“What are the results?”


“Here’s the test report for the past three days, and we’ve been doing a full checkup on them every six hours. Not surprisingly, the effect of the second virus injection on the Serval is so small as to be almost negligible.”



“What about Africa? How are they doing?” On the eve of Li Zheng’s return to Hong Kong, the University of Cape Town took the initiative to contact him, willing to undertake part of the experiment.


Li Zheng wasn’t polite with them, and gave them the most tedious screening work. The experiments showed that not all felines carried antibodies to the Doc virus.


The Serval was the only known animal that carried antibodies at this stage.



African countries, especially Dorman, were immediately nervous, and the country issued three consecutive decrees in one day, strictly prohibiting any organization or individual from hunting servals, and Dorman even directly listed it as a national-level protected animal.


When Li Zheng heard the news, he froze for a moment, and then a strange look appeared on his face, he had changed the fate of a group?


The Serval was listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 2006, and the inaction of African countries was the main reason why it was hunted in large numbers.


With the news that the Serval carried antibodies to the Doc virus, it was thought that poaching by the private sector would be greatly reduced, and the threat to the survival of the Serval would be greatly reduced.



“Keep in close contact with the University of Cape Town at all times, we need their help for some experiments that we are not comfortable doing.” Li Zheng said in a deep voice.


“Okay.” Zhang Yuejun answered.



With the experiment step by step, Li Zheng began to miss experimental equipments, if it was thirty years later, he could completely simulate the model of the virus antibody and the process of action on the computer, but now ……


Li Zheng pursed his lips and resigned himself to manually record the experimental data and construct the relevant models on the original computer.


In June 1984, Hua Jingfang publicly put forward the slogan “one country, two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong, a high degree of autonomy”, it was the time of discussion inside and outside the island of Hong Kong, the front page of the Hong Kong Daily News published the ruling philosophy of Hua Jingfang, explaining the concept of “one country, two systems” to the people of Hong Kong, indicating that the game between China and Britain entered a white heat.



From the summer into late autumn, the road pedestrians put on thick windbreakers, the Chinese and British sides of the negotiations had entered near the end, the atmosphere in Hong Kong seemed to tense up, a number of giants in Hong Kong coincidentally converged their movements, as if the calm before the storm, people couldn’t help being alarmed.

December 19, 1984, Great Hall of the People, China.


It wasn’t the first time that Li Zheng came to the Great Hall of the People; he remembered that the last time he came, he even stood on the speaker’s platform and spoke. And today he was just a spectator.


But he was in a mood of excitement today that he had never felt before. He had never thought that he would have the opportunity to witness this scene with his own eyes. Li Zheng’s hands clenched into fists, his breathing became a little ragged, and his body trembled slightly because of the excitement.


On the side, Liang Zhe put his hand over Li Zheng’s right hand that was clenched into a fist.


The blazing heat coming from the palm of his hand made Li Zheng’s tense nerves a little bit more relaxed.


Two months ago, Li Zheng’s lab finally screened 48 possible antibodies from Serval’s body. The people were like travelers who finally saw the light after walking in the dark for a long time, cheering in the lab.


Just then, Zheng Lingling received a phone call saying that a woman named Zhao Qihua was outside looking for Li Zheng.



Li Zheng frowned when he heard the name, but still had someone invite her in.


He took off his protective suit, casually draped a white lab coat and walked outside.


Zhao Qihua was standing in the courtyard, her professional woman’s outfit was a bit sharper than the one Li Zheng had seen at the banquet.



“You’re here.” Li Zheng opened his mouth.


He hesitated for a moment, “Would you like to go inside and sit down?”


Zhao Qihua looked at Li Zheng with a complicated expression, “No need. I’m sending something here this time.” After saying that, she handed over an envelope.


In the upper right corner of the envelope was a Tenglong stamp, an eighty-four year Tenglong stamp, which would be worth a lot of money in later times.


“Won’t you open it to see?”


Li Zheng was stunned, then opened the envelope, inside was a delicate letter paper, the back of the letter paper was the Chinese People’s Congress Hall hanging the photocopy of the “rivers and mountains are so beautiful”.


Unfolding the letterhead, it was actually a handwritten invitation letter.



“Mr. Li Zheng is hereby invited to be the guest of honor at the signing ceremony of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.” The writing with brush was very strong, the hegemony revealed between the lines was frightening.


Yes, it was already in October. Li Zheng remembered that on September 26, 1984, the Chinese and British sides initialled the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Hong Kong issue by the heads of their respective delegations, and the official signing of this declaration was in December of this year.


Watch the ceremony!


Li Zheng took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He had the opportunity to witness this great moment with his own eyes!


“The British side has already compromised, and Hong Kong will definitely return to the embrace of China in 1997. Although the masses in Hong Kong still have many misunderstandings and fears about China now, I believe that with our efforts and the media’s publicity, Hong Kong’s recognition of China will grow!” Zhao Qihua’s eyes were glowing as she spoke about this.



