“This …… this” Professor Meng took the contract, he looked at it word by word, his body slightly trembled because of the excitement.

Sikto, Britain’s largest machinery company, not only drug production lines, but also TVs, refrigerators, and even cars, Sikto’s production lines were almost synonymous with mechanized production in Britain.

“Thank you, I thank you on behalf of China!” Professor Meng stood up and made a gesture to bow to the two.

Li Zheng hurriedly stood up and held the old man in place.

Liang Zhe was sitting on the sofa, and when he saw Li Zheng stand up, he also stood up, he could feel that Li Zheng had a lot of respect for the old man in front of him.

“This production line, not only for the domestic pharmaceutical industry is it of great significance, but also to promote the development of domestic machine tools, automation technology, which is also of great significance to China ah! This bow, you have to accept!”

“Professor Meng, I’m a Chinese too.” Li Zheng looked at the determined Professor and touched his nose, “I’m just passing on a message, it’s Mr. Liang who helped write the contract, and we’ll have to ask the Liang family for future shipments, so if you want to thank someone, just thank him.”

He said and moved to the side.

Liang Zhe did not cooperate at all, he followed Li Zheng even as he walked. When Li Zheng stood up, he also stood up, and when Li Zheng walked to the side, he also followed him.

Professor Meng looked at the interaction between the two in shock and then burst out laughing. His gaze towards the two had more than a hint of the kindness of an elder looking at a younger generation.

“Thanks, thanks!” He realized that these two young people had made up their minds not to accept their gifts.

After the excitement, Professor Meng and Li Zheng carefully discussed the transportation of the production line. It was tentatively decided that the drug production line would be split into six parts and shipped in two batches to Zhuhai, Ningbo, and Shanghai, and then Khorty’s branch office in China would receive the assembly.

The Kitko branch in China was established two days ago. Even if the production line was found out, Liang could justify that the branch office in China was going to use it.

After Qian Zhen’s incident, the group of Chinese scholars did not dare to stay any longer and returned to China at noon that day. Looking at Qian Zhen’s lost figure, Li Zheng couldn’t help but sigh a little. In the latter days, Jin Pharmaceutical No.2 was one of the biggest pharmaceutical factories in China, because it had a huge Chinese market of 1.3 billion behind it, and was not short of breath even in the face of such giants as Roche and Pfizer, but now ……

“Don’t be sad.” Liang Zhe suddenly spoke.

Li Zheng was surprised and looked back.

Li Zheng and Liang Zhe stayed in Tokyo for a day before boarding the plane with Xu Mingsheng and the others on the second day.

“First class!” Zhang Yuejun looked at the ticket in his hand and giggled out loud, looking at Liang Zhe with a softer gaze.

Xu Mingsheng and Professors Wang and Zhao looked at each other.

Xu Mingsheng coughed dryly, “Since Mr. Liang is so generous, we will respectfully accept your request. I haven’t flown first class yet.”

Professors Zhao and Wang also smiled and responded. They went out less often to buy their own tickets, and official institutions usually bought their tickets, it was always the economy class, sometimes it was also business class, having first-class tickets, this was really the first time.

After getting on the plane, the crowd realized that Liang Zhe, Li Zheng’s ticket, and theirs were actually not linked together.

“When I booked the tickets, the airline said that the eight seats that were connected together were not available.” Butler Fang explained, his eyes narrowed into a line as he smiled.

Zhang Yuejun looked strangely at the empty first-class cabin, which was almost only a few of them, scratched his head, and spoke, “Aren’t all the seats here empty?”

Butler Fang’s smiling face froze, and then he smilingly spoke, “Then maybe the airline made a mistake.”

Zhang Yuejun smiled and tried to say something, but Yang Lime covered his mouth.

At this time, the flight attendant came out to remind everyone to go back to their seats and fasten their seat belts, and everyone went to their seats and sat down.

Liang Zhe and Li Zheng’s seats were in the far corner of the first-class cabin, and the seats around them were empty. The two were positioned next to each other, and Liang Zhe could see the side of Li Zheng’s face as soon as he turned his head.

Butler Fang was also worried about getting the right ticket.

Each airline’s first-class design was different, the first class in the eighties did not provide guests with private suites directly like the Emirates in later years, but many airlines had separated the seats of each guest in the first class, as if a single sofa, so that the distance between people was immediately distant.

Butler Fang naturally did not want to buy such a “private” seat, he bought the most general first-class seat at the same price under the strange eyes of the airline staff.

This plane’s first-class, the seat could lie flat, but it was two positions lined up together.

When the two children slept together, their relationship could go further. Butler Fang put on the eye patch and thought joyfully. He remembered that his granddaughter would bring her best friend home for dinner every time, and after dinner, the two little girls would hide in the room and talk and laugh and sleep in the same bed, and the next day they would get up and have a better relationship.

