“You’re really going to Africa, Li, you’ve got to be kidding. The situation in Dorman is not stable, and the arm-ed forces of the opposition and the government are even able to fight each other. That aside, the conditions there, it’s not a place to do research.” Kent was about to go crazy.



He had thought that Li Zheng’s words in the hall on the first floor of the United Nations, was just to appease Bablu, but he didn’t think that the little genius actually intended to go to Africa!



Li Zheng helplessly rubbed his temples, “Blair, you know, here indeed has the most advanced equipment, the most complete material conditions, but it’s missing one of the most important things – research subjects. No experiment can be conducted without a research subject.”



“Or are you sure you can convince Mrs. Anna’s family to hand over her remains? Or can you get those few American citizens infected with Doc’s disease to lie docilely on the lab bench?”



Kent pursed his lips.



After a while, he couldn’t help but speak again, “There are many diseases in the world that can be studied, such as cancer, such as ……” Looking at Li Zheng that looked at him quietly, Kent could not say any more.



He touched his nose, “Well, the medical support team, I will go take care of it.”



Li Zheng smiled, his face finally showed a faint smile. This was also the reason why he came to see Kent today.



This had to be said to be an ironic thing. Some people had worked hard for more than ten years, and some people only needed a few words to accept what they couldn’t do with their lives.



Li Zheng returned from Kent Blair’s home. Zhao Mu had been waiting for him in the hotel for a long time.


Because of Zhao Mu’s illness, the Chinese delegation stayed in New York for two more days. Just yesterday afternoon, Zhao Mu was discharged from the hospital. It was time for the Chinese delegation to leave.



“Xiao Zheng, I’m going back, are you sure you don’t want to go with me?” Zhao Mu still looked a bit sickly, but the foreign exchange brought by the Chinese delegation was running low, so he had to leave the hospital in a hurry.



“The Director should have told you about what happened in the UN building, one cannot stand without faith. Since I promised, whether I can do it or not, I have to give it a try, don’t I?”



Zhao Mu’s face was filled with a complicated look, he realized that this grandson of his had stood at a height he couldn’t imagine. There was no going back, no going back to that time when Li Zheng was just a little bit older and would hug his legs and call him Grandpa.



“I got it.” Zhao Mu patted Li Zheng’s shoulder, “Go do what you want to do, just one thing, pay attention to safety. Your mother …… she misses you a lot.”



Li Zheng’s eyelids moved slightly, but the expression on hiy face didn’t change slightly because of these words, Zhao Mu saw this, sighed heavily and no longer saying anything, he shook his head and walked with the delegation.



Mother? Li Zheng watched the Chinese delegation walk through the revolving door and slightly fiddled with his wrist watch. According to Zhao Mu, Zhao Qihua should have already met him, but she didn’t come to him, was it because of shame?



The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth slightly raised, if that was the case, then let her shame last a little longer.



After Zhao Mu left, Li Zheng stayed in New York for two more days, mainly to buy some instruments and equipment to take with him, a clever person couldn’t cook without rice, although Kent promised to help take care of the medical support team, but it was always right to make more preparations.



“Didn’t you say you were coming to New York on business?” These days, Liang Zhe stayed by Li Zheng’s side almost all the time, not moving an inch.



Liang Zhe glanced at Li Zheng and didn’t say anything.


Ever since Li Zheng said he was going to Africa, he was like a doll, he couldn’t be driven away, but refused to give a good face, Li Zheng felt angry and amused.



“Tantrum? I know you worry about me, in fact, Africa is not as dangerous as you think.” The danger in Africa was only war and disease, Li Zheng with the name of the United Nations, coupled with the identity of the inventor of palmatine, whether it was the government forces or the opposition, as long as they had a little brain, they wouldn’t move him. As for diseases, African diseases were prevalent only because there was no medicine, less medicine and they couldn’t afford medicine. He had already brought enough medicine with him.




“Can’t you not go? I can donate more medical equipment in Liang’s name, and if they want doctors and researchers, I can recruit them.” Liang Zhe’s lips were pursed into a tight line.



Li Zheng listened in awe, Liang Zhe’s words were logical and extremely feasible. But what he wondered was how Liang Zhe could say such things so rightfully. This was clearly only his business.


Li Zheng thought so and also said so.



The air pressure around Liang Zhe’s body instantly dropped, face like ice, the words “I’m not happy” were clear on his face.



