“There is nothing left. The test shows that the maximum drug tolerance of a 20g mouse is 0.08g. According to this calculation, the maximum dr-ug tolerance of a 50kg adult is 200g. Of course, this is only the test calculation data. It is obviously impossible to draw an accurate experimental conclusion from a mouse alone.”



Li Zheng took the experimental record book handed over by Kent, and quickly browsed through it.



The experiment progressed quite well, “yiping cedar” was successfully replicated, however, the drug toxicity of yiping cedar was much higher than Li Zheng remembered.


Even after 0.08 grams of the dr-ug was diluted with a large amount of physiological saline, the mice still reacted with violent convulsions, vomiting, and loss of fur.



All fifty mice, without exception, lost their basic mobility. The encouraging thing, however, was that the blood samples of the mice treated with Yiping were indeed devoid of active Doc virus.



“It’s amazing, ignoring their poor vital signs data, that yew cedar did manage to kill the virus.” Kent looked at the bl-ood sample results and couldn’t help but tsk in amazement.


However, there was not a trace of relief on Li Zheng’s face.



“According to such data, some patients may not survive. The others that survive will also have a long recovery period, and even some of the after-effects will be lifelong.”



Li Zheng couldn’t help but think of the boy they had saved at the border when they first came to Dorman and the cold words of the big black man, people who had lost their labor force and needed long-term recuperation wouldn’t live long in Africa.


“Inform the Dorman military that I need ten cats of the same breed and similar weight.” Cats had reflexes similar to those of humans, with well-developed circulatory and nervous systems, and were best used to observe drug reactions.



The Dorman general came back on the second day after the helicopter incident, and he had the hospital tightly surrounded, under the pretext of creating a good experimental environment for Li Zheng, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was house arrest in disguise.



But for the experimental matters, he was still very cooperative, in two hours, three or four pickups parked under the temporary hospital.



A dozen Dorman soldiers carefully moved down a dozen cages from the back of the truck. Kent watched dumbfounded as the group of soldiers moved the animals in the cages to the open space behind the lab.



“This this this …… is a cat?”



The caged creature was about 100 cm long, sandy yellow, covered with black spots, from a distance, it was like a small cheetah.


This was a cat? The crowd looked at each other.





“Mr. Li, with our current situation, we cannot find ten cats that meet your requirements in a short period of time. These were intercepted by our guards at the border, I see that they look similar to cats, so they should also be felines, I don’t know if they can be used.”


Serval cats?


Li Zheng recognized this latter-day rare animal the moment the cage was carried off the truck, over-poached for its beautiful fur and thus listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.



How much did a pet serval cost, 200,000?



“It’ll work.” Li Zheng rubbed his temples with some headache and gave a positive answer in the slightly nervous eyes of that Dorman soldier.



“Test the vital signs, if it’s okay, start the second round of experiments.” Li Zheng said.



Three months was enough time for many things to happen, such as the introduction of a martial arts film starring Zhou Sitian in the mainland, whose screen image was hailed as a goddess by many young men; or the incident of the Hong Kong garrison in May 1984, which showed the world the determination of China to take back Hong Kong.



Another example was the siege of Dorman by the UN medical support team headed by Li Zheng. The global biopharmaceutical academic community united to put pressure on Washington and the UN building, so that the eyes of people all over the world fell on this African land.



On this day, the police presence around the hospital was increased by a full twofold, with two types of military men in different uniforms occupying one side of the hospital each.



“I really didn’t think we’d ever have the chance to sit down and talk to each other in peace.” The officer’s attire made it clear at a glance that he wasn’t on the government side.


“We never took the initiative to start a w-ar.” The black general looked coldly at his opponent.


Yes, these two sides were the Dorman government and the opposition.



Doc’s disease was a national disease, and on this special day, even the greatest hatred and disagreement between the Dorman people had to be put aside first.



Around nine o’clock in the morning, a bus with a UN garrison flag pulled up in front of the makeshift hospital, and countless journalists carrying long cameras got off the bus.




The face of that General of Dorman was a bit ugly, he knew that this time, whether Li Zheng had developed the medicine for Doc’s disease as promised, he couldn’t keep this Mr. Li.



“Li, do you have some tension? I’ve only seen such a scene during the presidential election.” Kent looked through the window at the dense soldiers and reporters underneath and couldn’t help but marvel.



Li Zheng’s hand hanging at his side subconsciously clenched, he gently exhaled, “Well, a bit.” Even in two lifetimes combined, this was the biggest scene Li Zheng had ever seen.



The crowd outside the window stirred up as two convoys slowly came towards the hospital. One convoy had the Dorman national flag on top, and the other had the opposition flag.



“It’s President Dorman and the opposition chief, they’re actually here together!” A reporter exclaimed.



The reporters who were still trying to push their way in turned around at once and surged in the direction the two columns of the convoy had come from.



The two most powerful people in Dorman got out of their respective cars. The President was slightly older and dressed in traditional Dorman attire, while the opposition chief was younger and dressed in a straight Western-style suit. This also represents two different governing philosophies.



