“The operation was a success. But Mr. Li, the old man can’t work at high intensity anymore. I heard that the old man is a scientist, and at his age, he should spend his old age in peace.” The tall foreign doctor removed his mask and said to Li Zheng with serious eyes.


“Thank you very much, Dr. George.” Li Zheng said sincerely.


In the 1980s, there was a lack of medical exchanges between China and abroad, and PTCA technology had not been introduced into the country. After Li Zheng suggested that coronary angioplasty might be able to treat Old Meng, Chen Anbang immediately asked his friends abroad for information on PTCA technology, and after confirming that this technology had already been promoted on a large scale in the United States, and that the cure rate was extremely high, he excitedly and repeatedly said thank you to Li Zheng.



Li Zheng was a good man to the end, and directly asked Kent to invite an American doctor over. However, somehow, the news of him hiring a doctor reached Liang Zhe’s ears, so Huaqing’s people picked up not only the blonde American doctor from the airport, but also this Mr. Liang, who had a low pressure all over his body.



“Alright, I’m fine.” Li Zheng walked to Liang Zhe’s side, and without moving his right hand, secretly hooked Liang Zhe’s pinky.


The expression on Mr. Liang Zhe’s face stiffened, then his whole body’s aura became gentle at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, as he took hold of Li Zheng’s hand and slipped it into his pocket.


He then answered in a low voice, “Uh-huh.”


Zhao Depei, Chen Anbang and the others were immersed in the joy of Old Meng’s successful surgery, and didn’t notice the two men’s small movements.


“Anbang, the doctor also said that Old Meng’s body can’t be stretched any further, so you’ll have to work hard on the lab side. After all, it’s an international cooperation project, pay attention to it!” Zhao Depei patted Chen Anbang’s shoulder.


Chen Anbang nodded seriously.


“The results of the first phase of the project will come out soon, Hua Qing has completed 30% of the data analysis and interpretation. When the project paper is published, teacher will be very happy.”


“Good good good.” Zhao Depei was full of smiles, first the donation of the lab had allowed Hua Qing to make a good international appearance, then the international project cooperation, when the results of the project came out, he thought that Hua Qing’s ranking in the international arena would be on another level ah.


Li Zheng’s laboratory was also declared completed a month ago, and the experimental equipment arrived one after another.


Compared to the opening ceremony of Li Zheng’s laboratory, the opening ceremony this time around was a bit simple, with Li Zheng, Liang Zhe, Zhao Depei, and Chen Anbang, the four of them getting together for a meal. On a table borrowed temporarily, the “Ninth Biological Research Laboratory of Huaqing University”, which the students of Huaqing were most proud of in the latter days, was declared to be established.


But what Li Zheng didn’t expect was that on the very next day after the lab was established, Liu Sichao appeared at the door of the ninth lab.


“Aiyaa, don’t look at me like that, Mr. Liang is still beside you.” Liu Sichao said with a bad smile on his face.



He pushed the big bag inside the ninth lab, “Boss na, I suddenly realized that I am also a patriotic young man, oh no, patriotic middle-aged, so I repented and came back. But patriotism is patriotism, our salary is another matter.”


He coughed dryly, “Prices are low here, so I won’t take advantage of you, just send me my salary according to the salary level in Hong Kong.”


Li Zheng sniffed and laughed out.


Looking at Liu Sichao’s expectant gaze, a hint of warmth passed through Li Zheng’s eyes.


“No way.” He paused and saw Liu Sichao getting anxious before he slowly spoke, “At least I’ll add a patriotic subsidy.”



Liu Sichao instantly laughed so hard that his gums were exposed.



Liu Sichao’s appearance made the framework of the Ninth Laboratory quickly build up, and the next thing to do was to fill and improve. In layman’s terms, it was recruitment.



The Ninth Laboratory was different from Li Zheng’s laboratory in that it was a laboratory affiliated with the university, so recruitment was mainly geared towards graduate students and doctoral students.


“The Ninth Biological Research Laboratory is recruiting.”


“The Ninth Laboratory? Why haven’t I heard of it, was it newly opened?”


“It’s Professor Li Zheng Li, the lab donated by Roche, it’s really super big, even Professor Meng’s lab isn’t as big as it is.”



“You guys don’t know, Professor Li has a Li Zheng lab named after himself in Hong Kong, it ranked eighteenth on the global biological lab research value list last month! If we perform well in the Ninth Lab, we might be able to get into Li Zheng Lab!”


The recruitment of the Ninth Laboratory was like a stone thrown into a calm lake, causing the entire university to come alive all of a sudden.


Recruitment was carried out in an organized manner. Liang Zhe was fed up with the days of separation, staying in Huaqing for half a month at a time, the two of them slowly adapted to this slow-paced life.


Wake up early to eat a meal, jogging around the villa, then one went into the laboratory, the other went to the study. Then …… Old Meng passed away.



