After a few days of elevation, these indicators showed a steady downward trend and then leveled off.


A healthy indicator!


This was an indicator of health!


The Doc virus in the Serval’s body was disappearing!


“This can’t be the effect of yew, it can’t be! The yew cypress can only kill the active Doc virus, it is useless for the latent Doc virus, just like a rice field with worms and dewormer, it cannot make the Doc virus disappear in human body!” Li Zheng’s hand holding the pen trembled slightly.



“Kaki, go find ten patients with incubation period of Doc virus, test their bl-ood samples comprehensively. Remember to be comprehensive and test every indicator!”



“Tell the Dorman military to find me ten cats, no matter how difficult it is, I want to see them before nightfall! No servals, just regular cats!”



“Now?” Kaki’s mouth grew wide, half a day, “But …… but, President ……”



“Shut up, how can you care about the president now, even if God comes, you have to stand aside! Kaki, go do it immediately!” Kent shouted a rebuke.



Kent Blair’s expression also became very excited, in the front line of dr-ug research for many years he naturally knew the significance of these data, maybe …… maybe they could really find a cure rather than containment of the Doc disease.



On the other hand, the leaders of the Dorman government side and the opposition all entered the temporarily arranged meeting place. The venue was very modest, with a platform built out of pickup containers, with plastic chairs underneath.



However, those journalists who were used to seeing big scenes didn’t have the slightest discomfort. No, to be precise, they didn’t have time to be uncomfortable.



Because of the haste of things, plus the hospital, this group of doctors and nurses researchers didn’t understand the common services, there was no arrangement to guide journalists into the seat or put signs. So these reporters swarmed to the front row and surged like the big women grabbing vegetables in the vegetable market.


“This is mine!”



“Don’t push! Don’t squeeze!”


Several plastic chairs were crushed into pieces in the pushing and shoving.


After a burst of chaos, the three parties finally settled down.


Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, as the time passed, the reporters sitting on the stage couldn’t help but make a rustling noise.



“What’s going on? Where is Mr. Li Zheng?”



“There won’t be any accident in the dr-ug development, right?”



“No way, this was in all the major newspapers around the world a few days ago. No one would dare to make such a big joke.”


“Just now Mr. President of Dorman and Mr. Munch also said the peace declaration is based on the Doc’s disease dr-ug.”



The leaders of the government side and the opposition frowned as well, and it was at this point that Kach came running in.



Dr. Kach trotted in and pushed the door open, and the moment he stepped into the room, almost everyone turned their heads to look at him. The reporters had their cameras up.





He froze in place, this was probably the most attention he had ever received in his life. He had a smile on his face that was worse than crying, and then walked quickly toward the high stage amidst the odd stares of the crowd.


Both the president and Munch couldn’t help but stand up.


“You are Dr. Kach, right, please ask Mr. Li Zheng he ……” the president himself opened his mouth and asked, with a hint of urgency in his tone.


As soon as Dr. Kach looked up he saw the camera temporarily installed above his head, yes, he remembered, this is a live broadcast ah ……



He just felt the cold sweat on his head and back keep on coming out, Kach raised his hand and wiped the sweat on his forehead.



“Cat ……” live, live, it should only be Dorman’s live, the other countries should not be able to see it, Dr. Kach’s mind kept turning these thoughts, even his own mouth was saying something that wasn’t clear.


“What?” Mr. President didn’t hear him and took two more steps forward. Mr. Munch didn’t move on his feet, but his body also slightly went sideways two points.



“Cats, Mr. Li Zheng wants ten cats, not servals, but ordinary cats! Immediately! Immediately! Whatever it takes, he needs the cats before it gets dark!” Kaki subconsciously repeated Li Zheng’s words.





“Cat?” The entire audience of leader reporters were repeating the word.



“This can’t be that Chinese biologist’s trick, right? Time is up, he can’t deliver the dr-ug, so he found such a stupid guy to make up the numbers?”



“But yes, three months, that’s too short. For an original dr-ug, not to mention three months, even three years is not long.”



The faces of both the Doman government side and the opposition crowd were ugly. The people of Dorman, who were in front of the TV, also looked bad.



Only the department store in the center of the city and the square in the center of Dorman had a big screen to broadcast the president’s speech.



However, the residents of Mankato were not allowed to enter the center of Dorman because of the virus they were carrying. So the patients pooled their money together to buy a TV, and the entire Mankato crowded into a small room, staring unblinkingly at the eleven-inch screen.





However, they were full of hope, but what they saw was such a scene, some of the little girls with poor tolerance even vaguely sobbed out.



The hope in the adults’ eyes also slowly disappeared, and their pupils once again became hollow.


“No way! Doctor brother can not lie, he will not lie! No ……” Barry’s sister’s voice grew smaller and smaller as she bit her lower lip and pushed past the crowd towards the door.


“Mama Barry, should we go after her?”



