Li Zheng watched as Liang Zhe stripped himself down to his underwear. He stood in the middle of the public toilet and looked up at Li Zheng with discontent, his eyes clearly expressing a meaning “Why don’t you take off your clothes.”

Li Zheng….

Li Zheng’s IQ up to 180 frantically raced as he spoke uncertainly, “You want to change clothes with me?”

It was true that Li Zheng’s clothes, worn from Yangtze town, looked awkward walking down the street after being baptized by the sea, but was this a change of clothes!

Li Zheng held his forehead, “You put your clothes on first.”

Liang Zhe was silent, he didn’t move at all and stared straight at Li Zheng, looking like if you don’t change I won’t wear it.

“Popping” the sound of a heavy object landing on the ground was heard by two people. A curly-haired aunt with an apron was stunned at the scene in the public toilet, and the mop and bucket in her hands fell to the ground.

“Ahhhh!” The lady let out an earth-shattering scream as she threw down her mop bucket and stormed towards the door of the public toilet.

Li Zheng’s face instantly turned the color of liver as he tugged on Liang Zhe’s hand and pulled him to the corner of the toilet.

Looking at Liang Zhe’s oily face, Li Zheng sighed helplessly and resigned himself to start taking off his own clothes as he muttered, “If you wear this, you might get arrested by the police when you go out.”

Liang Zhe’s eyelids lifted, and for some reason, Li Zheng rigidly interpreted from his expressionless face, “I won’t look like a stowaway even if I wear this” with honeyed confidence.

You don’t look like a stowaway, do I?

Liang Zhe looked at Li Zheng who was dressed in a white shirt and suit pants, the high fever made his face a little pale, but his thin lips were getting redder and redder, and his hair that had just been dried by the sun looked very touchable. Under the oversized shirt, the waist of the fisherman’s teenager who had been practicing for a long time in the water was slim and strong, and the good shape of the suit trousers made the teenager’s legs look exceptionally straight.

He was just… a little short.
  Liang Zhe squatted down and rolled up the legs of the boy’s pants, nodding under the boy’s surprised gaze, well, it was perfect.

Li Zheng….

At this time, the curly-haired aunt went back and forth. “Ah sir, that’s them. It’s really indecent to take off your clothes in public places!”

Two uniformed and straightforward Hong Kong police officers walked into the public toilet, they looked at each other and directed their suspicious eyes at Liang Zhe. This outfit didn’t look like a local from Hong Kong….

“You two should come with us.”

Li Zheng…..

Liang Zhe……..

Following behind the two Hong Kong policemen, Li Zheng wanted to stuff Liang Zhe back into the oil drum and throw him into the sea! Liang Zhe’s wooden face, the low pressure from his body showed that he was not in a happy mood. They said that Mr. Liang had an excellent appearance and grooming no matter what he wore, what a bunch of liars!

Daguling Police Station, most of the desks in the office were empty, and only a few older ones were dealing with the small friction in the neighborhood. Two young policemen brought in Li Zheng and Liang Zhe, and an old policeman wearing glasses was smiling: “Yo, the prince and the beggar? What’s the crime?”

Prince Li Zheng…..

Beggar Liang Zhe….

“I really don’t understand the children nowadays, taking off their clothes in public and getting reported by the cleaning lady.” One of the policemen replied.

Liang Zhe suddenly stopped, he raised his head and stared intently at the policeman who spoke, “The public toilet hung a maintenance sign.”

The policeman was stunned, then dumbfounded, “Little brother, even if there’s a maintenance sign hanging outside the toilet, you still can’t take off your clothes inside!”

The two policemen sat in their seats, took out a record book, and said as they recorded, “That cleaning lady asked for a good education for you, but I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson after this. Okay, take out your ID cards and register them, then leave.”

An ID card, where do they get that….

There was an awkward silence as the cop put down his pen and looked Liang Zhe up and down, “Stowaway?”

“Medicine.” Liang Zhe looked at him and spat out one word.

In his heart, Li Zheng didn’t know whether it was better to be touched or helpless, at this point, you still remember what medicine….


“Fever reducer.” Liang Zhe hesitated for a few seconds, but still repeated it.

The young policeman was angry, “Hey, you brat, you think this is your home ah. Proof of identity or home address, or I’ll really deal with you as a stowaway!”

