“The President said that the Dorman government had intended to wait until the drug passed the biological tests before announcing the good news to the nation. But a surprise attack by armed opposition forces caused the collapse of the temporary hospital set up by the UN medical support team, wounding the dr-ug’s inventor, Mr. Li Zheng, and destroying some key experimental data. But Mr. Li Zheng said that if he is given three more months, he will be able to retrieve the experimental data and officially make the dr-ug available to everyone.”



“This means that the Doc virus is no longer a nightmare for our people in Dorman. We believe that under the president’s leadership, Dorman will be able to overcome disease and poverty and usher in a great renaissance.”



“As for the recent rumors about the UN medical support team conducting human experiments in the name of treatment, the relevant authorities have finished their investigation and it is a conspiracy of the opposition forces to provoke public discontent against the government and thus provoke a w-ar.”



On TV, the anchor of the Dorman news station spoke with righteous indignation, followed by Barry’s mother’s testimony, and all of a sudden the public opinion in Dorman turned over.



With the reason for the w-ar gone, and the government putting the blame on the opposition for the delay in the release of the dr-ug, the opposition, which had been claiming to represent the public opinion, lost its reputation, and the divisions within the upper echelons became more and more obvious, and the w-ar was suspended with a tiger’s head.



“Li? Three months? Are you really sure?” Waiting for the General to leave, Kent hurriedly pulled Li Zheng.



Li Zheng looked out the window and watched the bust people collecting the tents and dishes, “Not for now.”


“No!” Kent’s voice immediately rose.




Seeing the eyes of the people around them, Kent immediately lowered his voice, but his nervous expression didn’t settle, “Then how far have you studied? Do you have any results from the animal experiments?”



Li Zheng looked at Kent’s nervous and expectant look, his face showed a trace of embarrassment.


“This ……”


Kent’s immediately widened, he clutched Li Zheng’s sleeve, his face red, mouth and nose constantly gasping for air, “You …… don’t tell me that you have no clue now!”


Li Zheng touched his nose, “Not at all ……”



Kent almost fainted, what about the military order? This little friend definitely knew what a military order was! If he couldn’t deliver the medicine to contain the Doc virus after three months, that group of Dorman barbarians could k-ill to vent their anger.




Li Zheng’s talent was obvious to everyone, and as a senior in the biology world, he was deeply aware that it would be a loss to the world if he let such a junior die in the political tumble.


“No, absolutely not. I want to contact Washington.” Saying that, he quickly ran towards the phone.


Li Zheng froze, he hadn’t finished yet.


“At two in the morning, we’ll leave.” Liang Zhe, who had been listening silently behind him, suddenly spoke.



“What?” Li Zheng looked at Liang Zhe, who had a serious expression, in surprise.


“I have arranged for the plane, the plane arrives at the abandoned airfield ten kilometers away at 2:00 am sharp. We’ll leave.” He paused for a moment, “Don’t worry, the Dormans who stay here won’t stop it.”



In other words, the Dormans who would stop this, like that Dorman general, was already behind the effort to let them leave.



Li Zheng opened his mouth wide, he had heard about the influence of plutocrats in Africa, and even many old families in Europe and America had the ability to influence the political situation of African countries, but when Liang Zhe said this as a matter of course, he was still a bit stunned.



You are a scholar, you can’t be shaken by external things. Li Zheng consoled himself with a great sense of righteousness in his heart, coughed dryly and said: “Ah Zhe, if I leave now, I will have no face in the academic circle in this life. Don’t worry, I have my own plans.”



“Face? Is your face more important than your life? I know you are a genius. But you only have one life, I forbid you to gamble with your life!” This was the first time Liang Zhe was angry with Li Zheng, his hand tightly gripped the window railings, his lower lip was pursed into a straight line, and his face took on a seriousness that had never been seen before.



Li Zheng was stunned, he looked at Liang Zhe’s angry expression and his heart surged with warmth, he went forward to pat Liang Zhe’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, I know what’s in my heart.”



Again, these words! Liang Zhe’s nails pinched deep into his palm.


“Even if you have a direction in developing the dru-gs, can’t you go back to Hong Kong? As for the problems of the subjects, I will naturally help you solve them.” Liang Zhe was a little nervous in his anger.


Li Zheng opened his mouth, unable to say anything.



Liang Zhe was right, if there were experimental subjects, then going back to Hong Kong was indeed a better choice. There was more complete and professional equipment, and there was also a group of researchers in Li Zheng’s laboratory.


As long as the dr-ug could be successfully released, whether or not it was developed in Dorman wouldn’t have any impact on Li Zheng’s reputation at all.



However, Li Zheng never thought about this choice. Compared with the modern laboratory in Hong Kong, it was more legendary to develop dru-gs that benefit the people of a country in the front of a w-ar with poor equipment and difficult conditions, wasn’t it?



He could be disdainful of wealth and power, but fame ……



Li Zheng silently fiddled with his wrist, “legendary” that word, was too tempting.




“At two in the morning, I’ll wait for you at the airport.” Liang Zhe said hoarsely, he stared closely at Li Zheng’s eyes, trying to see something in them, but ultimately failed.



