Liang Zhe was stuck and didn’t know how to answer.



Li Zheng watched Liang Zhe’s face turn red as he tried to explain, he couldn’t stop laughing.



“Okay, okay, you’re a big man. I can’t control you if you want to go to New York.” Li Zheng said.



Liang Zhe was silent, I wish you could control me ……



Seventeen hours later, the plane landed on time at the New York airport.



“Oh, Li, you’ve grown taller again.” The pickup was by Kent Blair, the chief of Mercer. He was also a famous figure in the American biological circle.



He and Li Zheng met because of carbapenem antibiotics, and Kent admired Li Zheng’s character, and found that the young kid had extraordinary creativity in biomedicine, many of the problems he couldn’t figure out would become clear when he discussed them with him. So the two soon became friends.



“I’m glad to hear such a greeting.” Li Zheng said and gave Kent a hug.



Liang Zhe pursed his lips and took a look at Kent, not as tall as him, not as handsome as him, not as young as him, no threat.



“Liang Zhe, hasn’t your pickup arrived yet?” After exchanging pleasantries with Kent, Li Zheng looked around and didn’t find Liang Zhe’s pickup person.



Liang Zhe slightly lowered his eyelids and then shook his head. He looked at Li Zheng carefully, and his expressionless face showed a trace of emotion that could be called pitiful.


Li Zheng was slightly stunned and was about to speak.


However, just at this time, a tall Asian man looked at the photo while running excitedly towards Liang Zhe.



The Asian man struggled to explain, but what he saw was Liang Zhe’s increasingly dark expression, and the look on his face became obviously tense and frustrated.



Li Zheng touched his nose as he went up and patted Liang Zhe’s shoulder, “It seems that you really came to do something, I misunderstood you.”


Liang Zhe ……



Li Zheng and Kent went out of the airport together, and along the way, Kent told Li Zheng about the current situation of Imipenem.



Imipenem had successfully passed the first round of drug clinicals, and the FDA had approved Mercer to do the preparation of the drug for marketing.



If there was no accident, this drug, which was called a revolution in the field of antibiotics, would meet with the world at the end of 1985.



“Imipenem is a very great drug. You know, Li, post-operative infection has always been a major problem in modern medicine. And the data show that the present availability of imipenem can make it possible to reduce the mortality rate of post-operative infections by two percentage points.”


“Don’t underestimate those two percent points, that’s tens of thousands of people worldwide.” Kent looked very pleased with himself.



“Mr. Kent is a very great man, he single-handedly promoted the listing of Imipenem.” The driver suddenly spoke up.



If it was a normal day, surely he would have accepted this praise without modesty, however today, sitting next to him was Li Zheng, a genius biologist who discovered carbapenem antibiotics alone. The further improvement of imipenem was also proposed by him.



Kent’s face showed a rare trace of embarrassment, “Li, you shouldn’t be upset. because of post-operative infection, other antibiotics were ineffective for pete’s girlfriend, she voluntarily joined the imipenem drug clinical trials, God bless, this strong girl finally beat the disease. So he is very grateful to me.”



“Pete, this is Mr. Li Zheng. The discoverer of that carbapenem antibiotic in Hong Kong, he made a great contribution to the introduction of Imipenem, just like me.” Kent said seriously.



Li Zheng guffawed, “Imipenem is Mercer’s Imipenem, this fact will never change.”


The most influential biological man of this century, this award issued by the United Nations health organization, was like the gold and silver awards of those stars in the entertainment industry of later generations. There were many hidden factors behind its own strength. If you had strength and no influence, I’m sorry, maybe the organizing committee would have a conscience and give you an achievement award.



Li Zheng believed that he won this title, in addition to the recent widespread concern at home and abroad “in vitro organ regeneration” technology, Mercer East should have made a lot of effort.



Kent laughed out loud at his words.



The living conditions of top foreign scholars were much better than in China, such as Kent, hanging the title of technical advisor of Mercer, in addition to a large salary, the variety of royalties he had weren’t less. So this Mr. Blair had a large, detached villa not far from downtown New York.