Liang Zhe’s eyelids trembled a little and he didn’t say anything.

Li Zheng wasn’t worried about Liang Zhe, he was a native of Hong Kong and came from an unusual background, these small policemen couldn’t do anything to him.
  At that moment, Liang Zhe turned his gaze on him, and Li Zheng was surprised to find that Liang Zhe was clearly receiving his signal even though he was clearly not speaking, Liang Zhe was asking, is it because I didn’t my home address that I can’t have the medicine?

While Li Zheng was still dumbfounded, Liang Zhe had turned his head and spoke, “Mid Levels #3.”

“Wha… what?”

“Medicine.” Liang Zhe’s face was expressionless, yet Li Zheng had already felt the discontent in him. I’ve clearly told you, why didn’t you give the medicine!

“You just said your home address, where is it?” The cop pursued the question.

“Fever reducer!” Liang Zhe’s patience declared exhaustion and his pressure dropped, he pursed his lips and refusing to say another word.

“Mid Levels 3? Who do you think you are?” There are quite a few villas in , West, East and Central, but the ones that followed the serial number were different.

No. 1 Mid Levels, the official residence of the Governor of Hong Kong, was jointly funded by all parties in Hong Kong. No. 2 Mid Levels, the former residence of Mr. Tsang Hung Hing, the old man had been fighting to explore the fate of China’s front line, only in old age did he retire to Hong Kong, living at No. 2.

As for Mid Levels No. 3, there were few people who knew exactly who lived there, some said the Huo family, some sais Bao family, Liang family, Li family, anything, the young man in front of the mouth was from Mid Levels No. 3, was he stupid!

In the 21st century, No.3 Mid Levels was already inhabited by the famous Li Jialin, the richest man in Asia, but in 1982, Changhe Industry was just emerging in the upper class of Hong Kong, so Li Jialin would not have the strength to move in.

Li Zheng remembered that the numbers 3-9 in Mid-Levels were all owned by owners, and everyone was a respectable person who would never sell his ancestral home unless he had to, so even though the strength of each family changed later, the order of the Mid-Levels villas remained the same. When Li Jialin first knocked on the gates of Mid-Levels, he was still living in House No. 7, but later on, he coincidentally moved into House No. 3 and became the true first person in Mid-Levels.

So…the Liang family was defeated? Thinking of this, Li Zheng’s gaze towards Liang Zhe could not help but be somewhat complicated.

Liang Zhe keenly sensed the change in Li Zheng’s emotions, and could not help but look at him, upon this look, he found that Li Zheng’s face had gone as white as a piece of paper, he quickly moved forward, hesitated, and put his hand on Li Zheng’s forehead, even hotter!

Looking at Liang Zhe’s anxious appearance, the policeman finally reacted, “Ah, you can’t say more than a few words, how do I know that this boy has a fever, but  does someone who lives in Mid Levels 3 appear here dressed like this?”
  The young cop muttered as he went to get the fever reducer . He muttered and muttered and then suddenly froze, Mid Levels 3! Mr. Liang!

“Are you… are you sure you live in Mid-Levels 3, is your last name Liang, and have you been kidnapped?!” The young policeman screamed out in shock.

Everyone in the office suddenly quieted down, the Liang’s family kidnapping case was now the most important case for the Xiangjiang Police Department, the owner of the empty space in this office was all over the street to search for this Mr. Liang.

Did this Mr Liang let them find him?

“That…you, why don’t you have a seat first. I’ll go get you a cup of tea?” The young policeman could not wait to rush straight upstairs, upstairs there was the file that came down from the boss, which had the photo of Mr. Liang.

However, while the young policeman was talking to Liang Zhe, the old policeman who had just patiently reconciled the conflict in the neighborhood, had already gone upstairs, and when he saw the face of the person in the file photo, his old face smiled like a chrysanthemum.

Those of the Serious Crimes Unit would never have thought that one day their Civil Affairs Unit would be able to solve a big case that all of Hong Kong would be paying attention to! The old policeman felt like he was floating when he walked down the stairs.

The three Liang’s three siblings and Xu Yuandong arrived almost as soon as they received the call, and when they arrived, Li Zheng was hanging salt water while Liang Zhe was sitting on the side, neither of them spoke, but Liang Huiying felt a strange harmony in the scene.

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