“Li Zheng, we haven’t affected your experiment process by bringing you here, right?” In the president of Hong Kong University’s office, Su Changzhi got up and personally poured a glass of water for Li Zheng, next to him was Xu Mingsheng, who wasn’t polite, he handed his empty glass of water to Su Changzhi, indicating for him to refill it.



Su Changzhi glared at his student, who was getting more out of shape as he aged, and poured water for him.



“No, the experiment is waiting for an important piece of information before moving on.” Li Zheng said with a smile, he sat upright on the sofa, for these two teachers, he maintained the usual respect.


Su Changzhi smiled pleasantly.


“I think Mingsheng has already talked to you, we just want to discuss the graduation defense. Have you thought of a topic for your thesis?” Su Changzhi looked at Li Zheng with a smile on his face.



Li Zheng gently put down the cup in his hand, his face showed a helpless look.



“Principal, you also know. I’m afraid I can’t be distracted from preparing my thesis, so I plan to, if the Doc virus vaccine is successfully developed before the defense, then it’ll my thesis topic. But if the experiment doesn’t go well, then ……”


Li Zheng hesitated for a moment, “Then I can only take a few past projects out to make up the numbers.”



Su Changzhi and Xu Mingsheng looked at each other, both saw the joy in each other’s eyes. Li Zheng had made several projects in the past two years, bringing one out as a graduation defense topic was more than enough, but if Li Zheng could announce the birth of the Doc virus vaccine at the defense, that was the best.


It was no exaggeration to say that the University of Hong Kong could go to the next level with the Doc virus vaccine, in addition to its own infectious disease vaccine value, its political and historical significance would also be extremely profound.


“Li Zheng ah, the project isn’t urgent, our school can completely cooperate with your time, right, principal?” With the last sentence, Xu Mingsheng turned to look at Su Changzhi.



Su Changzhi nodded seriously, “Of course, the project isn’t urgent, we can’t lose a lot for a small amount.”


“That’s Li Zheng, right?”


“Li Zheng? The one on the cover page of SCIENCE ‘In Vitro Regenerated Organs’ Li Zheng?”


“I heard that he is still one year below us.”


On the way back from the principal’s office, Li Zheng could hear such chatter from time to time, and he lowered his head and frowned slightly.



Today, Su Changzhi and Xu Mingsheng, in addition to discussing his thesis topic with him, also said that if Li Zheng was willing to stay in school, Hong Kong University was willing to make an exception and grant him a graduate degree directly after the defense.


This promise was already a great sincerity for a world-class university.


Hong Kong University’s indication made Li Zheng realize that the time he received his higher education degree would also be the time he faced a choice.


Li Zheng thought about it as he walked.


Zheng Lingling jogged all the way to Su Changzhi’s office, didn’t see anyone, ran out from the administration building again, looked around, and finally saw Li Zheng who was walking forward with his head down.


A hint of joy flashed in her eyes and she quickly ran in the direction of Li Zheng.


“Li Zheng! Boss! Dorman’s fax has arrived!” She shouted as she ran, completely disregarding her ladylike image, causing many people in the school to be stunned.


One should know that Zheng Lingling, with her outstanding looks and family background, was considered a goddess-level figure in Hong Kong University.


She panted as she ran to Li Zheng, “The fax, the fax has arrived. Teacher Zhong read the content and asked me to get you back immediately!” Zheng Lingling finished her sentence in one breath before panting heavily.



Li Zheng’s eyes lit up.


“Got it.” He couldn’t care less about the choice, the experiment was his biggest project right now, he started walking towards the school gate.


When Li Zheng arrived at the lab, Zhong Peng had already sifted through all the important parts of the information.



“This was provided by the Dorman military, the Serval’s life record report. I heard that Dorman carried out a poaching crackdown two days ago and also sent a small team to record the life of the serval around the clock for twenty-four hours.”



“What about the Cape Town side? Can you provide records?” Li Zheng asked as he flipped through the records provided by the Dorman military staff.



“Of course, they can even provide the video. Professor Leining asked the zoo for the records and passed them to me in the morning.”



The next thing the lab could hear was the sound of paper turning pages.



Wild servals and servals raised in zoos had completely different habits, but with so many differences, what exactly was the key to their completely different reactions to the Doc virus?



“Let’s start with food.” Li Zheng said in a deep voice.


Hong Kong’s side had perfect equipment, but Dorman was really far away, the Dorman military collected the things that the Serval had touched, and then put it in the freezer and sent to through a special plane to Hong Kong.



It was necessary.


Everyone in Li Zheng’s laboratory had entered a 24-hour continuous working state again. When they were tired, they went to the upstairs room to lie down for a while. In No. 1 sterile laboratory, a group of heavily armed researchers came in and out with serious expressions.


“Not food ……,” Li Zheng’s lips tightened into a straight line.


“Li Zheng, the video from the Dorman military has arrived.”


Li Zheng quickly brought it over, “Where’s the video recorder!? Is there a video recorder in the lab?”


