“Hello, this is Zheng Lingling from Li Zheng’s lab, on behalf of Li Zheng’s lab, I would like to inform you that the initial development of the Doc Virus vaccine has been successful.”



Zheng Lingling never thought she would become famous in this way.



Every phone call from President Dorman’s office was recorded, and when President Dorman wanted to announce the good news to the public, he directly used the recording, which made the recording spread to the whole world through various media in just one day.



The people of Dorman, who were suffering from the Doc virus, were singing and dancing, immersed in a sea of joy. And more people were asking, “What is Li Zheng’s lab? Who is Zheng Lingling? Is the Doc virus vaccine very powerful?



When these answers were presented to the world, the people of the world admired Li Zheng’s laboratory and realized that there were people on the other side of the world who were suffering in ways they could not imagine.



At one time, various foundations, a certain protection association, a certain mutual aid society and other charitable organizations vied for performance, and the world’s trend of assisting Africa flourished.



“Lingling, eat more.” Since the news came out, mother Zheng’s smile hadn’t faded.


Their Zheng family was a family in Hong Kong, but it was only a second-rate family. Outsiders thought they were bright and shiny, but only they knew the hardships inside.



Especially Mrs. Zheng. The men’s circle was fine, no matter what those head of families thought in their hearts, they were openly polite. But the women’s circle was different, this high society wife circle had a clear hierarchy, unless your personal ability was particularly outstanding, the strength of your husband’s family was equal to your status.


Mrs. Zheng had a strong nature and would rather be the tail of the phoenix than the head of the chicken. As a result, several young people who had become rich and powerful had all raised their heads front of her.



However, once the news of the Doc virus vaccine came out, especially the recording of Zheng Lingling’s sharp and distinctive Cantonese, those wives who were usually arrogant came to praise her good daughter with a smile, which made Mrs. Zheng laugh out loud even in her dreams these days.


“Mom, I’m full. I have to go to the lab after I finish eating!”



“Go go go, it’s time to go, ask Uncle Zhang to send you there later. Don’t ever be late.”



The corner of Zheng Lingling’s mouth twitched and she muttered softly, “How many times did you call it a broken lab ……”


On Li Zheng’s side, the experimental project had come to fruition. But this Doc virus vaccine wasn’t like his previous projects, in many people’s view, its political significance was three points higher than its value.



Li Zheng’s experimental results hadn’t been reported to apply for human testing, yet these invitations had already been sent to him.

“The University of Tokyo, the National University of Singapore, the University of London, the University of Frankfurt, and ……” Liu Sichao paused, “the United States Stanford and University of China”



Liu Sichao put Stanford and China behind because in terms of fame status, Stanford University’s international ranking was the highest, and University of China, although its ranking was the lowest, he knew that Li Zheng was a Chinese national that had a different kind of affection for the country.



“Among them, the University of Tokyo, the University of Frankfurt and also University of China directly sent letters of appointment. The remaining ones are invitations, but I believe that if you, boss, respond, it will not be difficult to change this invitation into an appointment letter.” Liu Sichao tsked. How could the gap between people be so big? Others got tired and were done for life after doing an experiment.


Yet his boss, who was young, hadn’t graduated from school got one letter of appointment after another.


Li Zheng sat on the sofa, his eyes swept over these envelopes printed with the logos of major universities, the expression on his face didn’t change a bit. He had known that this day would come, he originally thought that this day would be after his graduation defense, but he didn’t think that the introduction of the Doc virus vaccine made these famous schools almost lose their reservations.




He didn’t even have a degree in higher education, it took courage to send an offer or letter of invitation to someone who didn’t even have a degree in higher education, especially for those prestigious schools that thought highly of themselves.



Li Zheng sat up straight, his hand brushed over the letters, and then stopped in front of the two envelopes with the logos of Stanford and the University of China, with a complex smile on his face.


He had come full circle, and he had actually come back.



In his previous life, he spent the most youthful four years at Stanford and embarked on the path of biopharmaceuticals. In China, he spent the most glorious days of his academic career, and both schools meant a great deal to him.


“What, are you planning to leave?” Don’t look at Liu Sichao’s roughness, he was a very careful person inside, otherwise how would he later become a famous head of a generation.


Li Zheng rubbed his brow and didn’t answer Liu Sichao’s question positively.


“The results of my side of the project are considered to be mostly out, and the next thing is to prepare for the graduation defense. Although these schools have sent me invitations, but if I can’t even get a bachelor’s degree, then these letters of appointment don’t count.” Li Zheng said with a smile.



