Tom stared back viciously, if David hadn’t been indiscreet and let Pfizer get the production line experiment, he would have been pre-empted by that kid Johnny because he wasn’t familiar with the lab environment.

Even if his heart was upset, Tom reported the crystal test results seriously, “Before not using the catalyst, whether it is us or Pfizer, the Danotine crystal on the production line is a yellow crystal, the action of the catalyst makes part of the Dannodin atomized gas drug content increase, after condensation, it becomes the white part of these crystals. As Johnny said, the white part has a much higher drug content than the yellow part. In other words, if there was enough catalyst, the production line should have produced white crystals. Isn’t that right? Mr. Li Zheng.”

The last sentence Tom said was looking at Li Zheng.

Li Zheng nodded his head in the affirmative.

David was delighted, “Li, let’s go talk about the contract.”

According to the measurements, with sufficient catalyst, Dannodin’s production would increase by 40-60%, which was even higher than the figures in the paper! This completely exceeded Roche and Pfizer’s expectations for the Catalyst, and this original good faith contract, naturally, couldn’t be made accurate.

In Pfizer’s conference room

Roche’s and Pfizer’s people each occupied one side of the conference table, and on the main table were Li Zheng, Cheng Xianfeng, and Xu Mingsheng. Cheng Xianfeng sat in the middle, while Li Zheng and Xu Mingsheng each sat on one side of the table.

Xu Mingsheng’s smile was unbroken since he knew that the catalyst test was successful. As a first-line doctor, and after so many years of serving as the dean of the medical school of the University of Hong Kong, he was clear about the importance of Dannodin to these pharmaceutical companies.

Xu Mingsheng and Cheng Xianfeng whispered a couple of sentences, and Cheng Xianfeng brushed up on his writing.

David and Daniel looked at each other, refusing to be the first to offer. On the other hand, Johnny and Tom, the two who were engaged in technology, were a bit frustrated, and they kept whispering something in David and Daniel’s ear, making them feel very helpless.

As he watched the time pass by, Li Zheng knew that if he didn’t open his mouth to break the deadlock, they could freeze all day.

“So, I’ll open my mouth and say two options, option one, exclusive license, starting at 30 million US dollars, competitive bidding, the highest bidder wins. Option two, a five-year exclusive, non-exclusive license, I sell the catalyst formula and manufacturing steps to Roche and Pfizer for fifteen million US dollars each, and I will not sell the formula to a third party for five years.”

David and Daniel looked at each other, both seeing the ambition in each other’s eyes.

David gritted his teeth, “Roche, 30 million.” He didn’t think 30 million would get him the exclusive license, he just wanted to open the stalemate.

“Pfizer, 35 million.”

“Forty million.”

“Fifty million.”

When the price reached “70 million”, the two sides were deadlocked, adding more than two billion dollars a year in profits, 70 million was not much, but in the history of the price of drug catalyst formula licensing, this was already high.

They couldn’t shout the price without fear, and this time, it would break the balance of the drug patent market, and if the price of individual laboratory drug license was high, it would not be good news for the global pharmaceutical companies.

Li Zheng had already anticipated this outcome, he smiled slightly, leaned his body back against the leather cushion, and spoke, “You two can go out and discuss this.”

“Thank you for your generosity, sir.”

David and Daniel rose at the same time, and the two parties clattered out of the conference room.

Xu Mingsheng’s heart was still beating “bang bang bang”, seventy million, US dollars, he knew that these pharmaceutical companies had money, but when he really saw it, he was still shocked.

He couldn’t help but take a deep look at the young man leaning against the back of the chair with his eyes closed, just a few days, this young man reached a height that many people could never reach in their lives, this contract was certain, he would become the youngest tycoon in Hong Kong.

Cheng Xianfeng’s heart was also very shocked, in addition to patents, he was also proficient in property disputes, so he had always been a guest of the giants of Hong Kong, especially now he was also a loyal lawyer of the Liang family, the giants of Hong Kong. Even so, he was shocked by the speed at which Li Zheng earned his money. Seventy million US dollars, that wasn’t an asset, it was cash!

Even for those top giants in Hong Kong, it would be difficult for them to come up with so much cash all at once, right?

Originally, when Xu Mingsheng told him about securing a patent licensing contract for a student, he had agreed to do it as a favor, but he never thought that this time his old friend had really introduced him to a big deal.

“Ah Li Zheng, why did you let them go outside to discuss it? You know you won’t have 70 million after they discuss it.” Xu Mingsheng could see that the same raw material, improving Dannodin’s production by 40-60%, and having this technology was already completely enough to push other companies out of Dannodin’s market, a huge temptation that no pharmaceutical company could resist.

Therefore, if it was an on-site bidding, this patent license could reach a very high price, but once the two sides calmed down and exchanged ideas, considering the balance of the patent market, it was very likely that the two companies would compromise and choose the second option.

Li Zheng touched his nose, “Teacher, the second option is actually quite good, and 30 million should be enough for the near future.” Li Zheng never thought that the first option could succeed, precisely, neither Roche nor Pfizer could allow the other to get exclusive licenses.

