“Get on the ventilator, 10 mL of Cardovin inje-ction.”



“Dr. Kach, the patient’s blo-od test results.”



“I really didn’t expect that a person infected with so many viruses could still survive till now.” Kach handed the report to Li Zheng.



Li Zheng was wearing a green protective suit, his whole body was wrapped tightly, only revealing his eyes.



“We have cleaned the visible flocculent flesh, but this is only a temporary cure, the flocculent flesh was growing fast, if the virus wasn’t contained, there may not be anyone left to do this surgery on in two years.” Dr. Karch rinsed the blo-od from his rubber gloves with water.



“The first in vivo sample of the Doc virus is complete. I will send it to Hong Kong University as fast as possible so that they can make the virus guess model as soon as possible.” Li Zheng said seriously.



Dr. Kach nodded, they were a UN medical support team, not medical volunteers, besides helping African patients, the more important purpose of their trip was to distribute medical supplies from the UN support to Dorman so that its local hospital could grow quickly.



“We are going to hand over medical supplies to the hospitals in Dorman this afternoon, will you go with us?” Dr. Kach asked.



Li Zheng shook his head, “No, I’m a researcher, I’ll only be a bother to you.” He walked out of the temporary operating room.



In front of the operating room, a little girl was crouched in the corner, seeing Li Zheng come out, she ran like a cannonball, hitting Li Zheng’s leg heavily.



“Doctor, is my brother okay?” The little girl’s voice was high, with a heavy accent, Li Zheng didn’t understand very well.



But there was no need to listen to understand, looking at the anxious expression on her tender little face, he knew what she was asking.



Li Zheng squatted, “Don’t worry, your brother is fine for now.”



The little girl sniffed and a big smile appeared on her face.



“The book is right, you should find a doctor when you’re sick.” She took a handkerchief out of her pocket, she carefully opened it up and picked out a piece of dried bread half the size of her hand from the black stuff inside.



“Here you are, doctor.” She lifted her hand high and looked at Li Zheng with a hopeful expression.


Li Zheng wanted to say that he wasn’t a doctor. But looking at the little girl’s appearance, he couldn’t say a word. A gentle smile appeared on Li Zheng’s face as he took the rough dried bread in the girl’s hand.



The little girl’s eyes seemed to glow as she carefully closed the handkerchief and stuffed it into her pocket. Looking up, she saw Li Zheng staring at her movements, the little girl’s face showed a torn and reluctant look.



After hesitating for a long time, she whispered.



“Doctor, if you cure my brother, I’ll give you all of this.” Saying that, she waved the handkerchief in her hand.



Li Zheng was dumbfounded, he rubbed the little girl’s hair and gently nodded, “Okay.”



Looking at the little girl skipped away, Li Zheng turned around in silence.



Liang Zhe had been looking at the side for a long time, and when he saw Li Zheng looking at him, Liang Zhe pursed his lips and took out a beef jerky from his pocket and handed it to him, “This, it’s better than dried bread.”



Li Zheng ……



The heaviness in Li Zheng’s heart dissipated all of a sudden because of Liang Zhe’s words.



He glared at Liang Zhe and turned around and walked into the temporary lab.


Liang Zhe didn’t care, he self-consciously put on the protective clothing and followed Li Zheng into the laboratory, quietly sitting in the corner of the laboratory.



There was no computer, so analysis and calculation all relied on a pen, which made the experiment a lot more difficult to do.



Li Zheng extracted the active Doc virus from the little girl’s brother. The first step he had to do was to inject the virus into the mice and observe the entire process from the virus entering the living body to the final outbreak.



“Since you’re going to follow me, don’t just sit there.” Li Zheng handed Liang Zhe a notebook, “see this red number above the instrument, every five minutes, record it, Let me check it once an hour.”



The more Li Zheng spoke, the smaller his voice became, because Liang Zhe looked at him too seriously, so he was uncomfortable.



He coughed dryly twice and tried to keep a straight face, “Look at the data.”



The corners of Liang Zhe’s mouth hooked up slightly, his body leaned forward two degrees without thinking, and he said softly, “Okay.”




The atmosphere in the laboratory suddenly became delicate, Li Zheng hurriedly walked towards the test bench, he picked up the syringe to inject the virus into the mice, because of the trance, he accidentally stabbed it a few times, causing the mice to “squeak”.



However, just after he injected the virus into the mice, noise suddenly broke out outside the laboratory.



Li Zheng’s brows furrowed, he put down the syringe and strode out.



“What’s going on?” He asked with a sullen expression.




The hospital corridor was already in a panic, and Dr. Kach’s loud scolding in the operating room was clearly audible to Li Zheng even as he stood in the corridor.


Not long after that….


