“Miss Zhou, do you like this picture?” A mellow male voice sounded behind Zhou Sitian.

Zhou Sitian turned back and saw the visitor, her eyebrows relaxed slightly, “It’s you, you didn’t forget to bring your medicine today, right?”

The man was stunned at the words, then laughed lightly, he took out a white vial from his jacket pocket and shook it in front of Zhou Sitian’s eyes, “didn’t forget.”

The man looked in his early forty, his facial features was still handsome, his body lifted, not fat and not thin, a gray and black coat, inside was a turtleneck wool sweater with excellent fabric, he exuded a kind of intellectual elegance and bookishness.

“Does Miss Zhou also like photography?”

“Photography?” Zhou Sitian was stunned, then scoffed, “What do I know about these things, I just came in here because I thought it was warm, and it’s free anyway.” She whispered the last sentence.

The man’s eyes flashed a hint of consternation, then his smile grew even bigger, “Miss Zhou is really fast-talking.”

Zhou Sixian didn’t answer anymore and turned around to look at the photo on the wall again, the content of the photo was a young man standing on the bow of the boat, the cool moonlight of the young man’s lonely back looked particularly depressed. Zhou Sitian stood in front of the photo for a long time because she thought of her brother.

She and this man had met two days ago.

Because of the affirmation of the fact that Li Zheng was still alive, Zhou Simian had been eating and sleeping well for a while, and had accidentally grown two taels of meat on her stomach.

Liu Zhidong was so distressed that he forced her to run in the morning. Two mornings ago, when Zhou Sitian ran to the side of the woods in Hong Kong Park, she saw Shao Qihua squatting on the ground with his chest covered and sweating profusely. She hesitated for a moment and went up to ask questions, only to find out that Shao Qihua was suffering from sudden angina. According to Shao Qihua’s words, she quickly ran to the edge of the park and asked the driver waiting there for medicine, which saved Shao Qihua’s life.

Shao Qihua saw that Zhou Sitian didn’t want to take care of him, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, ever since he sat in this position, very few people had treated him like this.

“Miss Zhou, I haven’t had the chance to thank you for the last time, since we are fortunate enough to meet again today, would you be so kind as to have dinner with us? There was a dinner party tonight at 1 Half Mountain, and I’m missing a female companion.”

He had long since passed the age of a teenager, but in Zhou Sitian, he saw many familiar and nostalgic things, which were not found in those Hong Kong celebrities.

Zhou Sitian finally looked back to carefully examine the man in front of her, and she rudely spoke up, “Uncle, how old are you?”

Shao Qihua was startled, “Forty-three.” He actually answered obediently.

“Uncle Shao, I am eighteen years old.” Zhou Sitian’s voice was clear and pleasant to the ears, carrying the unique energy of a girl at her best age.

Shao Qihua was stunned in place, then he suddenly let out a delightful laugh, at first in a low voice, and then he laughed louder and louder.

The photo exhibition was a great success, but it was also a great opportunity to see how many people were looking at it.

The security guard of the photography exhibition wanted to come over, but his colleague held him back.

“You’re crazy, that is Mr. Shao, Shao Qihua of Huayu!”

Shao Qihua’s laughter slowly stopped, he coughed twice and handed a business card to Zhou Sitian, “Change your mind, give me a call anytime.”

Zhou Sitian looked at Shao Qihua’s hand holding up the business card and took it.

When Shao Qihua saw Zhou Sitian casually put his business card into her pocket, a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes. He was also not a stalker, so he politely said goodbye and went out of the photography exhibition.

Zhou Sitian strangely looked at someone with a camera taking pictures of Shao Qihua’s back, was he …… also a star?

“Bump” a person who was reading a newspaper while walking accidentally bumped into Zhou Sitian, and the newspaper scattered all over the floor.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Zhou Sitian squatted down to pick up the newspaper for him.

December 24, 1982, front-page headline of the Hong Kong Daily News: alligators gather, Mid-Level 1 Christmas Eve Party

Zhou Sitian got up and quickly rushed towards the door, seeing that Shao Qihua had just stepped one foot into the car door.

“Uncle Shao, are you short of a female companion? I’m free!” Zhou Sitian said loudly, causing many people on the road to look over their shoulders.

