“No! He is blessed with a great life, how could he be dead! He must still be alive!” Liang Huiying said loudly.

Liang Huidong and Liang Huize also spoke up, “The kidnappers should only be seeking money, no one in this Xiangjiang can dare to touch my Liang family!”

“Yeah, Mr. Xiao Liang will be absolutely fine!” Xu Yandong, the general manager of the Liang’s enterprise and the leader of the team of professional managers who took care of the emorrnous family that was the Liang’s, said with a smile.

There was a harmonious atmosphere in the living room, and it was not at all clear that half an hour ago, the two groups of people sitting face to face were quarreling over the division of Liang’s property.

Cheng Xianfeng bowed his head and put the will into the file bag, while an ironic smile appeared on his face, he didn’t believe that Mr. Liang’s disappearance was not the handiwork of these two groups of people.

As the Liang family’s loyal lawyer, he saw it very clearly. The Liang family was a huge family, but ever since the plane crash at the core level of the Liang family, the Liang family was like an aging lion king, gradually losing its influence in the upper echelons of Hong Kong.

This was not because the strength of the Liang family had declined, but under the management of the team of professional managers headed by Xu Yuandong, although the Liang family had not gone to the next level, but maintaining the scale of steady development could still be done, and with the rise of real estate in Hong Kong, as the largest landlord in Hong Kong, the Liang family naturally bit off the fattest layer of meat.

It was just that the manager had two minds.

The most important reason for Liang’s loss of influence on the upper echelons of Hong Kong’s society was that there was no one left in the family. Counting the upper class of Hong Kong, they were all family-based consortiums, the Boat King Bao family, the Sand King Huo family…, although Xu Yuandong as a professional manager held the real power of the Liang family, but in the view of these giants, a working person was still a working person, how could there be a reason to cross the master’s family and servants to deal with them.

And these, Liang Huiying, Liang Huidong, and Liang Huize, who were nicely called Liang’s sidekicks, actually they might not even be on the Liang family tree. These three were the younger brother of Mr. Liang, the children of Liang Zhe’s grandfather, was not from the main family, but the descendants of the second, third and fourth families.

In the 1980s, polygamy was a common practice among the upper class, but only the first wife was allowed to inherit the family property, while the others were given fixed assets and dividends to get by. These assets seemed to be astronomical to the general public, but for the gentry, they were just a drop in the ocean. Therefore, how could the real boss of an upper class family deal with these vain “Liangs”.

When they went to inspect the Indian industry, these three were not eligible to board the plane, so they were spared. Now, they were in trouble with the team of professional managers headed by Xu Yuandong because they were the only three “Liang family members” other than Liang Zhe. The three of them were trying to take back the Liang family from these “outsiders” by hook or by crook.

However, Xu Yuandong had the power of attorney signed by the Liang family, which stated that no one was allowed to interfere with the management until Liang Zhe was 18 years old or until he expressed his willingness to take over the Liang family.
The two sides were fighting over the blood advantage and the power of attorney. Even the tabloids of the Hong Kong entertainment industry could often see these people, especially the great aunt of the Liang family, who had more than once denounced the management of the Liang family in the newspaper for “bullying the master”. It was a joke to the upper class families in Hong Kong.

As for Liang Zhe, it was not that both sides hadn’t thought of taking care of Liang Zhe. Liang Zhe was the only remaining direct descendant of the Liang family, the legal heir to all of the family’s properties, and his inheritance rights were exclusive and unique. It was mentioned more than once on all the property documents of the Liang family that as long as Liang Zhe clearly expressed his intention to take over the Liang property, the existing power of attorney for the management of the Liang family was automatically null and void, and no individual or group was allowed to obstruct Liang Zhe’s legal takeover of the Liang property under any pretext.

Liang Huiying and the others wanted Liang Zhe to take over the Liang family first, and as Liang Zhe’s closest blood relatives, they could rightfully intervene in his affairs in the name of guardianship. Xu Yuandong, on the other hand, hoped that Liang Zhe would renew the entrustment agreement, so that his team could continue to manage the Liang Clan after he turned eighteen.

In the face of these two parties, Liang Zhe had always behaved differently, he didn’t listen or talk or care. If you spoke out of turn, he would not say a word. You had to perform in front of him ten times, but he may not even look at you once, but when he occasionally responded to you, you had to be grateful.

Whenever one of the two sides was beaten to death, he would come and cry in front of Liang Zhe, but Liang Zhe wouldn’t give him face and say something. It wasn’t that Xu Yuandong hadn’t thought about whether this Mr. Liang was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, and was engaging in a balancing policy. However, half a year ago, Liang Zhe’s psychiatrist issued a psychological report diagnosing Mr. Liang as suffering from mild depression and autistic tendencies.

This only dispelled Xu Yuandong’s suspicion that perhaps this Mr. Liang was born to sympathize with the weak?