Dr. Kach came out of the intensive care unit with a gloomy expression, he glanced at Li Zheng and spoke with difficulty, “The boy is dead.”



“What?” That little girl’s face flashed in Li Zheng’s mind, and he clutched the back of the chair next to him, “What’s going on?”



This boy was led over by his sister. Early this morning, when they got off the bus, they saw two children half leaning against the hospital gate, the little girl looked seven or eight years old, the boy was slightly older, about 14 or 15 years old.



The boy’s throat was obviously slightly thicker than the average person, when he approached they heard his heavy breathing and knew that this was the Doc virus infection.



Perhaps because they were in Africa, the group of medical staff didn’t mention the issue of pre-operative protocols, and just pushed the boy directly into the operating room.



“Dorman seems to have a tradition of not being able to shave, and we shaved the boy’s armpit hair before surgery to make it easier. After he woke up from general anesthesia, he was more agitated and took off the ventilator himself ……,” Dr. Karcher spoke with a face so red it seemed to drip blo-od.




This kind of low-level medical malpractice couldn’t happen in any hospital in the United States. The patient took off the ventilator and none of the doctors and nursing staff noticed, it was ridiculous.



If it was an American citizen lying inside, this kind of medical malpractice would never have happened.



“You can’t say a word about this to the outside world. Wait a few days and tell his family that he died because of an outbreak of Doc virus and his resuscitation failed.” Dr. Kach said word by word.



Inside the temporary hospital was silent, Li Zheng’s eyebrows frowned slightly, but before he could say anything, Dr. Kach looked at him, “Li, there is a saying in China, more is better than less, we represent not individuals but the United Nations.”



Li Zheng was silent for a moment, then he gave Dr. Kach a deep look, snorted and turned around, walking back to the lab.



Paper couldn’t cover fire, that little girl waited at the entrance of the hospital every morning, greeting every medical staff with good manners.



This was a very pleasant little girl, but when the UN medical team saw her, it was as if they saw a flood of beasts, they walked away quickly.



Li Zheng could clearly see the loss and frustration on the little girl’s face through the glass window, and he took out the coarse dried bread from his pants pocket, and the rough texture felt by the skin in contact with the surface of the dried bread seemed to reach the depths of his heart.



“Mom, my brother is really well. The doctor himself told me. It’s right to come to the doctor when you’re sick.” The little girl’s clear voice came from the hospital gate.



The little girl came again today, this time with a woman in her thirties or forties, a woman with a dry and thin figure, her face slightly concave inward, her hollow eyes slowly focusing as she heard the little girl’s words and she looked at the hospital staff.



The expressions of the medical staff suddenly became rigid, the corridor was quiet, only the sound of the laboratory mice hitting the cage was obvious.



Dr. Kach coughed dryly and pulled a stiff smile on his face.



“Hello, who are you?”



The woman was a little formal, she replied hoarsely, “I’m Barry’s mother. Is he …… he’s really well?” In Dorman, once Doc’s disease entered the outbreak, the patient’s life entered the countdown, there was never any accident, and Barry’s family had even prepared Barry’s funeral.



Could there really be a miracle? The middle-aged woman put her right hand on top of her heart, as if she was surprised why her heart was beating so fast.



Mr. Kach’s eyes drifted a bit, “You know, the lethality rate of Doc’s disease is almost 100%, we tried our best, but unfortunately ……”



“Oh, I see.” The woman’s response was surprisingly calm, no recriminations, no anger, “Please, I’ll trouble you. I’ll take him back here.”



“Fine, fine.” Dr. Kach obviously didn’t expect things to work out so well either, and the smile on his face finally became a little more real.



“Henry, help the lady to transport Barry’s remains back.”



The doctor named Henry nodded his head in a hurry. Several doctors and nurses quickly ran towards the inside ward.



The little girl’s big eyes looked around in all directions, as if she was looking for something, and when she saw Li Zheng coming out of the lab, she suddenly broke away from her mother’s hand and ran towards Li Zheng.



“Doctor, brother doctor, didn’t you say that my brother is fine? Are they lying?” The girl was thin, but her eyes were extraordinarily large, which made it look a little gruesome up close.



“Li!” Dr. Kach exclaimed, he walked over with a smile on his face and squatted down to look at the little girl, “Little sister, you’re mistaken. This little brother is not a doctor, we are.”



The little girl’s big eyes swept over Kach’s face, then her gaze was still fixed on Li Zheng.



“Big brother?”



Li Zheng slightly lowered his eyes, then he took out the half palm-sized piece of dried bread from his pocket, and handed it back to the girl.



“I’m sorry.”



The girl snapped her head up, her big eyes flashed with anger, and like an enraged beast, she tugged at Li Zheng’s arm holding the dried bread with both hands and bit into it swiftly.




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