“One person in front of the army caused peace. Li Zheng ah, you are now a legendary figure.” Su Changzhi said with a big smile.


Li Zheng helplessly touched his nose, “Principal, don’t tease me. It’s just rumors, only one in ten words is true.”


The crowd laughed.


How could these old professors not know the exaggeration of these rumors? If a person really decided a wa-r, there would be no politics in the world.



“I plan to place the graduation defense in the lecture hall on the third floor of the Seeking Success Building, the lecture hall can accommodate about two hundred people, in addition to us old guys, all the students with associate professor titles or above in the school will participate. As for students, two seats will be given in each class, and most of the seats will be gone. We sent about 30 invitations, and there are about 30 seats left. Do you have anyone to invite, Li Zheng?”



Li Zheng hesitated a little, “I want ten seats.” Liang Zhe, Zhou Sitian and Li Zheng’s staff were bound to be reserved. And David, who had been making a lot of noise for a long time, had complained about his preference for one over the other several times since Li Zheng handed over the production of paclitaxel and Doc virus vaccine to MSD.



Since David was invited, Anthony naturally couldn’t be missing, as for Kent, he’d send the invitation as usual, if he came or not, it wasn’t his business.



The people sat in the meeting room and seriously discussed the process of the defense day. Seeing that Su Changzhi and others took this matter as a major event, inevitability, Li Zheng felt touched. He subconsciously rubbed the wrist watch on his right wrist, which wasn’t exquisite, and was willing to accept that there was no such thing as having the best of both worlds.


Five days later…..



The gates of the University of Hong Kong were open, and when people walked in, a red banner was displayed on the trees on both sides of the campus.



The students of the University of Hong Kong were all smiling with a hint of pride, and they didn’t lose their cool when they watched a person in a subject that you only saw on TV and magazines walk past them.



This was the temperament of the number one school in Hong Kong.


He Zhongming couldn’t say what feeling he had in his heart. The first time he met Li Zheng, he was angry that this teenager, who looked younger than him, had wiped out all his efforts with two soft words.


The second time he saw Li Zheng, he was embarrassed. He wasn’t a top student from a famous foreign school, and he had no family background. He may not even have gone to college. This made He Zhongming angry and jealous.


Later, their gap grew bigger and bigger, and He Zhongming gradually realized that he and this person had no place to compete, because they were not at all on the same starting line.



He Zhongming clutched the lecture hall pass just given to him by the counselor, with a bitter smile on his face, he had been trying to catch up for so long, only to find that person and himself weren’t on the same track, this feeling was really unbearable.



“He Zhongming, let’s go in quickly, those guests are coming, it’s not good for us to enter late.” A girl with a ponytail spoke up.


He Zhongming nodded and entered the lecture hall with the crowd.



As soon as David entered, he went straight to Li Zheng’s temporary lounge.


“Li, I really missed you What’s that saying you Chinese have, a day without seeing you is like three autumns, and we’ve been separated by several autumns.” David still had that exaggerated look.


David went to the Swiss headquarters for half a year of rotation, which was an excellent sign. A general regional head going back to the headquarters was the foreshadowing of a promotiom. The former CEO of Roche Asia wasn’t involved. It seemed that David would soon remove the “vice” word.


“David, you must have stayed in Switzerland for too long, your Chinese is still not good.” Li Zheng dodged David’s bear hug and said with a slight sneer.



David shrugged. “Li, you are a genius in biology. I am a genius in linguistics. Everyone has his own area of expertise.” He said solemnly.



Li Zheng …… where did the confidence come from?



The lecture hall was already densely packed with people. Originally, the University of Hong Kong was left with twenty positions for maneuvering, however, once the Governor of Hong Kong and the British and American food safety and drug regulatory authorities arrived, they took up all the positions.



Not only that, but many people came one after another without invitations but couldn’t be stopped, causing a headache for the staff.



Because of the special political significance of the vaccine, Li Zheng didn’t want to hide his research.



Five piles of thick information about four or five centimeters thick were placed in front of Su Changzhi and others, and they couldn’t wait to turn over the information, but realized that Li Zheng hadn’t come on stage yet, and put the information back reluctantly.



“Ahem, let’s start.” Su Changzhi’s voice echoed throughout the lecture hall through the microphone not far from him.


Li Zheng slowly came in through the side door and walked up to the lecture hall lectern.


Looking down from the stage, the five people sitting in the first row were Li Zheng’s defense mentors, Su Changzhi, Xu Mingsheng, Professor Wang, Professor Zhao, Professor Qian, they were the most respected professors at the Hong Kong University School of Medicine, he heard that the three professors, Wang, Zhao and Qian, had made a lot of effort for this mentorship quota.


