Before Li Zheng could speak, he only felt a strong force coming from behind him. He was already standing at the edge of the deck, but now he was pushed, and his body stumbled as he was pushed out of the railing and fell straight into the sea.

“It must be you, you jumped in and took up Yue E and Bao’s place, separating husband and wife, father and son! You deserve to die!”

Before Li Zheng fell into the sea, what he turned back to see was the appearance of the big man known as Alin with bloodshot eyes, looking viciously at him, his hands still in the motion of pushing someone with both hands, which looked particularly terrifying in the dark night.

“Pounce.” Icy seawater poured into his clothes from all sides, and the cotton jacket on his body became as heavy as iron in an instant.

“Down in the water! Someone’s in the water!” The sound of someone falling into the sea in the stillness of the night was too loud, and soon awoke the passengers in their shallow sleep on deck.

“Who, who has fallen overboard?” The moon was obscured by dark clouds this evening, and there was no light on the sea.

Someone pulled out a flashlight and the light swept over the crowd, “Strange, ten people, no less.” He scratched his head in confusion, “Did something big fall in?”

“It’s a man, there’s no mistaking it, and I heard screaming!” The speaker was a petite woman who had come over alone, and had been very quiet since coming aboard, not speaking to anyone, she spoke at this time

The man holding up the flashlight suddenly turned pale, “No! There are two more, those two kids following behind Zhang!” Zhang Bingkun’s maintenance of those two children was evident to him, and the cold sweat on that man’s body came down as he thought of Kun’s ruthless methods from earlier in the day.

He ran towards the cabin on his hands and knees.

“Brother Kun!!”

Zhang Bingkun because of the change of situation, it was hard to fall asleep, and then heard someone outside crying and screaming and rapping on the cabin door. He was awakened with a face as heavy as black iron, and if he hadn’t been concerned about the fact that Zhou Sitian was still resting in the next compartment, Zhang Bingkun would have smashed over a hot water bottle.

“Ah Da, go see what happened. If there’s nothing important, let that person wake up and know what to do and what not to do!”

Ah Da stood up woodenly and strode towards the door of the ship’s cabin.

As soon as Ah Da opened the cabin door, the man with the flashlight dropped in, “Kun, are the two kids you brought still there?” Ignoring Ah Da’s dark face, the man shouted.
  Zhang Bingkun was first stunned, then shocked, he looked around and there was no longer a figure of Li Zheng in the cabin. A chill ran up the bottom of Zhang Bingkun’s feet as he forced himself to calm down and walked to the door of the cabin compartment, asking, “Sitian ah, is Zheng there with you?”

Zhou Sitian woke up in a daze, she got off the cot and opened the cubicle door.

“Uncle Zhang? Didn’t Xiao Zheng sleep outside with you?”

Zhang Bingkun finally couldn’t maintain his composure on the surface, “Stop the ship!” He yelled, “Tell Ah Ji to stop the ship right now!”

Ah Da realized the importance of the matter and spread his legs and ran towards the bow of the ship.

Zhou Sitian seemed to realize something and instantly turned pale, “Uncle Zhang, Little Zheng he…”

Zhang Bingkun couldn’t care less about answering Zhou Sitian’s question, he looked horribly pale and ran all the way up to the deck.

The motor sailboat had stopped, and Ah Da and Ah Er turned on the lights on the boat. This kind of smuggling black boat on the sea usually did not open the electric lights, for fear that it would attract the attention of the Hong Kong Coast Guard, but now they didn’t care so much.

The ten passengers on deck gathered together, all with a look of unease and nervousness.

“What’s going on! Somebody fucking tell me what’s going on!” Zhang Bingkun roared hoarsely, Ah Da and Ah Er looked at each other, both could see the worry and fear in each other’s eyes, if Kun started to go crazy, they were afraid that the people in this boat….

“I saw it, there were two men there just now, and a big one in the back pushed the small one in front into the sea.” Again, the petite woman, who had heard of Kun’s name, didn’t want to accompany the murderer in his suffering at all, so she immediately spoke up and took herself out.

“Propelled into the sea.” These five words struck Zhang Bingkun and Zhou Sitian’s hearts, Zhou Sitian looked at the black sea without a single fluctuation, her body’s strength seemed to be instantly drained away, she only felt a white light in front of her and instantly lost consciousness.

Zhang Bingkun only felt the coldness of his limbs, he had no intention of sending Li’s wife away, and then did not take good care of his only son to lose his life on his ship? Zhang Bingkun really felt that even if he were to die, he would have no face to see his savior, Brother Li again.

It wasn’t that Zhang Bingkun wouldn’t jump in to save Li Zheng, but this was the sea, not an inland river or lake, and Li Zheng had been in the sea for some time now, and the boat had been sailing for quite a while, so without a target, going into the sea to save him was like finding a needle in a haystack, and it would hardly be of any use at all.

