“This one’s a little more serious.”

“No, it’s a bit too old.”

“Let’s change it.”

“Turn around. Let me see.”

In the process of changing clothes, Liang Zhe’s lips became tighter and tighter, but John, Liang Zhe’s stylist, had no intention of taking care of his employer’s mood and was forever shaking his head.

The butler looked at his watch, walked quickly to Liang Zhe’s side, and whispered, “Mr. Liang, it’s half-past eight now.”

The buttons on his clothes were ripped off by Liang Zhe, and the low pressure around him showed that his master was not in a very pleasant mood.

John, finally sensing his employer’s displeasure with hindsight, stroked his nose and stepped forward, “Oh, dear Mr. Liang, I think the biggest failure of your whole look, is your expression, you’re so stiff …… ”

Liang Zhe looked coldly at the butler, then turned around and walked downstairs quickly, regardless of John shouting behind him, “Mr. Liang, I’ll fix the button of your shirt for you!”.

The butler walked up to John with a smile on his face, “I’m sorry, Mr. John, you’re dismissed.”

Without a doubt, Liang Zhe was late, a full fifteen minutes late. When he sat down across from Li Zheng, his entire face was horribly black.

If Li Zheng hadn’t had two days and one night of contact with Liang Zhe and still knew this little Mr. Liang well, he probably would have thought that this was Liang Zhe expressing his displeasure with him.

When Li Zheng raised his eyes to look at behind Liang Zhe’s ears, they were indeed red.

He coughed twice to hide his laughter, and spoke, “I’ve also just arrived recently.”

Liang Zhe looked a lot better at the words.

There was a moment of silence between the two, and Li Zheng resigned himself to sighing and handing over the proposed agreement.

Yesterday, he and Cheng Xianfeng spoke on the phone, he askednabout Mr. Liang’s work style.

Cheng Xianfeng answered him like this:

“Sorry, Mr. Li Zheng, Mr. Liang is my employer as well as you. Out of professional ethics, I can’t reveal my employer’s privacy. But I can tell you one thing. I guess you don’t follow the financial journals, otherwise, you would know that last week’s weekly figure of Hong Kong Finance was Mr. Liang.

Last week, the expulsion of Xu’s Far Eastern team by Liang’s board of directors made a lot of noise in Hong Kong. Mr. Xu’s team has been in power at Liang for eight years, and their influence has permeated almost every corner of the company. After hearing that the board of directors had convinced Mr. Liang to remove them from office, the team jumped to the wall and launched a series of cash-in campaigns.

Mr Xu was cashing out was fast, and in such a short period of time, it was impossible for Mr. Liang to gather evidence of his misappropriation of the company’s assets and stop him from “doing business as usual”.

Do you know how Mr. Liang did it?

Mr. Liang visited Director Lu of the Hong Kong Tax Bureau that night, and the next morning, the Hong Kong Tax Bureau, with the understanding of Liang’s tax evasion, moved into Liang’s building to stop all of Liang’s fund deployment activities.

Just a few days after the tax bureau forensics, the Hong Kong Police Department successfully collected evidence that Xu Yuandong’s team used his position to encroach on the company’s property and arrested him. The tax bureau investigated Liang’s, but also left a good reputation among the public for not being afraid of power. Both sides got a win-win situation.

Mr. Bao, the shipping king, called Mr. Liang a “natural business leader”.

Li Zheng looked at Liang Zhe, who was bowing his head in front of him and not saying a word, and wondered if it was really the same person Cheng Xianfeng was talking about was the one in front of him.

“Here’s the thing, I really like Jing Garden, the land over on Pok Fu Lam. It’s just that my patent money won’t be available for another two weeks or so, and someone has already offered to pay in full for that land. As you know, the title to the land is in the courts, and the courts can’t abandon the existing purchasers and wait for my funds to arrive. Liang has the right of first refusal to buy that land, so I’d like you to step in and help me buy the Jing Garden.” Li Zheng briefly described the situation to Liang Zhe. [TN: That’s actually a real road.]

