Li Zheng’s school records were put into the school file on the same day. Whoever saw the headmaster and so many deans crowding together in his small office, staring at him and locking the file in the safe, could not feel calm.

Hu Zhiyuan took a glance at the name of the owner of the file, “Li Zheng” when he was saving the file, and immediately engraved this name in his head.

Su Changzhi smilingly watched the future calf officially enter his territory, and his mood seemed to be extremely happy, he turned around and patted Xu Ming’s shoulder, “Let Li Zheng enter the school as soon as possible, it will take some time for his own laboratory to be built, in the meantime, he can use the school laboratory, so don’t delay the research work.”

So the next day, Li Zheng stood in the classroom of Hong Kong University, it was the classroom of senior mathematics, he was led by the tutor Zhong Xiaoji into the class he had interrupted.

“Pah, pah, pah,” Zhong Xiaoji clapped his hands, “Taking a few minutes of your recess time, I’d like to introduce you all, this is our new student, Li Zheng.” Zhong Xiaoji was also suddenly notified this morning that a new student was coming to their class.

He felt very strange, it was almost the end of the semester, so why would he want to come in at this time. However, this time, it was Director Xu who personally brought someone to his office, and he even made an unprecedented compliment that student Li Zheng was excellent. What could a 16 or 17-year-old boy be good at? Excellent for his family lineage, I guess. Zhong Xiaoji slandered in his heart, still with a smile on his face he led the person to the class.

“New classmate? It’s almost the end of the semester and this is the time?”

“Why do I think he’s even younger than those prep school kids.”

“The origin is not small, right. That Bao Qinghe in the next class, I heard that he’s still a relative of the ship king, but he donated a building to our school when he jumped in.”

The sparse applause was mixed with whispered discussions.

He Zhongming stared intently at the figure next to the podium, he felt his whole body’s blood rush to his head all of a sudden, how could, how could, how could he still be an undergraduate first-year student!

He Zhongming absolutely couldn’t forget that scene, he stayed up for twenty nights to write the paper, the person just took a glance, just a glance, one sentence sentenced him to death.

He came back to check GlaxoSmithKline’s drug report that year. As the teenager said, the original name of paracetamol was amoto tincture, which was changed because of the baby teratogenicity in 1980. His so-called great discovery had been written into the drug report since the advent of paracetamol. If he really sent this paper to authoritative journals that can be captured by SCI, he may have become a joke.

He Zhongming was somewhat fortunate, but there was no gratitude in his heart for Li Zheng, who had mercilessly pointed out this mistake to him, only annoyance and repulsion. He guessed that the teenager must be a student from a prestigious foreign school, perhaps he had grown up abroad, or perhaps his parents were both involved in the biopharmaceutical industry, and his family’s learning was deep.

But he never thought that the teenager would be a first-year undergraduate like him. No, maybe before today, he might not even be a first-year undergraduate student!

“How could it be, how could it be.” He Zhongming muttered to himself, a sense of frustration and humiliation that he had never felt before swept over him.

“He Zhongming, you’re the class president, look out for any difficulties the new students have.” Zhong Xiaoji said before he left.

Li Zheng swept his eyes up and saw the somewhat pale He Zhongming, his eyebrows raised and smiled at him slightly, what a coincidence.

Zhong Xiaoji left on the front foot and Li Zheng was about to walk out of the classroom on the back foot, a girl sitting in the front row kindly reminded, “Li Zheng, there’s still a minute before class starts.”

Li Zheng was slightly stunned, then smiled, “Thanks, but I have something else to do, so I won’t be in class today.” After saying that he nodded to the girls and left the classroom without turning back.

“Swish” the discussion in the classroom became even heavier.

When Li Zheng came down, Zhong Jingming was already waiting downstairs, and when he saw him coming over, he said smilingly, “Feeling okay? The atmosphere of our school is still very good.”

Li Zheng shrugged his shoulders and said with a slight feeling, “Vibrant, I feel like I’m a few years younger.” Compared to dealing with those eighteen or nineteen-year-olds, the once thirty-two-year-old Li Zheng was still more used to getting along with people of his age like David and Daniel.

Zhong Jingming ……

The two men got in the car and drove to the end of the property ten kilometers away from the university.

It was now morning time, the traffic on the road was quite good, only twenty minutes, two people saw a person high large stone standing not far away, it was written in gold powder “Jing Yuan”.

“This Jing Garden is the name of the uncompleted residential flats. There is a story. The original developer was also a figure. He went to France to study on a full scholarship and came back to earn some money with precise investment. Unfortunately, he fell in love with the youngest daughter of Hong Kong Newspaper. He wanted to make a big career for Shen’s family to see. He learned that Li Jiaren had invested his net worth in the real estate industry. Who knew that when the real estate property market collapsed, all the money was lost and he still had a debt. “

Zhong Jingming let out some sighs, he said that the man used to be a student of Hong Kong University, and he should be called “teacher”.

