Go to school!

  How long had it been since he’d heard that word, and Li Zheng was a bit distracted. In his last life, his family was well off. His father was the first one to open a private mine, the first group of people who were called “coal bosses”.

  Because he had suffered enough from being uneducated, the old man paid great attention to Li Zheng’s achievements, and spent a lot of money and energy to produce a Stanford PhD in biology.

  As soon as he graduated, he was brought into Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory by his mentor, and worked with the Nobel Prize winners, contacting a handful of the most advanced and authoritative people in the field of molecular biology.

  Later on, he returned to China and switched to the field of biopharmaceuticals, everyone said that he had lost a lot due to its small size, but he knew in his heart that China’s drug development ability was too weak, even in his last life when he was thirty-two years old, China had developed only a handful of original drugs on their own, many of which were still generics with the title of original drugs.

  Until now he still remembered what that old Huaqing professor said to him, “Li Zheng, I know that molecular biology is the science of exploring the nature of life phenomena, and it focuses on the evolution of the entire human race. But do you know how many people in China die every day because they don’t have medicine to cure their diseases? Some of them die because they don’t have money to buy medicine, while others have money that can’t even buy medicine that can cure their problems.”

  ”There are some new treatment strategies and new drugs on the market now. Basically, they are patented by big foreign companies. Their patent periods are so long that patients can’t afford to wait! They say you have to be long-sighted, but I think it’s good for us in research to look a little shorter and lower sometimes?”

  Li Zheng had forgotten how he answered then, but the next day, he canceled his plane ticket back to New York and stayed at the biopharmaceutical lab at Huaqing University.

  In exactly eight years, two anti-cancer vaccines and a chemotherapy adjuvant had been born in his hands, and in the pre-sudden death stage, a new drug developed by his team that could make cancer cells go into dormancy was in the Clinical IV experimental stage, and if Clinical IV confirmed that the drug was qualified, mankind would take a big step forward on the road to defeating cancer.

  He had even thought of what he was going to say at the launch of the new drug, and he was going to loudly announce to the world, “From now on, we and cancer can live in peace.”

  Then…he died suddenly.

  Li Zheng really felt that he hadn’t won the Nobel Prize in his last life, not because he wasn’t good enough, but because he had died early.

  And Nobel Prizes weren’t awarded to people who had died.

  ”What are you staring at, you’ve already taken eight or nine days off, and you’re going to school today no matter what!” Zhou Sitian thought that her brother wanted to skip school by staying in bed, so she was very firm.

  Li Zheng……..

  There was no high school in Qinghe Town, so Li Zheng and Zhou Sitian went to school in Dongliu Town, not far from Qinghe Town, where Li Zheng was a junior and Zhou Sitian was a senior.

 The Li family’s transportation was a bicycle that Father Li left behind, all black with a bar in the middle. Li Zheng secretly compared it to a car, then his face turned pitch black. The bicycle pad was at his waist level, which meant that when he sat on it, his legs definitely couldn’t reach the pedals.

  It must be because the original owner was malnourished, he was only sixteen, surely he could still grow taller! Li Zheng thought with a stinky face.

  Zhou Sitian easily threw her long legs over the bar and sat on the cushion.

  ”Little Zheng, are you sitting in the front or the back?”

  Li Zheng……..

  Dongliu High School was the best high school in Ten Li and Eight Villages, and in recent years, there were people entering the universities in Huajing every year, and he heard that several of them had become big officials in Huajing’s ministries.

  Li Zheng did not comment on such rumors. The university students of the eighties were indeed precious, and it was this group of people who would decide the fate of Huajing thirty years later, but right now… they were still a bit young.

  ”Li Zheng!” A young male voice came from behind him, and Li Zheng turned around to see that a young man as thin as a twisted pole was quickly running towards him.

  Running to his side and standing still, Ma Gan looked at Zhou Sitian on the side and wiggled his eyebrows at Li Zheng.

  When Zhou Sitian walked away, he hooked a hand around Li Zheng’s neck, “You actually came in the backseat of your step-sister’s bicycle today, something’s wrong.”

  Without mentioning the back seat of the bicycle, they were still good friends. Li Zheng gave a cool glance at Ma Gan, seeing that he and the original owner should be good friends.

  ”It’s nothing, got sick, found that she’s quite good to me.”

  Ma Gan tsked, but after not seeing him for a few days, Li Zheng seemed to have changed, every time he talked about Zhou Sitian, that kid was like a fighting chicken.

  He walked into the classroom with the bell ringing, and from Ma Gan’s demeanor accurately deduced his seat, not waiting for two minutes of complacency, he looked at the freshly handed out midterm exam papers, Li Zheng’s brow wrinkled so much that he could kill a fly.

  47, 62, 28…was this a score from a human test? As a former Stanford PhD student, for the first time, Li Zheng felt that his rebirth this time might be in hard mode.

  During the whole class, Li Zheng was staring at the bright red “47” mark on the biology paper, why could someone not distinguish between the cell membrane and the cell wall?

  ”Li Zheng.”