“I’ll have Yuehua Bank open a guarantee letter, and the funds will be calculated at an annual interest rate of 10%, to be paid in one lump sum after my patent money is in place.”

Liang Zhe skimmed over the agreement, putting in the work would ease his autistic tendencies a lot.

“The agreement is fine, a normal bridge loan.” Liang Zhe took out a pen and readily signed the agreement.

Li Zheng looked at him in surprise, their eyes met and Liang Zhe’s body stiffened for a moment, the last stroke of his signature made a heavy line on the agreement.

“I don’t have a pen, lend it to me.”

Liang Zhe handed over the pen, Li Zheng extended his hand, their fingertips had a momentary contact, “pop” Liang Zhe directly let go of his hand, the pen fell on the ground.

Li Zheng smiled bitterly, he was now doubting his own judgment a bit, Liang Zhe really wasn’t here to tease him?

Resignedly, he crouched down to find the pen, only to hear a muffled voice from above, “Sorry.”

Well, he probably didn’t really mean it.

Things were going more smoothly than Li Zheng thought, and Liang Zhe promised to have Cheng Xianfeng apply to the court tomorrow to purchase the piece of land at Jing Garden.

“Thank you, would you like to have lunch together?” Li Zheng stretched out his hand to shake hands with Liang Zhe.

The butler who had been standing not far away was about to step forward but was surprised to see Liang Zhe extend his hand as well, he cautiously touched Li Zheng’s fingertips, but Li Zheng held it in his hand.

Liang Zhe’s entire face became as red as a monkey’s butt.

He withdrew his hand as if he had been electrocuted, then said almost inaudibly, “No,” and quickly walked outside.

Once outside, well-trained bodyguards quickly surrounded Mr. Liang, a bodyguard quickly went forward to open the door, and Liang Zhe quickly got into the car and disappeared.

Li Zheng’s hand was still frozen in place, and the corner of his mouth was drawn. Calm down, calm down, don’t get angry, don’t get angry! He took several deep breaths before easing the suffocation in his heart.

Butler Liang approached Li Zheng with a smile, “Hello Mr. Li, I’m Butler Fang Wenbin of the Liang family, I heard that you’re buying that piece of land on  Pok Fu Lam Road, right? And have you thought about how you’re going to decorate and design it after you buy it?”

Li Zheng was startled, he quickly heard the meaning of Butler Fang’s words, “I just arrived in Hong Kong not long ago, I wanted to have the teachers in the school introduce suitable people.”

Fang Wenbin waved his hand, “Those who have dropped their bags, what can they know, we have the right people underneath Liang’s. If Mr. Li trusts me, just leave it to me.” Butler Fang smiled with narrowed eyes.

Naturally, he knew that underneath Liang’s, there were the best design studios and engineering companies in the entire Fragrant River, but how could they take on a small project like his? Did Liang Zhe authorize this?

Thinking of this, Li Zheng’s face looked a lot better, and the anger that had just been so directly set by Liang Zhe was also smoothed out.

“That would be perfect.”

Housekeeper Fang said yes with a smile, then said goodbye to Li Zheng and walked quickly towards the Liang family fleet.

Ouch, their young master was having a hard time getting up the idea of making friends, of course, he had to cage people well, otherwise, according to Mr. Liang’s deadly appearance, that wasn’t making friends, that was feuding.

With Mr. Liang’s presence, things were suddenly much easier, and the originally complicated court procedures were all finished in two or three days. Looking at the proof of ownership in his hands, Li Zheng sighed, he had officially gone from a rich man to a negative man.

Regularly commuting to and from school every day, going to Jing Garden from time to time to check on the progress of the project, two weeks passed quickly, the patent documents were successfully sent to Hong Kong, however, there was still no news about Zhou Sitian, Cheng Xianfeng said that he suspected that someone had intentionally erased the traces of Zhou Sitian and Zhang Bingkun’s life, which made Li Zheng suddenly nervous.