When the news came, the cup in Li Zheng’s hand fell to the ground at once, splashing water droplets in all directions.


“Liang Zhe drive me to the hospital.” His right hand clenched into a fist as he tried to calm himself down.



When they arrived, there were already quite a number of people standing in the corridor, apart from the people Li Zheng recognized, such as Zhao Depei and Chen Anbang, there were also many others who looked familiar to Li Zheng but couldn’t be named.


The current Li Zheng didn’t have the heart to admire people, he walked quickly to Chen Anbang and said in a deep voice, “What happened, didn’t you say the operation was a success?”


Chen Anbang looked sad and angry, his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse, “It’s not the surgery.”


“The first phase of our project with the University of Chicago research results have been published, but the Chicago Biological Laboratory signed the name of the teacher’s laboratory on the second author column. Obviously, according to the proportion of project completion, our lab’s byline should be tied with the University of Chicago Biological Laboratory.”



Li Zheng could see that Chen Anbang was so angry that his eyes were almost dripping blood.


“We fought for it! Protested against it! But they didn’t even put us in their eyes at all! What they were looking for wasn’t a partner at all, but a fool who was willing to do trivial data analysis for them!”



“Teacher valued this collaboration, and we knew that teacher couldn’t stand this kind of insult, so none of us dared to say anything, but I didn’t expect that teacher still asked the nurse to buy the journal while he was in his hospital bed, I ……”


Speaking later, Chen Anbang sobbed uncontrollably.


“Teacher ……” Li Zheng subconsciously called out, Chen Anbang was immersed in grief, and didn’t notice Li Zheng’s “slip of the tongue”.



In 1985, he hadn’t changed the fate of this great old man after all; perhaps he had even made his death more painful.


In his last life, Old Meng might have left with regrets and reluctance, but this time, he was carrying grief and pain.


Liang Zhe physically held Li Zheng’s hand.


“‘Extending the storage time of human transplanted organs’ huh?” Li Zheng’s voice was icy cold.



Since his rebirth, he had always had a principle of not destroying the normal ecology of the scientific research community. Projects that others were already working on and had achieved certain results wouldn’t be done, and projects that had just achieved project results but hadn’t earned back costs wouldn’t be introduced as substitutes in advance.


Because he knew that scientific research was a very time-consuming, blood-consuming project, each scientific research results were the crystallization of countless people’s efforts and time.



Just as the international community on the protection of drug patents, because drug research investment was too large, if there wasn’t enough profit stimulation, there wouldn’t be companies willing to take such a big risk.



If there was no patent protection for dru.gs, everyone could imitate them, there would be no more innovative dru.gs in the world, and the history of human d.rugs would come to a halt, which was called “fishing in troubled waters”.


Scientific research project research was also like this, If one had been working hard for several years or even more, and turned around, others had already produced the project results, or if one had finally produced the results and turned around, others had better products, this was almost devastating for a person’s research life.



After all, a person’s scientific research career lasted for 40 to 50 years at most, how many times could he suffer this kind of blow?


This time, however, Li Zheng had an urge, an urge to be capricious for once.


“Professor Chen, do you still intend to continue with this project?” Li Zheng asked in a deep voice.


A sarcastic smile appeared on Chen Anbang’s face, “The contract has already been signed, what if I don’t do it?”


“Then do you mind if the Ninth Laboratory has a friendly match with your laboratory.” Li Zheng fiddled with the old-fashioned watch on his wrist.


The old-fashioned watch had slowed down the movement of the second hand due to its longevity, but Li Zheng still had no intention of taking this watch off his wrist, and even preferred to keep another watch in his lab for this reason.


“What …… what?” Chen Anbang froze out.


“I mean, the first project of the Ninth Laboratory is established, which is to extend the storage time of human transplant organs.”


The lighter flickered brightly in Li Zheng’s hand, representing its owner’s not-so-calm mood right now.



Chen Anbang’s mouth opened and closed and closed and opened again, unable to speak for a long time.


It was only after about two minutes that he spoke with difficulty, “Li Zheng, I envy your drive, but a career in scientific research is very valuable, and as you are young, I would prefer not to see you take a detour.”


Li Zheng’s brows softened, “Teacher, you only have to answer if you don’t mind.”


Teacher? Chen Anbang was stunned, but he quickly realized that this was probably a custom of address in Hong Kong, he remembered that someone had mentioned that in the Hong Kong workplace, many people would address their seniors as teachers.


“I certainly don’t mind.” If it wasn’t for the reason of the contract, he would have wanted to dump the stall and leave, who cared if it had competitors or not.


Chen Anbang even had a hidden thought in his heart that if Li Zheng could really rush ahead of the University of Chicago’s Biological Laboratory and invent the technology of “extending the storage time of human transplanted organs”, then he would probably be very happy.


The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth hooked into a smile, “I see, thank you, Professor Chen.” After saying that, he pulled Liang Zhe and turned around to leave with large strides.



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