Once the Doc virus biological experiments, there was only the human clinical hurdle left. This project was been handled by Li Zheng from beginning to end, he was eight percent sure that the vaccine could successfully pass the human clinical trials.


Dru-g production wasn’t like other things, this eight points was already a great certainty.


Because of the political significance of the Doc virus vaccine, the United Kingdom, the United States, and African countries were competing to have the first human clinical trials in their countries.


The British reason was very good, Li Zheng’s laboratory was in Hong Kong, the lease period of Hong Kong hadn’t yet arrived, so it happened under the British rule, naturally the British authorities had the right to conduct clinical trials.



The United States pulled out the flag of the United Nations, Li Zheng was followed by the United Nations medical support team to Africa to carry out the project, the project was carried out under the auspices of the United Nations, the drug clinical naturally couldn’t put the United Nations aside.


As for the African countries, here referred to South Africa and other African powers, because the virus in the backward areas of Africa spread very widely, for many small African countries, its political significance was too significant, South Africa and other African powers weren’t willing to let Europe and the United States interfere too much in the situation in Africa, naturally, they also fought.


Li Zheng had received many phone calls in the past few days, explicitly or implicitly hoping that Li Zheng, the inventor of the vaccine, would speak out. In this regard, Li Zheng always remained silent, as long as the results came out, he didn’t care about the clinical trials.


At the end of last year, Li Zheng’s graduation defense was listed as the first major event of the beginning of 1985 at the conference of the University of Hong Kong.



Therefore, once the news of the successful development of the vaccine in Li Zheng’s lab came out, Su Changzhi and Xu Mingsheng burst into laughter.



“It seems that we can also prepare. Ming Sheng ah, I’ll personally write those old fellows’ invitations, no one will compete with me!” Su Changzhi said with a big smile.



The University of Hong Kong was also lively all of a sudden, according to normal, Li Zheng should be in the first semester of his sophomore year now, but Li Zheng could count on one hand the total number of classes he had attended since he enrolled.



Except his classmates who had seen him twice, the seniors who were a few years higher than him had never seen the legendary “little brother”.



The video tape of Li Zheng under the tree at the party that year had become a best seller in the University of Hong Kong, and almost all the students of the University of Hong Kong had a disk in their hands.



Even the student council people jokingly said, why not give this video tape as a gift to every new student entering the school?


The efficiency of a very influential university running at full speed was really amazing, in less than half a month, the graduation defense had been set up.



The invitations were sent to all the biology experts in Asia, and banners were put up on the campus of Hong Kong University.



“Now it’s only March, how come there’s a graduation defense? It’s early this year?” A young boy with glasses who hadn’t yet figured out the situation scratched his head and asked his companion.



“Aigoo, I think you got stupid after reading too much. This graduation defense meeting is for one person.”



“One person? Alone? Who’s so dignified?” The man with glasses blurted out in shock, “Our school is the best university in Hong Kong, even the son of the richest man in Hong Kong doesn’t have this treatment.”


His companion gave him a blank look, “Of course the son of the richest man in Hong Kong doesn’t have this treatment, but Mr. Li Zheng does.”



He pointed to the foreign reporters hovering outside the school railing, “See, these reporters arrived in Hong Kong two or three days ago, they’ve been waiting outside our school every day, not to mention the richest, even the Governor of Hong Kong doesn’t have this treatment.”


“But our senior brother, Mr. Li Zheng has.”


“Oh! Li Zheng! I know, that, that ……” the man with glasses got a little excited, “that lab, Li Zheng’s lab, Zheng Lingling, that recording. Right!”


His companion glanced at him, “It seems you’re not too ignorant, yes. It is that Li Zheng. You know when he was in Africa, when Dorman was about to go to w-ar, he was in the laboratory not far from the front line, those people told him to go, he refused to go. Then when the two armies were about to fight, he said a word. With just one sentence, the wa-r was stopped.”



The companion was almost shaking in excitement. If Li Zheng were here, he would have to say, Younger brother, you applied for the wrong major. You’ll have a better future if you went to study acting or broadcasting.



“What’s the word?” The man with glasses asked cautiously.



“He said, if you want the Doc virus vaccine to come out soon, you’d better withdraw your troops immediately, the sound of artillery fire will disturb my thoughts!” The man said emotionally.



Li Zheng who walked by with Su Changzhi, Xu Mingsheng and other professors on the side ……




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