Two days later, Li Zheng got the molecular formula from India’s side.

The Indian product contained the same active ingredients as Li Zheng’s palmatine, with slightly different inactive ingredients. Xu Mingsheng called it “watered-down palmatine”.

“India’s drug testing is laxer, and it is believed that their drug will be available sooner than bupropion.” Xu Mingsheng had a drug-resistant strain of bacteria on his hands, because of the last Biopharmaceutical conference at the National Medical College, he had gained new inspiration. Obviously, he wasn’t young yet he still stayed in the laboratory all day and night.

“So what. The big global pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to cooperate with Indian pharmaceutical companies, whose distribution channels are too narrow, perhaps even limited to domestic and a few third-world countries. Have you ever heard the saying, teacher? The channel is king.”

Channels were king.

The eighties were not like the twenty-first century, before the advent of Internet retailing when the pharmaceutical companies and their distributors controlled the global supply channels. They wouldn’t agree to the Indian generic drugs.

Xu Mingsheng took a deep look at Li Zheng, the more contact he had, the more he found this young man terrifying. Some things, even he, an old man who had done for decades, he couldn’t see clearly, but in the eyes of Li Zheng, it was clear.

His wisdom was really much, Xu Mingsheng thought.

Nearly a week out of the laboratory, Li Zheng was still a bit uncomfortable, the sun shone on his face, giving him an extremely harsh feeling, he tried using his hand to block it before slowing down, he heard a heavy object fall on the ground.

“Oh! It hurts!” David exaggeratedly shouted out.

Li Zheng’s slightly pale face showed a helpless expression, “How the h*ll do you look like a ghost……” He was wearing a neat suit and tie, but it happened that he tied the tie loosely, like a pink rope hanging around his neck, and his gray suit pants were wrinkled before and after his knees, which didn’t look good.

David patted his trouser leg, “Li, eight days, you stayed in the laboratory for a whole eight days!”

In fact, David hadcome to Hong Kong University several times, but every time he came over, Li Zheng happened to be in the laboratory. He waited from morning until evening, and ran into that annoying Daniel a few times in between, but never saw Li Zheng.

According to reliable information, the speed of the Indian generic drug was very fast, just a month and a half, it had entered the clinical trial stage for infants and children, which made David unable to sit still. He had already stayed at Hong Kong University for two days, he stayed in the guest house of Hong Kong University, and went to the entrance of the laboratory as a statue early every morning and stood there until the evening.

A tall and handsome foreign man waited at the entrance of the laboratory every day, causing a lot of commotion on the campus of Hong Kong University.

However, the heavens were in his favor, and he finally saw his little genius.

“Oh? It’s been so long?”

“But you came out just at the right time.” David moved his legs, which were slightly numb because they hadn’t moved for a long time, and smiled smugly.

Because Daniel had just left an hour ago. Although he left someone before he left, the weight of the person underneath and the weight of David, the actual executive vice president of Roche Asia, naturally couldn’t be compared.

Li Zheng glanced at the Pfizer employee who was forced to talk by a few Roche employees and couldn’t help but smile.

“Buy me a meal, just in time, I’m a little hungry.” He opened his mouth and said.

David was overjoyed, “My pleasure. What do you like to eat Western or Chinese food, or I recently tried Malaysian food, that tastes very peculiar.”

As they talked, they walked towards the entrance of the school, and when they passed the school gate, Li Zheng raised his eyes and saw that He Zhongming was arguing with a middle-aged man about something, and he looked a bit agitated.

Li Zheng had the impression that He Zhongming was a very composed person. Shouting in front of the school, attracting constant sideways glances from passing students didn’t seem like something he would do.

And that middle-aged man ……

Li Zheng’s eyes narrowed, he seemed a bit familiar ah.

“Li, you know him?” David followed Li Zheng’s gaze and looked over, just in time to see that He Zhongming’s face was somewhat distorted by anger.

“I know, but I’m not familiar with him.” Li Zheng glanced at him and turned his head back.

The two sat down at a Cantonese restaurant not far from the entrance of the school. The restaurant wasn’t large, and the owner and the owner’s wife were both Cantonese, a typical husband and wife store.

There wasn’t a private room in the store, so Li Zheng chose a window seat.

“Li, you’re really down-to-earth.” David had contacted many scholars, most of them were very attentive to details, this kind of small store wasn’t usually visited.

Li Zheng lost his smile, “That’s because they are old and pay attention to health. I’m young, I can eat anything.” In his previous life, he contacted some old-timers, and they were also very careful about eating, it wasn’t that they put up a show, but as they became older, they had to pay more attention.

David accepted the Chinese table culture well and went straight to the point.

“Li, I think you’ve guessed the reason why I came to see you, are you interested in working with Roche?”

Li Zheng’s chopsticks paused, “The market expectation of Palmatine is not optimistic, and India already has a generic drug, some of the big countries around with the onset of frozen blood will be covered by the sales range of generic drugs, to be honest, if the pricing is not high, Palmatine will not have much profit.”

Li Zheng put his chopsticks down and sat up slightly straighter, “But if the pricing is too high, it won’t be in line with my original intention.”