“I won’t sail this boat until I find out who pushed him. You guys are on your own!” The hostility in Zhang Bingkun’s words was almost overflowing.

On the other side

Li Zheng was pushed into the sea, he panicked for a few seconds as the seawater reached his nose and mouth, but his senses immediately calmed him down, he was a man who had died once, his new life had just begun, he couldn’t just end it unexplained! Li Zheng swung his limbs hard, trying to swim towards the boat.
  In his last life, Li Zheng had learned to swim, but only to the extent of being able to move a few meters in a swimming pool. His limbs became sore from the constant swinging, while the sea was still out of sight, and seawater had already entered his nose and mouth, so he couldn’t hold his breath for much longer.

Was this the end? He hadn’t reached Xiangjiang yet, and he still had countless pharmaceutical formulas in his head, enough to move the world’s biological processes forward for decades, which would free countless people from their ailments and restore their health, and he was… unhappy!

His consciousness was becoming fuzzy, and Li Zheng had the illusion that it was as if the body without his conscious control was gradually becoming more flexible. If he could have seen himself now, he would have been surprised to find that his body was moving rapidly towards the sea, and his flexible movements were like a swimming fish.

“Pop” The moment his head broke out of the sea, Li Zheng breathed in fresh air with his mouth and nose, oxygen entered his head through his nose, and Li Zheng’s consciousness gradually came back.

Vaguely recalling the scene just now, he smiled bitterly. The original owner had grown up by the sea, so his swimming skills were naturally superb, but his own consciousness, which was half of a dry duck, had instead become a burden, and if it wasn’t for the blurred consciousness that allowed his body’s ingrained movements to awaken, he could have drowned in the sea.

There was a slight light on the sea surface, and at some point, the moon hiding behind the dark clouds secretly showed half of its face, and Li Zheng looked around.

The motor sailboat had a diesel engine and was not slow, so Uncle Zhang didn’t find him in the sea at the first time, and by the time he reacted and stopped the boat, it might be too late.

Li Zheng sighed, was he going to swim to Xiangjiang?

In his last life, he heard about an actor who spent ten hours swimming to sneak into Hong Kong. When he heard about it, he only found it unbelievable, but never thought that he would one day do the same thing.

Fortunately, human potential was limitless, and the fusion between his consciousness and his body’s inertia was very smooth, so he resigned himself to swimming forward, secretly praying that this place was not far from Hong Kong.

Time passed by, and Li Zheng’s limbs became more and more sore and stiff, the cold waters of late autumn and the endless ocean were challenging Li Zheng’s physical and psychological limits, and if not for the strong psychology he had trained from failing drug research in his previous life, Li Zheng would have been unable to hold on.

Wasn’t there a suspended object to give him a break? Li Zheng laughed bitterly in his heart.

Perhaps the heavens had heard his prayers, a huge tin can appeared not far from his visible sight, it was an oil barrel, lying across the water floating on the surface.

Li Zheng’s eyes erupted with a searing gleam, and he swung his arms vigorously to close in on the oil barrel.

The moment his entire body was lying on the oil barrel, Li Zheng felt that he had never been so d*mn happy!
  Resting on the oil barrel, he breathed heavily, a low chuckle in his throat, he knew that he had survived.

Just then, Li Zheng’s brow suddenly furrowed, he seemed to smell blood.

He looked around, trying to find the source of the smell, and suddenly he gazed at it, locking his gaze at the oil drum lid. His sharp eyes noticed that blood was flowing out from the gap between the lid and the barrel.

There was someone inside?! Li Zheng’s mind was instantly filled with scenes from the 1980s. Gang films of the eighties in which people were put into barrels and thrown into the sea.

Living for a long time, he had really seen everything. Li Zheng’s face showed a struggle to open the lid, if the person inside was still alive it was fine, if it was a dead body… he wouldn’t shudder.

“Seeing as you also counted as indirectly saving my life, I’ll open it and see, if you’re alive, I’ll return the favor. If you die… When I get to Xiangjiang, I’ll definitely build a tomb for you and clean it.” Li Zheng muttered to himself, then swam over to the lid of the oil drum and opened it.

The moment the lid opened, a pair of deep pupils instantly entered his eyes.

Inside was a kid about his age, he was dressed in a white shirt and blazer pants, his short black hair stayed on his cheeks as it was slightly wet from the water, his cheeks were slightly hollowed in, his nose was high, and what surprised Li Zheng the most was his eyes, was this the look a fifteen or sixteen year old boy should have? As deep as a pool of stagnant water, one could not see any emotion.

The child’s limbs were fixed to the oil barrel by ropes, and the bloody smell was the blood that had flowed from the skin of his limbs rubbing against the hemp rope during the struggle.


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