The man with pimples was from the next class. He had heard that a transfer student from Class 2 had come, and he had also whispered about which big backing was he, that he actually came at this time.

But he actually didn’t realize that this person was actually the kid who exposed Brother Ming’s paper that day.

His name was Li Zheng, and his heart was strong. No matter how bad his professional courses were, it could be seen that this teenager who looked a little younger than him was stubborn. Maybe he was a little better than Brother Ming?

He looked at the expressionless He Zhongming, he probably knew why Brother Ming these days didn’t mention the “Asian Biopharmaceutical Congress” thing, if the opponent was this teenager, maybe ……

Li Zheng raised his eyebrows and felt a little funny as he looked at He Zhongming who had a business-like expression.

“What drama, I don’t have any talent for acting.” Not to mention acting, he wasn’t good at any of the arts or sports, God had probably put all the skill points on his IQ when he created him.

He Zhongming handed the script in his hand to Li Zheng, “It’s the whole class involved, there are actors and staff. I didn’t know if you had any relevant experience before, so I gave you the role of an actor.”

He paused, opening his mouth, “It’s a tree, no acting talent required.”

Li Zheng finally looked up and examined the “man of destiny” carefully.

All involved, unselfish? Li Zheng stood up.

The whole class was quiet once again, and the students of Biopharmaceutical Class II watched the two men carefully as the smell of gunpowder grew stronger.

It was an important role, a talking Christmas tree.

In other words, he has to wear the bark from the beginning to the end of the show.

“Brother Ming …” The pimpled man gently pulled He Zhongming’s sleeve. He could still remember Xu Mingsheng’s attitude towards Li Zheng at that time. This ancestor was not to be taunted.

He Zhongming didn’t say anything, so he quietly looked at Li Zheng.

Li Zheng swept his gaze over the classmates who were watching him carefully and suddenly laughed lightly, “Good. It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in a group activity. Thanks.”

To the classmates who cast surprised glances over, Li Zheng gave a polite smile one by one.

“Li Zheng isn’t as hard to reach as I thought, he’s quite nice.”

“Yeah, that tree character can’t show his face and has to stand for over an hour again. No one in the class was willing to do it, but he actually accepted!”

Listening to the students’ comments, the smile on Li Zheng’s face became more and more obvious, while He Zhongming looked a bit stiff.

“That’s great, there’s a rehearsal every Friday night, don’t you forget it.” He Zhongming hurriedly left with such a phrase and was about to leave.

Li Zheng smiled and said, “Just stand from the beginning to the end and say a Merry Christmas at the back, I still have this bit of intelligence, call me when the rehearsal is over.”

“I just arrived in Hong Kong not long ago, I have quite a few things to deal with, I didn’t come to class until these few days, so rehearsal ……” Li Zheng smiled apologetically to all the people in the class.

Li Zheng’s face was inherently deceptively good, and a few more apologetic words and the maternal mentality of the girls in the class were suddenly awakened.

“It’s fine, it’s just a tree, it won’t interfere with our rehearsal, Li Zheng you can be busy if you have something to do. If you really can’t make it to class, you can let us know and we’ll call for you!”

“Yeah yeah yeah.” A chorus of echoes from the class.

Biopharmaceutical majors girls were already scarce and were the treasures of the class, and as soon as they opened their mouths, most of the boys went down at once. He Zhongming’s face was really wonderful.

He forcefully pulled out a smile that was still natural, “Okay, I got it.”

When Professor Zhao, the molecular biology lecturer, came in, his eyes just lit up when he saw Li Zheng.

“Ahem, now let’s start class!”

Watching Li Zheng listen to his lecture seriously and even take out a pen to take notes from time to time, Professor Zhao felt that his passion for lecturing was rising.

As a result, the students in the second class of biopharmaceutics found that the content of Professor Zhao’s lecture was so much deeper today that they didn’t even have time to take notes, and if the final exam was this difficult, a group of students would have no tears to cry.

Professor Zhao felt that he played well, even in many of the professional seminars, he had not spoken so passionately.

Although He Zhongming was a bit small-minded, he was worthy of being a scholar, and the other students were all in the clouds, but he still managed to keep up with Professor Zhao’s thoughts. He circled a few questions with a red pen and was about to get up, but he saw Professor Zhao walking up to Li Zheng with a smile on his face.

“How’s it going, is it okay with ……?” He was going to ask, “Can you keep up?” Later on, thinking that Li Zheng’s level was much better than those graduate students even if not as good as himself, this level should be nothing to him.