“Ka-chow” the flashlight came on.

The current Zhou Sitian was not yet sensitive to the camera, she quickly ran to Shao Qihua, “Uncle Shao, does the invitation you just made still count?”


“No, I’d rather not go.” To everyone’s surprise, Zheng Lingling eventually chose to stay.

She looked at the crowd who were unfortunately sorry for her and said loudly with a smile on her face, “I’m giving up my chance to see the Governor of Hong Kong to stay with you! Don’t blame me if anything goes wrong when any of you officially go on stage tonight.”

There was a roar of laughter on the stage.

Li Zheng, wearing a bloated tree man costume, lifted his own branch. Faithful to his duties and not arrogant, he increasingly felt that Zheng Lingling was suitable to be the great housekeeper of his laboratory.

When the evening performance officially began, there was a large group of people sitting in the dark under the stage. Due to the fact that it was a big winter, the air conditioning in the university student activity room was very warm.

The air conditioners of the eighties were loud, and the gas coming out was more like air that had been scorched by flames, and it was disturbingly dry. Li Zheng had been standing motionless for a long time, and he felt the sweat sliding down his cheeks and into his collar.

Finally, after He Zhongming’s last line was spoken, the stage lights suddenly turned orange.

“Merry Christmas!” First Li Zheng spoke, then the crowd on stage, and eventually everyone in the arena stood up and shouted “Merry Christmas”, the entire arena was in a festive atmosphere.

Finally, it was done.

Li Zheng took off his bulky tree suit, sweat staining his hair and making him look a bit of a mess. It was now 7:30, and Li Zheng’s brow was furrowed as he went to the bathroom to quickly rinse his hair, casually changed his jacket, and got into a taxi to head to the venue.

“Young man, Half Mountain is under martial law now, I can’t drive up there.” The taxi driver spoke an authentic Cantonese language.

“It’s fine, you can drive wherever you can.” Li Zheng had stood at a very high level in his last life, but he was still feeling a bit unsettled now.

If it was a normal banquet, no matter how high-profile it was, it would be almost impossible to get Li Zheng to come out in the middle of the night.

But tonight was different. Tonight, no, in half an hour, the people he was going to meet were the trendsetters of the 1980s, the generation known as the “legends”.

The Boat King Bao Gang, the Sand King Huo Ji, the Gambling King He Jin, Li Kunhe, Shao Qihua, Shen Wannian, these people had left a heavy mark in the history of Hong Kong and even the whole of China.

“Young man, you’re very handsome, how old are you, are you going on a date with your girlfriend at Mid-Levels? Usually, the scenery on this side of the mid-levels is always good, but today is special, I don’t know if I can still go up, anyway, when I passed by during the day, there were already police officers standing guard there.”

As the driver said, they saw the first guard post.

The policeman blew the whistle and gestured.

“Can’t get in.” The driver said helplessly, gesturing to pull over to the side of the road.

“Just drive straight in, I have an invitation.” Li Zheng said, taking the invitation out of his pocket.


The driver stared at the invitation in Li Zheng’s hand, “Ah, don’t bluff, you’ll go to jail.”

Li Zheng was mute, he said seriously, “I promise, really.”

The taxi driver got excited all of a sudden, “You said it la, then maybe I can have a look at those people too.” He sat up straight and drove towards the first post with his head held high.

The policeman ran up quickly, and before he could say anything, Li Zheng lowered the window slightly and handed out the invitation.

The policeman, probably not expecting anyone to actually come to the party in a taxi, carefully examined the invitation and gestured to his companion.

“Note that taxi HK22634 is a guest, do not block it. Repeat, taxi HK22634 is a guest, do not block.” After the taxi was released, the policeman used his radio to inform his fellow officers at other posts.

“I never thought I’d be able to come inside the mid-levels one day.” The taxi driver made the long drive in, looking at the sentries still saluting him along the way, he felt dizzy and his mouth was about to grin behind his ears.

“Wait a minute.” Li Zheng, who had been watching out the window, suddenly spoke up.

The taxi driver immediately stepped on the brakes, but in his eyes, this postulant was a big man. Although he was a little younger, the one who could get the invitation to Half Mountain 1 was not a big man, but also a big man’s family and friends, so he had to be careful.

