Zheng also arrived at Qing Garden for the first time after the experimental equipment arrived, along with the professors from the medical school. They were obviously very interested in the laboratory equipment worth twenty-four million US dollars.


AKS centrifuges, high-pressure real gas sterilizers, ultra-low temperature refrigerators, automatic plate washers, ultra-pure water systems, biological safety cabinets, micropipettes, etc., four or five villas were quickly filled to the brim.


“Not bad for an AKS centrifuge, it can actually reach 3500 revolutions per minute! The best centrifuge in the University of Hong Kong can only turn 3000 revolutions per minute at most, right? And this biological safety cabinet, the capacity is much larger than ours, and the sound is also smaller, you get what you pay for!” The old professors circled around the various equipment as if they were brats who had seen their sweethearts.


Li Zheng unpacked a box of reagents, he used a micropipette to move five percent of the liquid in one tube of reagents to another tube of reagents, precise and smooth, the corners of Li Zheng’s mouth slightly hooked up, he finally felt a bit at home.


“Ahem.” Xu Mingsheng came in front of Li Zheng amidst the pushing and shoving of the crowd, he coughed dryly and spoke, “Li Zheng, you have very advanced equipment here. I’m sure that the most advanced biopharmaceutical laboratory in all of Hong Kong is here.”


Li Zheng put a tube of reagents into the ultra-low temperature refrigerator and laughed: “The ancients said, the mountain is not high yet there is immortal who is famous, the water is not deep, yet there is a dragon. My equipment here is good, but it is still an empty shelf, everything is difficult at the beginning.”


Now Li Zheng’s laboratory had him and Zheng Lingling, two people, to be honest, in this regard, Hong Kong’s pharmaceutical industry wasn’t as good, Hong Kong was a mainly export processing industry, financial industry, real estate industry as a supplement to the international economic and trade center, its economic development in the industry bias was very obvious. The pharmaceutical industry lacked talent.


Li Zheng tried to recall in his mind the important achievements in biopharmaceuticals in Hong Kong, but unfortunately, he only remembered a few.


Scientific research was a team effort, Li Zheng didn’t doubt the accuracy of this statement in the slightest. He had an extremely good team in his previous life, but in this life ……


Li Zheng rubbed his temples, there was really a long way to go.


“With a good infrastructure, there will be no shortage of talent. Our Hong Kong University School of Medicine is the cradle of biomedical talent ah, we’ll try to help you do the work!” Xu Mingsheng said smilingly.


Li Zheng looked at Xu Mingsheng in surprise, and the light in his eyes flashed, “Teacher, are you sure?”


Xu Mingsheng’s heart thumped, but his gaze swept over the room full of advanced equipment, he still opened his mouth and said, “Naturally.”


Li Zheng sniffed, his smiling eyes narrowed into a nice arc, “Then thank you for bearing with me, teacher, I think Senior Brother Zhang is good.” Although Zhang Yuejun was not very talented, but he was better because he was practical and willing to work, several times he was partnered down, he completed the tasks he explained meticulously, without a single discount.


Li Zheng had enough original drug formulas in his head, and in the early stages of Li Zheng’s lab, he alone could guarantee sufficient output, but it would require a team that could completely carry out his will. Zhang Yuejun had become a fan of Li Zheng’s after the Palmatine and the Biopharmaceutical Conference. He was an excellent candidate.


Xu Mingsheng face was a bit stiff, Zhang Yuejun ah …… he trained him for three years, another two years of work and might have been able to take charge of the side issues.


“Teacher?” Li Zheng smilingly looked at him, not giving him the slightest room to backtrack.


Xu Mingsheng felt the old buddy behind him poke him hard, he forced out a smile, “Xiao Zhang ah, is good. It’s also an honor for him to work with you.”


Li Zheng smiled even more happily, “Teacher, you’re too kind.”


Xu Mingsheng’s heart was dripping with blood, Li Zheng, the good guy, he had to leave his most powerful worker as soon as he opened his mouth. But another worker could be cultivated again, but if this advanced equipment in front of him couldn’t be used by him personally, that would be a lifelong regret.


Xu Mingsheng and a group of old professors understood that it was impossible for a  public laboratory to buy such advanced instruments, even if the purchase would be in two or three years later. Letting them endure for two or three years, might as well just kill them.


For these biopharmaceutical scholars who lived half their lives in the laboratory, these international state-of-the-art equipment were like beautiful women who had taken off their clothes. If they could bear it, they wouldn’t be men!


“Ahem, it’s like this, Li Zheng, your laboratory is not understaffed. We old guys are old and like to have a good time. The laboratory in the school is a bit small, it can’t fit all of us, so sometimes …… ahem, can we come to you to do one or two small experiments?”


Xu Mingsheng couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment. Asking a student to borrow his laboratory, his old face ah ……


Li Zheng was dumbfounded, no wonder Xu Mingsheng was so easy to talk to today, he was even willing to let go of Zhang Yuejun. His end goal was actually the equipments.


Li Zheng nodded sharply, “As long as it’s not during clasu, I welcome all teachers to come to Qing Garden as guests anytime.”


Xu Mingsheng and a group of professors smiled happily.


The next day, people from AKS flew directly from England to Hong Kong to provide door-to-door service for instrument installation in Li Zheng’s lab.


The leader of the team was the chief engineer of AKS, a little old man with a stubborn temper.


He had another identity, the father of Sir Edward’s wife, that was, Sir Edward’s father-in-law.


“Hey, I’ve arrived in Hong Kong. This place is better than I thought it would be. Well, I have work tomorrow. I’ll see you and Edward when I’m done. Nonsense, I have a good temper! How could I be angry for no reason!” Mr White called his daughter, Jenny White, from a public phone booth at the airport.


A large group of people with boxes lined up outside the phone booth, attracting many glances from tourists passing by.

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