Warning: Viole-nt scenes ahead

“In about half an hour, we’ll be at the Dorman border. No large-scale w-ar has broken out between the government forces and the opposition w-arlords in Dorman now, but local conflicts still occur frequently. Everyone must pay attention to safety.” A tall black soldier said loudly.



The road from the airport to the Dorman border was a potholed dirt road, with abandoned cars and broken barbed wire on both sides. It was said that Africa was the best maintained ecological place on earth, but Li Zheng looked all the way over, but didn’t see a single animal.



“This is near the Dorman border, with Dorman’s domestic situation, animals are also smart.” Someone said.



The bus slowed down, it wasn’t long before it stopped in front of a simple house.




Not far from the house, a large barbed wire fence enclosed the open space, next to the barbed wire fence, there were two very old tanks parked there. The entrance on the head of the tanks was open, and two dry and thin soldiers sat on the tanks with cold expressions.



Seeing the crowd of cars, a soldier seemed to want to jump off the tank, but was pulled by his companion, his companion pointed to the bus and after he said something, the soldier’s face showed a look of reluctance, and then he angrily went back.



Two tall UN soldiers jumped off the military jeep, carrying g-uns in one hand and boxes of canned meat in the other, and walked into the broken house.



After a short time of negotiation, two Dorman soldiers jogged ahead and pulled back the barbed wire fence, signaling for the convoy to go.



The GIs in front of them whistled, jumped into the car and started it.



Just then, a crowd suddenly appeared at the Dorman border run, coming like a swift tide toward the fence.




“D-amned bedbugs!” A shirtless man ran out of the crumbling bungalow, and when he saw the scene, he cursed in anger, with a mixture of African slang in his English that wasn’t very clear.



“Ki-ll, ki-ll them!” The big man shouted.



In the apparently modest dilapidated house, many soldiers in shabby uniforms suddenly emerged, carrying old-fashioned m-achine gu-ns.



“Bang bang bang” the blasting sound of machine gu-ns kept ringing in their ears. With this sound, one by one, the crowd fell down, and as they fell down, the people behind them kept pouncing on them, the cries of children, the screams of women, and the roars of men were intertwined in a frightening way.



“Stop! Stop! What are you doing! They’re women and children!” Dr. Karch jumped up from his seat in anger as he watched a child get sh-ot in the head.



It was noisy, the crowd had expressions of shock, anger and disbelief. Li Zheng only felt that his whole body’s blo-od went straight to his head, he even lost the ability to think.



Even if he had many experiences in his last life, he was already in his thirties and had seen big scenes, but seeing a life disappear so easily before his eyes, he still felt a rage and powerlessness that he had never felt before.



He seemed to think too much, Li Zheng clutched the upper part of the car seat, he suddenly wanted to vomit.



The medics from the medical support team agitatedly engaged with the two GIs sitting in front of them.



“Shouldn’t you guys stop it? They’re all civilians, and this is anti-humanitarian!”



The black soldier’s eyelids lifted and he didn’t say anything.



Dr. Kach was shaking with anger as he trotted back to his seat and pulled a blue ID out of his bag.



“I’m ordering you to open the door, I’m going to stop this tragedy!”



The soldier’s face turned grim as he took the ID and looked at it, then gave a military salute, “Yes sir.” He opened the bus door.



Dr. Kachwas the first to rush off the bus, and the medical support team followed.



When standing on the land, Li Zheng’s head finally cleared up a bit. Because they got off, the UN troops also had to get off the military jeep.



The big man looked disgruntled, and while one group strafed the civilians, another group of Dorman troops surrounded the crowd.



“Stop, you can’t do this to civilians.” Dr. Kach shouted at the large man.



“No, they’re not civilians, they are all armed opposition.” The big man said with a condensed expression.



“Open your eyes, those are women and children in front of you, and they don’t have any weapons in their hands!” Kach was really going crazy, every minute he spoke, several lives were fading within his sight, the feeling of powerlessness almost made this doctor, whose mission was to save lives, go crazy.



The big man looked over in the direction Kach was pointing, and the crowd was already lying down by a third, but there were still quite a few people surging forward.



A complex look appeared on his dark face, then he finally lowered his eyes.



“Crazy people! A bunch of lunatics! The UN is really crazy to agree to this country’s medical aid!” Dr. Kach shouted angrily.




A glint of light flashed in Li Zheng’s eyes as he stepped forward and patted Kach’s shoulder.



