“Hello, General Tasman, this is Li Zheng, I think I need your help now.” Running all the way back to the laboratory, before he could even catch his breath, Li Zheng dialed the phone number of the Dorman military.



“How did those ten serval cats come about, where do they live, what are their habits? I need detailed information. It is the key to the development of the vaccine, so the more detailed information the better, the faster.” Li Zheng’s voice was fast and short, his urgency was obvious.


Tasman, the big man who put everyone under house arrest in the temporary hospital, was silent for a while, “Okay, I’ll do it as soon as possible.” The servals sent to Li Zheng was intercepted by poachers, who were shot on the spot, and it wasn’t easy for the Dorman army to figure out where the servals came from.


But this was a matter of vaccine development, even if it was more difficult, the people of Dorman would try to do it.



Next, Li Zheng called the biology lab at the University of Cape Town. The origin of the servals at the Cape Town lab was clearer, as they were raised in the Cape Town Zoo since childhood, and were first requisitioned by the lab because they were needed for the development of the Doc virus vaccine.


Li Zheng had a hunch that the key to the different results of the same experiment was in the origin of these servals.



After the phone call, Li Zheng collapsed in his chair as if he had lost his strength. He was panting heavily, and his face was flushed from his long run.



“As long as we find out the cause of antibody production in Serval’s body, we can deduce the method of weakening the toxicity of the Doc virus in reverse, and that is not far from the development of automatic immune preparations that can prevent the transmission of Doc virus.”



Li Zheng’s eyes shone with a light that was hard to ignore.



“I’ve thought of my thesis topic, Doc virus vaccine, do you think it’s good?” Li Zheng turned his head to look at Liang Zhe.



Liang Zhe slowly took two steps forward, squatted down in front of Li Zheng’s chair, and then reached out his hand to encircle Li Zheng’s waist in a half-crouch.


His head rubbed at Li Zheng’s abdomen like a big dog.



“In the future …… don’t make it so hard on yourself, okay?” His voice was low and hoarse.



Li Zheng slowly sat up straight, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up, and his hands were placed across Liang Zhe’s neck.


“I know.” Li Zheng felt he was lucky to have a lover who understood and tolerated him as completely as Liang Zhe.


Academic research was different from ordinary work, it required a person’s complete commitment, a person’s energy was only so much, they would naturally neglect their family if they worked too much, he saw too many colleagues around him in his last life make mistakes because of the difficulty in dealing with the conflict between family and work.



This was also one of the reasons why he delayed finding a partner in his last life.


Now he had Liang Zhe, the smile at the corner of Li Zheng’s mouth became even more obvious.



“It’s one o’clock, stay here and rest today.” Looking at Liang Zhe’s ears, which reddened all of a sudden, the pleasure in Li Zheng’s heart increased, and being looked at by Liang Zhe with gentle eyes, Li Zheng had a feeling that he was his whole world.


This feeling was unexpectedly addictive.


There were three rooms on the second floor of Lab 2, and because the rest of the lab staff didn’t have the habit of resting in the lab, the mattresses in the remaining two rooms weren’t prepared.


“Don’t mind spending the night with me.” Li Zheng’s face turned red.


Although they established a relationship, but because of their characters, they usually just held hands, Li Zheng was too busy to do anything, Liang Zhe was too afraid to do anything extra.



Liang Zhe’s ears were red, his usually expressionless face looked a bit serious, he solemnly nodded, “I don’t mind.”


Li Zheng was dumbfounded, it was one or two o’clock in the morning, so he didn’t bother to shower, he took off his jacket and laid on the bed.


Seeing that Liang Zhe didn’t move for a long time, Li Zheng got his head out of the blanket and patted the spot beside him, “Come and sleep.”



Liang Zhe’s face was suddenly so red that it could drip blood.


The high load of brain exercise all day made Li Zheng sleep as soon as he touched the pillow, and his breathing became even not long after.



Liang Zhe was lying next to Li Zheng, stiff and afraid to move a bit, his face was up and his hands rested on his belly, his position was so standard that even the most discerning etiquette teachers couldn’t fault it.


When Li Zheng turned over, Liang Zhe could feel a burst of warmth coming from the side of his ear, his heart was beating hard.



Liang Zhe’s sober eyes flashed with a trace of hesitation, he moved his body, Li Zheng’s breathing pattern didn’t change, then he moved again.



Liang Zhe turned to his side, and Li Zheng’s sleeping face was instantly reflected in his eyes.



Li Zheng’s eyes were tightly closed, his body was slightly curled up, his mouth was slightly open, and he let out a soft sound.


Liang Zhe couldn’t help but poke Li Zheng’s slightly open mouth with his hand.



Li Zheng subconsciously closed his mouth, the soft and warm touch made Liang Zhe’s breathing become rapid all of a sudden.



Liang Zhe slowly approached, and the hot air exhaled from Li Zheng’s mouth and nose hit his face.


His heart beat faster and faster, and the moment his lips touched his lips, Liang Zhe felt his blood rushing to his head, and he clumsily stretched out his tongue and smoothly met Li Zheng’s slightly closed teeth.