Li Zheng and Liang Zhe fastened their seat belts, and Li Zheng took out the disposable eye mask from the seat and handed it to Liang Zhe.

“Take a nap?”

Liang Zhe didn’t answer.

Li Zheng turned his head strangely, only to see Liang Zhe clutching his seat belt tightly, his face still had the same expressionless look, but his stiff muscles made Li Zheng realize that Liang Zhe’s heart was not as calm as his expression.

“When Mr. Liang Zhe was very young, the core of the Liang family, including Mr. Liang and Mrs. Liang, never returned because of the plane crash.” What Cheng Xianfeng said to him at that time came to Li Zheng’s mind, and his heart thumped.

Liang Zhe was afraid?

Li Zheng couldn’t understand what it was like, he was afraid to take a plane but because of a phone call from him, he flew directly from Xiangjiang to Japan ……

Li Zheng leveled Liang Zhe’s position with his own, taking away the middle partition, “Don’t be afraid, sleep.” Saying that, he grabbed Liang Zhe’s hand, whose hand was icy as if it had just been taken out of the cold storage of ice.

The two people laid shoulder to shoulder, after removing the partition, if they ignored the small piece of the middle bulge, the two people seemed to be lying on a bed.

Liang Zhe’s muscles slowly became relaxed, back to his senses, he felt the hot dry touch in his hands, his face under the eye patch became red at once.

Liang Zhe only felt his heart beating fast as if it was about to pop out of his chest, his whole body, especially his head, seemed to have been baked in a microwave oven, hot, he used his other hand to feel the temperature of his cheek.

Hiss, so hot.

Liang Zhe’s brow wrinkled slightly, his family had a plane crash, Liang Zhe had a physiological stress reaction to planes, sitting on the plane seat made him feel nervous.

But as the helmsman of this global behemoth, Liang Corporation, how could he not take the plane? Therefore Liang Zhe had long been used to his stress reaction, if he stayed on the plane for a long time, he would be fatigued because of long mental tension, so after more than five hours on the plane, he had to take medicine.

Feeling his high temperature, as well as his strong heartbeat, Liang Zhe’s brow wrinkled, it seemed he needed Dr. Gu to come over after he returned to Hong Kong.

Dr. Gu was Liang Zhe’s psychiatrist.

Because of the special nature of laboratory work, for researchers, sleep time was very valuable. In his previous life, Li Zheng had developed the magic skill of falling asleep in one second, and brought this magic skill to this life.

Listening to Li Zheng’s shallow breathing, Liang Zhe’s heart stirred, as if it was going to jump out of the master’s chest and run to the person next to him in the next second.

Li Zheng held Liang Zhe’s hand without letting go, because Li Zheng’s hand was small and couldn’t hold Liang Zhe’s whole hand, he grabbed Liang Zhe’s four fingers.

Liang Zhe’s little finger moved unconsciously because of the tension, the sleeping Li Zheng’s eyebrows frowned slightly, then unconsciously tugged Liang Zhe’s hand over to his side.

Liang Zhe’s entire body froze, and he seemed to hear a roaring sound in his own head.

His face was frozen, his mouth unconsciously pursed, and he began to wonder if Dr. Gu’s last statement that his illness was starting to improve was just a psychological suggestion?

Liang Zhe’s eyes under the eye mask had been wide open, his body stiffened and he didn’t dare to move, at this time he had forgotten that he was on the plane, but the constant heat coming from his hands made his whole body tense up, lest he move a little and wake up the person next to him.

Two hours later, Liang Zhe’s muscles began to become a little sore, and he couldn’t help but move a little.

Li Zheng did not respond.

Liang Zhe’s heart was happy and he slowly moved his body. He hesitated and used his other hand to pull his blindfold upward, turning his head sideways to gaze down, through the slit he could clearly Li Zheng’s sleeping face.

Li Zheng rested on his side, his right cheek tilted slightly downward, because Li Zheng’s eyes were closed, his jade-like delicate eyelids revealed a trace of soft and slender black eyelashes, his nose wasn’t too big and not too small, just right, his lips were thinner than average, his mouth was slightly open. Perhaps because he always stayed up late, his lips looked a little pale.

Liang Zhe looked curiously at the shiny thing on the right side of Li Zheng’s mouth.

His gaze flickered for a moment, he carefully raised his hand and gently touched the glimmer of transparent substance at the corner of Li Zheng’s mouth.

Gentle, and a little wet.


Liang Zhe’s hand froze in mid-air, he stared at his fingernails that trace of transparent substance, his eyes did not blink, until the transparent substance was slowly dried by the air, and when it dried, he was relieved and slowly put his hand back in place.

He felt as if he was even hotter. Liang Zhe touched his forehead with his hand, the finger that had touched the transparent substance fell near his temple, making the temperature of that piece become hot all of a sudden.

Liang Zhe’s gaze became more and more serious, he thought he was probably a little sick.



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