He, an academic, didn’t want to get involved in something too complicated, he was getting enough funding for the lab, and that would be fine.

As it was, David and Daniel came in, and although they still looked agitated, the two parties no longer smelled like gun powder. [TN: like they’re going to explode]

“Decided?” Li Zheng said with a smile.

“It’s decided.” They were a little embarrassed, after all, the price they had just shouted was already at seventy million, and now they were shrinking all of a sudden.

“Li, sorry, we’ll go with the second option.” David spread his hands and looked a bit helpless.

Li Zheng let out a hearty laugh as he stood up and said, “I’m glad to have reached a partnership with you, but I have some additional conditions.”

Daniel and David were stunned for a moment, “Please say.”

Li Zheng pulled out two pieces of paper from his pocket and handed one to David and Daniel, “Fifteen million US dollars for both of you, of which three million US dollars will be kept for each of you to remit to my account, the rest of it will be used to purchase the list in the paper.”

The paper given to the two men was dense with laboratory equipment, although he was now in Hong Kong, many of the experimental instruments were not available through ordinary channels, Roche and Pfizer, one was a European giant, the other was an American landlord, they were perfectly capable of providing the world’s most advanced experimental instruments.

Although David and Daniel came from a management background, they had worked in this environment for a long time, so they naturally knew the value of Li Zheng’s two pieces of paper, which almost encompassed the best experimental instruments in Europe and the United States.

“Li …… you are truly magical.” David exclaimed, his word magical meant a lot, causing Li Zheng to look at him a few more times.

“Mr. Li Zheng, can’t the term be extended a bit, five years is too short.” Daniel bit his teeth and put the white paper into his pocket, which showed that he accepted Li Zheng’s conditions.

Li Zheng looked at him with a seeming smile, “As long as it’s planned properly, five years is already enough for you to push the other companies out of the Dannodin market.”

Daniel was silent for a long time and extended his right hand, “Happy cooperation, Mr. Li Zheng.”

Li Zheng smiled and shook it, “It’s a pleasure to work together.”

David likewise gave Li Zheng a hug, well, he didn’t push too hard this time.

“Li, I don’t think we’ll be working together too far next time.” David said with a smile.

Li Zheng smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

Cheng Xianfeng did another check and explanation on every clause in the contract and finally reached an agreement.

“As soon as the patent documents come down, we’ll officially sign the contract.” Cheng Xianfeng said as he put away the contract.

Yesterday, Xu Mingsheng had gotten Li Zheng’s long-term residence permit down, using the reason caused by the special talents. It was too late to apply for the catalyst patent, but because of the reply letter from Microbe, this patent was something no one could grab with Li Zheng, Cheng Xianfeng went back and handed the patent documents to the patent offices of mainstream countries such as the US and the UK, only waiting for the patent documents to come down and fill in the patent number into the contract, this contract would officially come into effect.

When Li Zheng went back, he refused the kind offer of a ride from David and the others and instead chose to take a bus to Mongkok, which he had read in the memoirs of an actor who had smuggled himself into Hong Kong in later life, that Mongkok in the 1980s had once been a gathering place for smugglers. Maybe …… he could find Zhou Sitian here.

The silly sister who thought he was more important than herself would be sad to know that he had fallen into the sea. Li Zheng had visited the beach the night he moved away from David’s house, but the black boat didn’t have a regular stopping point at all for fear of being caught by the sea police, and he had tried asking the nearby fishermen, but they ran away as fast as they could once they heard about the black boat.

He could only take his chances now, and if he still couldn’t find it, he might be able to get Cheng Xianfeng to help, the lawyer profession would come into contact with all sorts of people, and he might have a way.

Li Zheng thought as he walked down the streets of Mongkok.

The Hong Kong of the eighties was already very prosperous, with all sorts of high-rise buildings and a lot of traffic on the streets. Moreover, back in 1979, Hong Kong River had opened a subway, and it was because of the success of the property development on the subway that the future richest man in Asia, Li Jiaren, had caused the assets of the Yangtze River Industries to skyrocket, laying a solid foundation for his later ascension to the richest man’s position.

Li Zheng strolled his destination, drilling wherever he saw worn out place, a strange move that soon caught the attention of some people.

On the other hand, Liu Zhidong had come to sit in the teahouse almost day after day since he had met Zhou Sitian at the corner teahouse, attracting a lot of gossip.

“Look, that person is here again.”

“No, it’s been three or four days, right, day by day, coming over to see Zhou Sitian.”

“It’s obvious, Zhou Sitian is not from Hong Kong, but she can’t resist being pretty.”

The two waiters gossiped at the table, and Sister Qiao gave them a fierce scolding.

“I didn’t invite you here to make small talk, gossipers, spit out your wages while you can, I can’t keep idle people here!”

The two waiters kept quiet, not daring to say another word.

But SisternQiao could stop the waiters from gossiping, but she couldn’t stop the customers from talking.

The corner teahouse had been open for so many years, mostly patronized by the neighborhood, many middle-aged women liked to sit in the teahouse for an afternoon.

Whether it was Qinghe Town or Hong Kong, these middle-aged women’s nature couldn’t be changed.

