A teahouse?

Yes, the few days he had been in Hong Kong, his nerves had been crumbling every day because he was too nervous, and he had never even had time to sit in the most famous teahouse in Hong Kong.

Li Zheng nodded with a smile, “Good, then thank you, Madam.” Naturally, he knew that the lady boss called “Sister Qiao” was afraid that the group of people would return after she left, so she invited him inside.

Sister Qiao smiled and nodded, feeling a little more affection for this youngster who understood.

“Our corner teahouse has been here for many years, and other teahouses have closed down, but ours is still standing.” Speaking of her own teahouse, Sister Qiao was quite proud of herself.

Li Zheng’s eyes flashed brightly at the words, if this was really a place where illegal immigrants lived, then would Miss Qiao, who had opened a teahouse here for so many years, know about Zhang Bingkun?

As one of the owners of the black boat, Zhang Bingkun should be well known among the stowaways. If he found Zhang Bingkun, he’d find Zhou Sitian.

So Li Zheng opened his mouth and asked, “Sister Qiao, do you recognize a man named Zhang Bingkun?”

Sister Qiao, who was leading the way, stalled slightly, but she quickly adjusted, so that no one could see a hint of anything strange, “Zhang Bingkun? Never heard of him, I don’t think it’s someone who lives around here. I’ve been running a teahouse for so many years, most of the nearby neighbors know it.”

Sister Qiao sized up Li Zheng without leaving a trace and spoke with a smile, “Are you looking for someone? Who is this Zhang Bingkun to you, next time Sir Guo comes to my shop, I’ll ask for you. Oh, SIR Guo is the police officer who is in charge of our area and often comes to sit in my shop.”

Sister Qiao was worthy of being a human being, and this sentence both asked about Zhang Bingkun’s relationship with Li Zheng and lifted up the shield of Sir Guo, picking her own teahouse cleanly.

There was a hint of disappointment on Li Zheng’s face, “He’s one of my elders.”

Sister Qiao left her mouth, cursing in her heart, only the devil will believe you, although she only had a teahouse, here in Mongkok dragons and fishes were mixed, she had never seen anyone, the little descendant wore stirrups on his feet, it added up to several thousand Hong Kong dollars. If Kun had such a junior, he still needed to risk being arrested by the police by driving a black boat?!

The recent crackdown on illegal immigrants had made the whole of Mongkok nervous, and those in uniforms had been in and out more than once.

When she thought of this, Sister Qiao’s smile can’t help but fade a little, it seemed that this time her good intentions did a bad thing.

The Tea Restaurant, otherwise known as the Corner Tea Restaurant, the shop was just like its name, it opened at the corner of two big roads, the shop was small, but it was obviously doing good business, Li Zheng looked over and there were no more empty seats inside.

“Sister Qiao is back, did you see them?”

“Sitian didn’t come back with you, did she?”

Everyone saw Sister Qiao return and poked fun at her.

Sitian? Li Zheng looked up but immediately realized that the name Sitian was too common, just like Xiao Ming and Xiao Hua. He smiled bitterly, his cheap sister’s personality, not long after his “death”, how could she have the heart to fall in love with someone else ……

“Fine, fine, I’m nosy. I’ll just leave it alone from now on, won’t I?” Sister Qiao said angrily, causing the hall to burst into laughter.

She turned to Li Zheng and said to him, “Well, they didn’t follow us. In the future, don’t go to the empty alley by yourself. There are no more empty tables, so if you’re willing to put together a table, you can sit inside.”

Li Zheng was not used to such a noisy environment, let alone sitting at a table with strangers to eat. He looked at the menu on the wall and smiled, “I’ll bring it back to eat, give me one barbecued pork and one roast goose.”

Sister Qiao smiled lightly, “You do know how to order, these are our shop’s signature dished.” She said as she took care of the back kitchen to prepare the dishes. When she went to the window where she got the food from the back kitchen, Sister Qiao whispered to the people inside, “All of you, be careful, it might be the police. Also, Juanzi you go outside and wait, if Sitian comes back, remind her too.”

The little girl called Juanzi nodded vigorously and walked towards the door with her menu.

The roast duck and barbecued pork were both readily available and quickly packed up, and Li Zheng paid for them and carried them out of the teahouse. Zhou Sitian and Liu Zhidong were standing across the street.

“Sitian ah, I’ll bring the contract over tomorrow, there’s a commercial interview at ATV the day after tomorrow, the interviewer is an old friend of mine, as long as there are no major mistakes, this commercial is yours!” Liu Zhidong said to Zhou Sitian as he walked.

Zhou Sitian listened attentively, she had such a nature, since she decided to do it, she would do it well.