Hong Kong Newspaper? He knew that this Shen family, after China announced in 1984 that Hong Kong would return to China in 1997, the Hong Kong press was firmly on China’s side, promoting through the newspaper the one-country-two-systems policy of China, which to some extent alleviated the psychological unease of the people of Hong Kong.

“Here we are,” Zhong Jingming said.

The car slowly stopped in front of a villa that hadn’t yet put up its exterior walls, and Li Zheng got out.

This property was much better than Li Zheng had imagined, with four or five villas spaced not too far apart. Because this place was originally a mountainous area, the distribution was staggered in height, and it had a different atmosphere from a distance.

Directly north of the villa, an elegant artificial lake was dug, not big, but just right. If the exterior walls of the villa were to be put up and greened, this would almost be what Li Zheng imagined the lab should look like.

“Professor Zhong, I’ll take it at 80 million.” Li Zheng turned to Zhong Jingming and said.

Zhong Jingming opened his mouth wide, this was only after looking at it for a few minutes, and this was the decision? Worthy of being the youngest millionaire in Hong Kong, this boldness was incomparable to ordinary people.

Li Zheng, who was regarded as a rich man, silently took stock of his assets in his heart, but the patent authorization of the Catalyst could get a total of US$ 30 million, plus the research sponsorship of US$ 1 million received by Roche and Pfizer together with the patent fee, and his existing Roche bonus of US$ 500,000, totaling US$ 31.5 million.

According to the current exchange rate, it was equivalent to about 58 million Hong Kong dollars.

In other words, even if he invested his entire fortune in it, he was still a little short of half.

“Ah Li Zheng, you really won’t consider it?” Zhong Jingming smiled bitterly, “The current land and property prices can still be falling, in case it continues to fall ……”

Li Zheng shook his head, “Not anymore, in the end.” There were three crashes in the history of the property market in Hong Kong, 1982 was one of them, after ’82 the property market in Hong Kong started to slowly pick up and rise again.

Zhong Jingming didn’t know where Li Zheng got his confidence, even those old partners in the school who were involved in economics didn’t dare to say it so categorically.

He still wanted to persuade again, when a voice came from behind.

“Professor Zhong.”

Zhong Jingming turned back, it was lawyer Zhang from his law firm. Zhong Jingming, as the dean of the law school of Hong Kong University and the ruling figure of the legal industry in Hong Kong, naturally had his own law firm, which wasn’t small.

“Xiao Zhang, what are you doing here.” On this case of Jing Garden, Xiao Zhang was Zhong Jingming’s assistant lawyer.

Xiao Zhang was accompanied by a middle-aged man who looked less than forty, a refined black suit, the pockets on the suit slightly exposed the edge of a white handkerchief, the man’s features were straight, his temperament was gentle, and when he saw Li Zheng looking over, he gave him a slight nod, not neglecting him at all because of Li Zheng’s young age.

Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, he had a good impression of this man.

“Professor Zhong, Mr Li is interested in buying the Jing Garden, so I brought him here to take a look.”

Professor Zhong was stunned at the news, when this Xiao Zijun’s financial chain broke, no one wanted to take over when it was advertised all over the streets, but now that it was bankrupt and liquidated, it was up for grabs?

Li Zheng’s eyebrows furrowed, and he said, “I’ll take the Jing Garden, and I can pay the deposit now.” Of course, the deposit could never be more than half a million dollars, the patent documents hadn’t come down yet, and he still had half a million dollars on him now, maybe even minus a little of the …… he’d been using these days

Don’t look at Li Zheng as an academic, in terms of snatching things he didn’t lose to anyone. To be precise, he had never been afraid of anyone when it came to robbing things. The robbing of results here was not robbing the scientific research results of others, but to be the first to publish scientific research results.

The life sciences at the moment could be studied in so many valuable propositions, global laboratories were working hard to study these and bumping the project.

There was a saying in the entertainment industry that it was not scary to bump into others, but it was embarrassing to whoever was ugly. Putting the saying into the research community, it became, a collision project is not scary, it was embarrassing to whoever was late.

A biopharmaceutical project took an average of three years and eight months from the establishment to output. In the past three or four years, countless manpower and material resources had been invested. If the opponent was allowed to publish the scientific research results first, the project would be wasted, and the time cost, manpower, and material resources would all be wasted. Therefore, it was also a kind of business ability to “grab” in the scientific research field, and it was a very important business ability.

