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“Ah, then we’ve wasted the last few months!” A female classmate covered her small mouth, her face full of disappointment.

The pimple man’s face was stiff, and he cautiously looked at He Zhongming, “Brother Ming, I don’t think so.” He served tea and flattery for so many days, just to get a third and fourth grade on the back of this “sci paper”.

“No way!” He Zhongming said loudly, his sudden disposition made everyone shocked.

However, everyone could understand, originally thinking that they could publish a SCI papers and gain great fame, but now they were left with nothing, this kind of disparity was indeed hard to bear.

“What makes you say that! I’ve checked everything in the library on polyamylinol and aspirin, including the 1978 GlaxoSmithKline drug identification report, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mention high-temperature reactions to polyamylinol and aspirin!”

The gentle smile on He Zhongming’s face finally disappeared, and he stared at Li Zheng with a sarcastic smile on his lips, “This student, you can express yourself if you want, but please don’t say anything, okay? Something like stepping on someone to climb up the ladder, can’t be glorious.”

These words were already extremely offensive, and Li Zheng looked up at He Zhongming, he didn’t expect this extremely cultured looking man to say such words, and the smile on his face couldn’t help but fade.

He casually placed the paper on the table and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Before 1980, polyaminophen was still called ‘tincture of ammonia’ and then changed its name to polyaminophen because of the infant teratogenic incident, I always thought it was common knowledge.” Li Zheng returned an identical sarcastic smile, and the guilt he felt for having “used up all the reagents” on these people evaporated.

He Zhongming’s face suddenly turned pale, and he muttered, “This is impossible, this is impossible.”

When Xu Mingsheng saw this, he smiled and patted He Zhongming’s shoulder, “Classmate He, this spirit of exploration is good, don’t be discouraged keep up the good work, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with good results.” Although surprised by He Zhongming’s sharpness today, he still had a very good feeling for this good student and could not help but export comfort.

He Zhongming squeezed out a stiff smile on his face as he nodded and grabbed the paper that Li Zheng had placed on the table, then turned around and left quickly.

The few people who came with him looked at each other with a look of disappointment and helplessness on their faces.

“Dean Xu, we’ll be leaving first then. Brother Ming, wait for us!” Pimple awkwardly bowed to Xu Mingsheng in farewell, then a group of people trotted after He Zhongming.

Xu Mingsheng shook his head, “Young men can’t calm down ah, I’ve made you laugh.” He turned to Li Zheng and said, turning around to see Li Zheng’s still somewhat youthful face, he was stunned, the one in front of him was younger than He Zhongming’s group! I’m confusing myself, I’m confused.

Li Zheng was unconcerned, “I can understand being young and angry, always thinking of flying high.”

That serious look made Xu Mingsheng startled.

Xu Mingsheng asked Li Zheng for the basic information on how to get a residence permit, and the two of them left separately after agreeing on a place to meet the next day.

It was worth mentioning that Xu Mingsheng originally asked Li Zheng to directly apply for a Hong Kong ID card, but at this time, Hong Kong was still part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and it was extremely difficult for people from inland China to get a Hong Kong ID card. Many of the wealthy people who had been in Hong Kong for many years and had already made a lot of money were also just long-term residence permits.

Li Zheng shook his head and refused without thinking, “Teacher, this Chinese nationality is easy to give up, but it’s a thousand times harder to get it back. I only need a residence permit, even if it’s not long-term.”

Xu Mingsheng laughed, the admiration in his eyes intensifying, he only thought that this was a pretext for Li Zheng’s patriotism and not wanting to give up his nationality, but he never thought that Li Zheng was telling the truth. Thirty years later, it was recognized that the hardest thing in the world to get was not a green card from the UK, the US, or those Nordic countries, but a green card from China.

“Good, then the residence permit!”

The next morning, David and Daniel arrived downstairs at the hotel early in the morning. Li Zheng moved out the day David returned, Roche’s half a million US dollar incentive was a drop in the bucket for building a modern lab, but more than enough to improve life.