Liang Zhe turned around and left in silence, leaving Li Zheng standing alone by the window.



Li Zheng had no clue about the medicine to contain the Doc virus. But also, Li Zheng came to Dorman only a week ago, if he could have developed a drug to contain the virus in a week, then the people of Dorman would not have suffered from the virus for nearly a century.



Of course, Li Zheng wasn’t crazy. He dared to open his mouth and set a three-month military order, naturally he had his bottom line.



In his previous life, he had developed a chemotherapy dr-ug, low toxicity and high sensitivity to cancer cells, and it was a big hit when it came out. But at that time, it took him six years to develop this chemotherapy dr-ug, and in six years he tried countless combinations. One of these was used here.



This chemical dr-ug was very toxic, but at the same time very overbearing and highly sensitive to many viruses. Li Zheng had carefully observed the reproduction and expression of the Doc virus, and if there were no accidents, it would be useful for it.



“Kent, are you interested in cooperating?” Li Zheng said to Kent with a smile.




Kent, who had just yelled at the Mercer staff, hung up the phone and he stretched his hands helplessly at Li Zheng.



“What else can we do? Let’s see if God will have mercy on us two great scientists and let a miracle be born under us. But let me state in advance, you Chinese have a saying that there are specialties in the field. I’ve always studied antibiotics and have little too deep exposure to virology.”



“So, I think I could probably make an excellent assistant?” Kent Blair said “seriously”.


Li Zheng ……


The two hurriedly ate lunch and immediately went into the laboratory.



The temporary hospital was near the soldiers and the townspeople of Mankato, they all knew that Mr. Li Zheng was developing a dr-ug to contain the Doc virus and they needed to be quiet. So one by one, they were very quiet, and the children who would make noise were also driven away by their parents early in the morning.



There was no day or night in the laboratory, incandescent lights shone the whole room as bright as day, Li Zheng’s one hand held the medicine, the other hand flew on the white paper records.



The mice in the biology cabinet had already died several times, but the two men could hardly spare a single thought to deal with them. At such times, these two bull of the biosphere finally realized the benefits of lab dogs that cleaned up in the lab.



Blair looked at Li Zheng, who was fully focused, and then looked at the wrecked lab table, sighed and resigned himself to go clean up. While dealing with the corpses of mice, Kent thought to himself, when he returned, he must give those people a raise!



The hour hand on the wall was slowly approaching the position of 1. Liang Zhe stood on the floor of the hospital and looked up at the only room on the second floor that still had the light on.



“Mr. Liang, the Dorman Air Force has released the helicopter, which will arrive in an hour.”



“Hmm.” Liang Zhe answered in a low voice, without a trace of expression on his face.


This Liang staff member wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead and carefully asked, “Then Mr. Li ……”


With the mention of Li Zheng, Liang Zhe’s face showed a trace of invisible aggression, the corners of his mouth drooped two degrees, then he coldly looked at the talkative subordinate.


Liang’s staff immediately went silent.


Time passed.


The staff kept looking at the time on their own watches, and then look at the motionless Liang Zhe, this time sweat really fell.



Seeing that the time was getting closer and closer, he couldn’t help but speak again: “Mr. Liang, time is up.”


Liang Zhe didn’t even spare a look at him this time, he pursed his lips and looked up at the window without speaking.



Aigoo, my boss ah, you are not a stone, you’re a human ah, go up and scream! The staff couldn’t wait to push Liang Zhe up to talk to Li Zheng.




The helicopter stopped at the abandoned airport for a while, seeing that Liang Zhe didn’t appear for a long time, and they couldn’t contact Liang’s people, it flew straight to the temporary hospital overhead.



The loud sound of the propeller and the Liang’s logo clearly visible under the ground lights caused a panic among the Dorman army and the townspeople at the bottom.


“Enemy attack? Is it an enemy attack?”


“Sir’s orders, no attack.”


With such a big commotion, Li Zheng naturally wouldn’t be unaware of it.



Helicopters? He froze for a moment, remembering Liang Zhe’s words during the day, and couldn’t help but glance at the clock on the wall, was it actually after two o’clock already?


He took off his gloves and quickly ran towards a room on the second floor.


When he reached the door of the room, Li Zheng stopped instead, this …… what should he say?



Just as he hesitated, the door to the room was violently opened, “You’re looking for me?” Liang Zhe, wearing a robe, walked out of the room with a dark expression.



“You …… you didn’t leave?” Li Zheng spoke numbly.


Liang Zhe mouth pursed, “You didn’t, so how can I go?” This time the aggravation on his face was very obvious.



The sound of the helicopter’s propellers slowly moved away, and Li Zheng’s heart seemed to be pounded by a burst of warm ocean waves.



“Okay, good boy. I swear I’m sure I won’t die.”




On the other hand, the Liang staff on the helicopter was still confused until now, how did he get on the helicopter?!



He clearly understood how much Mr Liang paid for the helicopter to land smoothly at Dorman Airport.



This …… money wouldn’t be counted on his head, right!?





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