Li Zheng gave this woman a complicated look, although he was in the laboratory, he still knew a little about the changes in the outside world, just a short time ago, the founder of the Hong Kong Daily News officially announced his retirement and handed over this great paper media empire to his son, Shen Hongji.


As soon as Shen Hongji took over the Hong Kong newspaper industry, the Hong Kong Daily News changed its neutral approach and promoted the concept of “one country, two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” and slogans in a big way, if this had nothing to do with Zhao Qihua, Li Zheng didn’t believe.


Perhaps this woman wasn’t a good wife or a good mother, but in patriotism, she didn’t do worse than any other person.


“Thank you, I will go.” Li Zheng said.


Zhao Qihua had a real smile on her face, her hand lifted slightly as if she wanted to pat Li Zheng’s shoulder, but she hesitated, and then let it go.


“Then, I’ll go first.” She said and turned to leave.


The three-month-old belly was already slightly bulging, and Li Zheng, remembering the dark circles under her eyes, he couldn’t help but speak, “A pregnant woman needs to rest more.”



Zhao Qihua’s body froxe and her eyes were slightly red, “Thank you.”


Li Zheng took the invitation and walked back, Zheng Lingling, who was making coffee for the crowd, saw him and glanced behind him.


“Didn’t Editor-in-Chief Zhao come in and sit down?”


“Editor-in-chief Zhao?” Li Zheng frowned slightly.



“It’s Zhao Qihua, she was kicked out by Mrs. Shen, and Shen Lao didn’t stop her. It’s all over the Hong Kong circle, it’s because of the newspaper. Old Mr. Shen has never wanted the Hong Kong newspaper industry to take sides, while Mrs. Shen favored the British side. But Zhao, the editor-in-chief, personally penned a story explaining China’s ruling philosophy.”



“Still pregnant with a child in her belly, but living in the newspaper office and refusing to leave, these months she was staring at the people underneath to release the newspaper.”


Li Zheng was silent for a while, “How do you know so well?”



Zheng Lingling: “The daughter of my mother’s sister-in-law works as an accountant in the Hong Kong newspaper.”


Li Zheng ……


The delegations from the Chinese and British sides entered in turn from both sides, and the audience visibly stirred up.



The leader of the China side had white hair at his temples but he was hale and hearty, he had a smile on his face, which was a gentle and elegant face, but he also had a domineering aura.


The British side was headed by Margaret Thatcher, her makeup was exquisite, but her lips were pursed tightly.



When the two leaders took their seats, the scene was instantly quiet, and the crowd in the audience couldn’t help but hold their breath.


In the center of the long table covered with dark green velvet, a red leather-covered statement had been placed, and the leaders of both sides signed the joint statement on behalf of their governments with the Chinese desktop hero gold pen.



When the last stroke fell, the whole room resounded with loud applause.


Li Zheng could see that the representatives of a group of Hong Kong people watching the ceremony had a complex look on their faces, with relief, loss and confusion, while the people watching the ceremony not far away from China were all joyful, and they all had a look of joy on their faces.


Hong Kong wasn’t far from the return!



Li Zheng gently laughed out loud, “I’m very happy.”


Liang Zhe held his hand, “If you are happy, I will be happy too.”


Li Zheng didn’t stay more, it wasn’t that he deliberately avoided Zhao Qihua, but the news came from Li Zheng’s laboratory, the antibodies were found.



The chances of Dorman newborns contracting the Doc virus were very high, and a day earlier the vaccine came out, there would be fewer tragedies, so once the call came from Hong Kong, Li Zheng got on a plane back to Hong Kong that day.


“How is it!”



“These are two of the 48 substances screened out, and they are both highly sensitive to the virus. After the guinea pig experiment, both have some resistance to the virus, but it is still difficult to use this to develop a vaccine.”



Zhong Peng said, handing a thick pile of experimental data to Li Zheng.



Li Zheng observed the guinea pigs while his hand quickly flipped through the pages.


“Impossible, if that’s all the reaction, Serval can’t be immune to the Doc virus! There must be something missing! There must be something else missing!” Li Zheng muttered.



Li Zheng repeated the simulation experiment one by one as if no one was watching.


“Teacher Zhong ……” watching the clock hand slowly approaching twelve o’clock, Zhang Chao couldn’t help but speak up, “Mr. Li Zheng, he …… ”


Zhong Peng shook his head, “Don’t bother him now. You two go upstairs and find a room to rest, I’ll stay with him.”



“How can this work, we are young, it’s okay to stay up late, Yuejun and I will take turns.”



“No need ……” The three were arguing when the door outside the lab was pushed open and Liang Zhe skillfully changed into his protective clothing and walked toward the few.



“You guys don’t need to grab, I’ll accompany him.” While the three were arguing. The door outside the laboratory was pushed open, and Liang Zhe skillfully put on his protective clothing and walked towards them.


Zhong Peng and others ……




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