The sudden disappearance of Liang Zhe this time gave hope to the three siblings. Liang Zhe’s inheritance was exclusive, but what if Liang Zhe died, then it would be their turn anyway.

However, they didn’t expect that the deceased Mr. and Mrs. Liang would leave a will that if Liang Zhe died and no descendants were left, all the Liang’s properties would be automatically transferred to the SEC fund. Mr. and Mrs. Liang stated shamelessly, “My son is gone, I’d rather take all the money to charity than to you guys.’

The three siblings almost spit out the blood in their chest, all of the Liang’s properties, this was not only including the Liang’s and additional assets that Liang Zhe could inherit, but also the companies that were still attached to the name of Liang’s that gave them dividends, in other words, if Liang Zhe died, they would not only get nothing, even the dividends that they had already received would be deprived!

Not to mention Xu Yuandong, what else would the Liang’s companies have to do with them if it was transferred to the SEC.

Both sides just realized that Liang Zhe absolutely couldn’t die!

“Asawa, you’re familiar with the police inspector, immediately tell him to increase his search efforts, he must find him! Ah Dong, you go contact the underground four gangs, money is not a problem, let them check out carefully. Let’s see which one of them dared to take action against the Liang family!” Liang Huiying said as she herself pulled out her phone.

Liang Huidong and Liang Huize nodded their heads repeatedly. Xu Yuandong also got up without making a sound to make a phone call, they were all considered the real power players of Xiangjiang anyway, even if they couldn’t compare to those giants at the helm, but going all out to do something, they could still shake up the island.

Looking at these people’s anxious and disoriented actions, Cheng Xianfeng shook his head, what did they do not long ago….

A few calls went out from the Liang family’s hall, and the entire Xiangjiang Island looked like it was on the verge of a storm.

It was thanks to the Liang family’s three siblings and Xu Yuandong, who originally covered up Liang Zhe’s disappearance out of selfishness, but now it was different, they couldn’t wait to confirm Liang Zhe’s safety right away.

The news of Liang Zhe’s disappearance had spread. The Pao Family, Huo Family and other old giants of Hong Kong were already on good terms with the Liang Clan, as Liang Zhe was their junior, and the kidnapping was bad in the eyes of these giants.

So, the cautious “stowaway” Li Zheng discovered why the streets of Hong Kong were filled with Hong Kong’s police!

“No go.” Liang Zhe pursed his lips and stood still, his eyes firm and unmoving.
  Li Zheng looked at him deeply, “Also, you’re a native of Xiangjiang, the right thing to do now would be to find the police and go home. Then…let’s part like this.”

Although he spoke easily, his heart was still a little forlorn, Li Zheng and Liang Zhe came ashore near Lian Ma Keng and walked for a day before they could reach the vicinity of Beating Drum Ridge. Li Zheng had wanted to go change clothes and get something to eat, but he found that in just ten minutes, two police cars had already driven past here.

His current status was that of a stowaway, and if he was discovered by the police, it could be the end. If he was really deported back…with the current environment in China, he might not have an easy time.

People were group animals, and in a tough environment, two people together would be much better off than one person alone. But Li Zheng understood that Liang Zhe was different from him, and he couldn’t force him to suffer with him.

Liang Zhe’s brows furrowed as he stared firmly into Li Zheng’s eyes, dissatisfaction flashing across his dark pupils.

“You’re running a fever.” Liang Zhe’s tone was devoid of any emotion as he simply stated the truth.

Yes, Li Zheng was running a fever. After swimming in the sea for over an hour in the middle of the night, cold and hungry and still without dry clothes to change into, Li Zheng, with a small body that was already not very healthy, very indisputably had a fever.

Li Zheng was stunned, he didn’t want to leave because he had a fever? He laughed dumbly, suddenly feeling that Liang Zhe’s kind of expressionless face seemed to look a little more pleasing to the eye.

“It’s fine, I won’t die.” He leaned close to Liang Zhe and whispered in his ear, “See those police cars, wait a moment, go over to them and tell them your home address so they can send you back.”

The fever made Li Zheng’s exhaled breath a little hot, and Liang Zhe’s ears moved, as if very unsuited to the burning heat. His brow furrowed even more, did he look like a retard? He was still needed to teach him how to get home.

“You need medicine for a fever.” Liang Zhe said seriously.

Li Zheng….

Li Zheng sniffed, his phoenix eyes arched into a round moon, although this kid’s face stunk a bit, it was not without merit.

“Don’t worry, I know my own body. Do you know? I’m a stowaway! Sneaking over from Yangtze, it would be a disaster if the police catches me.”  What was more, he didn’t have any money on him! Not a penny!

Liang Zhe’s eyes moved slightly, then he grabbed Li Zheng’s arm and pulled him closer to the nearby public toilet.
“What…what are you doing!”

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