“Oh, my dear Li, you are so radiant today. I really can’t wait to see your amazing catalyst.” David, still exaggerating, greeted Li Zheng the moment he stepped out of the elevator, probably in another smothering bear hug if Li Zheng hadn’t been so quick to duck.

Daniel gave David a disgusted look and walked over to Li Zheng with a stack of documents, today he had changed out of his funny Tang suit and looked extremely upright in a black and grey suit, in David’s words, he looked like a human being.

“Mr. Li Zheng, this is the status of all of Pfizer’s Dunedin production lines in Hong Kong, which one is appropriate for you to see?”

David shouted, “Daniel Watson, you sly fox! Li didn’t say anything about experimenting on your Pfizer line!”

The Fragrant River Hotel was an old hotel in Hong Kong, many older generation politicians and businessmen liked to eat here, and a well-dressed foreigner shouting in the lobby naturally caused a lot of sideways glances.

Zhao Qiuhua walked through the side of the lobby with Shen Hongji on her arm, and when she looked over, half of Li Zheng’s face was just blocked by the information in Daniel’s hand, revealing only two slightly upturned phoenix eyes.

Zhao Qihua’s right hand fiercely clutched Shen Hongji’s arm.

Shen Hongji bowed his head and asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

Zhao Qihua shook her head, “It’s fine, it’s a mistake.” She lowered her head in a trance, how could it be, how could it be him, when she made up her mind to take that step, their mother-son bond had already been broken.

Shen Hongji patted her arm and they quickly walked into the Wanghou Hall of the Fragrant River Hotel.

Li Zheng was unaware of this little episode, and he looked over the information prepared by Daniel, which was clear and detailed and extremely valuable for reference.

“In business, David, opportunities are always given to those who are prepared.” Li Zheng was used to working with David and Roche, but that didn’t mean he could only work with them, and David didn’t seem to have properly realized that yet.

David was stunned at first at the news, then looked solemn, his face taking on a solemn look. Perhaps the first image of that small-town fisherman boy was too profound, David clearly hadn’t put Li Zheng in the position of an equal partner who needed Roche’s attention.

“I’m sorry, Li, my bad.” David exhaled deeply, he still had an exaggerated smile on his face, but his eyes took on a solemnity that hadn’t been there before.

Li Zheng patted him on the shoulder, then turned to Daniel and said, “Let’s go to the nearest one, and let’s make this quick.”

Daniel nodded, but in his heart, he wasn’t the least bit happy that Li Zheng had abandoned Roche and chosen Pfizer’s production line, Li Zheng had actually pointed out David’s shortcomings directly! This little gentleman was too partial to David, and he was afraid he was going to have to do a lot of work to get this calf over to Pfizer’s side.

The three of them got into the car and went to Hong Kong University first.

Xu Mingsheng and Cheng Xianfeng were already waiting there, Xu Mingsheng, as the dean of the medical school of Hong Kong University, naturally knew David and Daniel. Seeing the two of them appear, the last shred of doubt in his heart dissipated, he had indeed dug up a great treasure!

“Mr. Andorio and Mr. Watson, long time no see.” Xu Mingsheng stood up from his office chair and shook hands with the two.

“President Xu, you’re still so young.”

After a few pleasantries, Xu Mingsheng formally introduced Cheng Xianfeng to Li Zheng.

“Ah Li Zheng, this is Cheng Xianfeng, a great lawyer, an authority in property disputes and patents. He’s also the legal advisor of our Hong Kong Medical College.” Xu Mingsheng said smilingly.

“Hello, Lawyer Cheng.” Li Zheng was the first to extend his hand.

Cheng Xianfeng smiled modestly, “President Xu is flattering. Hello, Mr. Li Zheng, I’m Cheng Xianfeng.”

Pfizer’s closest Danotin production line to downtown Hong Kong was in the Jiu Long area, a light industrial park that gathered various large factories for drug raw materials, pharmaceuticals, and drug packaging, and Pfizer’s Danotin production line was located to the north of the industrial park. It was worth mentioning that two kilometers away from Pfizer was Roche’s pharmaceutical plant, David sat in the car, looking at the car after a big “Roche” logo, his expression looked wilted.