Even thirty years later, China’s scholars hadn’t received the material rewards that matched their contributions. The stars who sang and danced on stage were often paid millions of dollars, while the researchers worked hard but were only rich, and this was the scholars who had made a name for themselves in research, but those who hadn’t?


About thirty years later, it was difficult to imagine what kind of mentality the Chinese scholars had when they chose to give up their excellent living environment abroad and decided to return to their backward homeland.



Li Zheng ate lunch at Kent’s house, and then politely declined Kent’s offer to stay overnight at his house.



“Okay then, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow. Oh, yes. I may not have mentioned that I am also one of the ceremony witnesses tomorrow, and I feel very honored.” Kent said.



Li Zheng returned to the hotel that the organization had booked for him, the Pearl Hotel.



When Li Zheng walked through the hotel door, a group of Asians came up to him, and in the forefront was a slightly slim young woman.



Li Zheng’s face showed a trace of consternation, he knew this woman.



Or rather, people who paid a little attention to current affairs news in Asia in the latter days wouldn’t be unfamiliar with this woman.



The daughter of one of the generals of Rangoon and the leader of Rangoon in the future, this woman had a bad life, but was an extremely remarkable person.



Thinking of the theme of the UN general debate mentioned by Zheng Lingling, Li Zheng’s eyes sank, could it be that someone from China would also participate?



He politely made way for this latter-day leader of the Yangtze State, and Miao Andeng smiled at Li Zheng and nodded his thanks.



At the Pearl Hotel, Li Zheng met Liang Zhe again.



“What a coincidence, I’m in 2104,” Li Zheng’s eyes narrowed as he looked suspiciously at Liang Zhe, was this really a coincidence?



Li Zheng’s room was booked for him by the organization, if one had a mind, it wasn’t hard to find out.



Liang Zhe was silent for thirty seconds.



“We’re in a foreign country, I think it’s better for us to be together.”



Li Zheng rubbed his chin for a moment, it was quite reasonable.



After a long day of flying, Li Zheng was already very tired, and after getting off the plane and having to brace himself to have lunch at Kent’s house, where he was beaten by the warm midday sun, he was sleepy.



He yawned and patted Liang Zhe’s arm, “I’m going to sleep first. Dial the inside line if you have something.” Saying that, he covered his mouth with his hand and walked towards the hotel elevator.

When he woke up, he was hungry and wanted to call room service, but he remembered that Liang Zhe’s room was next door to his own, so he got up, dragged his slippers and walked to the room next to him.


Just as he walked out the door, he collided with a young man that looked around twenty-three or twenty-four years old.



Li Zheng was knocked back two steps, and his shoulder vaguely hurt. He rubbed his arm and looked up to take a look at the young man.



Flat head, black-rimmed glasses, a fairly decent suit, with an extremely nervous and flustered look on his face.



“Sorry, sorry. Oh, no.” Under the panic, the young man’s Chinese came out, and then immediately changed to English which wasn’t very standard in pronunciation.



Li Zheng really admired his good luck, going abroad twice and meeting fellow countrymen both times.



“Is something wrong?” Since he was a compatriot, it was natural to give a hand if he could.



The young man heard Li Zheng’s standard Chinese language, his eyes at once abounded with excitement.



“You …… you are Chinese. Do you have medicine? Fever-reducing medicine! Our secretary has been feverish all night, but for a while, we haven’t found fever-reducing medicine.” The young man asked nervously.



Medicine? Li Zheng naturally had them, as a scholar in the biopharmaceutical industry, no, even an ordinary person in the future would have the habit of carrying common medicines with them.



“Wait.” Li Zheng said, turning around and walking into the room.



He removed five or six white pills from the medicine bottle and wrapped them in white paper.



“One pill at a time, take it with warm water. Take it twice a day, and after the fever goes down, take it at most once more for consolidation.” Li Zheng handed the paper packet over.



The young man excitedly thanked him repeatedly.