Then the back was the guest seat, David, Anthony, Kent, the Governor of Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States and other countries drug regulatory authorities, Liang Zhe, Zhou Sitian, Li Zheng’s Staff and other people and a number of recognised people were invited by the University of Hong Kong.



The audience at the back were the outstanding students of the University of Hong Kong. These proud students usually remained nonchalant, but today they were like ordinary fans who was seeing their idol, not to mention the excitement on their faces, the pen in their hands hadn’t stopped since Li Zheng came in.


He saw He Zhongming among them, and he nodded to him. He Zhongming obviously froze, and then a strange look was evident on his face, seemingly stunned and flattered, and finally a relieved smile appeared on his face.


There were media seats on both sides of the lecture hall. Because it was an academic defense, Hong Kong University made it clear when it issued the media access permit that it wasn’t allowed to take photos before the end of the academic defense. Therefore, these media could only take notes, which was two points faster than those excited students.



To Li Zheng’s surprise, he saw Zhao Qihua in the media gallery.



Li Zheng slightly lowered his eyes, Zhao Qihua was the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Daily, according to reason, she shouldn’t appear here.



“Hello everyone, I am Li Zheng. The title of my paper is ‘The Principle of Anti-Doc Virus Vaccine'” When Li Zheng said the title of his paper, there was a momentary commotion in the room.



Although those big men in the biology circle had speculated early on, when Li Zheng formally announced the title of his thesis, they couldn’t help but admire this genius.


The governor of Hong Kong and the officials of the British drug regulatory department glanced at each other and exchanged a look that only they themselves could understand.


“The Doc virus vaccine belongs to live attenuated vaccine.” A virus model appeared on the projector, “This is the clinical manifestation of the virus after the action of the taxol, and the taxol is forced to destroy the virus activity. But the virus vaccine is different. The virus vaccine makes the virus toxicity within the self healing range of the human body through artificial attenuation…”


Li Zheng was very careful. Apart from the whole process of detoxification, there was almost no place for privacy.



“After preliminary biological experiments, Li Zheng’s lab has basically confirmed that the Doc virus vaccine can effectively prevent virus transmission.” The biological experiment data was two to three centimeters thick, and one by one, the data flashed across the slide.


The guests, including a group of professors and associate professors, all took out the pen and paper in their hands and scribbled.


Su Changzhi and others with presbyopic glasses quickly turned over the information in front of them, annotating and admiring at the same time. Professors Wang, Zhao and Qian were laughing so hard that their old dimples were coming out while they were writing.


Fortunately, they were smart and set the quota early, look, look.


Although everyone was listening, only the defense instructors had information in front of them. They happily scribbled on the information, imagining their colleagues’ envious and jealous eyes, it was as cool as drinking a glass of cold beer in summer.


Li Zheng spoke for more than two hours during this report.


During this two-hour report, not a single person left, not even one person got up to go to the toilet.


When Li Zheng’s last sentence fell, only the “rustling” sound of pen and paper rubbing together could be heard in the whole room.


Li Zheng awkwardly touched his nose and stood on the stage without speaking.


It took two or three minutes for someone to react, and sparse applause rang out, and then, as if a switch had been pressed, everyone looked up and the applause grew louder and louder, and in no time, the thunderous applause almost lifted the roof.


“Mr. Li Zheng, I would like to ask, this artificially reduced ……” just shortly after, someone hurriedly stood up to ask a question.



It was Professor Fujigami from the University of Tokyo, and before Li Zheng could say anything, Su Changzhi smiled.



“Fujigami ah, we’re the defense instructor, don’t be so anxious to ask questions.” Su Changzhi smiled so much that his eyes were narrowed.



In the Asian medical department, the University of Hong Kong Medical School was often compared with the University of Tokyo Medical School, and each time it wasn’t better than it, the University of Hong Kong had been the second for a long time, it was a bit tiring.



And this Professor Fujigami, was now the dean of the University of Tokyo School of Medicine.


Professor Fujigami’s expression was stiff, he opened his mouth, but couldn’t find a place to retort, then he reluctantly sat down with a frown.


Well, you are the defense instructors, then ask first.


Almost everyone’s eyes in the room were focused on the five people sitting in front.


At this point, Su Changzhi realized that he had been too pleased with himself.



He cleared his throat and asked, “Li Zheng, I saw that you used two artificial methods of toxicity reduction in your data, one is biological serum, and the other is plant fermentation and refining, why did you choose the second one later?”





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