The incubation period of the Doc virus was long, but the outbreak was very rapid, from the outbreak of the virus to the death of the patient, the longest cycle didn’t exceed two weeks.


The contrast between two weeks and sixteen years was enough to make all Dormans excited. Doc disease was called the nightmare of the Dorman, not only because there was no cure, but also because it was contagious to almost everyone.


The official authorities of Dorman had made a statistic that on average one out of ten Dormans was suffering from Doc disease, which showed how dangerous it was.


“Sixteen years! That’s enough! That’s enough!” The palms of both hands of Mr. President turned red from clapping hard, and he slowly stepped forward and performed a traditional Dorman salute to Li Zheng in front of a crowd of surprised eyes.



“Mr. Li Zheng, on behalf of the people of Dorman, I thank you.”


Li Zheng was stunned, and then also slightly bowed, showing his respect to the president. This momentary action of the two was captured by the reporter’s camera. It was chosen as the world’s photo of the year, along with the photo of President Dorman and Munch shaking hands outside the door, but that was another story later.


The people of Dorman wept with joy in front of the television, and men and women from Dorman kept running out on the road in the middle of the city, dancing and cheering on the road.



At that moment, a young girl opened her mouth and her voice rang out. This was the traditional song of the Dorman people to celebrate festivals and express their joy.



More and more people joined in the procession, and the melodious song echoed throughout Dorman.


The people of Mankato came out of their crowded rooms and walked towards the temporary hospital.


“No further progress is allowed.” The government and opposition soldiers stationed at the entrance of the temporary hospital tensed up, clenching their g-uns in their hands.


But to their surprise, the Mankadors didn’t go any further, but stopped three meters away from them.



“Light comes to this world with the gift of the sun, and the beautiful girls sing and dance, expressing the joy of their hearts ……”



The soldiers slowly lowered the gu-ns in their hands, and everyone in the temporary hospital heard the beautiful song, and they poked their heads out of the window to see such a scene.


The men and women of Mankato stood three meters away from the hospital, their backs straight, their faces calm, with unprecedented joy hidden in their eyes, and they were singing the song with almost reverence.


The singing slowly stopped after half an hour, and the crowd felt like their hearts were full, as if something was about to overflow.


“Mr. Li Zheng, how long will it take for the Yew cedar to go into production and come out? And what is its pricing? Where will it be produced?” A reporter asked the question that the people of Dorman were most concerned about.


“Yew cedar has overcome all the technical problems in production and is ready for mass production. At the same time, because its toxicity is much higher than international drug standards, I prefer to position it as a traumatic adjunctive treatment than a dru-g. Yew cedar will not be mass-produced, and in order to save costs and keep pricing down, it will only be produced in Dorman.”


“As for the cost ……” Li Zheng touched his nose, “As we all know, the production cost of the d-rug is not high, mainly the amortization of R&D costs and patent fees, I voluntarily waived 90% of the patent fees, as for the other 10% In my personal name, I will donate it to Mankato.”


The audience applauded again.


The special dru-g conference lasted for a whole day, during which the President of Dorman and opposition leader Munch reached a unanimous agreement that both sides would sign a peace agreement at a later date in order to achieve peace in the country at an early date.


Towards the end of the conference, the Dorman government and the opposition left the stage. When all the reporters also packed up their things and got up to leave, a small reporter who hadn’t been able to grab the right to ask questions hesitantly stood up.


“Mr. Li Zheng, can I ask a question?” He seemed a bit rushed.



Li Zheng and Kent were already about to step out of the room when they heard the words and turned back.


Li Zheng smiled gently at the young reporter, “Mr. Reporter, what do you want to ask?”


As the little reporter got excited, a flush surged on his fair face, making the spots on his face become somewhat vivid.


“Mr. Li Zheng, what is the meaning of that cat …… that the gentleman wanted in the morning?” He was a little incoherent and expressed his meaning with great difficulty.


Li Zheng and Kent looked at each other, both saw the smile in each other’s eyes. They had thought that this matter could be muddled through like this, but they didn’t expect that a reporter would still bring it up.


“Peter!” The old reporter gently scolded the young reporter named Peter, this was a dru-g release and a press conference of great significance to the Dorman political scene, his junior actually dwelled on the issue of a cat! It was simply too humiliating.


The old reporter could even feel the mocking eyes of many of his peers beside him.


Li Zheng coughed dryly and cleared his throat, his voice wasn’t too loud because of the lack of a microphone.


“This is a very meaningful issue. Originally, I did not intend to announce this matter at this conference, after all, this experiment has only just begun. But since you have asked, I might as well reveal a little.”



He continued in a relaxed tone, “Perhaps, we have discovered the antibodies to the Doc virus.”


After Li Zheng finished, he smiled at the young reporter and walked out of the room with Kent in stride.