Li Zheng silently flipped over the laboratory sketch he had drawn in class, then smiled and replied, “Professor Zhao’s lecture was very thorough, especially the conjecture you mentioned about the RESE virus, which is very bold but realistic. The shape of the virus can infer its protein and nucleic acid composition to a certain extent, which is of great significance for humans to defeat the RESR virus.”

Professor Zhao laughed at the words.

He patted Li Zheng’s shoulder vigorously, “Still a peer can understand a peer, unlike those old men in the humanities department who point at my nose and say I’m wasting resources. What’s the use of talking about conjecture, how can science be achieved overnight, one bite of food has to be eaten and the path has to be taken step by step.”

In the last meeting, one of the labs that was attacked was Prof. Zhao’s. He was very proud of the fact that his lab was able to make the “RESE Virus Shape Conjecture” and publish the SCI paper. He was very proud of the fact that his lab was able to make the “conjecture on the shape of the RESE virus” and publish the SCI paper, but he didn’t expect to be disparaged by those old men from the Humanities Department.

Li Zheng’s affirmation made him feel much more comfortable.

He Zhongming, with his notebook in his hand, got a shocking message from Prof. Zhao’s words. Professor Zhao’s opening words were “Peers understand peers.” Completely putting Li Zheng on an equal footing with him, rather than an ordinary professor’s attitude towards his students.

Who the hell was this Li Zheng!

“And ah, for that conference at the end of the year, Old Xu went, Old Wang went, and Old Zheng was supposed to go, but his wife was in the hospital. So I went instead of him. On the way, we discussed about the RESE virus well, this virus is going to be rampant every time the weather warms up, and also mutate again and again, the sooner we research it, sooner we can contribute to mankind.”

Professor Zhao said with an excited face, Li Zheng was helpless, he counted the time, the laboratory of the University of London should have made a model of the RESE virus and would soon release a research report announcing that the first-order RESE virus had been declared broken.

As for the mutated RESE virus making a comeback a few years later, it would be another story.

“Okay, Professor.”

Professor Zhao’s words could be heard by the entire classroom, and everyone couldn’t help but look at He Zhongming who was standing frozen at the side, everyone originally thought that the last slot to go to the Asian Biopharmaceutical Conference should be his.

Even counselor Zhong Xiaoji had revealed that the academy intended for He Zhongming and two graduate students to attend the congress together.

Now ……

But judging from Professor Zhao this transfer student might be even better than He Zhongming?

After spending a day with young people, Li Zheng was in a good mood. Li Zheng was good-looking, could talk and behave, and quickly won the goodwill of many people in his class, fore …… especially the girls.

When he returned to the hotel, the person at the desk told him that a gentleman named Cheng Xianfeng had called him.

Li Zheng was delighted and immediately dialed back.

“Hello?” The number wasn’t Cheng Xianfeng’s office number, and Li Zheng guessed that maybe it was his home.

There was silence on the other end of the phone, if Li Zheng hadn’t heard the shallow breathing on the other end of the phone, he would have thought the phone was broken.

Li Zheng frowned, what was wrong with Cheng Xianfeng, picking up the phone and not speaking?

With a sudden flash of light in his mind, Li Zheng spoke tentatively, “Liang Zhe?”

The breathing on the other end of the phone was a little heavier, and then Li Zheng heard, “Mm.” Liang Zhe echoed.

Li Zheng’s mind couldn’t help but see the blank face of Liang Zhe when he asked the police for drugs at the Police Station. His eyes couldn’t help but soften a bit.

“Lawyer Cheng told you about it, let’s talk.” He pondered for two seconds, “Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, the cafe in front of Hong Kong University. I have to rush to class.”

It wasn’t that Li Zheng was a strong man, he was begging this Mr. Liang for the loan of land, but he knew that if he didn’t open his mouth to make a decision, this Mr. Liang could probably hold the phone up in silence for an hour.

“Good.” It really was still that simple answering voice.

Li Zheng laughed softly and if Liang Zhe were here, he’d want to ruffle the teenager’s hair hard.

“Then it’s a deal, see you tomorrow.”

The other end of the phone was silent again for two seconds, “See you tomorrow.”

Li Zheng was stunned and opened his mouth wide, did he hear correctly, this Mr. Liang said three words? The whole three words!

The last time he spent two days and one night with Liang Zhe, did he ever say three words at once? Li Zheng tried to recall, as if, probably not.

Suddenly there was a feeling of being flattered ……

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