When Kach saw that it was him, he looked slightly stunned. He was the leader in the medical aid team, but Li Zheng was different. Li Zheng was a researcher who joined voluntarily, and even before he left, there were officials from the United Nations Health Organization who instructed him to take good care of this Mr. Li.



He nodded at Kach and then turned to the big man.



“I know that your president is working very hard for the early arrival of peace. I read about your government … before I came, both government side and the opposition newspapers, and the slogans that the opposition shouted the loudest were the president’s inaction and the difficulty of freeing the people from disease and poverty. And the government… The headlines on the government side in recent days have been the news of the imminent arrival of the UN medical team, and I heard that the public response has been very good.”



Li Zheng paused and looked at the big man with a smile, “You say, if we turn around and leave now. What will be written on this newspaper?”



The black man’s head snapped up at his words, and he stared viciously at Li Zheng, like a lion on the African savannah that would immediately rise up and te-ar apart the enemy.



Li Zheng’s body slightly stiffened, this kind of murd-erous aura made him a little frightened.



Li Zheng’s face held a fake mild smile, his laboratory white rats, white pigeons, the animals he had ki-lled were a lot, he really couldn’t fear anyone.



He looked deeply at Li Zheng, and then raised his hands high.



“Machine gun-ners stand back, tan-ks prepare to disperse.”



The Dorman soldiers received the order to immediately stop firing, and the crowd was first delighted, only not waiting for them to be happy enough, several ta-nks appeared in a line in front of them. The four gu-n ports were aimed at the crowd, as if they would send out artillery fire as soon as they moved.




The people on the borderline had a look of reluctance on their faces, but looking at the ta-nks, which were like steel beasts, the crowd slowly retreated.



The medical team, including Li Zheng, ran wildly. Not far from the borderline, a dozen had closed their eyes forever.



“I need help, this child can still be saved!” A female nurse said loudly.



“First aid kit ready, Carter set up temporary surgery tent, bandages, hemostatic forceps!” Dr. Kach shouted.



Everyone was busy.



The big black man frowned, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.



Li Zheng helped finish setting up the tent, there weren’t many wounded, and there was no need for him, a researcher, to rush to the front line of medical aid. He looked around, looked at the big black man sitting directly on the ground, he hesitated but still walked over.



He took a cig-arette out of his pocket and handed it to the big man.



The big man looked at him in surprise, for these self-righteous people, the big man would have been reluctant to pay attention to, but he hadn’t smoked for a long time, his eyes narrowed, but he still took the cig-arette.



Li Zheng sat down cross-legged next to him.



The big man took a puff of smoke, white gas exhaled from his mouth and nose, while his face showed a look of enjoyment.



“I thought you would be disgusted with me as a demon. That’s what your companion said.” The big man couldn’t help but say when he saw that Li Zheng had no intention of opening his mouth.



Li Zheng glanced at him while lighting a cig-arette, this was the second cig-arette he lit in this life, everything that happened today made him irritable, why would someone be so indifferent and even hurt lives while he was researching day and night to save people’s lives?



“I thought soldiers were supposed to protect their families and love their country.” Li Zheng said.



The big man sarcastically smiled, “Protecting the family and loving the country, you have to have a family for that. I know that you ……” he looked at Li Zheng, “the inventor of palmatine.”



Li Zheng looked over in surprise.



“We’re grateful to you, not just me, but them as well.” He pointed at the Dorman soldiers who were secretly glancing this way not far away.



“At the beginning, we also abided by the rule of not harming civilians. But those opposition factions, seeing that we didn’t shoot at civilians, went to the town and grabbed many civilians every time there was a clash. At that time the whole of Dorman was on edge, everyone was in fear that suddenly someone would storm their homes and take them to the ba-ttlefield.”



“So, we shot them later. We wanted to show them with the facts that it was useless to grab civilians to block the gu-ns. Interestingly enough, after we fired a few times, fewer civilians were ki-lled on the battlefield instead.”



“The same goes for women and children, if we don’t shoot today. Then tomorrow, the women and children of Doman will live in fear day after day.” The big man took a deep puff of smoke, and a sigh of satisfaction came out of his mouth.



Li Zheng was silent for a long time, he couldn’t say what he felt in his heart.



This was probably the cruelty of w-ar, people must choose between ki-lling one and ki-lling a group.



“I heard that Dorman’s Doc’s disease is spreading badly?” Li Zheng didn’t want to carry on this heavy topic again, so he changed the topic.



The big man was silent for a while, “Well, it’s very serious.”








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