Meng Jie’s opening caused the eloquent Zhang He to stutter, and he cast a dissatisfied gaze at the stuttering junior, the disgust in his heart intensifying.


Li Zheng was the first to take the paper in Meng Jie’s hand.


Meng Jie’s words were very nice, each word was neat and tidy, as if a computer typed it, a smile flashed in Li Zheng’s eyes, he was worthy of being the father of embryo transplantation ah, most researchers, including him, their handwriting ……, was very casual.



Medicine wasn’t separated, which was particularly evident in terms of words. The words on doctors’ cases and on researchers’ experimental notebooks were always so confusing.



Meng Jie’s ideas weren’t new, they were also about blood temperature, chemical environment and so on, but what impressed Li Zheng was that while most of the interviewees had only mentioned the influencing factors in a cursory manner, Meng Jie had already considered how to adjust the influencing factors in order to maximize the activity of the transplanted organ.


Although his ideas were a bit young, every point he had written was feasible to a certain extent, so it seemed that he had given it a lot of thought.



The admiration on Li Zheng’s face flickered, to be able to come up with these ideas in such a short period of time was already a great talent.


Meng Jie sat on a stool, his back straight, and after he handed the paper to Li Zheng, he was in such a state.


His head was lowered, his hands above his knees were clenched tightly, and the tension in his entire body was almost overflowing.


“You’ve been accepted.” Li Zheng put down the paper and said with a smile.


Meng Jie jerked his head up!


“Me?” He stretched out his finger to point at himself, was it really him?


Li Zheng smiled and stood up, extending his hand to Meng Jie, “That’s right, Experimenter Meng, congratulations.”


I’ve been accepted, I’ve been accepted, I’ve been accepted, these words kept echoing in his head. Accepted, he really was accepted! By the Ninth Biological Research Laboratory of Huaqing University!



Meng Jie’s entire body trembled with excitement, his dark face revealed a look of bewilderment followed by ecstasy, “I’ve been accepted?” He repeated once again.


Li Zheng kept his hand outstretched in a silent manner.



Meng Jie snapped back to his senses and forcefully wiped his hand on his pants before shakily holding Li Zheng’s hand.



“Thank …… you, thank you, Professor Li!”


“You are welcome.” Li Zheng laughed.



Meng Jie was so excited over the admission that he couldn’t act properly, while the faces of the other two people who were interviewing with him weren’t so pretty.



Zhang Xuedong couldn’t help but speak, “Professor Li, you haven’t heard my answer yet!”


Meng Jie? Don’t be ridiculous! The three of them came together for the interview, Meng Jie was accepted and the two of them lost, if it was anyone else, it would be fine! Meng Jie! That was a stutterer! Were they even worse than that stutterer?


Li Zheng waved his hand, ”No need, only one person will be recruited this time. You can go out and tell the people outside as well that the person has been recruited and the interview is over.”



Zhang Xuedong gritted his teeth, still unwilling, “Professor Li, can you let me see Meng Jie’s answers? Let me lose a little bit more willingly even if I lose.”


Li Zheng gave this student a surprised look, but didn’t stop him, reaching out and handing him the white paper on the table.



Zhang Xuedong read it down word by word, and his face, though still ugly, slightly softened. He could see that Meng Jie’s answer was a bit more verbal than what Zhang He had just said.



But it was only a little bit, he was certain that if he was given the chance, he couldn’t answer it too, he should be able to. But Zhang Xuedong was a little unsure.



However, there was one thing that he could be sure of! If it was just this answer sheet, then it would be unconvincing for this Professor Li to hastily settle on Meng Jie and end the recruitment.


Zhang Xuedong’s expression was seen by Li Zheng, but he didn’t say much.



With his current achievement and status, there was no need to explain to a student.



He smiled and patted Zhang Xuedong’s shoulder, “You are very good, there will be opportunities to work together in the future.” Li Zheng said.



Zhang Xuedong was stunned, then an excited look appeared on his face, “Thank you, Professor Li!”


No, just a word of praise could make these students so excited that they couldn’t find their way out.


Meng Jie felt like he was in a dream, he was really accepted, by Professor Li?



For the youngest professor in Huaqing, his name could be described as thunderous to Meng Jie, especially during the two days after the public class ended, the name was always in his ear.



Meng Jie had a very low self-esteem because of people’s attitude towards him since he was a child. His obsession with success was much stronger than the average person.



And Li Zheng was exactly what he wanted to live up to!


Meng Jie hung his head low, his eyes staring at the ground, and his heart beating very rapidly. He had failed too many times, not to mention the lab recruiting in school, even the work-study in places outside, as soon as they saw him, they shook their heads and rejected him.


For this interview, he hadn’t put much hope in it, he just wanted to come and meet this legendary Professor Li, but he succeeded! No, he felt that he had never been this close to success before.



