As the number one research journal in biology, Microbiology was very efficient, and in less than two weeks, the reply letter arrived in the hands of Li Zheng.

“Dear Mr. Li Zheng, Thank you for your submission, your paper “On the Role of Catalysts in Drug Manufacturing” has been approved and will be published in the January 1983 issue.” The payment was made by the current head of the journal Microbiology, and also one of the world’s great biology bulls, Hansen. Doyle.

Arriving with the journal’s reply was David, and the dusty David gave Li Zheng a big hug as soon as he walked in the door.

“Oh, my dear Li, do you know how much I’ve missed you? After I knew you were in Hong Kong, I wanted to come back to see you, but I was too busy over there in Switzerland, and that’s why I kept putting it off until now.” David’s azure eyes were filled with sincerity, and if Li Zheng hadn’t known him for too long, he would have believed him.

It was Li Zheng’s expectation that David would come back, but he came back so quickly because of this catalyst thesis.

What was the most important thing for a pharmaceutical company? Naturally, new drugs were created, and they were closely related to research in biology. This was why the prestigious journal that had always represented the cutting edge of research in biology had become the most important thing for pharmaceutical companies to focus on.

Every pharmaceutical company in the world had a department dedicated to this work. The first tier searched for valuable papers in biology journals and passed them on to the second tier; the second tier researched and wrote a research report on each paper submitted by the first tier and made a preliminary analysis of its value; the third tier repeated the research and ranked all the papers in order of realizable value in conjunction with the second tier’s report.

Each of these three echelons included more than ten biology teams, all of whom are elite biologists from first-class universities around the world.

The papers whose value they recognized would first be sent to the heads of pharmaceutical companies, and then the world’s best communicators began their lobbying efforts, either for money or fame or whatever, to give the owners whatever they desired in the expectation that their research would be taken into their hands and further translated into productivity.

Although the Danodin Catalyst paper wouldn’t be officially published until January of next year, Li Zheng believed that the paper was already on the desks of the heads of these pervasive pharmaceutical companies as early as the first moment it was cleared.

The receipt and review of letters in Microbiology was documented, and these could be used as evidence for patent applications. So whichever pharmaceutical company could be the first to convince the owner of the paper to grant the patent was given the advantage.

“Li, I’ve already submitted your patent application, and I believe the patent documents will come down soon. Also, I’m afraid your Chinese identity card isn’t very useful in Hong Kong, do you need me to get a new one for you?” David said with an eager face.
  Li Zheng looked at David with a seeming smile, “No need, I’ll take care of the residence permit for Xiangjiang myself.” Li Zheng, who had gotten a reply letter from Microbiology, naturally had the strength to say this.

Microbiology was one of the authoritative journals in biology, and publishing a paper in it already represented one’s academic level. The Xiangjiang government would not refuse a scholar with extremely high attainments in biology to settle in Xiangjiang.

If David was allowed to get this identity certificate, in the eyes of outsiders, he was afraid he would have to be tied up with Roche, and Novartis and Ruihui would also have some concerns, which could be detrimental to him.

David looked at Li Zheng’s knowing gaze and laughed dryly twice, “Oh, dear Li, I really want to help you. Of course, if you want to do it yourself, I won’t stop. If you need any help, just say so, we’re very good friends, you have to remember that.”

Flashback to two days ago.

David sat in his study with stubble on his face and blank eyes, he had read almost all the reports about China in the international newspapers in the past few days, this country that had just opened its doors to the world was too mysterious. China had once been glorious, but now it was poor, backward, and had a different social system. David wondered how much time it would take for such a country to become rich and form the market they needed, twenty years? Thirty years? Or was it fifty years?

He was thirty-two now, and perhaps he would have to retire by the time the Chinese market was formed. In that case, his efforts would become the dowry of the next successor, which was something David couldn’t accept.

A deputy minister of a department in Roche’s headquarters, it was a position that many people dreamed of, but David knew that this position would end up in two ways: one, retire in the position of deputy minister; two, move up another level to the main department, and the lucky ones might be able to move up, but they would always be behind those zonal CEOs’ as*es.

