“Qiuhua, are you okay?” Shen Hongji saw that Zhao Qihua had been distracted, so he asked in a low voice.


Zhao Qiuhua’s hand clutching the knife and fork slowly relaxed, she lowered her head so that people couldn’t see her expression, “I’m fine.”


This was her own choice, and now at this time, she simply didn’t have time to pay attention to personal matters.


All the people here were leaders in the media industry in Hong Kong, how couldn’t they understand the purpose of the Governor’s banquet today? It was just that these people had their own thoughts and didn’t want to take sides so early.


“Thank you for your invitation today, Governor. I personally admire your deeds, so I will drink this toast first.” Shao Qidong was the number one person in the media industry in Hong Kong, he stood up and was the first to speak.


After holding his glass and gesturing to Sir Edward and Li Zheng, Shao Qidong tilted his head and drank the red wine in the glass.


His action, as if flipping a switch, caused all the people present to stand up and toast to the two men.


Sir Edward’s face showed a helpless look. These people had to find another topic in order to avoid the Chinese and English issues.


“Mr. Li ……”


“Mr. Li ……”


The impatience in his heart became more and more obvious, as he couldn’t adapt to this kind of occasion even in two lifetimes.


“If my son had been as good as you, I could have retired early.” An old man with white hair on the opposite side smiled.


The expression on his face turned strange as he looked up. The reason was that the person who spoke was none other than the founder of the Hong Kong Daily News, Shen Hongji’s father, Zhao Qihua’s father-in-law.


“You’re teasing me.” The eyes of Li Zheng and Zhao Qiuhua made contact for a moment, but they quickly avoided each other at the same time.


“Mr. Li, we had a face to face, I don’t know if you still remember.” Shen Hongji said, following his father’s words.


“Of course, if it wasn’t for your kindness, Mr. Shen, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have Qing Garden today.”


After the meal, everyone didn’t mention the issue of China and Britain for a word, but Edward didn’t feel dissatisfied at all. He laughed all night. For some things, he just needed to show an attitude.


When Li Zheng went out, a black car had stopped under a tree not far away, and the radian of his mouth rose slightly.

The car belonged to housekeeper Fang.


Li Zheng said goodbye to Edward with a smile. Just two steps away, he heard a female voice behind him.

“Li… Mr. Li.” Zhao Qiuhua swallowed down the word “Li Zheng”. In fact, she wasn’t ready to face her son at all. But when she saw Li Zheng’s back disappearing into the night, her mind didn’t respond, but she said something first.


Father Shen and Yang Wanru paused and looked their way.


Still, Li Zheng couldn’t hide. After rubbing his eyebrows, he turned around. “Mrs. Shen.” He called Zhao Qiuhua that way.


Zhao Qiuhua’s expression was obviously stiff for a moment, and her face suddenly showed a very complex expression, sorry, helpless, worried, proud, “you… are very great.”


Li Zheng was obviously stunned, and then quickly responded, “Thank you.”


Zhao Qiuhua smiled bitterly. She received a letter from her father a few days ago. She knew that Li Qiang was dead and that Li Zheng and Zhou Sitian had suffered a lot because of her choices. She knew that some injuries were irreversible once they were caused.



Seeing Li Zheng’s reaction, the last ray of light in Zhao Qiuhua’s eyes also faded. At this time, Shen Hongji also trotted over. He took off his coat and put it on Zhao Qiuhua.


“You are now a double body, why don’t you know how to take care of yourself.”



Zhao Qiuhua’s body froze. She suddenly looked up to see Li Zheng’s reaction, only to find that Li Zheng just froze for a moment, and then the polite and estranged smile came back on his face.


She opened her mouth but she couldn’t speak.



“Mr. Li, we’ll leave you now.” Shen Hongji said.


Li Zheng nodded, “Your health is important.”



Shen Hongji helped Zhao Qiuhua walk slowly towards the Shen family car, Zhao Qiuhua walked very slowly, her right hand kept clenching into a fist.


After walking about five or six steps, she suddenly turned around and shouted in a moderate voice, “Mr Li, if you have something, please contact me.”


There were about seven or eight people at the entrance of Serenity One, and their puzzled eyes were focused on Zhao Qihua at the same time.



Li Zheng pursued his mouth, hesitated, and then said, “Got it.”


Then he turned and got into the car.


“Who is she?” As soon as Li Zheng got on the bus, he was greeted by a slightly chilly embrace. Liang Zhe put his head on Li Zheng’s head, with a trace of dissatisfaction in his voice.


Li Zheng raised his hand and pushed Liang Zhe’s head away. He sat upright with a cold expression.



