“Xiao Zhe, it’s good to see you’re okay. Aunt hasn’t slept a single night in the past few days. Let auntie take a closer look!” Liang Huiying stomped on her high heels and trotted over to Liang Zhe. If one ignored her makeup that was so exquisite that she could directly attend a banquet with, the credibility of this statement might be higher.

Liang Zhe’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at the crowd of people pouring in all at once, and he placed his index finger in front of his lips in a silent motion. Liang Huiying only felt a chill on her back, her footsteps could not help but stop, she disliked this nephew’s eyes the most, so cold that there was almost no hint of emotion, being watched by those dark eyes, as if she was bared, all her dirty thoughts were exposed.

When Xu Yuandong came in, he was somewhat surprised and took a glance at the hospital bed, he had the impression that little Mr. Liang was a very territorial person. When you talked to him in the living room of the Liang family, he didn’t like you to sit next to him on the sofa. Xu Yuandong specially consulted a psychiatrist about this problem, the psychiatrist said that autistic people would set a safe distance when interacting with other people, once someone entered the safe distance, the person would be irritable and restless, and in severe cases, the symptoms would also become violent.

And now he was actually sitting on a person’s hospital bed, the distance between the two wasn’t more than 50 centimeters.

“Mr. Liang, are you okay, I think you need to do a full body checkup.” Xu Yuandong said softly.

Liang Huiying hurriedly picked up, “Yes, yes, this small shabby hospital definitely doesn’t have any good equipment, Xiao Zhe ah, come back with us. These past few days have really aggravated you.”

The director and the doctor who accompanied him:….

After a day and a night without a good night’s rest coupled with a high fever, Li Zheng slept not long after he laid down on the hospital bed. However, he had always been a shallow sleeper, and after a large number of people swarmed into the hospital room, Li Zheng woke up.

The two middle-aged men smiled hypocritically as they watched the lady with delicate make-up and elegant clothes in front of Liang Zhe with a “worried” face. The one with glasses looked more normal, but what was with the superiority complex in his eyes, I’m the smartest in the world, you’re all idiots. What confidence!

Because he knew that Liang Zhe had autism, no matter if it was the three Liang siblings or Xu Yuandong, they would unconsciously relax their guard towards him, and this surface work was naturally done poorly.

Liang Zhe was the first to notice that Li Zheng had woken up, he reached out and touched Li Zheng’s forehead, his pursed lips couldn’t help but loosen up, the fever had gone down quite a bit.

“Your family has come to find you.” Li Zheng smiled and spoke. Liang Zhe’s situation looked even worse than he had imagined, by this time his parents hadn’t shown up, there were usually only two possibilities, one, Liang Zhe was abandoned by his parents; two, his parents might not even be in the world anymore.

The latter was more likely as he looked at the fake pleasantry of the people who called themselves Liang Zhe’s aunts and uncles.

Liang Zhe’s eyelids drooped slightly, he didn’t like the way Li Zheng used the word “family” to describe them.

“Together.” Liang Zhe said softly.

Li Zheng was stunned for a moment before he realized that Liang Zhe was inviting him to go back to his home with him. He couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, for a young stowaway who was new to Xiangjiang, this was probably the best choice.

But…he was Li Zheng. The Li Zheng who almost won the Nobel Prize.
  ”No, I’m already grateful for the ride to the hospital. If you still feel bad, just help me pay my medical bills.”

The pressure around Liang Zhe’s body suddenly dropped, and he could hear Li Zheng’s refusal, not a polite pushback but a clear denial.

Liang Zhe “swished” and stood up, his face dark.

Liang Huiying’s eyes flickered as she tried to speak up, “Little brother, our little Zhe rarely gets to talk to people. Just come back with us, we’ll take care of you.”

Liang Zhe glanced at her, and Liang Huying sensed acutely that recognition actually appeared in the gaze Liang Zhe was looking at her with! This was a great incentive for Liang Huiying who was determined to recruit Liang Zhe and thus move into Liang’s office!

“It’s just to talk with Xiao Zhe on weekdays, and we can pay your salary, so you can ask how much you want. If you want to go home, the driver will take you back, so you don’t have to have any worries!” Liang Huiying was like a chicken, detailing to Li Zheng the various benefits of going to the Liang family.

Even Liang Huidong and Liang Huize started looking at their always shrewd sister with strange eyes, there was nothing wrong with it. It was just a child, if Liang Zhe liked it, they can give him a dozen, Liang Huidong and Liang Huize seemed to have thought of something, their eyes lit up, yes, Liang Zhe liked children, there were children in their family!

“Thank you, sister, but I’d rather go back to my own home.” Li Zheng smilingly refused again.

Liang Huiying, who had never enjoyed the sweet-talking offensive of the twenty-first century, was enraged by Li Zheng’s call of “sister”, and her gaze towards Li Zheng became more and more kind. She wanted to say something else, but Liang Zhe suddenly walked towards the door with a black face, his whole body revealing a message, I’m angry!