Li Zheng seemed to have seen Zheng Lingling?

He opened the door and got off.

Half Mountain had four entrances, and Li Zheng came in from the east, and because some of them were private roads, the taxi made a big circle, right around the North Road entrance.

“Zheng Lingling?” Li Zheng hesitantly spoke up, as the woman in front of him wore makeup and was still a little different from her usual self.

“Li Zheng?” Zheng Lingling opened her mouth wide in surprise, “Why are you here?”

She promised to come over as soon as the show was over and Bao Qinghe would come down to pick her up. She arrived at the North Half Mountain Road entrance fifteen minutes ago, and because she didn’t have an invitation, her car couldn’t drive inside, so she used the booth’s phone to call the venue center and asked them to notify Bao Qinghe to pick her up.

Maybe it was because there were too many people, but the side of Half Mountain 1 hadn’t called her back yet.

“Come to the banquet ah.” Li Zheng looked at Zheng Lingling.

Zheng Lingling opened her mouth, unable to speak, she thought she was already “great” enough, but the person in front of her had an invitation, but he never mentioned a single word in front of his classmates, he even stood on the stage for more than an hour. ……

Zheng Lingling looked at Li Zheng’s still-dry hair, she naturally knew that Li Zheng had hastily rinsed his hair because it was damp from sweat caused by wearing the doll costume for a long time.

It was difficult for her to express her feelings at the moment with words, “You obviously …… could have said that.”

Li Zheng smiled slightly, “There’s no need.”

He went up and negotiated with the policeman in the booth for two minutes, and the railing in front of Zheng’s car was lifted.

“Go up, it’s cold, it’s easy to catch a cold.”

Zheng Lingling nodded stunned, looking at Li Zheng’s back for a long time without speaking.

Shortly after Li Zheng stepped into the venue, David greeted him excitedly, “Oh, Li, you’re finally here. I thought you had stood me up.”

Li Zheng gave him a face-saving hug this time, “Honesty is the essence of a man.”

“Yes, you’re right, honesty is indeed the essence!” David’s words made the talking around him pause.

A large parlor with a high ceiling and lights that bloomed with colorful light under the refraction of crystal, men, and women in gorgeous costumes held champagne glasses as they moved through the venue, laughing and talking.

A sixty-something hale and hearty foreign old man smilingly held a glass of wine up to the front, “David, people say that honesty is the basis of human beings, meaning that honesty is the most basic bottom line of human beings.” With this old man’s words, many people’s eyes fell on Li Zheng and David.

“Who is the teenager next to Mr. Andorio? How come I haven’t seen him? Mr. Andorio seems to have a lot of respect for him.”

David, the name of the executive vice president of Asia of a Fortune 500 company, was well known even among the Hong Kong giants, and he naturally drew a lot of sideways glances as he held Li Zheng in such high esteem.

“Edward, Li and I are soulmates, and language should not be a barrier to us.” David said smilingly.

He turned his head to introduce Li Zheng, “Edward. Sir Wharton, who is also the Governor of Hong Kong appointed by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

Edward offered his hand to Li Zheng, “You’re an amazing biologist, it’s an honor to meet you.”

His voice wasn’t soft or heavy enough for the people around him to hear clearly.

These small group of people at the very top of the food chain in Hong Kong naturally wouldn’t show their shock like normal people, but the subtle expressions on their faces and the liquor they had accidentally spilled plainly revealed their not-so-peaceful hearts.

Li Zheng only felt as if countless spotlights were hitting him.

He looked at ease, neither happy nor sad. In his last life, he had been on the podium of the Great Hall of the People and had stood at the United Nations speaking platform, he didn’t like being stared at, but he wasn’t afraid of being stared at.

When Zheng Lingling stepped into the venue, this was what she saw.

“Lingling, is he one of your classmates?” Bao Qinghe’s voice was filled with astonishment and questions.

Zheng Lingling nodded her head blankly, “It seems …… yes.”

On the other side, Liang Zhe had been struggling for a long time twenty meters away from Li Zheng, holding a white towel in his hand that he had just asked the waiter to fetch.

