“This is the latest paper published by the University of Chicago’s Biological Research Laboratory on ‘Prolonging the Storage Time of Human Transplanted Organs’, I’ve read it, the technology is still only at the theoretical level, and the only highlight of the paper is on the storage solution.” Liu Sichao said, handing Li Zheng the American medical journal in his hand.


For the matter of scientific research competition with the University of Chicago Biological Laboratory, Liu Sichao felt that he was in a dream until now, the current Ninth Laboratory, together with the family member Mr. Liang, was only two and a half people. Li Zheng and him two people, although Mr. Liang was an adult, his professional level could be ignored.


Even ten years ago, when he was at his youngest, he would not have dared to pay such attention to a scientific research competition with the biology laboratory of the University of Chicago, a world-famous university.



Li Zheng took the paper and flipped through it, and understood the meaning of Liu Sichao’s words.



Human beings were the most perfect creations of the heavens, while human organs were the most precise parts of the human body. Taking the heart, which was the most difficult organ to store, the requirements for temperature and chemical environment were extremely high, and if one wanted to do so with the technology of the eighties, the wealth consumed would not be affordable to ordinary patients at all.


The University of Chicago mentioned in extending the storage time of the heart that simulating the human environment to slow down heart rate was theoretically feasible, but from these empty statements, it was clear that they hadn’t developed a specific experimental operation process.



The best organ storage solution commonly used in the country today was the UW solution developed at the University of Wisconsin, and the cold storage reference table issued by the American Society for Organ Transplantation in the mid-1980s was based on the UW solution standard.


The University of Chicago Biological Laboratory analyzed the UW solution components in detail, and started in reducing its side effects on the organs to prolong the storage time of transplanted organs.


However, from the results of his first stage of experimentation, its effect of reducing the side effects of UW solution on transplanted organs was achieved, but the extended time was almost negligible.


Li Zheng let out a kind smile, “A typical golden calf project.”


A golden calf project was considered a high profit project in economics. However, this term, when put on the head of academic projects, appeared to be a bit ironic, mostly referring to those scientific research projects whose economic value was greater than their academic value.



Like this one at the University of Chicago Biological Laboratory to reduce the side effects of UW solution.


UW solution was the world’s universal storage solution for transplanted organs, and once this Chicago paper came out, the producers of UW solution would naturally be obedient to send money to their doorsteps, which was probably why the lab released the results of the first phase of the paper so quickly.


Moreover, Li Zheng guessed that there was probably a reason for it refusing to relent in giving Huaqing a position in the first phase of the work.


“You’re right, the patent buyout fee for this project is not cheap.” Liu Sichao tsked.


Li Zheng closed the journal and casually threw it on the table, his eyes sweeping over the thick pile of resumes next to him.



“How’s the recruitment going?” If he wanted to snipe this golden calf, he had to hurry up, otherwise when the results came out on his side, the other lab would have already received the patent buyout fee from the pharmaceutical company, so the one he was sniping was not the lab but the pharmaceutical company. To be fast, he had to have people first.



“There are a lot of graduate students, I interviewed a few, they were all Huaqing University students, although their hands-on ability is weak, but the learning ability is extremely strong, for repetitive experiments, as long as they do it two or three times, they’ll will be able to get started, it’s not a big problem.”



“The thing that’s missing is a leader that follows our thinking and is not too weak in hands-on skills. That makes it more difficult.” Doing experiments was a race against time, there was no time to explain to the students, and that was when keeping up with their thinking was very important.


But ……


Li Zheng and Liu Sichao coincidentally frowned, this kind of person wasn’t easy to find.



The recruitment of the lead experimenter was scheduled for the next morning, the sunlight through the hotel’s floor-to-ceiling windows, sprinkled on the large white bed, Li Zheng’s white toes moved, then he let out a groan.



He had made too much fuss yesterday, causing his body to be sore and numb. Li Zheng turned his head to look at Liang Zhe, whose mouth was slightly open and who was snorting softly, and viciously kicked him in the waist.



“Bang” Liang Zhe was kicked to the ground in response.


His eyes half-opened, and he climbed up from the ground, facing Li Zheng with half of his body lying on the edge of the bed, revealing a resigned expression.


“Ah Zheng, it hurts.”



“Serves you right!” Li Zheng snorted coldly, braced himself to get up from the bed, he could still have an interview in the morning, yesterday he wanted to go to bed earlier, but Liang Zhe was upset because his new project was going to start and the two of them definitely couldn’t stick together as these days, he was unwillingly and messed with him for half the night.


When the bathroom rang with the sound of washing, Liang Zhe gave a giggle and climbed up to go buy breakfast for Li Zheng.


Sun Bin from the second year of postgraduate studies, Lu Xueye from the third year of postgraduate studies, and Zheng Guangye were already admitted yesterday. They were all top students in the biology department. If it weren’t for the lack of public recruitment in the laboratories of professors in the past two years, with their qualifications, they would have been able to access frontline scientific research projects.



