Because it happened at the UN building, the federal government moved quickly, mobilizing a group of medical personnel in less than an hour, and all the people in the building were gathered in batches in the lobby.



“Only these people?” Li Zheng looked at the empty hall and asked curiously.



Today was also the day when the UN General Debate Conference was held, and it was reasonable to say that more than a hundred countries, even if three or four from each country, would have several hundred people, but now there were only thirty to forty people standing in the spacious hall.



They complained loudly about the security measures of the United Nations building.



Kent rolled up his sleeves, “The UN staff, Americans and Europeans are here, and the rest, in batches.”



The rest? Li Zheng’s lips pursed up slightly, he naturally heard the meaning of Kent’s words. The rest, naturally, referred to the delegations of those backward countries.



Li Zheng couldn’t help but think of the Chinese delegation led by Xian Ning, he couldn’t explain what he felt.



“Oh! Hurry up, I don’t want to stay in this hellhole for a minute.” A WHO official said.



“Okay, Mr. Chisen.” Rob Jr. looked at Li Zheng and his group, and then guided them forward.



While drawing blo-od from the crowd, the medical staff patiently explained, “Those who have had close contact with the carrier of the Doc virus have all been isolated and checked. This blo-od draw is just a precaution, so don’t be nervous.”



Kent was quickly given a blo-od sample, and he pressed the bleeding spot on his arm and said to Li Zheng with an apologetic expression, “Li, I didn’t expect you to encounter such an unpleasant incident, I’m really sorry.”




Li Zheng was unbuttoning the cuffs and pulling the sleeves up while laughing: “This is also considered external force majeure, I do think this is a very unique experience.”



The medical staff unpacked the disposable needles and was about to take blo-od when a clamor came from the direction of the lobby elevator entrance and the staff maintaining order changed their expressions.



“What’s going on!?”




“Those delegations were very dissatisfied when they found out that we gave priority to blo-od collection from France, Germany and other countries, and they all came down. We couldn’t stop them.” The staff member in the UN uniform said helplessly.




While he was talking, the delegations were already approaching. The UN staff and the delegations of the developed countries couldn’t help but look embarrassed when they saw this.



Naturally, they knew what they were doing wasn’t correct.



The UN official maintaining order stepped forward with a stiff upper lip, “Doc virus is an infectious disease, and crowding will help the virus spread, so let’s follow the order, one by one.”



There was silence in the room, when a black woman in the traditional dress of an African country stepped forward quickly.



She pleaded in very standard English, “Can you let me take the test first, it’s already noon and my children are waiting for me to eat with them. My youngest child is only six months old and he needs bre-ast milk.”



The young paramedic’s face showed a look of embarrassment, and she couldn’t help but look at the UN official.



With a slight frown, he whispered a couple of words to the person beside him, and then said in a very official tone, “I’m really very sorry, ma’am. As you know, you are not the only one with special circumstances, and it would not be fair to the others to make an exception just for you.”



“But ……” the woman was still trying to fight when another older nurse came over, “Ma’am, when they finish, we will take yours first.” They were, naturally, the citizens of these developed countries.



In fact, at this time, those 30 or 40 people had already finished, at most another ten minutes would be the turn of the latter people. But obviously, it was not a matter of ten minutes.



In addition to the delegations that were given priority, the rest of the national delegations had a look of obvious dissatisfaction and exasperation on their faces.



At this point, a young black man suddenly burst out laughing.



First, it was a low, soft laughter, and then the laughter became louder and louder. The laughter echoed in the empty hall, and gave a creepy feeling.



“You see, in the eyes of this group of people, their lives are lives, and our lives are not worth anything at all. What birth is equal, what democracy and freedom, this is the biggest lie you people have made up!”



This young man was dry and thin, and his pitch-black eyes showed a crazy look.



“Who is this man?” The delegations from the African countries looked at each other.



They all thought that this youth was from the other team, and only then did they realize that no one here actually knew this youth.



The hearts of the people thumped, who could so unknowingly blend into the delegation team, could it be an ordinary person?



The expression of the U.S. official who came to assist quickly changed, “Contact the FBI, quickly!”



“Why do you have such advanced medical technology and such excellent researchers, but you refuse to help the people in the backward regions who are struggling on the line of illness and pain. You shout humanitarian slogans every day, but what have you done? Even a blo-od collection has to be divided into three, six or nine classes?” The young man yelled, his breath coming in ragged gasps, his face filled with a grimace.



“Da-mn, why isn’t the FBI here yet!” The UN official cursed, he forced a smile, “Oh, sir, you must have misunderstood, we are very concerned about ……”



“Bang,” a gunshot.



The hall was silent, and the UN official’s face was so dark it could almost drip ink.



The Americans’ faces also sank.



“You know what? My wife and six children all died of Doc’s disease. We’ve been trying to get a spot on the UN’s WHO medical aid for a whole decade! Ten years! And the result …… I watched as you, and you, used our application for a draft!”



“Oh, shi-t, what kind of idiot did that stupid thing!” The UNHO official couldn’t help but curse in a low voice.



“Every day I close my eyes and I hear my fellow countrymen wailing and crying. Why do you get to sit in tall buildings while we have to struggle in the mud just to live one more minute.” The young man’s voice was hoarse.



“Ta-da-da” neat footsteps, a group of Americans in suits came through the door with quick steps.



Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, was this the “legendary” FBI? This was the first time in his two lives seeing the United States of America’s most famous FBI.



“Bablu, we are very sympathetic to your experience. But your behavior will only lead to bad results. Not only for you personally, but for Dorman as a nation. I’m sure you understand what I mean.” The FBI men fishtailed in, shielding the delegations behind them.