He hesitated, but he still called the Liang family, and it was Butler Fang who answered. Without even thinking about it, Fang Wenbin agreed.

“Mr. Li Zheng, you can rest assured that with the Liang family’s presence, as long as your sister is still in Hong Kong, they will be able to find her.” Cheng Xianfeng said comfortingly.

Li Zheng nodded his head, he still trusted the abilities of these Hong Kong giants.

The patent documents arrived, and today was the day he officially signed the contract with Roche and Pfizer. David and Daniel arrived at the Fragrant River Hotel early in the morning.

“Oh, dear Li, I’ve missed you so much, what’s the Chinese saying, one day apart is like three years apart, and I think it’s so fitting to put this between the two of us.” David hadn’t appeared yet, and his voice had already passed through the conference room door into Li Zheng’s ears.

Li Zheng’s temples twitched.

Daniel and his party walked in through another door, “Mr. Li Zheng, long time no see.”

Li Zheng stood up and shook his hand, causing David to yell again, straight out that Li Zheng was biased.

Li Zheng looked at him helplessly, “If you don’t know, you thought Johnny was Roche’s, not Pfizer’s.”

David was confused, but Daniel understood what Li Zheng meant and smiled lowly.

After a few pleasantries, the three conveniences were precisely into the signing ceremony.

“Mr. Li Zheng, Roche and Ruihui have already reached a cooperation agreement on Dannodin production, in order to better protect the interests of both parties, this signing is not open to the public. So before the formal signing, everyone present needs to sign a confidentiality agreement.”  Roche’s legal advisor spoke up.

Li Zheng’s hand playing with the fountain pen was punched, and sure enough, Roche and Pfizer were still united. After Roche and Pfizer both got their catalyst patent licenses, Li Zheng thought of this possibility, if nothing else, only these two would be left in the Dannodin market five years later.

Roche’s Lawyer placed a confidentiality agreement in front of everyone and saw that everyone signed it before recycling the agreement and putting it into a file bag.

“Okay, now we’re signing. This is an exciting time, but this is where Dannodin’s production takes a new level.” David stood up, his speech was well rendered and drew thunderous applause from the conference room.

Patent Licensee: Li Zheng.

Patent Licensee: Roche, represented by David Andorio; Pfizer; Pfizer represented by Daniel Watson.

The three parties each signed and sealed the patent licensing contract. After the last red seal was stamped, everyone in the stadium stood up and applauded to celebrate this historic moment.

“Oh, Daniel, I heard you’ll be transferred to Europe soon, congratulations. I think this contract has helped you a lot, you should thank our Li.” After the signing meeting, all the relevant people left, leaving only Li Zheng, David, and Daniel.

Daniel smiled, “Li, I really should say thank you. You’re a precious man in my life.”

Li Zheng shrugged his shoulders, “It’s just a mutual cooperation, mutual benefit.” Sure enough, because of his appearance, not only was David promoted earlier but also Daniel’s transfer was earlier.

“I’m going to miss you so much if I can’t see you later,” David exaggerated, but a discerning eye could tell that he was lying.

With Daniel transferred out, David was probably the happiest, and with this old enemy gone, he’d make sure to keep a strict guard to keep the rest of Pfizer from getting in touch with Li, well, at least not too close!

Daniel had a fake smile on his face, “Oh? Did I say I was going to be transferred? You probably heard me wrong. I’ve been officially promoted to Executive Vice President of Pfizer Asia, just like you.”

“What!” Half-sitting on the conference table David almost fell off it, “This can’t be! Pfizer’s side is clearly ……” he immediately shut up, he could not expose himself to Pfizer’s friendly forces.

Daniel smiled and blew on his pu-erh tea, took a sip, and said, “I have convinced headquarters to keep me here, I can’t leave you behind, my dear David.” He said, following David’s example, causing David to almost throw up.