As if he had discovered a new world, Liang Zhe reached out and wrapped his hand around Li Zheng’s waist, hugging his body into his arms, his tongue nimbly dancing in the hot, warm lips, the sizzling temperature was addictive.



The sleeping Li Zheng only felt that his breathing was becoming more and more difficult, and he tried to inhale, but it became more convenient for this uninvited guest. Liang Zhe had an urge to rub Li Zheng’s entire body into his own flesh and blood, his eyes were red, his brain had completely lost the ability to reason and think, only human instincts remained.



A crisp sound was suddenly heard in the quiet night.



Li Zheng, who had been having trouble breathing fresh air, could no longer hold back his hands, he struggled unconsciously and slapped Liang Zhe, who was moving around.


Time had a moment of stillness, Liang Zhe’s body stiffened, sanity returned at once, and his lips slowly parted. A silver thread slowly pulled apart between the two, looking extraordinarily ambiguous.



Liang Zhe suddenly let out a low laugh, he reverently kissed Li Zheng’s forehead, then he smiled and closed his eyes.



The next day, Li Zheng opened his eyes and saw this scene, his entire body wrapped around Liang Zhe like an octopus, and a suspicious puddle of water was in front of Liang Zhe’s underwear.



Li Zheng compared the distance from his mouth to the puddle of water, and his face flushed with a trace of shyness.



He slept alone in his last life, and didn’t know whether his sleeping appearance was good or not, seeing the scene today, probably …… maybe, maybe, his sleeping appearance wasn’t very good?



Liang Zhe’s eyes opened as Li Zheng struggled.



When he saw Li Zheng’s tangled expression, his face turned red, like a little wife who saw her husband at first sight after marriage.



Li Zheng felt even more guilty.


“Sorry, I’ll wash it for you ……” although he hardly ever washed clothes.


Liang Zhe’s eyes were a little erratic. Seeing Li Zheng’s embarrassed appearance and thinking of what he did last night, it was better for him to be silent now.



Liang Zhe’s silence made Li Zheng even more convinced that he didn’t sleep well last night, Li Zheng rubbed his temples with an embarrassed expression, “Look, we’ve already established a relationship, there will definitely be more times that we’ll sleep together. I will try to correct my sleeping appearance.”


“No!” Liang Zhe jerked up.


Because of the late sleep yesterday, the two slept until noon and the laboratory staff were already busy.



When Li Zheng and Liang Zhe came down together, all the people in the lab couldn’t help but freeze.



Liu Sichao’s glassware shattered on the ground.



“You …… guys ……” he was dumbfounded.



Li Zheng coughed dryly, “Last night, Liang Zhe accompanied me to do experiments late, so he rested upstairs. What’s wrong with that?”



Wrong!? Of course it wasn’t right.



Who was Liang Zhe, the helmsman of the Liang family, Mr. Liang of Hong Kong!


The Liang company was so big, was it a decoration?



Even an ordinary working-class people, would have their own work to do, who was so free to accompany you day and night to do experiments, friends? Go lie to a ghost.



Looking at Li Zheng’s “sanctimonious” appearance, Liu Sichao mocked him in his heart. At the same time, he deeply sympathized with Mr. Liang, who had always been expressionless, but came to the laboratory almost every day to report.



He kept him for the night but didn’t even give him a title, scum man.



Li Zheng saw the doubts in people’s eyes, and felt even more embarrassed. He wasn’t used to dealing with such a scene, so he changed the subject abruptly.




“Did you get a call from Dorman this morning? Any change in the serum test data of those servals? Have Cape Town send over a copy of their subjects’ serum data to compare with ours. Make a graph of the data and make it easy to visualize.”



The people in the lab responded, but the eyes that drifted over from time to time let Li Zheng know that they were definitely not concentrating right now.



Liang Zhe also followed Li Zheng step by step.


Li Zheng saw the eyes of the gawking crowd, and couldn’t help but feel some shyness and annoyance, which was a novel experience for him, but the feeling …… Li Zheng didn’t find it interesting at all.


He couldn’t resist pulling Liang Zhe to go outside.



Liang Zhe had a smile in his eyes, and when he saw Li Zheng looking over, his face was serious with a slightly aggrieved expression.


“You want me to go?” Liang Zhe spoke up in a loud voice.



Li Zheng’s words stuck in his throat, looking at Liang Zhe’s appearance, even he felt like a negative villain.


But …… but he, Li Zheng scratched his hair, he wasn’t wrong?



“Well then, I’ll go back first. Remember what you promised me yesterday, don’t make it too hard on yourself.” Liang Zhe paused for a moment, “Tomorrow, I will see you tomorrow.”


“Mm, okay.” Li Zheng heard himself answer.


A big smile appeared on Liang Zhe’s face, he went up and rubbed Li Zheng’s hair before turning around to leave.


Li Zheng frowned slightly, he felt that there was something wrong somewhere, but where exactly?




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