Daniel felt that today he had a really bad day.

In the morning, in order to meet Mr. Li Zheng and gain his favor, Daniel went to the most famous Chinese traditional dress tailor shop in Hong Kong at six o’clock to order a Tang suit and then went to Mongkok to buy the legendary tea that Chinese people liked to drink.

But he didn’t expect that the first person he would see at Mr. Li Zheng’s house would be David. That nuisance, David Andorio, was the first one he saw.

And this teenager who claimed to be Li Zheng, Daniel compared his height and he looked smaller than his thirteen-year-old brother, and if he was Mr. Li Zheng, then he was Lincoln!

“David, look at you, you still have stubble on your face, and this shirt you’re wearing, you’ve been wearing it for days, and it stinks, and you have the nerve to come to see the gentleman in that outfit? It’s disrespectful to the gentleman!” Daniel said aloud that as he thought that since David Andorio was here, then Mr. Li Zheng must be at home. It was Daniel’s usual routine to belittle his opponent and show himself.

David crossed his arms in front of his chest, he and Daniel were old rivals, they had fought many times and had won and lost against each other. But now it was different, he was now the Executive Vice President of Roche Asia, while Daniel was only the Business Director and Head of Pfizer’s Asia region in Hong Kong, he had won.

In the spirit of the winner’s generosity of mind, David smiled and made a gesture of invitation.

“Have a seat, Daniel, and welcome to my home.” Saying that he also made a point of pointing to the picture on the living room wall, smiling extraordinarily brightly.

Daniel’s eyes were glazing over! It was really David. It was David Andorio’s face! Was this really his home? Why!!! Why was Mr. Li Zheng’s essay return address this guy’s home!!!!

Daniel almost floated to sit on the couch, his eyes dazed and in a trance, until he saw Li Zheng sitting down on the couch across from him, Daniel violently wanted to jump up like he was pricked by a needle.

“You …… you’re not really Mr. Li Zheng, are you?” Daniel’s mouth felt a little dry.

Li Zheng helplessly shrugged his shoulders and didn’t blame Daniel, this appearance of his was too deceptive.

“Mr. Daniel, if you’re looking for the author of the paper ‘On the Role of Catalysts in Drug Manufacturing’, then it’s me, yes.”

Daniel covered his chest, God, are you not hearing the prayers of your devout followers today?

“Oh, esteemed Mr. Li Zheng, I’m Daniel from Pfizer, Daniel Watson, Pfizer is very appreciative of your upcoming paper to be published in Microbiology, the paper mentions several enzymes on the polymerization of drug crystals, I wonder if you have a more detailed study …… ” Daniel was worthy of the name Daniel, Pfizer’s ace communicator was no slouch, just a short moment, he just composed himself and smiled and struck up a conversation with Li Zheng.

Now, David couldn’t sit still.
  How could he let this guy get the jump on him when he hadn’t even had a chance to speak yet.

“Li, we worked very well together earlier. The tips you provided were of great help to Roche, and although you licensed the technology to Roche for free on account of our great friendship, as your friend, how could I not consider your interests. Five hundred thousand dollars can be in your account at any time.”

David highlighted the words “great friendship” and looked at Daniel with a smug look in his eyes.

Daniel had a gleam in his eye, their circle was so big, David… The news that David Andorio had been promoted because he had found a way to overcome the defects of the poplar production line had already reached the ears of many people. Could it be that the young gentleman at …… was the one who provided David with the solution?

Daniel felt his heart beating fast, he had found a genius, a true genius. In the pharmaceutical industry, research and experimentation were the number one productivity. What do you think these world-renowned pharmaceutical companies donated hundreds of millions of US dollars every year to various labs for? For the advancement of human science? For charity? Go lie to the devil.

Nature was profit, and profit drived capital. This was the essence of capitalism. A genius meant something, it meant infinite possibilities, and if you established a good partnership with a genius at the very beginning of his life, the benefits were undoubtedly enormous!

He was beginning to feel a little envious of David, the lucky chap.

“Half a million dollars, David, and I remember that Roche casually gave more than half a million dollars to donate to a lab with no output. Are you showing contempt for Mr. Li Zheng?” Daniel was on fire and didn’t think he was going to lose, even though the David kid had gotten the jump on him.

“Oh! You’re the devil who provokes people! Li, you have to believe me, I didn’t mean it.”

David could indeed compete for a higher amount of money for Li Zheng, but he did not do so at that time in order to highlight his own work ability. He thought it was just a coincidence that Li Zheng had found a way to overcome the defects of the poplar production line, but he never thought that Li Zheng would publish such a valuable paper in a short time. David was filled with chagrin!