    ”Li Zheng!” The podium’s Liu Huiying could not help but raise her voice.

  Ma Gan[a nickname], that was, Li Chaoyang poked Li Zheng’s back heavily with a pencil, and Li Zheng blinked his eyes in confusion and stood up.

  The female teacher on the podium showed a look of exasperation, sadness and hatred for a moment, then sighed helplessly, “You sit down and listen well.”

  Li Zheng scratched his head, he hadn’t been a student for too long, and he had even lost the skill of listening well to a lecture. He silently crumpled a few exam papers into a ball of paper and threw them into the innermost part of his desk, he had a feeling that these exam papers, which he had only met once, would become the biggest black history of his life.

  ”Li Zheng, come over to my office and bring your math papers with you.” After the bell rang, Liu Huiying walked to Li Zheng’s side and said softly.

  Li Zheng’s temples twitched, somewhat guilty and blocked his desk drawer, and nodded seriously.

  After Liu Huiying walked out of the classroom, he quickly found the one with “62” written on it among the papers in his desk drawer, and looked at the crumpled paper, his eyebrows knitted like a cartoon character.

  Li Zheng sighed and resigned himself to picking up the miserable test paper, getting up and walking towards Liu Huiying’s office.

  ”I heard that Li Zheng’s father is dead, is that true or not?”

  ”Really, senior Yang Kaijian said that his dad is the vice captain of the production team in Qinghe Town, he used to be a colleague with Li Zheng’s dad.”

  ”No wonder Miss Liu cried so hard the other day, her eyes were swollen from crying.”

  ”Who says it isn’t, my mother said ah, if it wasn’t for Li Zheng’s mother, Teacher Liu and Li Zheng’s father would be a couple, Teacher Liu isn’t even married now, she just wants to be Li Zheng’s stepmother.”

  Li Zheng’s ears moved, and a hint of realization flashed in his eyes.

   Classroom office

  Liu Huiying stared at the crumpled and disfigured test paper, her face ugly. She knew that Li Zheng didn’t like studying, but when this crumpled test paper was placed in front of her, she suddenly felt powerless, whether her efforts were worth it or not….

  A male teacher with black-framed glasses and hair neatly combed to the back walked by with a few biology journals, he took a sidelong glance at Li Zheng’s test paper and sneered, “Rotten mud.”

  Li Zheng took a look at the biology journals in his hand and rolled his eyes. Although he was talking about the original owner, there were still two points of displeasure in his heart ah.

  Liu Huiying slammed the table and stood up, “Teacher Chen, is that something you should say as a teacher!” Chen Yan and Liu Huaying’s classes were competitive and had always looked at each other with dislike, but Liu Huaying never expected that Chen Yan would actually speak ill of a student like Li Zheng.

  Chen Yan also didn’t expect Liu Huiying to react so strongly, his face suddenly turned red, and he replied, “Did I say something wrong? Look at him, his total marks don’t even add up to 300, what’s the use of him going to high school, he might as well go home and work while he can!”

  Liu Huiying’s hand tightly clutched the corner of her desk, her eyes turned red slowly, and she didn’t know whether to suppress it or be angry.

“Mr. Chen, I think that the ‘A-level professional journal of’ Ecological Journal’ is not suitable for you. After all, the basic problem of’ virus is not a bacterium’ will not be explained in the ecological journal.” Li Zheng suddenly said.

What he said was the standard answer to a short answer in the biology test paper. This standard answer was made by Chen Yan, and the answer clearly treated the virus as a kind of bacteria. Li Zheng saw this problem lightly at a glance, but he just disdained to point it out, just as an adult would not be interested in arguing with a child about whether the earth was round or square.

Just as Liu Huiying was ready to argue, Li Zheng spoke.

“You … what did you say?” Chen Yan was first stunned, then he became angry, a poor student who had a 47-point score actually doubted his standard answer.

“In 1898, Beijerinck pointed out that viruses and cells are two kinds of substances. In 1946, Wendell won the Nobel Prize for successfully separating viruses into proteins and RNA. Teacher Chen may wish to read more books and enrich himself when he has time, instead of personally attacking his students. “

Chen Yan’s eyes almost spat fire, he didn’t expect the originally reckless and impulsive Li Zheng could say such coherent words.

    ”Don’t make things up here! What do you know about Nobel Prizes for a 47-point score!” Chen Yan pointed at Li Zheng’s nose and roared.

  A hint of disdain flashed in Li Zheng’s eyes, he really understood, if he hadn’t died so early, he might have gotten one.

 ”It seems that it is really.” Suddenly, a slightly old voice came in.

  It was Mr. Zhu, the senior biology teacher, and the oldest teacher at Dongliu High School, who the principal, headmaster, and many other teachers in the school were his students.

  He stood up with a copy of Biology for middle school students, “Xiao Chen, take a look, the sixth article from March, ‘The Nature of Viruses’, says the same thing as this student.”

  Chen Yan was shocked, his face showed incredulity, he quickly walked to teacher Zhu, four eyes stared at the publication, then his face rose to the color of pig liver.

  This brat, Li Zheng, had actually said it right!

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