“Mr. Liang, telephone ……” The young man watched as Liang Zhe stared at the phone with his eyes unmoving and his hand outstretched in the air, but he never intended to take it.

“Mr. Liang, do you want me to hang up for you?” The youth could not help but say.

Liang Zhe took the report from the young man’s hand, and whispered, “You can go now.”

“Huh? Oh! Okay, Mr. Liang, I’ll go back to the company first.” The young man was puzzled, he was only halfway through the report, but since his boss asked him to leave, he certainly could not stay any longer.

Before turning around, he also took a look at the phone which was still ringing, and the youth had an intuition that Mr. Liang’s abnormality was related to the two phone calls.

“Hello, the one who just came to do the report accidentally stepped on the phone line.”

The young man, who had not yet left the living room, stumbled and almost fell down on the smooth marble floor of the boss’s house.

“Mr. Liang, this isn’t the first time you answered my call.” Li Zheng didn’t believe in such nonsense as stepping on the phone line, he might as well just say that his hand slipped.

Liang Zhe tightly gripped the phone receiver, sweat beading on his palm, his ears slightly red, and he slightly trembled.

Li Zheng coughed twice, even through the phone line he could feel the other’s embarrassment brought by the silence.

“Mr. Liang, did you hear Butler Fang mention that I want to borrow the Liang’s medical qualification to buy a production line?”

Liang Zhe was about to answer when Butler Fang came from the kitchen with a pot of small, green, lush trees.

“Young master, today is New Year’s Eve. This is a gift from me to you. What a lovely little banyan tree!”

Liang Zhe was shocked by the sudden appearance of Butler Fang, he was already nervous, his hands were wet with sweat, making the microphone body a little slippery, so his hands were slightly loose.



Liang Zhe’s eyes watched as the microphone landed very precisely on the hang-up button of the telephone.

This was not true! Liang Zhe’s entire body moved towards the phone, and he tremblingly picked up the receiver, whose beeping managed to make his expressionless face droop.

He was like a puppy abandoned by its owner, holding the receiver helplessly and reeking of frustration.

The phone in the eighties had no caller ID, and Butler Fang looked at Liang Zhe’s lifeless face and guessed, “Was that Mr. Li Zheng?”

Liang Zhe raised his eyelids, looked over at Butler Fang and the banyan tree he was holding in his hands, and the corners of his mouth dropped a few degrees.

He knew that only his savior, Mr. Li Zheng, would be able to cause such great emotional turmoil for Mr. Liang.

Butler Fang smilingly slipped the banyan tree into Liang Zhe’s arms.

“It’s okay, Mr. Li Zheng is a generous person. He will call back if he needs anything. Just explain to him.”

Liang Zhe looked up slightly, “Twice now.”

“What?” Butler Fang didn’t understand what Liang Zhe meant.

“I’ve hung up on him twice.”

Butler Fang actually saw a look of despair on Liang Zhe’s drooping, expressionless face.

“You actually hung up on him twice! If I were Mr. Li Zheng, I would absolutely ignore you!” After Butler Fang understood the meaning of Liang Zhe’s words, his expression was simply heartbreaking.

Butler Fang was the old housekeeper of the Liang family, who had been in the Liang family since his father’s generation, and he saw Liang Zhe’s birth. But when Liang Zhe was two years old, his daughter-in-law had a difficult delivery and was not saved in the operating room, leaving behind two children.

He felt sorry for his son, who had to take care of both children and fight a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital alone, so he took a long leave of absence from the Liang family.

Only later, when the core level of the Liang family was in an air crash, the three siblings of the Liang family, led by Liang Huiying, entered the house and considered themselves to be the masters of the Liang family. Liang Zhe was still young and had no right to speak, so Butler Fang wanted to come back but was scolded away by Liang Huiying.

After Liang Zhe’s kidnapping, housekeeper Fang immediately felt sorry for the impression of the soft, glutinous dumpling, and packed a package, and came to Liang’s house. This time it went smoothly, without Liang Huiying, Liang Zhe was expressionless when he saw him, but housekeeper Fang read the happiness from him.

Butler Fang was really worried about Liang Zhe. He was such a cute little gnome when he was little, and would even step forward to hug him, but now he had become such a cold, paralyzed face.

What should he do to make the child happy? Parenting Experienced Butler Fang Answered, Find a Friend!

The only person who could make Liang Zhe’s emotions change and who desperately wanted to get close to him – Li Zheng – became his best target.

Liang Zhe’s entire body was about to go black. He took one look at Butler Fang and dialed a number.

“Go find out which hotel and hotel phone number the Hong Kong scholars of the Biopharmaceutical Conference are stationed in.”


Li Zheng’s heart was filled with a million hay horses, but he was hung up on twice by the same person!

He was crazy to call again!