The moment he saw Li Zheng, Liang Zhe was keenly aware that Li Zheng’s hair was still a little damp. How cold it would be to have wet hair in winter, so he immediately sent someone to get the towel.

But ……

Liang Zhe looked at the towel in his hand, and then at Li Zheng not far away, his right foot stepped out and then back in, his lips pursed tightly.

At that moment, Daniel walked towards Li Zheng with a dry towel with a smile on his face.

“Li, your hair is still wet, wipe it off.” Half Mountain 1 would invite David, the vice president of Roche’s Asia region, so naturally, he wouldn’t fall short of Pfizer’s vice president of Asia.

When Daniel saw Li Zheng for the first time, he couldn’t help but curse his mother, “D*mn, let that David get ahead of us again.” But so what if he stole the lead, was he as careful as he was? Was he sweet? Blind!

Li Zheng looked at the dry towel handed in front of him and was really touched.

“Thanks a lot, my friend.” This time, Li Zheng truly put Daniel in the position of a friend rather than a partner.

Not far away.

“Mr. Liang, are you alright.” The waiter next to him looked at Liang Zhe who almost twisted the towel into a knot.

Liang Zhe looked at him coldly, then threw the towel to the waiter, “Nothing.”

Halfway through the banquet, Edward smilingly came up to the stage and knocked on the wine glass.


The people scattered around the venue slowly moved closer to the center, and Li Zheng and David and Daniel stood in the corner of the venue, gazing back and forth, and Li Jiaren, Bao Gang, and Huo Jie …… a vivid and vivid person came into view. Their faces were different from the old age in the newspaper photos of later generations, and they were now in their prime, turning their hands into clouds and stirring up the fragrant sky with great intent.

Zhao Qiuhua stood stunned as she took Shen Hongji’s hand and gazed through the crowd of people in the venue’s flashy clothes, her gaze falling on Li Zheng who was holding a champagne glass.

Li Zheng was turning his head to say something to David, and they both let out pleasant laughter at the same time.

Zhao Qiuhua’s look was a little trance-like, could this imposing young man in front of her really be her son?

In that Li family, which she saw as a prison, Zhao Qihua could not let go of the innocent child the least. Therefore, when she heard the news of her father’s uprising in Hong Kong, she sent a letter to Huajing at the earliest opportunity, wanting her father to receive this child.

Shen Hongji looked at his wife strangely, he followed Zhao Qiuhua’s gaze and his eyebrows just furrowed, “It’s him?”

Zhao Qiuhua was startled and spoke in a complicated mood, “You know each other?”

“His name is Li Zheng, and he’s very young, a genius in pharmaceutical science. He obtained a patent in pharmaceuticals at a young age. The piece of land that Hongjing entrusted me to buy, the one where Zi Jun used to do development, was bought by him.” Shen Hongji’s outlook on Li Zheng was complicated; he both admired Li Zheng for being so capable at such a young age, but he was also dissatisfied that he had taken away the piece of land at Jing Garden, which, after all, had special significance to his sister.

“Li Zheng” Zhao Qihua muttered to herself, it really was him ……

If it was too coincidental to say that people’s faces might be similar, but their names and faces were the same at the same time, then the only explanation was that the pharmaceutical genius this husband talked about was really her son, Li Zheng.

But how could this be possible? Her son was obviously just an ordinary fisherman boy who wasn’t even very good in his studies ah.

Shen Hongji felt that his wife’s reaction was a bit strange and spoke up, “You know him?”

Zhao Qiuhua ignored Shen Hongji’s words, she put the wine in her hand on the table, “I’m going out for a while.” She said and wanted to leave.

At this time, Shen Wannian and Yang Wanru came over from the side, “This is the Hong Kong Governor’s banquet, it’s not a place where you can just run around.” Yang Wanru snapped at Zhao Qiuhua in a low voice.

Yang Wanru was a thousand times dissatisfied with Zhao Qiuhua, her daughter-in-law, a mere stowaway, although her father was a senior official in Huajing, the current political situation in Hong Kong was not clear, God knows if this was a good thing or a bad thing. The first day the woman arrived in Hong Kong, she ran off to get a permit from someone.


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