“That’s right, Zheng Guangye is also the president of the biology department’s student union, he got the first prize in the national biology competition, he’s a legendary figure.”



“I heard that this interview is recruiting the official lab technician, the leader. To be honest, our academic level can’t compare to Senior Zheng and the others.”



“Not to mention us, it’s hard to find in the whole of Huaqing, right?” The corridor in the ninth laboratory was filled with students who had come for interviews.


Their chatter wasn’t small, and it clearly reached the ears of Li Zheng and Liu Sichao.


Liu Sixhao rubbed his nose, “Sun Bin and the others have good qualifications and great potential. But to keep up with our thoughts, they are still a bit short.”


After another student left, Li Zheng rubbed his temples, he kind of missed Zhang Yuejun. Zhang Yuejun, this mature lab staff, was directly brought over by Li Zheng from Xu Mingsheng’s laboratory.



Xu Mingsheng had cultivated Zhang Yuejun’s sense in the lab for many years, making him and Li Zheng work well together very quickly. However, Huaqing’s students were different, Huaqing’s research resources were tight, even professors had to fight for their labs, let alone students.



Therefore, it was difficult to pick students from Huaqing who could keep up with the two men’s thoughts.


While talking, the next batch of students came in.



A batch of three people, cautiously took their seats on the other side of the long table in front of the two.


“Zhang He Research III, Zhang Xuedong Research III, Meng Jie Research II?” Liu Sichao scanned the resumes and looked up.


The three of them nodded their heads in a hurry.


“Introduce yourselves, and to make a long story short, talk about your lab experience.”



For this recruitment, it was required to have lab experience, and all the people interviewed were more or less able to talk about some of it.


Zhang He and Zhang Xuedong were both eloquent, but when it was the turn of that second-year student, Meng Jie, he stuttered a bit in his speech.


Li Zheng frowned slightly and raised his head.


“I …… I, participated in …… participated in ……” It wasn’t that he stuttered in his speech, it was a real stutter.



However, perhaps because of the two men’s burning eyes staring at him, Meng Jie’s forehead quickly oozed out many fine beads of sweat, and he struggled to open his mouth to speak, but after a long time, he still hung his head in dismay.


“I’m …… sorry.”


Li Zheng and Liu Sichao looked at each other, and Li Zheng spoke, “It’s alright.” He lowered his head and wanted to put a cross on the name.



Meng Jie …… Meng Jie?



Li Zheng silently recited this name in his heart, and then he couldn’t help but look up at this dark, dry and thin stuttering youth, and suddenly had a ridiculous thought in his heart.


The future father of embryo transplantation in China?


Speaking of Meng Jie, the father of embryo transfer in China, he was an extremely tragic figure. Although he graduated from Huaqing, one of the highest educational institutions in China, he had difficulty finding a good job after graduation due to his natural stammer.



He worked in a laboratory for twenty years as a technician at the bottom of the hierarchy.



Later on, he was discovered by the head of the lab doing experiments in secret and was kicked out of the lab, and since then, he disappeared from the scientific research world.


Many years after his death, the embryo transfer technology was developed and the first embryo transfer experiment in China was successful. While the Chinese biology community was rejoicing, foreign counterparts suddenly questioned, “Didn’t you guys in China already complete the first embryo transfer experiment ten years ago?”




Only then did the Chinese people realize that as early as ten years ago, Meng Jie had submitted a paper to a German medical journal, only for reasons such as English grammar, the paper was asked to be revised, only when the paper was returned, Meng Jie had been kicked out of the lab, which made the German side think that this Chinese person had automatically given up the paper for publication.



However, the German reviewer never discarded the original manuscript, and repeatedly said in public that the Chinese embryo transplantation was in the world’s leading level.



When the news got back to China, the biology community was in an uproar.



People sighed at the fall of a genius, and the events of Meng Jie’s life were thus shown to the public.


He had picked up a treasure?



“To keep the internal organs in an active state for two minutes, give me your thoughts.” Li Zheng stared at Meng Jie without blinking.


Meng Jie was obviously more nervous, and he made a “heh-heh” sound in his throat, but he couldn’t spit out a single syllable.



Li Zheng tore off a piece of paper from his record book and handed it to him along with his pen.


“It’s fine to use writing.”


Meng Jie sniffed, a grateful light appearing in his eyes as he nodded vigorously and accepted the paper and pen.


Sweat dripped down from his forehead, wetting the page, and a trace of disgust flashed in the eyes of Zhang He next to him.


He grabbed the first opportunity to speak, ”Professor Li, I’ll start. Keeping the internal organs active as long as the temperature, blood circulation speed ……” Zhang He’s theoretical knowledge was obviously good.



“I …… I’m done.” Meng Jie said carefully.




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