“Should be called my mother, right?”


“What?” Liang Zhe asked in a dumbfounded manner.


Li Zheng raised his eyes and gave him a look, “Didn’t you hear me? Zhao Qihua is my mother in biology.”


The Shen family’s car happened to pass by and Liang Zhe saw Zhao Qihua’s shadow on the car window and sat up a little straighter.


Li Zheng ……


Li Zheng’s eyes held a gentle smile, “Don’t be nervous, it’s just a biological blo-od relationship. She is living well, and I am also living well. Maybe we will have communication later, but you…”


Li Zheng paused, “But you don’t have to look at her as your mother-in-law…” He said it anyway.


The world in front of Liang Zhe became colorful all of a sudden, and his smile got bigger and bigger, almost to the back of his ears.


“Okay.” He said.


It was already seven or eight o’clock in the evening when they returned to Qing Garden.


When Li Zheng walked into Villa No. 2, everyone hadn’t yet left.


“Li Zheng, the cats have been delivered and I placed it in Lab 1.” Liu Sichao put the record book in his hand on the table and walked towards Li Zheng.



“And Mr. Kent called, the plane arrives tomorrow. Although he is only an assistant, he is at least a participant in this experiment, you can’t leave him behind.”


When Liu Sichao said this, he was still in a trance, his biggest wish before was to enter Mercer East, but he was brushed off.



Now the chief researcher of Mercer East actually talked to him so politely. Okay, he knew it was for the sake of Li Zheng, but who was Li Zheng? He was his boss! A strange sense of pride welled up in Liu Sichao’s heart.



He clapped his hands and gathered everyone together, “Ma Wenmin, Liu Sichao, you already have your own topics, start building your own team. Professor Zhong, you are now free, please help the others, and Zhang Chao, Zhang Yuejun, tomorrow morning at eight o’clock, report to laboratory No. 1, wear protective clothing, this time it’s a real infectious disease.”


“Zheng Lingling, these are the experimental supplies I want, I need to see them by 8:00 tomorrow morning.”



“Yes, boss.” She readily responded.



Li Zheng looked at his watch, “Then, let’s take an early break today.”


The people smiled and dispersed.


The only people left in the lobby of Villa 2 were Li Zheng and Liang Zhe.


Liang Zhe’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed and his lips were pursed.


Li Zheng touched his nose, “What’s wrong?”


“Will you enter the laboratory tomorrow?” Liang Zhe seemed like a puppy about to be abandoned by its owner.


Li Zheng hesitated for a moment. “Then I’ll try to come out at night?”



“You have to eat dinner with me.”


“Instant noodles?”


Liang Zhe: ……


“I will ask Uncle Fang to prepare it.” Seeing Li Zheng’s frown had still not relaxed, he spoke again, “I guarantee you can eat it faster than noodles.”


“Then …… okay.” Li Zheng hesitantly agreed.


The line on Liang Zhe’s face softened all of a sudden.



The next day, Zhou Sitian heard the news that LiZheng and Zhao Qiuhua had met and rushed to see her brother.


“Xiao Zheng, are you alright? I didn’t mean not to tell you, I didn’t think you would meet so soon, I ……” Zhou Sitian seemed a bit incoherent.



She didn’t even put on makeup and her hair was a mess, so she must have rushed over as soon as she woke up.


Li Zheng was silent for a minute, “Not many people should know about my meeting with Zhao Qihua ……”


Zhou Sitian was stunned.


Li Zheng continued: “Although you took off the ring, the marks on your finger is still there. Sister, you are still young. Do you know what I mean?”


Zhou Sitian’s face instantly turned red, her mouth opened and closed, unable to say a word. Only to watch as her brother breezed into the laboratory.



What the hel-l was going on here? She stomped her feet and turned around to leave.



She happened to meet Liang Zhe on her way out and nodded politely to him.


Liang Zhe pulled the corners of his mouth and tried to be kinder.


When Zhou Sitian saw this, her prejudice against Liang Zhe faded. This Mr. Liang was just not good at expressing himself, but he was very polite.



Zhou Sitian couldn’t help shaking her head at the thought of what she heard about Liang’s group’s boss’s aggressive behavior. This rumor was like a scandal in the entertainment industry. There was probably only one true sentence in ten lines.



On the other hand, after a night’s rest, the ten serval cats had recovered a little bit, perhaps because they realized that they had arrived at an unfamiliar place, the cats were a little bit agitated.



Their throats made a low “heh” sound and their bodies were slightly arched, as if they were ready to attack at any moment.


“Prepare the anesthesia, minimal dose, just enough to calm them down.”




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