“You are from China, you should know about the China Iron Industry, right? Our secretary is the secretary of the China Iron Industry, if you go back to China, you can find us at the Iron Industry building if you have anything to do.” The youth said, sizing up Li Zheng’s outfit, then scratching his head, “But I don’t think there’s anything you need our help with.”



He thanked him again before taking the paper bag and jogging all the way to the other end of the corridor.



China’s iron industry? Li Zheng frowned slightly, he seemed to have heard this name somewhere, he shook his head and didn’t think much about it, he turned around and knocked on Liang Zhe’s door.



Liang Zhe opened the door quickly, as if he was waiting behind the door, he opened it in less than a second.



“Are you hungry?”




“Then …… let’s go eat.”


Pearl Hotel Buffet Restaurant


Perhaps because it was the United Nations General Debate, the Pearl Hotel’s buffet was filled with people from different countries, perhaps because of the theme of this general debate, the leaders were mostly women.



Pearl Hotel buffet was good, but couldn’t resist the crowd, waiting for the same dish would take quite a while.



A dinner took a whole two hours.



“What an extravagant cost of time.” Li Zheng put down his knife and fork and casually exclaimed.



Liang Zhe looked up with a serious expression: “You aren’t happy? Eating with me?”


Li Zheng was stunned as their gazes met, and he felt his heart pounding a little.



“Of course not, I’m just ……” Li Zheng tried to organize his language, “You know, I’m an experimentalist, and to me, time is very important.”



He didn’t know why he was explaining so seriously, it was obviously just a casual exclamation, but his mouth had already started talking before his brain could react.



Li Zheng helplessly rubbed his temples, perhaps he had slept too much during his nap? Was he confused?


“It’s you! You also came to eat?” Li Zheng was reflecting on his anomaly, when an excited voice interrupted his thoughts, and the youth came towards Li Zheng, holding a white plate.



“Our secretary is over there, and the president of the Bank of China, she’s very good.” The youth was obviously a talkative one, and he spoke clearly about the purpose of the trip to China.



As Li Zheng guessed, these several Chinese people were here to participate in the United Nations General Debate Conference, and the outstanding female representative of China was the president of the Bank of China.



Li Zheng knew this person, the latter had mixed reviews of her, she witnessed the fastest growing era of China’s economy, and made a huge contribution to China’s economic development, but at the same time, officially she single-handedly promoted the madness of China’s real estate market, making it difficult for many of China’s lower class people to find a home.


In addition to her, China’s line of people were also China’s iron industry, the wheel division, electricity and other important national industry enterprises leaders.


Li Zheng looked over in the direction the youth pointed, several middle-aged men were sitting in a circle with their backs to him.



There was an old man with somewhat white hair who suddenly turned his head, and their eyes met, Li Zheng nodded to him.



The old man seemed to see an incredible phenomenon, he obviously froze, and then he was about to stand up, but was pulled by his companion next to him.


Li Zheng withdrew his gaze, “No need, look at our table, we’ve finished eating.” He said to the young man with a smile.



A hint of obvious disappointment flashed across the young man’s face, “The secretary even said that he wanted to thank you personally. He took the medicine, rested for a while, and felt much better.”



Li Zheng smiled lightly, “That’s good, in these few hours, he shouldn’t eat raw and cold food, and don’t eat food that’s too greasy. After two hours, take his temperature again.”


“Okay.” The young man responded loudly.



Li Zheng and Liang Zhe had almost finished eating, and after such a small interlude, the two of them also got up to go back to their rooms.


On the way, Li Zheng’s face looked a little strange.


“What’s wrong?” Liang Zhe asked worriedly.



Li Zheng shook his head, “Just that old man ……” he paused, “he seems a little familiar.”



Yes, that old man with somewhat white hair, he must have seen him somewhere.


Li Zheng’s memory was very good, which wasn’t only reflected in the memory and recitation of academic information, but also in life. He would rarely forget anything he had seen just once.



“Look familiar?” Liang Zhe’s eyes narrowed, “I’ll have someone check it out.” He spoke.


Li Zheng was dumbfounded, the strange feeling in his heart because the old man looked somewhat familiar was swept away, “No need, maybe I’m mistaken.”



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