Meng Jie’s fists loosened and tightened, tightened and loosened, he …… had an unprecedented sense of fear, what if ……



No, there would be no what ifs. Meng Jie clenched his teeth, there couldn’t be an eventuality, he couldn’t imagine the scene that he got and then lost!



“You were too hasty today.” After washing up, Liang Zhe sat at his desk and suddenly spoke.



Li Zheng’s movement of drinking water paused, “How so?” He was always a touch less sensitive to this aspect.




“That Meng Jie, you identified him on the spot, I know you have your own considerations. But you didn’t consider the situation he would face.” Over the past two years, Liang Zhe had become more and more like the helmsman of a luxurious plutocracy, and only when he was alone with Li Zheng would he occasionally reveal his insecurity and extreme dependence on Li Zheng.



“You interviewed less than a third of the people and settled on him. Although I couldn’t read that answer of his at the time, I could tell from the expressions of Liu Sizhao and that student that the answer sheet was not that stunning, or at least not worthy of being hired on the spot.”



Li Zheng froze, but still nodded.



“That’s just it then. The halo around your head, Ah Zheng, makes it so that even if you do it wrong, they won’t turn the tables on you. But these students have to find an outlet for their resentment and anger. That experimenter of yours is clearly more suitable.”



Li Zheng was really frozen this time, he was just looking for a lab technician, the father of embryo transplantation in the later life was right in front of him, he was excited and made a decision on the spot, he found it too troublesome and didn’t continue with the following interviews, yet there were still such serious consequences?



Liang Zhe went up and rubbed Li Zheng’s head hard, lowered his head and rubbed his face against his.


“It’s just my guess, don’t think too much. Let’s sleep.”


Sleep? Li Zheng sniffed and instantly felt as if his waist still hurt a little, he pursed his lips and showed a hint of a serious expression on his face, “I have to think about the things that will follow the scientific research competition, so I’ll sleep next door today.” After saying that, with a blank expression, he walked toward the room next to him.


Liang Zhe ……



On the second day, it was exactly what Liang Zhe expected.



The news of Meng Jie’s fictitious project experience spread all over the city.


The recruitment of the ninth biological research laboratory experimenter at Huaqing University required project experience, which had disqualified most students from Huaqing. Therefore, the interviewees who came yesterday were all top students from Huaqing.




However, this group of top students only got to one-third of the interview and was told that the interview was over, Professor Li Zheng had chosen the lab technician on the spot.


If the experimenter himself was strong and convincing enough, these Huaqing students, who had always emphasized speaking with strength, would not have had any opinions.



However, the experimenter that Prof. Li decided on was no one else but an ordinary student in the second year of his studies, and probably the most unusual thing about him was that he stuttered?



The answer that Meng Jie wrote on the spot yesterday was also circulated, and this group of Huaqing students agreed that this answer wasn’t worthy of Professor Li’s eye.


Professor Li’s reputation was well known, and his academic level was of international standard, so they wouldn’t doubt that Li Zheng was a poor judge of character, but would only attribute the reason why Li Zheng had accepted Meng Jie to his resume.


Compared to the average Huaqing student’s experience of working on projects for the lab, Meng Jie’s resume looked very beautiful, and his in-depth description of a certain experimental project was a sight to behold.



The description of the experimental process, unless it was a theoretical error, it was hard to see that there was a fake without doing it yourself. As for the group of students at Huaqing, they all agreed that the experimental project experience on Meng Jie’s resume was completely fictitious!



When Li Zheng heard this news, he was already standing in the lab, where apart from him, there were also Liu Sixchao, Meng Jie, Sun Bin, Lu Keke, Zheng Guangye and so on.



Sun Bin and Lu Keke didn’t even look at Meng Jie, obviously not putting him, the official lab technician, in their eyes, as for Zheng Guangye, he was the most prestigious person among the three, the president of the Biology Student Association of Huaqing University.



Meng Jie followed Li Zheng into the lab, and his first reaction to seeing Zheng Guangye was to bow his head and greet the president. It caused Li Zheng to look at him twice more.


“From today onwards, you are members of the Ninth Laboratory. The philosophy of the laboratory is four words, high production and efficiency, so the next part of your work will be hard.”


He paused, “Of course, with work comes reward. Your salaries and benefits are all based on my Li Zheng Laboratory in Hong Kong. Therefore, apart from the subsidy allocated by the school, I will make up the rest of the money for you in my personal name. If the results of the project yield financial gains, bonuses will be given appropriately.”



Lu Keke and the others looked at each other in excitement, they had never expected that the Ninth Laboratory would actually treat them so well. Sun Bin and Lu Ke Ke had originally felt ashamed for Meng Jie becoming a lab technician while they were merely ordinary employees, and even planned to resign immediately if Li Zheng insisted on making Meng Jie their head.



But upon hearing this, how could they even think of resigning.


However, even so ……


“Professor, Meng Jie’s resume is fake, he has no project experience at all!” Sun Bin said loudly.





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