When she reached the front of the sidewalk, Zhou Sitian looked up at the traffic lights, and suddenly, she had a look of ecstasy on her face.

“Little Zheng, it’s Little Zheng!” Zhou Sitian stared intently at Li Zheng across the road and quickly became red-eyed.

She moved her legs and was about to run across the road, Liu Zhidong was shocked, this was a red light! He yanked Zhou Sitian’s shoulder, “You don’t want to die!”

Zhou Sitian was dragged and stumbled, her body fell unsteadily to the ground, she sobbed in a low voice.

Liu Zhidong was shocked, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, did it hurt that much?” He squatted down to check on Zhou Sitian’s condition but found that Zhou Sitian was already in tears.

“Ouch, where the hell did you fall and can’t move? You wait, I’ll get a cab!” Liu Zhidong was so anxious, it was not easy to convince the aunt this time, Liu Zhidong wanted to slap himself.

The light was green as he was on the verge of stopping the car, and Sitian wiped her tears from her face and raced across the street.

Where were the people?

It certainly hadn’t been her delusion just now, she was sure her brother was standing right here just now!

“Li Zheng! Li Zheng!” She shouted loudly, and the passers-by looked curiously at this woman with a pretty face but red eyes.

No one responded for a long time, Zhou Sitian suddenly remembered something, she quickly ran towards the restaurant, she …… seemed to see the bag that Li Zheng was carrying in his hands, it was their takeaway bag!

Juanzi stood diligently in front of the shop, and only after seeing Li Zheng get into the taxi did she breathe a sigh of relief, and just wanted to go back, she saw Zhou Sitian running over like crazy.

“Sitian, are you alright, that man bullied you?!” Juanzi was shocked.

Zhou Sitian grabbed Juanzi’s hand like a straw, “That guy just now, sixteen or seventeen years old, a little shorter than me, grey, he was wearing grey clothes and carrying our store’s takeout bag, have you seen him!” Zhou Sitian tried to describe Li Zheng’s appearance to Juanzi, and she appeared incoherent due to her excitement.

Juanzi blinked, what Sitian described, how come it looked so much like the cop that Sister Qiao said? She hesitated and spoke up, “I’ve seen him, but I don’t know if we’re talking about the same one. There’s a man, who Sister Qiao brought back just now, who said he was a cop, similar to the one you described, who just got in a taxi and left.”

“Thanks! Thank you!” Zhou Sitian shook Juanzi’s hand vigorously, the gratitude in her eyes almost overflowing.

It wasn’t her eyes, it wasn’t an illusion, it really was Li Zheng, he wasn’t dead!

Juanzi was surprised by Zhou Sitian’s series of thanks, she felt a bit accosted because Zhou Sitian was good looking and not very talkative, she gossiped about on normal days, now that she was so sincerely thanked by Zhou Sitian, Juanzi’s heart swelled with a guilty conscience.

“No …… it’s fine, we’re all colleagues, we should help.” Juanzi said apologetically, she decided not to gossip about Zhou Sitian in the future.

Zhou Sitian was unaware of Juanzi’s mental change, she quickly ran into Hutchison.

Sister Qiao was directing the new batch of roasted geese to be carried out of the oven and was shocked to see Zhou Sitian’s appearance.

“What’s wrong, did that man bully you?” Now Zhou Sitian’s appearance was a mess, although the tears were wiped away, her eyes were still red, there was still some transparent liquid under her nose, and her hair was very messy. Sister Qiao was a little regretful, why did she come back so soon, if she had stayed a little longer Sitian wouldn’t have been bullied!

“Don’t let me see him again, and if I ever see that beast again, I’ll hit him once I see him!” The iron rod in Sister Qiao’s hand that was wielded to fiddle with the roasted goose was horrifyingly strong.

Liu Zhidong, who had just entered Hutchison, had a soft leg and almost fell to the ground. He was also wronged!

“No, Sister Qiao, that teenager you just brought back, is his name Li Zheng?” Zhou Sitian asked anxiously.

“Li Zheng? What Li Zheng?” Sister Qiao was in a fog.

“It’s the gray suit, the one a little shorter than me, just went out of our shop!”

Sister Qiao was stunned, “You mean that cop? No!” She responded, “You know each other?”

Sister Qiao realized in a trance that she seemed to have done something wrong again, “Oh my, no wonder that little one was asking about Kun as soon as he opened his mouth, I thought it was the cops!” She slapped her thighs hard.

Before she could finish her chagrin, she was hugged hard by Zhou Sitian, “My brother isn’t dead! He’s really not dead! And he’s looking for me!” Zhou Sitian laughed while crying, hugging Sister Qiao and bouncing in the lobby of Hutchison.