Li Zheng was amused, “Did I say the wrong thing?” He looked at Liang Zhe’s sulking expression, his heart tingled, as if there were several ants crawling on the heart, Li Zheng didn’t understand what emotion this was, but he found this feeling unexpectedly comforting.



Liang Zhe didn’t blink as he stared at Li Zheng, a little nervous, then he suddenly spoke “I …… like you.”



“I like you, so your business is my business.” Liang Zhe was serious, his gaze calm, without a trace of evasion, as if it was an announcement of a solemn and significant event.



Li Zheng’s mouth grew in astonishment.



“What?” He thought he had misheard.



“I said, I like you.” Liang Zhe repeated word by word, like a persistent child who refused to let go of any hint of change in expression on Li Zheng’s face.



Li Zheng took two steps back, and his face, which was always calm, showed two points of embarrassment, “I suddenly remembered that there was something, I’ll go to my room!”



Like? What a joke, they were both men, although men and women were only chromosomal XY difference, but XY still had a difference ah! He liked him, was it that kind of like?



Li Zheng could quote from the humanities, biology, society and other aspects of a few thousand words of a long argument to explain that men and men together wasn’t suitable.



But what shocked him was that he actually didn’t hate Liang Zhe’s confession, he da-mn well didn’t feel a trace of disgust. Maybe it was because too much has happened lately and his nerves were too tight, that must be it!




The next day, Li Zheng got on the plane to Doman on time. Along with him, there was a medical aid team from the United Nations.



The medical team was led by a professorial doctor, and there were five doctors below him, four men and one woman, all of whom seemed to be very optimistic and nice people.



Dorman was a city-state, which meant that the city of Dorman represented a country. There were many more such countries in Africa, and they had been caught in war for a long time. The names of the cities were also changed with the different rulers. Therefore, even on the world map, the place Dorman couldn’t be found.



“Li, what should we call you? Professor or researcher?” A medical officer asked.



“Just call me by my name directly.” Li Zheng replied with a smile.



He smiled and looked out the window.



Thinking about that scene this morning, he wanted to poke two holes in his own head, how could he have agreed to such a thing!


In the morning, because of what happened the previous afternoon, Li Zheng wanted to leave secretly, but he didn’t think that when Li Zheng’s door opened, Liang Zhe’s room door that was next to him also opened at the same time.



When their eyes met, Li Zheng had an awkward smile on his face, “Good morning.”



“Good morning.”


After saying this, an eerie silence fell between the two.


Li Zheng laughed dryly twice and wanted to go around Liang Zhe, but Liang Zhe’s body moved and blocked his way.







Li Zheng hadn’t yet reacted.


Liang Zhe pursed his lips, “It’s been a day now, your answer?”



Li Zheng was stunned, “One day? Such an important thing, how can I think clearly!”



Liang Zhe smiled, his expression eased a lot, “Okay. Then you can think about it for two more days.” Then he moved sideways to get out of the way.



This was how things were, so Li Zheng confusedly agreed to Liang Zhe to think about this matter ……



“Sir, do you need coffee?” The gentle voice of the flight attendant interrupted Li Zheng’s thoughts.


“No, thanks.”



Li Zheng sighed, there must be a road before the car reached the mountain. Wait until he got back from Africa.



New York to Dorman was almost halfway around the world, and because of the wa-r there was no passenger aircraft stop in dormant airport, Li Zheng and the United Nations medical aid team, had to first go to a neighboring country’s airport, and then drive into Dorman in the United Nations special car.



Once the cabin of the plane was opened, a wave of heat came overhead. The hot air had the pungent smell of burnt rubber, Li Zheng frowned slightly and covered his mouth and nose slightly.



The United Nations had a garrison in many places in Africa. Although this garrison topped the name of the United Nations, but in reality were the soldiers of various countries. And it just so happened that most of the UN garrison in Dorman were Chinese.



“Mr. Li, Dr. Kach, the car is already parked outside the airport, please come with us.” Two Chinese men dressed in UN garrison attire said in fluent English.



Li Zheng and Dr. Kach nodded and followed the two forward.



The airport of this small African country was really dilapidated, with low buildings, and the perimeter of the airfield was surrounded by barbed wire.



After leaving the airport, a bus was parked in front of the airport.



The bus was flying the UN flag, and there were four or five military jeeps flanking the front and back, with yellow-skinned, black-eyed Chinese and blonde-haired, blue-eyed Europeans and Americans on the military jeeps.



Li Zheng and the medical support team got on the bus, and the bus slowly started.







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