“Sitian ah, your match has come over again, not going to greet him?” An aunt spoke up in a teasing manner.

In Qinghe Town, male and female students in the same class seldom spoke to each other, and if they were accused of being in love with strange men, the women would die of shame. But in Hong Kong, it was just a joking remark.

Still, Zhou Sitian was not quite used to it, so she held back her grievances and stepped forward.

“Sir, may I take your order?” She asked businesslike.

“A cup of silk stocking milk tea and a roasted goose.” Liu Zhidong casually responded, “Sitian ah, you really don’t want to think about it? Being a star is much more promising than you being a waiter.”

Zhou Sitian pursed her lips and didn’t say anything, just wrote down Liu Zhidong’s words in her notebook, then turned around and was about to go to the back kitchen to place an order.

Liu Zhidong’s heart was in a hurry, the appointment with ATV was just two days away, if Zhou Sitian didn’t agree, he would have to choose someone else.

But he was really reluctant! With Zhou Sitian’s qualifications, she could have surpassed Li Wenhui, and he even had a small thought that he wanted to hold up a Miss Hong Kong. He had never mentioned this thought to anyone for fear that someone would say he was out of his depth.

Especially after Xu Linglong married into a wealthy family, the title of Miss Hong Kong had attracted people in droves, not only those actors in the entertainment industry but also many girls from wealthy families had joined in, the competition was not uncommonly fierce.

Miss Hong Kong’s selection was not only beautiful but also self-cultivated, good speech, high education, and family background. The comprehensive selection was naturally the best among Hong Kong women.

As soon as he saw Zhou Sitian, there was a thought in his mind, this was what he wanted as Miss Hong Kong, her temperament was clean, generous appearance, he asked about Zhou Sitian’s identity, she was a stowaway.

What was wrong with a stowaway, a stowaway was good, it meant she didn’t have a trace of herself in Hong Kong, everything about her was blank, was there anything simpler than drawing on blank paper?

Cats had their own paths and mice had their own paths, although he, Liu Zhidong, was not a big shot, but he had brought a few popular stars with him, and had seen quite a few people of all kinds, he was fully capable of getting a new high profile identity for Zhou Sitian.

Unable to drag it out any longer, Liu Zhidong gritted his teeth, he grabbed Zhou Sitian’s wrist, “Miss Zhou, give me a chance, if you still don’t agree this time, I promise not to bother you.” Saying that he pulled Zhou Sitian and walked out.

Miss Qiao was in a big hurry, she wanted to chase after him, but was stopped by a customer in the shop.

“Sister Qiao ah, that man is from a big company, he used to bring stars in and out, not a bad person, this might be good for Sitian.” Auntie said.

Sister Qiao was startled, a complex look on her face, she was a stowaway, she knew the hardships of stowaways, that man was from Hong Kong, if …… she took a look at her husband who was helping in the back kitchen, and silently retraced her steps.

Zhou Sitian was dragged to the entrance of a TV store, and through the transparent glass, she could clearly see the rows of TVs on display in the store.

The TV was playing the 82nd version of the Divine Couple of Warriors, sitting on the beggar’s throne, righteously inspiring the beggar’s disciples to fight against the Jin invasion.

That kind of confidence, that kind of pride, made Zhou Sitian ashamed of herself.

“I want to train you to be a star, an actress, just like her! No, you’ll be more famous than her!” Liu Zhidong said sincerely.

Zhou Sitian’s eyes showed a hint of bewilderment, just like her, so confident? If she was anything like her if she could appear on TV and stand up and speak out against it, would her father have died with a bad reputation, her brother wouldn’t have left Qinghe Town because of her, and wouldn’t have fallen into the sea.

“As long as you’re popular, whether it’s money or power, none of this is a problem, people will line up to send you money, and many powerful people are willing to work for you,” Liu Zhidong continued on.

Money, power, and influence.

Yes, with that in mind, there would be no false accusations and being forced to leave in her life. Something seemed to be awakening in Zhou Sitian’s mind. Before her brain could react, she heard her mouth say, “Yes, I want to be a star!”

Li Zheng was surrounded by a few thugs, “Little junior, you’re dressed well, lend some money to a buddy to spend.”

Li Zheng frowned and looked around the dilapidated mess hall, he was still careless.

As he was pulling money out of his pocket, a sharp female voice came out, “What are you doing, b*stards! I’m not afraid to talk to Sir Guo!”

“Damn, that b*tch is meddling again.” The little punk cursed, but a smile pulled out on his face, “Sister Qiao, calm down, we’ll leave right away.” They disappeared into the staggering hall.

“Are you alright.” Sister Qiao thought about it, but still didn’t trust Zhou Sitian so she came out to take a look, then saw Zhou Sitian and Liu Zhidong standing in front of the shopping mall, so she walked back with confidence, not expecting to encounter this scene.

Li Zheng smiled a grateful smile at her, “Thank you so much, otherwise, I would probably have to break my bank to avoid disaster.”

Sister Qiao laughed out softly, “You little junior, you think clearly, the front is my teahouse, go sit down?”


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