The eyes of the crowd gathered on Li Zheng’s face, and Professor Zhong was a little helpless, young people were impulsive.

Lawyer Zhang looked at Zhong Jingming with a questioning gaze, and Zhong Jingming nodded his head, indicating that Li Zheng was not joking.

Shen Hongji was a little surprised, this teenager looked no more than sixteen or seventeen years old, as soon as he opened his mouth, he wanted to buy Jing Garden, Jing Garden’s valuation could be eighty million Hong Kong dollars, although compared to Xiao Zijun’s cost of one hundred and forty million, this price was really not high, but …… Shen Hongji carefully sized up Li Zheng, he was sure he hadn’t seen this junior at the gathering of the rich and powerful in Hong Kong.

Shen Hongji found it a bit difficult to come up with 80 million Hong Kong dollars at once, after all, the Shen family was still headed by his father, and although he was already taking over the work related to the business, he was still financially free without his sister who didn’t have an inheritance. He took this trip also for the sake of his sister, Shen Hongjing.

Shen Hongyan secretly sold her shares in a private finance company to lend 100 million Hong Kong dollars so that Shen Hongji could step in and buy the Jing Garden back. Xiao Zijun was his and Qihua’s classmate in France, and Shen Hongjing was his sister, it was because of his relationship with them, he felt guilty, so he agreed to Shen Hongjing’s request.

Shen Hongji was also ambitious for Jing Garden, he smiled apologetically at Li Zheng and opened his mouth, “No need for a deposit, I can pay now, let’s do the formalities.”

  Shen Hongji could see that the young man loved Jing Garden very much. If he could get 80 million now, he wouldn’t only mention the deposit just now, so he didn’t ask for full payment. Sure enough, the young man’s face was startled and disappointed, but he didn’t ask after all.

Professor Zhong looked at Shen Hongji, who smiled gently, and then looked at Li Zheng, who was obviously disappointed. He coughed and said, “It seems that Mr. Shen is determined to win, but this is the case. When Xiao Zijun and Liang signed the land purchase agreement, there was such a clause. If Xiao Zijun sold the land, Liang had the priority to buy it. Therefore, according to relevant laws, I must first ask Liang if he has the willingness to buy.”

Shen Hongji was startled, it was true that many land purchase contracts would have such a clause, but this was just a regular regulation in the contract’s article book, and usually, if the original owner of the land didn’t raise any objections, this regulation could almost be ignored.

And the Liang Clan, who were now anxious, would still care about the sale of such a small piece of land?

Shen Hongji was puzzled, he couldn’t help but look at Li Zheng again, did he have some kind of relationship with Liang, this was more troublesome.

“Well, since it’s a contractual treaty, then I naturally abide by it. But …… “Shen Hongji’s words changed, “I remember the general contractual time limit for the right of first refusal is within seven working days of a purchaser’s willingness to purchase, right? Then today counts as one day.”

Professor Zhong didn’t think that Shen Hongji, a newspaper seller actually knew some law, he nodded reluctantly, “That’s right, seven working days.”

Shen Hongji obtained the desired answer and nodded to everyone with a smile, “In that case, I’ll come back in seven days, gentlemen, I’ll take my leave.” After saying that, he stepped away.

Professor Zhong patted Li Zheng’s shoulder, “Then let’s go as well. Little Zhang, you’re driving yourself.”

Lawyer Zhang smiled and nodded, “Professor Zhong, you don’t need to mind me.”

Sitting in the car, Professor Zhong frowned and opened his mouth, “I didn’t think that kid from the Shen family actually knows the law, seven working days, will you have the money in place?”

Zhong Jingming had just suddenly flipped out this ordinance, naturally wanting to buy Li Zheng some time, and he could see that Li Zheng truly liked the land. One was his student, and the other was a stranger he had met a few times, he still knew the difference between inside and outside.

Li Zheng shook his head helplessly, it would take two weeks to send the patent documents to Hong Kong, and another three to five working days to sign the contract and send the money to Roche-Pfizer, so seven working days was simply too late.

Zhong Jingming sighed, “Then unless Liang’s people are willing to step in and buy the land for you, I see that Shen kid is determined to win it.”

Li Zheng leaned his body against the back of his seat and rubbed his brow, he was really unhappy.

“Don’t feel bad, I’ll keep an eye out for you again, the real estate industry is in a slump right now, there are plenty of lands listed for sale.” Zhong Jingming consoled.

Li Zheng laughed bitterly, “It’s true that there are a lot of lands listed for sale, but there aren’t many that are as refined as Jing Garden, right?” Digging an artificial lake not far from the city, not everyone had the courage to do so.”

Zhong Jingming was silent, indeed near Hong Kong University, or even the entire city of Hong Kong, it would be difficult to find such a piece of land again.