In his last life, Li Zheng came from a wealthy family, and since he was a child, he has always wanted money and intelligence, and had passed all the way from a domestic academic bully to a Stanford A graduate, and even more so, from Cold Spring Harbor to China. No one had ever hung up on him twice in a row!

Twice in a row, saying it wasn’t intentional? No one believed that!

Li Zheng felt that his brain must have been overloaded for the past few days, and he was under the illusion that Liang Zhe’s action that day was a gesture of goodwill, and that the person who didn’t even want to talk to him for more than a few words would show him goodwill? Hehe

He took a deep breath and called Cheng Xianfeng.

“Liang doesn’t want to think about it, is there another way to ship the production line back to China?”

Cheng Xianfeng, who received the call, was stunned, “Mr. Liang disagrees? That’s not possible. He’s the one who came up with this plan.”

There was a strange silence on both ends of the phone, “Liang Zhe mentioned it?”

“Yes, I was drawing up a contract at Liang’s house when you called that day. Boss Liang personally wrote the plan.”

Li Zheng ……

“Actually Liang is the best choice. From the Hong Kong River to inland China, according to normal procedures, you have to go through three checks, the port will conduct random checks on special consignments, the shipping vessel will also check the cargo carried, not to mention the customs. If you buy and ship it yourself, I’m afraid you won’t be able to pass the first two hurdles.”

“Like Liang’s that have both ports and ships, the shipping king Bao or the little superman Li Jiaren, do you know them?”

Li Zheng ……

Li Zheng rubbed his temples with a headache, and he leaned back against the bed and hit it hard.

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t ship the production line without the Liang family!

At that moment, the phone in his room rang.

He looked up at the clock on the wall, it was 9:30, who could it be at this hour?


“It’s me.”

“Oh, what can I do for you, Mr. Liang.” Li Zheng’s tone lost its usual politeness.

“Just now, I …… slipped my hand.”

Li Zheng …… he was going to go eat sh*t if he f*cking worked with Liang again, and he had an urge to burst into foul language.


Snapping, Li Zheng hung up the phone hard. So sorry, he slipped too!

Liang Zhe’s call didn’t come again. Li Zheng had lost sleep all night, and he had just promised Professor Meng with a pat on his chest, but Liang Zhe actually came to such a hand. The feeling of powerlessness to say that he couldn’t do it, and the sense of loss that he couldn’t help his respected predecessors and beloved motherland, made Li Zheng’s mood value hit the bottom.

On the second and third day, the scholars from Asia went up one after another to give their reports. This conference made Li Zheng realize that although he had the knowledge of biology and original drug formulas in his head, he still had a long way to go compared to the real biologists.

Some of the theories in the academic reports were completely wrong from the perspective of future generations. But listening to these scholars discuss their thinking process, Li Zheng suddenly had a sense of enlightenment, just like doing a math problem, you had already seen the answer and knew that the question was wrong, but if you looked closely at the process of doing the question, you wouldl find that there were many ways of thinking that you would never have thought of.

Meng Jiayin and Chen Anbang didn’t mention the production line again, which made Li Zheng feel even more guilty. He asked Cheng Xianfeng to help him inquire about the freight company, but there was no satisfactory answer yet.

“Hahaha, Li Zheng, you’re famous. The Hong Kong Daily News and the London Daily News all published your story about the Li Zheng Special Diseases Research Foundation. Those Western media have also praised you heavily.” After Richard’s presentation, the three-day Asian Biopharma Conference officially ended.

“The Einstein of the East, a genius with a good heart.”

“Every life is the best gift of God to mankind, concern for special diseases. The government is inferior to him.”

With his young age, great achievements, and the establishment of the Special Diseases Research Foundation named after him, the media naturally would not let go of so many big gimmicks. Reporters in London originally followed Richard, the Nobel Prize nominee, but after seeing Li Zheng’s performance, they did not hesitate to replace him on the front page.

The rest of the Western media also followed, the media of the capitalist countries, liked to do the same. The media of capitalist countries liked to do nothing but step on their own governments, so they praised Li Zheng, an orientalist, and the more perfect he was, the more obvious his government’s inaction was.

There was also the country of China.

Ever since China opened its doors to the world, the media of China had been consciously paying attention to the media developments of major countries. When they found out the news about Li Zheng, they were first surprised that there was such a talent. When they found out about Li Zheng’s news, they were first surprised that there was such a talented person in Hong Kong. Hong Kong and mainland China shared the same roots, so they were also somewhat proud of each other.

So Xinghua News Agency also reported a few pages.

But when Xinghua editor-in-chief got the exact news that this young man was an authentic Chinese from Hong Kong, he slammed the table and stood up.

“Tell everyone to go to the third floor for a meeting immediately. Inform the printing house that the printing of tomorrow’s newspaper will be stopped, and all pages will be moved!”


Poor Liang Zhe.

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