Daniel “kindly” said: “David, you can inform the relevant personnel of Roche to Pfizer to wait, I have already informed them to do a good job in the reception, Mr. Li Zheng said to make a quick decision, I hope you will not drag your feet.”

David gnashed his teeth, he said with a sneer, “Of course, Roche’s people will arrive on time, after all, we have to take precautions to prevent certain people from using unorthodox methods.”

The car pulled up in front of Pfizer and a group of people greeted them when they saw the crowd coming down, they were Pfizer and Roche’s technicians.

Daniel stood in front of the front door and made a gesture of invitation, “Welcome to Pfizer.”

The letters Pfizer gleamed under the eyes. Li Zheng smiled and strode closer to the Pfizer gate.

Daniel had vacated a separate workshop out for this experiment, and he led the crowd into the workshop, “Mr. Li Zheng you can see if there’s anything else you need, if not, we can start.”

Before Li Zheng could reply, the foreign middle-aged man behind David had already spoken up.

“Mr. Watson, let’s check it over first, we don’t want to buy the patent when it’s already turned into a piece of paper.” This was the person in charge of Roche’s Danodin production line, after receiving David’s news, he hadn’t slept all night and was waiting in front of Roche’s production line early this morning.

But he didn’t think that David was so useless that he let Pfizer’s people get the jump on him and run to Pfizer without stopping, Tom, the head of Roche’s Danodin production line, had a belly full of fire!

“To use a villain’s heart to measure the belly of a gentleman.” A foreigner behind Daniel said this long idiom in a strange voice, he was obviously very proud of his Chinese language skills, and when Li Zheng looked over, he puffed out his chest and said, “Hello brother.”

A group of Chinese people shook their heads.

As the smell of gun powder on the two sides grew stronger, Li Zheng shrugged his shoulders and took two steps back, speaking to Daniel, “Please understand, I have to protect the interests of both sides.”

Daniel nodded immediately at the words, as if the reluctance just now was just a delusion of the crowd, “You are right, we Pfizer have always acted in an honest manner, Mr. Li, please make yourself at home.” The degree of this change of face was simply faster than the artists in Sichuan Opera.

Li Zheng wasn’t dumb and was able to be flexible. If in his last life Daniel Watson had chosen to stay in Asia rather than transfer to Europe, where the market was already fully formed, he should have been able to go farther.

Li Zheng led the people to carefully inspect the workshop and production line, making sure that Pfizer hadn’t tampered with anything before nodding his head.

Everyone then walked out of the workshop and stood far above the workshop in the corridor, leaving Li Zheng alone in the workshop. That corridor was located at the top left of the workshop, and on both sides of the corridor were large pieces of transparent glass, from which the crowd could have a panoramic view of the entire workshop.

They saw Li Zheng, who was already wearing a disposable sterile suit, walk to the nebulizer, he lifted his right hand with rubber gloves and gestured an ok to everyone.

Daniel nodded, he looked down into the intercom and said, “Ready workshop thirteen, turn on the first production line in five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one” he counted down as he looked at his watch.

“Buzz” the sound of the machine starting vibrated the eardrums of the crowd, the steel barrel automatically dumped the raw materials into the production line, high-temperature separation, composition polymerization, low-temperature cooling, water solidification, and soon the first barrel of raw materials moved to the stage of atomization.

The eyes of everyone stared at Li Zheng beside the atomizer, especially several technicians of the Danodin production line, who almost put their whole faces on the glass.

Only Li Zheng pulled out a small black vial from his clothes, gently shook it, then opened the cap of the black vial and inverted it on the additive addition port of the atomizer’s smallest caliber.

“Quick, quick, Johnny take someone to observe the quantity and quality of the crystals!” Daniel shouted loudly.

Actually, he didn’t have to wait for him to speak, but Johnny, the foreign man who thought he was great at Chinese, had already scampered off the moment Li Zheng placed the bottle at the add port. Like him, there was also Tom from Roche, and the two raced through Pfizer’s plant with comparative vigor.

So by the time they reached the crystalline pool, the two were so tired that they were gasping for air, holding onto the pillar next to the crystalline pool.