“Hey, I remember Xu Mingsheng said that Cheng Xianfeng drew up the patent contract for you?” Zhong Jingming slapped his thigh, “How did I forget, he’s the Liang family’s lawyer ah, contact him and see if you can get in touch with him and see if you can bridge the gap and get the Liang family to step in and buy Jing Garden for you.”

Li Zheng’s eyes lit up, it really was an option.


Zhou Sitian and Zhang Bingkun were standing in front of a brand new unit building, Zhou Sitian was holding a newly baked long-term residence permit for Hong Kong in her hand, looking at the new home she was about to move into as if she was in a dream.

Liu Zhidong smilingly went forward and opened the door of the unit building, “Sitian, Mr. Zhang, on the fifth floor, go up.”

Zhang Bingkun nodded and headed up. He did not want to come along, after all, he was not Zhou Sitian’s biological father, and was afraid of people gossiping. But Zhou Sitian said, “I’ll still live with you, and you won’t abandon me. And I heard Sister Qiao say that the entertainment industry is very complicated, and I hope to have a relative around. “

This made Zhang Bingkun very touched, he had been underage when he followed the black ship to Hong Kong, so many years in the wind and rain, not thinking of settling down, but his line of work was destined to be long-termed, after two failed marriages, he also figured out that perhaps he deserved to live a childless life. Zhou Sitian, a girl who was sensible and affectionate, was really likable, and she was the daughter of a strong elder brother, so she should be well protected.

So, he followed Zhou Sitian together with Liu Zhidong to the so-called company’s apartment.

This apartment was Li Wenhui’s, but Li Wenhui left and Liu Zhidong didn’t hand it in. It was cheaper for Zhou Sitian. Li Wenhui was a vain woman. Everything in the house was the best. She didn’t want to take it with her when she got rich, because she didn’t need anything.

Opening the door of the apartment, Zhou Sitian looked at the two-bedroom, one-living-room luxury apartment in amazement.

“This apartment, in our company is also considered the best of the bunch, at that time, Li Wenhui spent a lot of money on it. Sitian na, this is the apartment’s key, put it away.” Liu Zhidong handed the two keys in his hand to Zhou Sitian.

Zhou Sitian nodded, she put her luggage aside and sat down on the sofa, it was soft and pliable.

“Uncle Zhang, look, you can bounce on it.” She sat down hard on the couch, the couch’s rebounding made her entire body bounce up and down.

Zhang Bingkun sat somewhat constrainedly on the couch, touching the soft couch and smiling bitterly. He originally thought that he was the one taking care of this little girl, but he didn’t expect it to become him being taken care of.

Liu Zhidong also sat down on the side of the sofa.

He seriously said to Zhou Sitian: “Sitian, ATV’s advertisement has been taken down, and the residence permit has also been issued. What I told you, you should remember. Your name is Zhou Sitian, you are a highly talented student who just graduated from Columbia, your father is an engineer, your mother is a high school teacher, and they all work in the United States!”

Zhou Sitian trailed off, “Why do I have to lie, can’t I do commercials or act without an advanced degree and my parents are not in the US?”

Liu Zhigang was helpless, “Aigoo, my aunt, you can’t say that you’re an illegal immigrant, don’t worry, I’ve wiped all traces of you and Uncle Zhang clean, as long as you insist that you’re a Colombian high school student, I guarantee that no one will be able to find out where you came from.”

Zhou Sitian was still waiting to speak, but Zhang Bingkun spoke up, “Listen to him, it’s good for you.” How important a good family background was, Zhang Bingkun couldn’t be more clear.

Although he didn’t know exactly why Liu Zhidong had helped Zhou Sitian make up such a Colombian high school student’s identity, but in this complicated Hong Kong entertainment industry, this identity was indeed a good amulet.

Zhou Sitian hesitated a bit, but still nodded her head. In the absence of Li Zheng, she listened to Zhang Bingkun the most.

Liu Zhidong sent a grateful smile at Zhang Bingkun, he was originally very dissatisfied with Zhang Bingkun, as erasing the traces of Zhang Bingkun’s black ship had cost him quite a bit, but now it seemed that the price paid was rewarded.

“Sitian ah, have a good rest today, next Monday we will go to shoot a commercial, you don’t have to worry, I will make all the arrangements, you will just listen to the director’s instructions then.” Liu Zhidong smilingly got up and said.

“Thank you Brother Zhidong.” Although Liu Zhidong had his own agenda, he was undeniably the one who pulled her out of the trough of her life.

Xiao Zheng, you’ll be shocked to see me again. Looking out the window at the prosperous Fragrant River, Zhou Sitian smiled with great pleasure.

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