“Invitation from the Governor’s Office?” Li Zheng took the black envelope handed over by Zheng Lingling and turned it over to see the Governor’s personal seal.


“It came this morning.”


This morning? That is to say, this invitation had been delivered to Li Zheng’s laboratory when he was still on the plane.


Li Zheng opened the envelope.


“A cordial invitation to Mr. Li Zheng for a wonderful tea time at Serenity One.” It was signed by Edward Walden and his wife.


Li Zheng’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, because of the Chinese garrison incident in May, the conflict between China and Britain on the issue of Hong Kong had been brought to the surface, and he had recently made several international appearances with the title of Chinese biologist, the Governor of Hong Kong invited him to the residence for afternoon tea at this time, if he said it was just a whim, he wouldn’t believe it.


Li Zheng looked at the watch on his wrist, it was already close to 1pm, if he wanted to attend the appointment, it was time to go.


Liang Zhe stepped forward to him.


“I’ll go with you,” he whispered.


Li Zheng shook his head. “You’d better not come forward in this matter.”


Liang family was a local big family in Hong Kong. In this kind of political struggle, they remained neutral and didn’t stand in line. No matter who ruled Hong Kong, they would always try to appease him.



But if he was accidentally involved in the struggle between the two sides, it wouldn’t be so easy to get out. Li Zheng knew that Britain would be the loser of this game, naturally he wouldn’t want Liang Zhe to have too much contact with the Governor of Hong Kong at this time.


Liang Zhe frowned slightly.


He shook Liang Zhe’s hand and said softly to him, “Don’t worry, it’s just a cup of tea.” In this kind of struggle involving politics, his identity as an academic was a natural protective film.


Not to mention that after the Dorman incident, if Britain wanted to move him, it would probably have to convene a large conference to discuss it.




“Mr. Edward is already waiting inside.” The waiter who guided him said softly.


LI Zheng nodded and followed the white-clothed waiter to the inside.



The view of Serenity 1 was very good, from the second floor terrace, you could see the winding Hong Kong River. Edward was sitting at a small round table on the second floor terrace, and when he saw Li Zheng approaching, a big smile appeared on his face.


“Li, long time no see.” He went forward and gently hugged him.


The two of them sat down at the white round table and the waiter poured water for Li Zheng.


“These are the little sweet cookies that Jenny baked and they are very good.” Jenny White, that was, the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong.


Li Zheng picked up the biscuit and took a bite, “It’s really delicious.”



The two of them talked from the biscuits to the culinary culture of England, and from Hong Kong to the River Nasser. After the tea calendars got cold and the waiter came to replace them, the Governor finally couldn’t resist getting to the main topic.


“Mr. Li is very impressive ah. Palmatine, carbapenem antibiotics, in vitro regenerative organs and the recent Doc’s disease d-rug, all of them are astonishing.” The Governor said with a smile.


“Mr. Edwards is flattering me. Dru-g research is just a day job for a biopharmaceutical scientist. It’s just that I’m relatively young, so I’ve caused more of a stir.” Li Zheng took a sip of tea and laughed.




“Hey, you can’t say that. Many biologists can’t develop a dr-ug in their lifetime. Moreover, Mr. Li has been on the path of biopharmaceuticals for less than two years, and he has made so many achievements in two years.” Sir Edward’s blue eyes were full of sharpness instead of his usual benevolent demeanor.



When he first announced the molecular formula of “palmatine” at the Asian Biopharmaceutical Conference, he already thought that his incident in the small fishing village would definitely be unearthed, but he didn’t expect that the person who brought up this matter to him for the first time would be Governor Edward.


“There is an old saying in China, ‘a dancer on the stage spends a lot of time for a few minutes on stage.'” Li Zheng smiled and looked at Edward Walden without a trace of evasion in his eyes.


Sir Edward laughed lightly, “You are a remarkable biologist. I read yesterday’s London Daily News, which praised you as having a golden brain and called your experience in Dorman a great legend. The government side of Dorman and the leader of the opposition have been in peace talks in the city of Dorman, and you have single-handedly changed a nation of wa-r and disease.”


Yes, after that day’s announcement, the peace talks between the government and the opposition in Dorman were officially launched, announcing the end of nearly thirty years of w-ar in Dorman and the imminent dawn of peace.





Those in the political arena could see at a glance that the emergence of the Doc dru-g wasn’t the main reason for bringing peace.





If a w-ar broke out between the government and the opposition, even if the government forces succeeded in eliminating the opposition forces, they would have to pay a painful price.


This price may be the loss of armed forces and the complete loss of the government’s rule over Dorman. This was unacceptable to the government, so neither side wanted a full-fledged w-ar.


However, on both sides, Mr. President was moderate and lacking in determination, while Mr. Munch was too strong and domineering and refused to bow down at all. The two sides had no chance to sit down and talk before the dr-ug conference.


This was the right time for li Zheng to do so.


But apart from politicians and military pundits, who would want to look deeper into the reasons why a small country was on the road to peace? A young biologist was able to save the day and bring peace to a wa-r-torn country.


What a beautiful, legendary and educational story. Even the education departments of some African countries had said that they would include Li Zheng’s story in their textbooks to educate the future generation about the greatness of the scientific power of the country.