“Aigoo, aigoo, sitian, don’t bounce so high, my old arms and legs ……” Sister Qiao’s complaints was drowned out by Zhou Sitian’s laughter.

A warm applause rang out in the hall, these aunts and uncles were also happy for Zhou Sitian.

When everyone had calmed down, only then did Sister Qiao spoke with a stunned look on her face, “You mean, that child is your brother? The brother who fell into the sea?”

After knowing the news that Li Zheng was alive, even if they hadn’t met yet, Zhou Sitian was already very happy, her energy seemed to have returned, her whole person presented a new outlook.

Liu Zhidong’s mouth grinned wide, he had an intuition that signing Zhou Sitian would be the wisest decision he had ever made in his life. No, she hadn’t signed the contract yet, Liu Zhidong had a sense of urgency in his heart.

“There’s no mistaking it, I saw him from a distance, and he asked about Uncle Zhang, so there’s no mistaking it!” Zhou Sitian said with certainty.

Sister Qiao muttered softly, “Your brother is picking up treasures at the Dragon Palace, his clothing is the salary of an ordinary person for several months.”

Zhou Sitian was completely deaf to what Sister Qiao was saying, all she knew was that her brother wasn’t dead, Li Zheng wasn’t dead! As long as Li Zheng was alive, as long as she knew he was alive, she didn’t feel like she was alone in the world.

He was looking for her! Zhou Sitian took a deep breath, she turned to Liu Zhidong, “I thought you wanted to sign me, I’m signing, I want to be on TV!” Little Zheng, don’t worry, I’ll show you soon! It was as if light was shining in Zhou Sitian’s eyes.

Li Zheng got into a taxi and went back to the hotel, he went back to the hotel and called Cheng Xianfeng and asked him to help find Zhang Bingkun and Zhou Sitian.

“My sister doesn’t have a Hong Kong identity card, so ……” Li Zheng didn’t say anything further.

Cheng Xianfeng smiled lightly, “Don’t worry Mr. Li Zheng, I know what to do.”

Cheng Xianfeng was very upbeat, of course, he would be upbeat! Li Zheng’s transaction amount was thirty million US dollars, at the market price he would have one hundred thousand US dollars in his account, Li Zheng gave him three hundred thousand US dollars, and said that as long as he did a good job of securing the patent, he could make a point for all future patent licensing contracts.

Thirty million was $300,000, a billion was a million, and it was dollars!

He was kidnapped and threatened more than once or twice. Cheng Xianfeng looked at the patent application documents that had been prepared in different formats and text and thought seriously whether he should move the focus of his business.

Li Zheng hung up the phone and was paralyzed on the bed with joy. Cheng Xianfeng said that the patent documents would be sent over in two weeks at most. As soon as the patent documents came down and the contract was signed, the money from Roche and Pfizer would be remitted to Li Zheng’s account within three working days.

David and Daniel had already contacted the manufacturers of the relevant experimental equipment, and the purchasers of the experimental equipment were only those laboratories, and there were only a few laboratories in the world that could use world-class equipment. Therefore, these experimental equipment were to be customized, and it would take about two months for them to be customized and then shipped here.

During these two months, he had to find the location of the lab, and it would be hilarious if the equipment arrived but the lab wasn’t there yet.

And Li Zheng was well aware that this top-tier biology industry was just a little too big. The experimental equipment he listed on David and Daniel’s list was already only used by the world’s top labs, and in the whole of Asia, it was probably only available in the lab of Tokyo University’s Kean Watanabe, who was a national treasure in Japan’s biology community.

As soon as he placed these orders, this top biology industry would immediately take notice of this emerging lab. This was the fastest way to show his existence to this top industry. That was also why Li Zheng would spare no cost and immediately spend the thirty million dollars without even checking his account once.

Find the land, build the stage, and …… the name of the lab!

Yes, the name of the lab! He almost forgot that the best way to place this order was in the name of the lab.

Li Zheng sat up in bed, the world’s famous laboratories were either named after places or people. Although his lab was built in Hong Kong, he would return to the mainland sooner or later, and it wasn’t appropriate for the lab to have too strong a Hong Kong flavor.

Person’s name, Li Zheng’s lab?

Li Zheng’s face was turned red, the maturity and steadiness he carried on his face was suddenly gone, he picked up the blanket to cover his face and let out a low laugh, if anyone saw Li Zheng at this time, they would definitely say, hey guys, look, that person’s eyes are glowing.

Naming a laboratory after him, even if he had achieved fame in his last life, he hadn’t done that, and for the first time, Li Zheng felt that his rebirth this time was really worthwhile!

He smiled like a real seventeen-year-old.