The meeting room was quiet enough to hear even the sound of a pin dropping to the ground.


Two minutes later, a certain reporter sucked in a cold breath, “Just …… what did I hear?”


“Antibodies to the Doc virus?”


“Mr. Li Zheng!”


“Mr. Li Zheng!”


A crowd of reporters couldn’t care less about packing their things, like a group of sharks who smelled something fishy, they rushed violently toward the door.



The young reporter stood frozen in place holding up his recorder.



“Just now was the recorder on?!” The old reporter tugged his junior’s trembling hand.



“On …… It was on!” The young reporter hurriedly replied.



The old reporter laughed out loud, he rubbed his junior’s head hard, “Peter, your luck is really good, you’re going to be famous!” He said while rushing toward the door as well.



“Remember, put this recorder away and don’t let anyone near it! You can’t throw it away even if you lose yourself!”



Peter sniffed and nodded vigorously. He looked up to see the eyes of the surrounding tigers, gulped, gritted his teeth and hid the recorder into the place below his navel.


Looking at the eyes of the “old-timers” who were about to burst into flames, he straightened his work tag with the logo of the local Washington station and walked towards the door.


“You actually said …… It hasn’t even been verified.” Kent said laughingly.



Li Zheng shrugged, “I have a hunch that the results of the experiment will not let us down.”



Kent glanced at Li Zheng and his expression became somewhat serious, “Li, I think we’ve been working well together lately.”


Li Zheng paused and looked at Kent with a smirk.



Kent Blair touched his nose with some embarrassment. “The vaccine for the prevention and treatment of Doc virus is different from that of yew, but it can be produced in large quantities. Mercer very much hopes to get this opportunity.”



Li Zheng fixedly looked at Kent for a while, then his face showed a big smile, he extended his hand, “If the experiment is really successful, then happy cooperation.” Kent in order to save him, willingly went into the danger, he naturally had to return the favor.


Kent Blair laughed out loud, “Good, happy cooperation!”


The sound of his laughter attracted the reporters who were looking for the two men everywhere, “Come on, there they are!” Someone shouted.


When Li Zheng and Kent heard this, they couldn’t care less about their image and hurriedly went inside the nearest equipment room.


The introduction of yew cedar rejuvenated the whole Dorman nation, and the Dorman government sent posts to the international newspapers on the second day of the launch that the Doc virus vaccine was expected to be released.


He immediately called personally at Li Zheng, who was already packed up and ready to return to Hong Kong at this time.


“How nice it would be if you were from Dorman.” After affirming the news, the President of Dorman couldn’t help but speak up. Because of the pressure from the United States and the United Nations, he knew that Dorman wouldn’t be able to keep the great biological scientist this time.



And China had also implicitly passed messages to him through other countries, the relationship between China and the African countries were good, he also didn’t want to offend this behemoth that was reviving.



Li Zheng was stunned, “I like the Dorman people very much. I will come back again.”



The development of the vaccine wasn’t something that could be done in a few months, and the equipment on the Dorman’s side was far from enough to meet Li Zheng’s experimental needs. But Li Zheng didn’t lie, as the vaccine entered the biological testing stage he was bound to make another trip to Dorman.



“The door of Dorman is always open for you, you are the friend of Dorman forever.” The president said sincerely.


“My pleasure.”


Li Zheng finished packing up his personal belongings, and for the experimental equipment he brought, he wasn’t going to take it back with him.


Liang Zhe had long been waiting downstairs, and when he saw Li Zheng coming down, the lines on his face became slightly softer.


“Let’s go.”


“Mm.” Li Zheng nodded his head.


The two of them got into the SUV and the convoy slowly drove towards the temporary hospital.


“Light comes to this world with the gift of the sun, beautiful girls sing and dance, expressing the joy in their hearts ……” The familiar song sounded again, and Li Zheng jerked back.


Seeing the car not far away, the townspeople of Mankato stood on the high ground not far away, waving at him.


Li Zheng’s eyes smiled into a curved moon, he felt very satisfied ah.


“Big brother, big brother!” The song was interspersed with the loud shouting of a little girl.



When Li Zheng was stunned, he saw a familiar little girl running fast after the caravan like a nimble gazelle.


“Stop for a moment.” Li Zheng spoke softly.


The caravan slowly stopped.

Barry’s sister ran hard towards him, and while she ran, she shouted: “Big brother, I want to be a great scientist like you when I grow up!”


Li Zheng smiled and waited for the little girl to run closer as he took out a key from his pocket.


“This is the key to brother’s lab, one has been given to the Dorman government, this one ……” he placed it in the little girl’s hand.



The little girl exclaimed out loud, her big eyes full of joy.


“Shhh, this is our secret.”



End of Dormant arc ^~^

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