The name Li Zheng had already gained a kind of influence or prestige in Africa and even in the world.


“Saving the day? You know, Mr. Edward, scientific power is great but it is never enough to fill the gulf of human desire.” Li Zheng shrugged.



Edward Walden laughed, “I really think you would have been a great politician if you hadn’t taken the path of biopharmaceuticals.”


Li Zheng was slightly stunned, “I don’t think that’s a compliment at all.”


Edward Walden was dumbfounded. He blew the tea froth on the cup and looked at Li Zheng with a smile on his face, “What does Mr. Li think of Hong Kong?”


Li Zheng knew that the main event was coming.


“Free, open and inclusive.” Li Zheng continued with a slight pause, “The most important thing is that we all come from the same family, and our living habits and cultural background are similitude. Do you want me to go on?” He looked at the Governor with a smirk, not a smile.


Edward’s face showed a helpless look, “I really find it hard to believe that you are a biologist who is fully immersed in science, talking to you is similar to talking to my colleagues.”


“Despite what you say, I still have to ask, this is a political mission.” Edouard shrugged helplessly, and then looked serious.


“Mr. Li, I, Edward Walden, on behalf of the British and Hong Kong governments, formally invite you to join the Hong Kong household. And we will provide you with benefits and subsidies at the highest standards of talent introduction, and the British and Hong Kong governments will fully support your research. Perhaps you will have other conditions, we can discuss them.”


Li Zheng’s expression also became serious.


“I am very honored to receive the invitation from the British government, but I am very sorry. I was born in China, I was educated in China, everything I have is given by China, and everything I have must be returned to China.”


There was a short silence between the two men.


Soon, a smile appeared on Edward’s face again, but of course it had a slight helplessness to it.


“I knew it was useless. I understand you. You love China as much as I love Great Britain.”


“It is Great Britain and the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland.”


“Well, you are right. Northern Ireland is an integral part of the British Empire.” Edward nodded as he thought for a moment and then said, “Rest assured that your life and research in Hong Kong will not change as a result of our conversation today. As you said, whether it’s England or Hong Kong, they are both free, open and extremely inclusive.”


The smile on his face became more real when he heard this, “Thank you very much.” He really couldn’t leave Hong Kong in the near future, and Li Zheng’s laboratory was just getting into the right track.


The in vitro regeneration technology and the further research of Doc antibodies needed to be carried out in the laboratory of Li Zheng.



“It’s already five o’clock. I sincerely invite you to stay for dinner in my personal capacity. You are my friend, if Jenny knew that I invited you here and sent you away at this time. I’ll probably have to sleep in my study today.” Sir Edward winked mischievously.


Li Zheng laughed in disbelief, “Of course, it’s my honor.”


When they reached the entrance of the restaurant, Edward patted his head, “I forgot to mention that I have invited a few guests to dinner today, but I think you should know Mr. Li.”



As he said that, the waiter in front of him had already pushed open the door.


Many people were already seated at the long table in the restaurant, and Li Zheng saw many familiar faces among them. The media king Shao Qihua, the Shen couple from the Hong Kong Daily News and other media giants, almost all the media figures who controlled the public opinion in Hong Kong were present.


Li Zheng felt a little awe in his heart. Yes, since China didn’t want to break out of wa-r, the power of public opinion couldn’t be underestimated in this competition.



The sound of the ceramic bowl breaking, was clear.


Everyone looked and found that a young woman beside the Shen family accidentally knocked over the dishes.


Shen Hongji hurriedly helped his wife to clean up, Mr. Shen’s expression was a bit serious, Yang Wanru’s face sunk, but in front of a group of peers, she could only to pull out a smile, “Hongji ah, take care of Qiuhua, don’t just focus on yourself.”



The pupils of Li Zheng, who was standing at the door, had a momentary contraction. The current Zhao Qihua was more mature and beautiful than when she was a student, Li Zheng only saw her a few times in photos and naturally didn’t recognize her at a glance.



Until Yang Wanru opened her mouth, his heart couldn’t help laughing bitterly. After seeing Grandpa, his mother came out again. He suddenly felt that he should have stayed in Africa for a while.




“Mr. Li Zheng? Mr. Li Zheng?” Edward asked doubtfully when he saw Li Zheng distracted.




Li Zheng immediately withdrew his mind, and he rubbed his nose and laughed, “I’ve been in Africa for a long time, and I’m not used to seeing so many people since I just came back.”




Edward smiled broadly as he personally guided him to sit down in the seat next to him, and then walked to the main seat.



“I believe that as a media person, you will not be unfamiliar with our Mr. LI, right? A genius biologist, a golden brain of world wealth, and a legendary figure who has led Dorman to peace.” He introduced him to the crowd in a loud voice, an introduction that really made Li Zheng sweat.




Especially on this occasion, there was a special person present.



Li Zheng tried to ignore Zhao Qihua’s presence and stood up to raise his glass, “Mr. Edward is exaggerating, I would like to toast you all.” Li Zheng tried to ignore Zhao Qiuhua’s existence and stood up to raise his glass. With that, he drank the red wine.



The atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly became active.



Shao Qihua was sitting next to Li Zheng, he looked at Li Zheng, and then looked at Zhao Qihua who was sitting next to Shen Hongji, suddenly he felt that this meal was very interesting.




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