On the second day, the University of Hong Kong

“Li Zheng’s lab?” Xu Mingsheng looked at the young man in front of him in amazement, his new student really surprised him time and time again.

Naming it after himself was something only a top bull in biology would do, not that he was striking his own student, but the current Li Zheng really didn’t have the qualifications.

One day yesterday was enough for Li Zheng to digest all of his shyness and embarrassment.

Looking at Xu Mingsheng’s appearance of wanting to say something, his demeanor did not change at all.

“Teacher, I would like to put Li Zheng’s lab under the name of Hong Kong University as an independent lab.” He straightforwardly presented the purpose of his trip to Xu Mingsheng.

Xu Mingsheng sucked in a breath of cold air, there were quite a few labs at Hong Kong University, but most of them were named after scientific research projects or places, perhaps due to the modest and introverted nature of the Chinese people, this kind of lab named after an individual …… had really not existed.

However, the idea of hanging Li Zheng’s laboratory under the name of Hong Kong University, Xu Mingsheng was very much in favor of it, just that last catalyst patent alone, if it could be hung under the name of Hong Kong University, it would bring great prestige. And with the usual style of those pharmaceutical companies, they would donate some US dollars for such a valuable result from the laboratory under the name of the university, which was a real benefit.

Of course, it would be nice if this lab could be listed under the name of the Hong Kong University, Department of Medicine!

Xu Mingsheng coughed twice, “An independent lab hanging under the name of Hong Kong University? How exactly does it work?”

In the eighties, the title labs had not yet appeared, and all the labs at the University of Hong Kong were the labs of professors at the University of Xiangjiang, and the research funds were allocated by the finances of the University of Hong Kong, so even if they were donations for research, the account that went away was the account of the University of Hong Kong, and the labs themselves did not have the authority to go in and out of the account.

Naturally, Li Zheng’s lab couldn’t be compared to these labs. If all the things in Li Zheng’s brain were realized through the lab, it would be a fortune that even the richest man in Hong Kong would be jealous of. Therefore, Li Zheng’s lab would definitely be a profitable organization, an independent organization that was self-financing.

“In all official calibers, the words Li Zheng Lab will be added in front of Hong Kong University, which is the Li Zheng Lab of Hong Kong University. As a reward, the Li Zheng Laboratory will pay two million Hong Kong dollars to Hong Kong University every year as a name usage fee, and all the research results produced by the Li Zheng Laboratory will be followed by the name of Hong Kong University.”

This was a very common method of naming in later times, not only for laboratories but also for many hospitals, which were obviously independent legal entities but hung the title of a hospital affiliated with a certain university.

Xu Mingsheng quickly deliberated over the gains and losses, this deal, all that Hong Kong University was paid for was the right to use the name, of course, this name right was a matter of Hong Kong University’s reputation, but as long as Li Zheng’s lab was guaranteed to be safe and sound, then this deal was a pie from the sky for Hong Kong University.

Not to mention the fact that there was already a catalyst patent jewel in front, even if there was no output from Li Zheng’s lab in the back, so what. There were plenty of labs in Hong Kong University that had no research results and still received research funding. Especially for those who were engaged in physics, a result easily took three to five decades, and they didn’t still live unrestrainedly.

What was more, Li Zheng’s lab was self-financing and didn’t need a dime from the school’s finances.

Xu Mingsheng’s complexion changed again and again as he took a deep look at Li Zheng, “This deal is not a good deal for you.”

Li Zheng smiled lightly, “Teacher, you’re wrong, the four words Hong Kong University are much more precious than you can imagine.”

In the next few decades, if Huaqing and Yanjing University were Huajing’s own sons, then Hong Kong University was no less valuable, and after China announced in 1984 that Hong Kong would return in 1997, Hong Kong University took on the task of preparing the culture for the transfer of sovereignty, vigorously promoting the localization of education.

Even after 1997, in order to eliminate the conflicts between Hong Kong and the mainland arising from the different social systems, the University of Hong Kong, as the most advanced institution of learning in Hong Kong, was a very important presence in China’s eyes.

Therefore, the hanging of the words “Hong Kong University” in front of Li Zheng’s lab ensured the safety of the lab to a great extent. Thus the annual two million Hong Kong for the use of the name was really not expensive at all!

Xu Mingsheng patted Li Zheng’s shoulder, “This matter should be fine, but it’s a school matter after all, it still has to go through a general meeting, I’ll mention it at the meeting in two days, and we should have a result soon.”

He hesitated and couldn’t help but speak up, “Can’t we just hang it under the medical school of Hong Kong University?”

Seeing Li Zheng’s gaze, Xu Mingsheng coughed twice, touched his nose, and whispered, “Alright, forget I said it.”

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