Bablu didn’t want to stop them in the slightest, a wry smile on his face.




“The moment my wife and child died, I didn’t want to live. I was going to come to see the result of the application for medical assistance, thinking that if it succeeded, I would go back to tell my compatriots the good news. If it failed ……” Here he paused and rolled his sleeves slowly upwards.



His dry, thin arm was strapped with something unknown, wrapped with unknown material on the outside, and he looked at the FBI member pointing a pis*tol at him, shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “It’s connected to my heart.”


Slowly and methodically, the outside layer was torn away, and the sight of his arm was shocking. The flesh of his arm was drilled with dense wires, there was a black object that looked like a remote control half buried in the flesh, and a blue wire running from his arm to his heart.



“He’s a genius.” Some scholars in machinery anachronistically made an exclamation, “This level of technology is leading even in the world.”



Bablu seemed to have heard this praise, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he turned the pist*ol in his hand upside down and said, “So, I only need one round to be enough.” Saying that, he gestured that m-uzzle at his heart.


The faces of American officials could no longer be described. In Bablu’s hand was obviously a bo-mb. The bo-mb was remote-controlled, but no one knew where it was buried. It was impossible to find this in the big New York City for a while.



“Quickly, check all the places he has been to! Immediately, immediately!” The head of the FBI yelled at the people around him.



“Mr. Bablu, I think we can talk!”



“I have nothing to talk about with you people, you, you and you. There is no regard for the people of our backward country as human beings.” Bablu shouted.



“Bablu ……,” a lady from the African delegation spoke up, “I think there’s a better solution.”



Bablu treated her much better apparently, “You don’t need to say more, don’t worry, that thing is far away from here, it won’t affect you.”



It seemed that he didn’t have much ill will towards the same non-developed area. Li Zheng slightly lowered his eyelids.



Mr. Chisen discussed with other officials of the UN and WHO, “Bablu, we promise to severely punish the staff who ruined Doman’s application, and we will visit each country in a fair and impartial manner to select the areas that need to get medical support the most.”



WHO couldn’t give a promise to support Dorman. Because once this precedent was set, those who were bursting with patriotism would come do this from time to time, the UN staff would be scared to death.



Bablu looked at them coldly and made a “I don’t believe it” gesture.



He slowly moved the pis-tol to his chest, with a smile as if relieved.



“Yes, we promise to give Dorman medical aid.” Chisen yelled.



Bablu’s movements paused, and he cocked his head in thought, seemingly hesitating.



Chisen saw this and swallowed, “I think we can discuss it. We can write it down if you don’t believe me.”



Bablu stared intently at Chisen’s face, then swept his gaze over the other UN officials.



“You guys lied to me. Even if it’s written down in black and white, I can’t take it out, can I?”


The embarrassment on Chisen’s face flashed away, he really thought so.



When Bablu saw this, the ruthlessness on his face became heavier, and his hand was already on the trigger of the pist-ol.




In addition to 9/11, Li Zheng hadn’t heard of any other major terrorist incidents in New York in his previous life. Terr-orist events, so this matter should be successfully resolved later.



But seeing the scene in front of the helpless people and Bablu’s desperate and crazy look, Li Zheng hesitated for a long time, but still opened his mouth.




“Perhaps, you can trust me.” Li Zheng stepped forward, “I’m from China.” He paused, ignoring the stunned gaze of Xian Ning, and continued, “Palmatine, I remember that Doman is also a country with a high incidence of frozen blo-od disease. I am the inventor of Palmatine.”


Everyone’s eyes gathered on Li Zheng, who rubbed his nose, he wasn’t suitable for this kind of heroic image of saving the day. But it seemed that, in terms of goodwill, Bablu should not loathe him.




He was Chinese, the Chinese had been shouting the slogan of the brotherly countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America; two, he was the inventor of Palmatine, in a country where frozen blo-od was common, his national degree was probably still good.



Bablu obviously froze for a moment, “You …… are the inventor of Palmatine.” Since Bablu would do this for the United Nations medical aid, naturally he would have a great goodwill towards Li Zheng who invented Palmatine.



“I don’t have my patent certificate with me, but they can all prove it. Medical support can only quench the thirst of the moment, developing a dr-ug that truly targets the Doc virus is the fundamental way, isn’t it?” Li Zheng said.



Bablu got excited at his words, “You are sure?”



Li Zheng was silent for a while, “I’m not.”



The crowd ……



“I will try hard.” Li Zheng then said.



Bablu lowered his eyelids and a struggling look appeared on his face.



There was a chance! A tense look appeared on the crowd’s faces.



Li Zheng fondled the watch on his wrist, his lips pursed into a straight line, he was also nervous ah.



After a long time, Bablu slowly lifted his head.



“I don’t know if I should trust you. But it seems that I only have this one option.” He paused and continued, “At least, you are more trustworthy than them.”



Chisen’s face instantly turned pig’s liver with anger.



“I am not a man who goes back on his word, I will do my best.” Li Zheng extended his hand to Bablu.



Bablu gave Li Zheng a deep look and handed the pist-ol to Li Zheng.



The moment the pist-ol reached Li Zheng’s hand, the FBI men quickly subdued Bablu on the ground.



Bablu didn’t resist either, he was taken away in handcuffs, and when he was about to be led out the door, he turned back and shouted, “You promised me!” The expectation and desperation in those eyes was frightening.



Li Zheng handed the pistol in his hand to the FBI member who stepped forward, while whispering as if to himself, “Got it.”




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