David shrugged, “So the price I’ll give won’t be very high, but you know, Roche isn’t short of money.”

Yes, Roche wasn’t short of money, but it lacked drugs, original drugs.

The Pharmaceutical industry, because of the special nature of the industry, the market was never in short supply, Pfizer, Novartis, Mercer, Roche, these pharmaceutical giants in the hands of the drug sales channels were about the same, the production line scale was about the same, the only difference was the ability to research and development of drugs, which was obvious.

A new drug for these pharmaceutical giants wasn’t only the market and profits, but also resources and competitiveness. And they were these pharmaceutical companies, almost every now and then, they would make a humanitarian move, in order to maintain the corporate image of the annual charitable donations, which were tens of millions of dollars.

What if they took this money to buy an original drug? David submitted the proposal a week ago. Mr. Robert personally called his office and told him again and again to get the patent for Palmatine!

If they donated tens of millions of dollars, they would only get a few pages of media coverage, and not necessarily front-page headlines. But an original drug! An original drug for a special disease! If Roche smoothly took the patent rights, sold it at a low price in the name of charity, then every mention of frozen blood in the future would mention Roche’s good deeds, this was simply a million-dollar deal.

As for the profit. Drugs, especially western drugs, the biggest cost was drug development. Western drugs were actually compound composition, the production cost was really not high. There had been rumors of drugs costing as little as a few cents, sold to patients for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If they talked about the cost of drug materials alone, this statement wasn’t exaggerated.

Therefore, although the profit of Palmatine was low, there was no problem to keep the capital.

Li Zheng chucked a piece of beef into his mouth and chewed it slowly, before speaking: “Tell me about your proposal.”

David was overjoyed, and he was about to speak when the door of the store was vigorously pushed open and Daniel walked in with big strides.

He probably ran all the way over, his breath was still a bit disordered, Daniel put a reserved and polite smile on his face, and slowly stabilized his breath before walking towards Li Zheng’s table.

Most of the customers in the small store were students and nearby office workers, who looked a little excited to see two handsome foreign men in a row, and many tables let out a low gasp.

“Mr. Li Zheng, finally I met you. I just went back in a hurry because of something in my company, and I didn’t expect to miss you just in time.” Daniel moved a chair for himself and sat down next to David.

David smiled and said, “Mr. Watson is really well-informed, we just sat down, and you came over.”

Daniel took out a handkerchief and wiped the glass, “Mr. David is very polite, if the workers of Roche were not too enthusiastic, I believe I would have arrived much earlier.”

Li Zheng touched his nose as he raised his hand, “Boss, add another pair of chopsticks.”

With Pfizer intervening across the board, the two parties once again formed a competitive situation, which was advantageous for Li Zheng, but Li Zheng did not intend to sit on the ground this time.

He leaned back slightly, “Roche and Pfizer are both top-ranked global pharmaceutical companies, and as I said at the Biopharmaceutical Conference, all of my royalties from this Palmatine will be donated to the Li Zheng Special Disease Research Foundation. Therefore, the appearance of palmatine is to cure the disease and bring hope for life to those poor and deeply afflicted children.”

Li Zheng’s words made both David and Daniel serious, they put down the chopsticks in their hands, and the tension between them.

“Li, don’t worry. The pricing of Palmatine will definitely not be high, Roche is a socially responsible company.” David assured while not forgetting to praise Roche.

“Mr. Li Zheng, Pfizer won the Most Socially Responsible Outstanding Enterprise Award in the U.S. for three consecutive years. from 1980 to 1982, Pfizer launched the Seri Charity Drug Grant Aid Program and the Cardoine Charity Drug Grant Aid Program consecutively and mobilized more than five million dollars in cash and relief supplies in the first instance after the malaria outbreak in Africa. Pfizer would like to join you in this endeavor.” Daniel said very beautiful words.

Li Zheng coughed dryly, he glanced at David’s straight face, and couldn’t help but lose his smile. It seemed that against Daniel, David was always defeated.

Li Zheng put his hands on the table, he swept his gaze over the two men and opened his mouth, “My request is simple, one, the pricing is within the acceptable range for the people of the third world countries, two, further promotion of Palmatine should mention the name of Li Zheng Laboratory”

Li Zheng’s words fell and David and Daniel were stunned for a while, Li Zheng’s conditions were not harsh. The first condition, for this kind of special disease drug, Roche and Pfizer did not expect to grab too much profit on it. As for the second condition …… Daniel’s mouth couldn’t help but purse into a straight line.

This condition sounded easy, but it wasn’t so easy to do. It would certainly be a hurdle in Pfizer headquarters.

If it was an internationally renowned laboratory such as Cold Spring Harbor, it was okay to make this request, but now Li Zheng’s laboratory was unknown, even if Li Zheng had produced two outstanding results in a row, but the gap with those laboratories with deep pockets was still too big, who could guarantee that Li Zheng would maintain the same results.

“Mr. Li Zheng, I have to go back and discuss your request with the headquarters.”

“Li, I promise!”

David and Daniel opened their mouths at the same time, and Daniel almost looked at David Andorio with astonishment. In his eyes were clearly written, “Are you crazy?”

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