“Mr. President, the presence of you and the opposition leader at the same time on one occasion, does it mean that there is a chance of peaceful coexistence between the two sides.”



“Mr. Munch, it is widely believed in society that this war was deliberately started by the opposition, do you have any different opinion about this statement?”




The garbled English was mixed with one or two sentences of Dorman vernacular.


Mr. President, escorted inside by guards, stopped in due course when he saw that the journalists were too persistent.



To the flattered gaze of some reporter, he took his microphone.


“Disease and w-ar are the most acute conflicts in Dorman today. If today Mr. Li Zheng can really bring the people of Dorman out of the nightmare of disease, then I am here to promise that I will try to explore the path of peace.” Mr. President said seriously.



“Mr. Munch, what do you think?”



Munch glanced at President Dorman, pursed his lips and spoke, “Health and peace have always been the dream pursued by the people of Dorman, and it has been my dream since I was a child.”



Click, click, click, the flashbulbs went off.


All the reporters got excited, this could almost be considered as Dorman’s peace declaration. As long as! As long as! That Mr. Li Zheng’s drug would really come out successfully!



“This can be considered as a peace declaration from both sides!”



“Mr. President, Mr. Munch, please answer one more question.”


“Mr. President! Mr. Munch!”



“All I can say is that I’m grateful for this opportunity to sit down with Mr. Munch to get a good idea of what the other side is thinking.”



Witnessing a nation’s declaration of peace! What an exciting moment in history! Not only the journalists present, but also the motionless Dorman soldiers standing next to them, had a strange light blooming in their eyes, and many even secretly had red eyes.



Numbed by one w-ar after another, they saw hope today!



If only the dr-ug could be released! As long as the dr-ug could be released! The two things that were obviously unrelated to each other seemed to have a causal logical relationship at this point, and everyone pinned their hopes on the Chinese biologist.



The sound insulation of the composite panel was really not good, Li Zheng could clearly hear the President, Mr. Munch and the reporters’ replies outside.



He had a bitter smile on his face, he had become the hope for peace in Dorman.



Now both sides have the intention of truce, only one opportunity was missing, and he was the best opportunity. The pressure was a bit too much.



“Mr. Li Zheng, it’s time for you to go out.” Dr. Kach knocked on the door, his expression was also very excited, he had been helping in the lab for the past three months, naturally he knew the progress of the experiment, he had a feeling that this would be a big turning point in his life!



“I know.” Li Zheng smiled and nodded.


Kent. Blair straightened out and shined the glass on the biology cabinet for a while before getting up with satisfaction.



“Let’s go.” He said with a smile.



Li Zheng was dumbfounded, he once again confirmed the information in his hands, and was about to get up but accidentally knocked over the paper cup next to him.



He hurriedly took out a paper towel to soak up the water.



Fortunately, the information was fine.



At this time, an unfamiliar test report came into Li Zheng’s eyes.



The bl-ood test results of the serval?



The ten servals were used by Li Zheng to observe the reaction to the dr-ug of yiping cedar. In these three months, he and Kent spent most of their time on reducing the dr-ug toxicity and alleviating drug reactions to alleviate patient suffering.



Because of the example of carbapenem antibiotics in the past, and Li Zheng’s memory from his previous life, the two made pretty good progress, and although the drug toxicity still couldn’t pass international standards, it was at least within the tolerable range of the human body.



After reaching their goal, the two put Serval aside and didn’t pay much attention to it.



When he was doing the dr-ug reaction test, he had told the medical team member who was helping him to do a daily bl-ood test on the serval.



That medical team member had diligently stuck to it, except for the data for those days after the dr-ug reaction test, which Li Zheng had never paid attention to.



However, when he took a look today, he could see that there was something unusual about it.



“Where are those ten serval cats! Immediately! Immediately! Re-measure their bl-ood sample results for me! In teams of two! Make sure the data is correct!” Li Zheng shouted.



Everyone, including Kent, was stunned.



“The servals has already moved to the backyard! But Mr. Li, now Mr. President, Mr. Munch and reporters from various countries are waiting, you …… “Kach said carefully, he couldn’t help feeling apprehensive, this experiment didn’t have any mistakes, right?



“Do not understand the human language well! I said, immediately! Immediately!” Li Zheng felt like his heart, had never beat so fast, his whole body’s bl-ood rushed to his brain, an unprecedented mood of excitement appeared in him, even his breath became hot!



“Li ……” Kent’s brow furrowed tightly.



“Blair, look at these indicators!” Li Zheng’s right hand swept all the experimental data to the ground, he put the pile of serval cat bl-ood sample test results one by one on the table, and then casually took the white paper.



“Look, these few, and these few, these indicators are respectively turned into a line graph with the date as the horizontal axis and the indicator value as the numerical axis. Do you see!” Li Zheng’s voice trembled slightly.



Kent sniffed, poked his head over, and then sucked in a cold breath!


“This this this …… is impossible, how is it possible?! Yiping cedar can only k-ill active viruses, this indicator ……” Kent was stuttering a bit because of his excitement.







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