The people looked at each other, how could there be such a thing in the laboratory?


“I’ll go get it right away.” Zheng Lingling was about to walk out.



“Wait …… wait a minute.” Zhang Yuejun raised his hand, “There is a video recorder, I have it …… there,” he said softly.


Zhong Peng knocked on his forehead and shouted, “Then go get it!”



Zhang Yuejun leapt up and rushed toward the laboratory door.


Zhang Yuejun would occasionally take his lunch break in the room upstairs of Lab 2, so he secretly hid a video recorder there.



He ran back with the VCR in his hand, and as soon as he entered the door the thing was snatched up by Zhong Peng, and the two quickly connected the wires.



Then they put the video sent by the Dorman military into it.



Zhang Yuejun’s sweat came down at once.



He rushed forward, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it.” But it was already too late, Zhong Peng had opened the box to put the video tape. Inside the box was a cool summer video directed by Wong Jing.


The crowd was silent for a while, Zhang Yuejun quietly took the tape out of the box and threw it into the trash.



The crowd couldn’t care less about laughing at Zhang Yuejun now, and put the video tape in.



Soon, a familiar creature appeared in front of the crowd.



The Dorman military obviously took the trouble to record a very steady video, recording 24 hours a day, almost from the moment the Serval opened its eyes until it closed them to rest.



The lab was quiet and only the breathing of the people could be heard.


Three times


The first time was 24 hours, and the third time was five days later. The only thing Li Zheng did these days was to watch the videos. When he was really tired, he laid down for a rest.



Liang Zhe came several times and tried to persuade him, but when he saw Li Zheng’s bloodshot but shining eyes, he remained silent.


Mr. Liang personally went upstairs to carry a quilt down and helped Li Zheng make a bed on the first floor before his tightly furrowed brow loosened a little.



“It’s not food, but what else could it be but food, unless it’s a very special habit, it couldn’t possibly cause such a big difference in the experiment.” Li Zheng muttered, his eyes didn’t leave the screen for a moment.



“Strange, how is that Serval is similar to a bird, taking roots and grass leaves back?” Zheng Lingling muttered.


Li Zheng, who kept recording at the side, jerked his head up.



“What did you say?” His eyes were firmly fixed on Zheng Lingling.



Zheng Lingling was startled, “I said, this serval is similar to a bird.”



“The latter sentence.”


“Gripping roots and blades of grass back ……,” Zheng Lingling dully repeated.



Yes, the biggest difference between the serval in the zoo and the wild serval, besides food, was this, the serval in the zoo, someone prepared a good resting place, while in the wild, they weren’t so lucky.


“Zhong Peng ……”


“Okay, Mr. Li Zheng.”


Perhaps the heavens were also on the side of Li Zheng and the people of Dorman, this time they didn’t do it for nothing, the substance extracted from the plant in the video after fermentation was effective against the Doc virus!


“It worked!”


“We did it!”


A huge cheer almost broke the roof.


Li Zheng couldn’t keep the serious expression on his face, his eyes were full of laughter, he coughed dryly, “Don’t be too happy too early, this is just the first step.”



“Professor Zhong, contact Researcher Liu and Researcher Ma and ask them to come and help. We’re going to conduct a virus attenuation test.”


Having found the right thing, the next attenuation experiment went so smoothly that even Li Zheng himself could not believe it.


“Saline 3:1 ratio diluted and injected.” Li Zheng gripped the corner of the table tightly and tried to calm himself down.



Zhang Chao nodded forcefully, “Group 1, guinea pig experiment.” He said softly, then stuck the needle into the guinea pig’s abdomen.


Two days later, the faces of Li Zheng’s laboratory were full of joy, the laboratory’s preliminary biological experiments went very well, and the attenuated Doc virus could completely rely on human immunity to cure itself.



After the cure, the human body would produce antibodies to the Doc virus, and if the virus was infected again, they would start a cascade reaction of complement after binding to the antigen, connecting the invading viruses to each other and gathering them into a pile for easy engulfment by macrophages.


“Convey the good news to Dorman.” Li Zheng said softly.


The crowd couldn’t help but look at Zheng Lingling, whose eyes widened and pointed at herself.





Although this kind of notification work was always done by her, but this matter …… she gulped and couldn’t help but turn her questioning gaze to Li Zheng.


“Do it. You are the grand steward of Li Zheng’s lab, so you can naturally represent our lab.”


Zheng Lingling smiled and nodded.



Nervously, she picked up the phone receiver, her palms slightly oozing with sweat, and “beep,” the call was answered.


“Hello, this is President of Dorman’s office.”


“Bang Bang Bang” Zheng Lingling could almost hear the sound of her heart beating, Mr. President had instructed that if the vaccine was developed successfully, they needed to inform him at the first opportunity.



“Hello, this is Zheng Lingling from Li Zheng’s laboratory, on behalf of Li Zheng’s laboratory, I would like to inform you that the Doc virus vaccine has been initially developed successfully.”




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