Li Zheng looked at the two men who smelled of gun powder and let out a soft chuckle.

“Alright, David, Daniel, I know what you guys are up to. I’ll tell you very clearly that regarding the drug catalytic enzymes, I have indeed developed one of them.”

“Which one?!” David and Daniel both asked in unison, and a spark seemed to jump when their eyes met.

“It’s ‘Dannodin’, ‘Dannodin’ is a crystallization of a compound extracted from animal livers, and as mentioned in my thesis, the conversion rate of the Dannodin molecule is actually not low, and the main thing that limits its yield is the crystallization conversion rate. The ability to extract and differentiate but not crystallize smoothly or the crystalline quality is not good enough, is the biggest problem underneath the yield of Dannotin.”

Dannodin! These three words struck hard on the hearts of both men. Unlike the “poplar” line, but dannodin was a conventional drug and a very profitable one at that!
  ”Mr. Li Zheng, is it true that the catalase enzyme you speak of can increase the yield of the drug, also known as Danodin, by 30-50%, as the paper says?” Daniel stared at Li Zheng with a glare.

Li Zheng narrowed his eyes and he laid backward. Even though he understood that with his current status, he would inevitably be suspected. But it really sucked to encounter this kind of thing.

“I think I’ve already laid it out very clearly in my thesis, and didn’t Pfizer assess the authenticity and feasibility of the thesis before you came?”

Daniel’s sweat came down, familiar with psychology, he naturally could see the dissatisfaction expressed by Li Zheng’s body language, what was more, Li Zheng’s words were not polite at all.

“Dear Li, you are simply amazing, but Nordeen is one of Roche’s twenty key drugs, and your catalyst will start a yield revolution!” David’s good words flowed out.

This was also one of the important reasons why Li Zheng and David had been able to maintain good cooperation in their last life, they were experts and scholars who stood at the top of a certain discipline, and with fame and profit, they loved to hear good words, the more exaggerated and shameful the better. The more they exaggerated, the more they were happy. They were often humble in their refusals, but inwardly they were delighted, and they were very similar to each other.

“Mr. Li Zheng, that’s not what I meant, you know Dannodin is too important to us.” Daniel hurriedly explained.

Li Zheng smiled without saying anything.

Daniel bit his teeth, took a deep breath, and stood up, bowing deeply to Li Zheng, “I’m very sorry, Mr. Li Zheng, I, Daniel Watson formally apologize to you.”

Li Zheng’s body slowly left the back of the sofa, that was how business negotiations worked, you take a step back and he takes a step forward, and vice versa.

“Mr. Daniel has spoken the truth. So, we can now come to the value of this catalase. Both Roche and Pfizer have Dannodin’s production line in Xiangjiang, and in two days’ time with good weather, I can personally demonstrate it for both of you at the production line.” Li Zheng replied.

Daniel’s eyes flashed, “Does Mr. Li Zheng have his own laboratory? This catalytic enzyme making requires sophisticated instrumentation. If you need it, Pfizer can provide the most advanced labs and associated reagents.”
Li Zheng took a sip from his teacup to his mouth, “It’s no trouble for Mr. Daniel, I can handle this myself.” If it went into Pfizer’s lab, he was afraid that his catalase component would not be sold but given away.

Daniel shrugged his shoulders, he hadn’t expected Li Zheng to say yes, he was only vaguely reminding Li Zheng, after all, David Andorio seemed to have a good relationship with the little genius, in case the little genius was out of his mind and Roche picked up the pieces, he had to buy a piece of tofu and k*ll himself.

“Then I’ll come back to Mr. Li Zheng in two days.” Daniel said as he stood up from the couch while he took out a document from his briefcase.

“Mr. Li Zheng, this is Pfizer’s good faith. Regardless of whether we can work with you in two days, you will always be a good friend of Pfizer and me Daniel.”

Li Zheng was stunned for a moment, then smiled and nodded his head.

Daniel saw the smile and breathed a sigh of relief, he turned to David, “Mr. Andorio, won’t you give me a ride?”

David’s face stunk like a piece of dog sh*t. Ride, for you? Are we close? What kind of person has a thicker skin than the Great Wall of China?

In his heart, he slandered, but David’s face showed a facetious smile and he reluctantly sent Daniel out.

Li Zheng did understand two points in his heart, he put his eyes on the text of the agreement printed with the Pfizer logo, Daniel probably wanted him to read this agreement alone.

Li Zheng picked up the thin pieces of paper from the coffee table, flipped it open, and saw that the content inside was, he was stunned, this ……

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