David’s dream, on the other hand, was to become the CEO of one of the important sub-divisions and subsequently take that position of Mr. Robert’s. The two most important divisions of Roche now, Europe and North America, the head of Europe was Mr. Robert’s henchman and was so competent that under his leadership, Roche had once been among the top three in Europe in terms of market share. The person in charge of North America was a relative of one of Roche’s major shareholders, and he was also very capable.

So before he met Li Zheng, he thought his dream could never come true, so the second-best choice was Roche’s headquarters.

But Li Zheng’s words “a billion market” made David realize that he might still have a chance. If this “one billion market” was born in his hands, he would become a legend, not only of Roche but also of the whole industry.

To bet or not to bet? He struggled for two whole weeks until this paper written by Li Zheng appeared in front of him. Roche had investigated the new scholar as fast as he could, and David’s entire body was confused when he saw the familiar address in the file.

This must be God’s instructions, Li must be the precious man of his life! At the first sign of a reaction, David booked a flight back to Hong Kong.

At the same time, he earnestly expressed his loyalty to Mr. Robert’s desire to open up new Asian markets for the company. So by the time he walked out of the Roche building, David’s identity had changed to that of Executive Vice President of Roche Asia. This was a full five years earlier than in his last life.

“Ding dong” the doorbell of David’s house was rung.

David’s whole face turned the color of a liver when he saw the visitor from the peephole! He hadn’t even figured out how to talk to Li Zheng yet, how did this person come!

“Dear Li, I suddenly remembered something very important. Did you publish a paper in Microbiology, and I… ” David had wanted to mention the paper after deepening his friendship with Li Zheng, but now it was too late, so he had to open his mouth directly.

“Ding dong, ding dong.” The doorbell rang persistently, David was so angry that his face turned red, why hadn’t he asked where the switch that controlled the power to the doorbell was when he lived here!

“Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong!”

“Oh, sh*t!” David whispered a curse.

“Won’t you open the door?” Li Zheng asked strangely.

David’s face was busy pulling out a smile, “It’s someone I don’t know, there’s no need to open the door.”

“Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong,” the person outside seemed very persistent.

Li Zheng could not help but open his mouth, “It’s better to open it, we’re two grown men, what are we afraid of.”

David’s face was blue and white, listening to the constant ringing of the doorbell in his ears, his face darkened and he finally opened the door.

The man at the door didn’t look very good when he saw David.

“Mr. Andorio? Is there no one left in Roche? Need their Executive Vice President of Asia to do it himself?” The visitor was also a foreigner, less than thirty years old, and spoke American English. He was dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and was holding various kinds of tea in his hands, which looked somewhat comical when paired with his face, which was clearly different from the Chinese.

“Daniel, you still have such a sharp dog nose. But you obviously haven’t done enough homework, don’t you know where this is?” David smirked.

Daniel. Watson shrugged, “Naturally, I know that this is Mr. Li Zheng’s address.” He forcefully pushed David away and turned around and walked into the house.

“I’m so honored that I actually live in the same neighborhood as an academically accomplished person like Mr. Li Zheng.” Daniel said as he looked around with his eyes. Of course, he magnificently ignored Li Zheng, a “little friend” who looked like a minor.

David burst out laughing.

“Daniel, I think you’re mistaken. Unfortunately for you, this place you’re standing on is my home.” David said the last three words very loudly.

Daniel froze for a moment, then scoffed, “David, that’s a lie, I made sure several times before I left that the return address of Microbiology was here. You’re not going to tell me that you’re Mr. Li Zheng.”
  He shook his head as if he was reading like an ancient Chinese, “David, the competition between Pfizer and Roche is not a day or two old, since we’re both here, let’s play fair.”

Looking at the two of them as if they were fighting chickens ready to go to war, Li Zheng touched his nose and spoke, “Excuse me, if there are no surprises, the Mr. Li Zheng you are talking about should be me.”

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