Behind them, David, Daniel, and the others arrived, and they couldn’t wait to see the crystalline pool, and Daniel tried to push the button to open it, but was stopped by Johnny and Tom at the same time, who shouted in unison, “Unprofessionals, back off!” The deterrent should have been a little stronger if their shouting had been, well, less breathless.

Daniel, whose authority was challenged, had his temples throbbed twice, but he still silently lowered his hand.

Johnny and Tom walked over to the crystalline pool, Johnny took a deep breath, “Are you ready, let’s see if Mr. Li Zheng’s catalyst is transformed into a miracle!”

A crowd of Chinese …… wouldn’t use such idioms.

Under the expectant gazes of the crowd, the crystalline pool slowly opened, and after a burst of white smoke, a crystal the size of a soybean appeared in front of the crowd.

The crystals were yellow with white as if they had vitiligo, which was really not very pretty.

Johnny and Tom looked at each other and saw the hesitation in each other’s eyes.

David and Daniel’s hearts lifted, had they failed?

At this time, Li Zheng, who had finished cleaning up the traces left in the atomizer, also came over, taking off his mask and taking a glance at the crystalline pool, his brow furrowed slightly.

David and Daniel’s hearts plummeted to the bottom, and Xu Mingsheng’s eyes did not reveal a trace of disappointment.

“The output of the Pfizer production line is larger than I thought, the catalyst is not enough, but the effect should still be visible, the two of you but test the composition content of the crystals.” Li Zheng said.

Tom and Johnny nodded, they quickly put on their gloves, took the tweezers and tray handed over by their assistant, carefully sandwiched a few crystals, and walked into the lab not far away.

“Oh, Lee. Was this experiment a success or not? You’re testing my heart too much!” David covered his chest and said.

David was the only one here who knew Li Zheng’s background, it wasn’t that he didn’t have any doubts in his heart, a fisherman boy from a backward town should not even have a chance to enter the lab, why could he discover the Danodin catalyst, why was he so familiar with the Pfizer production line, no, he should say the drug production line, even if he was an ordinary researcher, shouldn’t his first reaction upon entering the production line be to have someone guide the operation?

But David’s instincts told him that it would be better for him not to delve into this matter, or else the future bull, the brightest star in biology, might immediately abandon their already tenuous friendship for the arms of Pfizer!

He didn’t care how these research results were produced by Li Zheng, as long as the results could keep coming out, he would be able to get a promotion and a raise to the pinnacle of his life!

Li Zheng stretched his back, leaned on the pillar, and said, “Not a failure.”

Just as the crowd was scratching their ears and waiting almost out of patience, Johnny came running out with two pieces of paper with colorful lines drawn on them, his face was full of surprise, and when he saw Li Zheng, Johnny gave him a thumbs up.

“Brother, you’re really wonderful!”

Quack …… A raven flew by.

The hearts of the Chinese present were almost collapsing.

The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth twitched, “Fallacious praise.”

“Fallacious praise?” Johnny heard a new Chinese word and was about to ask something.

“Johnny! Tell us the results!” Daniel hurriedly brought his attention back to the right thing, their technician was overly professional and everything, except for one thing, he was obsessed with Chinese and reading aloud, which was a nightmare for the Chinese staff he worked with.

“Oh, okay.” Speaking of professionalism, Johnny didn’t tug on the Chinese anymore, and he taped two sheets of paper in his hand to the wall of some barrel with a suction stone.

“This curve, as you can see, is the drug content of the crystalline yellow substance, and the one on top is the drug content of the crystalline white substance, and we can clearly see that the white part of the crystal has a much higher drug content than the yellow part.”

He swept his eyes around the faces of everyone present, then announced loudly.

“This is a revolution in the production of Danodin, it signals a new phase in the production of Danodin ……” Johnny’s speech continued.

Daniel rubbed his eyebrows and resisted the urge to drag Johnny out of the room and smiled at Li Zheng, “Mr. Li Zheng, I think we can talk about the contract.”

David looked at Tom, who had only just stepped out and glared at him.

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