Everyone present was stunned, and then they followed him to the door.

When his hand touched the door handrail, Liang Zhe’s movements slowed down significantly.

Apparently, not everyone was so discerning.

“Ka-cha” suddenly a hand came out from the side, and a certain doctor said slightly flatteringly, “Mr. Liang, the door is open.”

Liang Zhe….
  ”Liang Zhe.” Li Zheng suddenly spoke.

Liang Zhe’s ears moved, the corners of his pursed lips slightly curved in an almost invisible curve, and his head slightly tilted to the side, gesturing for Li Zheng to speak.

Li Zheng raised his hand and beckoned to him.

Liang Zhe stood still for nearly a minute, and when everyone thought that Mr. Liang would not bother, Liang Zhe turned around and slowly walked back.

Li Zheng straightened up and beckoned him again.

Liang Zhe lowered his body.

“People’s hearts are unpredictable, some things are better left in your own hands.” Li Zheng whispered in Liang Zhe’s ear.

A dark light flashed in Liang Zhe’s eyes as he looked deeply at Li Zheng, he remained silent for two seconds, and nodded his head.

“Not leaving?”


Liang Zhe gave a “hmm”, then without hesitation he turned around and strode towards the door, this time he didn’t pause, the crowd followed Mr. Liang’s back, and all of a sudden they poured out of the hospital room, and soon disappeared.

Li Zheng’s heart was a little despondent, now… he was really the only one left.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t wanted to go over and find Zhou Sitia, however Xiangjiang was so big, Zhou Sitian was a stowaway just like him, living a life of hiding for sure, how could he find her?

Now all he could do was get a reasonable identity for himself first, then the lab. As a lab dog, he couldn’t wait to get back to the lab. This was also the most important reason why he rejected Liang Zhe, as a senior lab dog who spent twenty-five hours in the lab twenty-four hours a day, he wasn’t suitable for the “job” of accompanying Liang Zhe to talk.
  Sir Zhao, the young policeman who took the statement for Liang Zhe and Li Zheng, came in with a brisk step, he was in a good mood, he was the one who brought Mr. Liang back to the police station with another colleague. Just now, the police superintendent himself praised him and he believed that he would soon get a promotion and a raise.

“You actually didn’t go with Mr. Liang?” Sir Zhao looked surprised.

Li Zheng was stunned, right oh, why didn’t he go with Liang Zhe, even if he didn’t go to the Liang family, bringing him to Xiangjiang Island would be fine! Li Zheng’s face instantly turned the color of pig liver, his 180 IQ must have been eaten by a dog.

Looking at Li Zheng’s unpredictable appearance, the officer let out a pleasant laugh.

“Alright, good man, let me help you contact your family.”

Li Zheng composed himself for a second, with a standard eight-tooth smile on his face, “Room 1202, Golden Tripod Garden, David . Andorio, phone XXX-XXXXXX” David owed him such a big favor, it was a pity not to use it.

Sir Zhao was taken aback, worthy of being a teenager with Mr. Liang, the origin was not ordinary ah. Although this Golden Tripod Garden was not like Mid-Levels, which was synonymous with power and wealth, but in 1982, as a colony of the British Empire, was inhabited by many foreigners, and Golden Tripod Garden was where the elite of these foreigners gathered, and their influence in Hong Kong River was not ordinary.

“You and that Mr. Andorio are…” this teenager didn’t look like a mixed race, either.

Li Zheng said without lifting his eyelids, “His brother married my sister.”

“Oh, I see.” The officer took the phone number given by Li Zheng out as if it was a matter of course.

Not long after, he came back with a frown.

“Little brother, Mr. Andorio has gone to the Swiss headquarters for his debriefing, and there’s only his Filipino maid at home, and the maid gave me his Swiss contact information.” Switzerland, ah, international long distance! In the eighties, an international long-distance call was a lot of money.

Li Zheng rubbed his eyebrows, he almost forgot that it was the little trick he provided that caused David to be summoned by the Swiss headquarters. Hearing that David said that the one who discovered the trick in his last life had therefore been transferred back to Roche headquarters from Africa, Li Zheng was suddenly a little uncertain, what if David had also stayed in Switzerland?

“Little brother, little brother?”

Li Zheng returned to his senses, he pulled a button down from his shirt and handed it to him, “This is natural white crystal, enough to cover one long distance call.”
  He also just discovered that the buttons on Liang Zhe’s shirt were actually made of natural white crystals. In his last life, Li Zheng had no less than hundreds of millions of dollars in drug patent fees in his hands, and he had never worn a shirt with buttons made of natural white crystal, the world of the truly rich….

He looked at Li Zheng with a look of envy and jealousy on his face as if he was shocked that poverty had limited his imagination.

This time Li Zheng went to the communication room with him, hanging from an IV and riding in a wheelchair, but he didn’t want David to stay in Switzerland. He didn’t want a different partner.

The call went smoothly, and David’s slightly accented London accent reached both of their ears.

“Hello, this is David.”

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