“No need.” Barry’s mother said softly.



The little girl puffed up a breath and ran forward. The temporary hospital in Mankato was only three or four kilometers away, and she ran and walked for half an hour to the entrance of the temporary hospital.



Looking at the soldiers outside with loaded guns, her little face showed a trace of difficulty.



At that moment, she saw a nurse from the medical team walking inside with a few Mankato residents.



Her eyes moved and she followed the group.






“Here are the results of the blood tests from the incubated Doc virus patients.” A doctor handed a pile of papers to Li Zheng.



Li Zheng and Kent looked down one by one, and compared it with Serval’s lab indicators.



“That’s right! There is no mistake! The Serval has antibodies to the Doc virus! There is no mistake! Now just wait for those cats to arrive and see if the antibodies are unique to Serval, or if all felines have them, or if some felines have them and some don’t.”



Li Zheng laughed out loud, Kent was also full of smiles, which was more fulfilling than seeing a deadly disease that had no cure, in their own hands become no longer terrible?





“Aigoo, you two! You still have time to laugh here, if you don’t go out, I think the government and opposition troops will rush in and take us all!” Dr. Kach’s face was flushed, and at a glance, he knew he had run all the way over here.



“This is live! Live! Did you know that the reporter from the New York station said they were going to intercept part of the live broadcast and broadcast it on the news stations! Oh, God, do you think he’ll cut the part where I was so embarrassing!” Dr. Kach sounded a little incoherent.



Li Zheng and Kent looked at each other and smiled.



“Okay, we’re going out.” Saying that, Li Zheng was about to get the information on the lab table, then he found that there were only data charts on the table that he had drawn all over.



Looking at the data papers scattered all over the floor, he helplessly rubbed his temples, casually picked up a few important ones, and then walked out with big steps.


When Li Zheng walked into the venue, some of those reporters who couldn’t wait had even left the meeting.



President Doman and Mr. Munch sat face to face in the center of two rows of seats under the high platform, both of their faces were not good-looking, and the whole atmosphere in the venue seemed a bit delicate.


“It seems that we have come here for nothing. It’s a pity, if the dr-ug could really come out, it might really achieve peace in a country.”




“Yes, along the way, the life of the people of Dorman is too hard.”



The crowd’s minds were lax, and when Li Zheng and Kent came in, there was little attention instead.




Li Zheng looked at his wrist watch and touched his nose, he seemed …… A little late.



Big steps up to the stage, when he stood on the stage.





“Click” the first flash light came on.



“Li, it’s him! I’ve seen him!” A reporter shouted.



Immediately, the entire venue was in turmoil again, and the reporters who had already put their cameras back in their bags scrambled to get them out again.



“Oh, no, my camera. Three months’ salary!” From time to time, wailing sounds in various languages came out from the venue, which washed out the delicate atmosphere at once.



“Mr. Li Zheng?” Munch was the first to speak, “You are finally willing to come out, the cat you want is already on the way to this side, what about the promise you once made? The medicine, the medicine to cure Doc’s disease!” When he came to the end, his breathing became sharper.



The entire meeting hall was suddenly quiet, only to hear the sound of cameras “click”, the eyes of everyone present were focused on Li Zheng, expectation, hope, nervousness and fear.



Li Zheng seemed to be able to feel all these emotions, transmitted by the sound of their breathing.



Li Zheng gave a wink to Kent, and Kent Blair smiled and took out a green rectangular box and put it on the table on the high platform.



“Click” the box was opened, a burst of white gas came out from inside, inside is a block of cubic ice, ice in the center of a thick cotton cloth wrapped up with something.





Kent used a thick cotton cloth to take out the thing, then unraveled the thick cotton cloth.




A thumb-sized glass bottle appeared in front of the crowd, there was clearly some red powder inside.



“I want to correct what Mr. Munch just said, this is a dr-ug to contain the Doc virus rather than a cure. This agent is called ‘yew cypress’, a highly toxic chemical agent that is injected into the organism after being mixed one to one with saline to quickly destroy the active Doc virus in the organism.”





President Dorman and Mr. Munch got excited. Those expressionless Dorman soldiers, both from the government side and the opposition, couldn’t maintain the blank expressions on their faces, and some even raised their hands to cover the underside of their faces, trying to hide their open grins.



“In other words, this dr-ug can only be used by patients whose virus has entered its active phase, and it is not less harmful, with symptoms such as vomiting, itchy skin or even ulcers, and shortness of breath. According to clinical experiments, it is presumed that an adult can only withstand a maximum of eight times of ‘yewpoxin’ treatment.”





“According to the growth and life cycle of Doc virus, the effect of one treatment of yew cypress can ensure no outbreak of the virus in two years to sixteen years. According to the experimental optimal standard, it can make the patients live for sixteen more years.”







“Clap, clap, clap.”





The applause became louder and louder, and soon resounded throughout the venue.




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