Daniel said that but he was very irritated, he wondered if he had made the right decision. Transferring to Europe, if this transfer order came down after three years, he would have packed his bags and left without even thinking about it. Because after three years, the tenure of the current Pfizer Europe executive president will be up.

The current Pfizer Europe execs, Mau Ridom and Daniel Watson were very much at odds with each other, and Daniel could imagine that he would not be able to do anything remarkable in these three years in Europe. He was thirty-seven this year, three years, was his most golden three years, if he could climb to the top of Pfizer before the age of forty years old, he had the qualification to hit the peak, he could not afford to lose.

So, under the mocking eyes of the crowd, he applied to the headquarters to stay. Fortunately, because of the Dannodin incident, the headquarters favored him and promoted him one level, and he could climb up to the threshold of Pfizer’s middle level. However, in the eyes of the US headquarters, the Asian mid-levels were not as good as the capable reserve mid-levels in Europe.

Li Zheng was also very surprised that Daniel had stayed?

“Li, we’ll be long and friendly partners.” Daniel stood up and said seriously. He now had to grab any opportunity he could to make a difference and show the US headquarters what he could do.

Li Zheng nodded, “I think we will.”

“Oh, Li, we’re the friends. Roche would be the best partner.” When Daniel had left, David barked oddly and said, leaning aggrievedly next to Li Zheng.

Li Zheng glanced at him, “Got it.”

David was about to say more, but suddenly he seemed to comprehend something, and he laughed out loud.

“Li, I knew it, you’re still towards me. By the way, there’s a dinner party at the Governor’s house on Christmas Eve, and Edward really wants to see you, are you free to attend?”

The Governor of Hong Kong, Edward? This was an extremely legendary figure in the history of Hong Kong, although he was an Englishman, he had made an indelible contribution to the development of Hong Kong and held an extremely high position in the hearts of the people of Hong Kong.

Li Zheng hesitated, it seemed like that Christmas party in his class was also on Christmas Eve, he had seen the program schedule, the Biopharmacy II class program ended, it should be after seven, not too late.

“Okay, it’s just that I might be a little late, I have a little personal business.”

“Oh, it’s good that you’re going, the invitation will be delivered to your hotel room.” David said with a smile.

The next day, Li Zheng delivered the patent documents to Yuehua Bank, when Li Zheng arrived, a middle-aged man was coming out of Ma Zhendong’s room, it was the man Li Zheng saw at the front desk that day, he looked desperate and angry, when he saw Li Zheng, he grunted and walked quickly to the elevator.

Li Zheng knocked on the door, and a weak voice came from inside the door.

“Come in.”

Ma Zhendong looked a bit dispirited, his desk was messy as if it had been robbed, he saw Li Zheng and loosened the tie around his neck.

“Mr. Li Zheng, you’re here, I’m sorry to make you laugh.”

Li Zheng shook his head, “Are you …… okay?”

Ma Zhendong smiled bitterly, “It’s fine, it’s fine, we in finance will always encounter this kind of people, who obviously have poor production efficiency and blame all the blame on the bank for not lending him money.”

Li Zheng handed him the patent document, “You check it.” He hesitated and spoke, “It’s my fault.”

That day, after going back and talking to Xu Yuandong about the Yuehua Bank, Xu Yuandong laughed and opened his mouth, “That brat has been shooting geese all day long, and this time he’s considered to be guilty at your hands. His 50 million na, I’m afraid it’s his quarterly lending limit, and you scared the number out of him, hahaha.”

In other words, he took the fifty million, the rest of the people who wanted the loan would need to wait for three months.

“Mr. Li Zheng you are thinking too much, his asset appraisal is inherently unqualified, I run a bank, not a charity, he is not a person who will do business.” Ma Zhendong said.

Li Zheng nodded his head, he was just asking.

Ma Zhendong carefully examined the patent documents, and the patent collateral agreement, and carefully locked them into the safe.

“Mr. Li Zheng, your money will be remitted to your account within twenty-four hours, please be careful to check ah.”

“No problem.”

At the same time as Yuehua’s fifty million Hong Kong dollars arrived in the account, so did Roche and Pfizer’s patent money. At the first moment the funds arrived, Li Zheng returned the money advanced by Liang.

When Liang Zhe received the news, his face sunk. It was only when Butler Fang mentioned that Li Zheng had entrusted the Liang family to help find his sister that Liang Zhe’s face looked a little better.

“Let Liang Huidong find out.” Liang Zhe opened his golden mouth in a rare moment.

Liang Huiying’s three siblings were completely isolated from the core level of the Liang family because they had almost killed Liang Zhe. Liang Huiying was directly sent abroad and was not allowed to return to Hong Kong for the rest of her life, the brothers were a bit ambitious but not as bold as Liang Huiying, and they had a bit of a sense of shame. Knowing the exposure, they didn’t even dare to look at Liang Zhe.

That was all that was left of the Liang family, and Liang Zhe didn’t drive them all away. The two of them were given a small company, which was enough to live on. Now Liang Huize and Liang Huidong were almost obedient to this nephew, Liang Zhe let them go east, they wouldn’t go west, afraid that the nephew would take up the kidnapping case again at some point.

“Got it, Mr. Liang.” Butler Fang smiled pleasantly.

As Christmas approached, the festive atmosphere at Hong Kong University slowly began to spread. Li Zheng had put off rehearsals every Friday, but when it came to this rehearsal, he had to participate.

“Li Zheng, you stand right here and don’t move. When the play finishes and the lights turn yellow, you’ll shout Merry Christmas.” The director of the drama was a very capable girl, and she had arranged the show by herself.

“Got it.” With an IQ of 180, this was an easy thing to do.

“Would you be interested in working part-time?” Li Zheng suddenly spoke up and asked.

Zheng Lingling was stunned, “Part-time job? Me?”

“Right.” Someone who would be in charge and also knew some pharmaceutical expertise, such a person was too suitable for his role as a lab steward.

Zheng Lingling smiled all of a sudden, “Thanks, I don’t need it for now.”

Li Zheng shrugged his shoulders, showing a disappointed look.

The boy playing the role of a squirrel next to him laughed and spoke up, “Zheng Lingling was born into a noble family, although not the ones in the half mountain, she’s still a lady, how could she work part-time.”

Li Zheng was stunned and softly muttered, “I can give her a third job.”

Just at this moment, the door to the drama room was pushed open and He Zhongming and a man walked in laughing, the man had a straight posture, his face wasn’t exactly handsome, but his whole body looked otherworldly.

“It’s Bao Qinghe! He Zhongming is also very close to him?”

“Brother is awesome! Bao Qinghe is the Bao family.” The Boat King Bao family, now the leading figure of the luxurious family in Hong Kong, when Mrs. Thatcher came to Hong Kong this year and greeted with the Governor of Hong Kong, Edward, she mentioned them.

Bao Qinghe modestly greeted everyone, whether they knew each other or not, and smiled, and nodded. He walked up to Zheng Lingling, “Lingling, there is a banquet at the Hong Kong Governor’s Mansion on Christmas Eve, I would like to invite you to be my dance partner.”

His voice wasn’t soft, and everyone present could hear it clearly.

“What about the party at the Hong Kong Governor’s Mansion! I’m so jealous! All those people will be in attendance!”

“Of course, once a year, all the dignitaries from across Hong Kong will attend! Bao Qinghe actually has an invitation, which means that his relationship with the Bao family isn’t as far away as we thought, so maybe he’s a close relative.”

Zheng Lingling looked a little hesitant, “But there’s still the drama.”

“Lingling, there’s a party at the Governor’s Mansion, and you still care to explain the drama ah! The two aren’t even on the same level of importance, go go go!”

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