“First of all, I am honored to stand here and share our experimental results with some of the best biologists in Hong Kong. Here, I must emphasize once again that the success of this in vitro organ regeneration project is not the result of my personal research, but the result of the joint efforts of our entire laboratory!” Dong Juncheng stood on the stage with a look of excitement on his face.


Once again, a round of applause rang out in the room.


Ma Wenmin looked at the stage with a calm expression, she seemed to finally understand what Li Zheng meant when he told her about the heart of a strong person, because with the birth of the human nosed mouse, she was able to face Dong Juncheng calmly, looking at the clown in front of her with the attitude of a victor.



Dong Juncheng’s more than ten years of research on the “in vitro organ regeneration” project wasn’t in vain, he was able to guess Li Zheng’s experimental steps correctly through a photo, and was able to talk about it in the seminar.



Except for certain details that could only be found in certain experiments, Dong Juncheng was able to repeat almost all the steps from scaffold selection, to cell reproduction inoculation, and explain his principles. Li Zheng didn’t doubt that, given a few more years of time, Dong Juncheng would be able to achieve this step of scaffold organ growth in an in vitro culture tank.



But this was the end.



“Thirteen years, this project has come step by step, through many setbacks and obstacles. Fortunately, we have persevered and finally managed to see a glimpse of this technology. Because the technology isn’t very mature, so the artificial ear can not leave the culture tank, so we can only let you see this.” He said, waving his hand at the bottom.



A few youngsters from his lab carefully carried a cube-shaped glass vessel up, which was covered with a thin layer of black cloth.



Liu Sichao pursed his lips and said softly, “Foolishness.”



Li Zheng was watching the scene with interest.


“It’s a pity.” He lamented.


Liu Sichao gave Li Zheng a strange look, “Pity about what?”


“If he didn’t use such tactics and instead came to ask for advice in good faith, perhaps he could really become the inventor of this achievement.”


Liu Sichao ……


Oh, even if you are a genius, saying this kind of words still seems very prideful.


Dong Juncheng uncovered the black cloth, in the slightly turbid suspension, a human ear-shaped object was hidden.



“The experiment is still in its initial stage, and the state of the artificial ear is not yet very stable, but I believe that as the experiment advances further, the organ regenerated in vitro will definitely be able to be detached from the nutrient solution and successfully transplanted into a living body!” Dong Juncheng said.


Knowledge could reach the scholars present, and theie love for biology was certainly indispensable.


They completely abandoned the pride of the top scholars, just like aunties buying vegetables in the vegetable market, they swarmed around the glass to observe carefully.



Dong Juncheng was prepared for this, and the nutrient solution was adjusted to be very cloudy, and it was explained in advance that the artificial ear couldn’t be separated from the nutrient solution. No biologist would dare to risk the destruction of the world’s first in vitro regenerated artificial organ by conducting further research on the artificial ear.



Moreover, his previous academic statement was almost completely in line with the common sense of tissue biology, and the logic was so clear that, except for the people in Li Zheng’s laboratory who had really done the experiment, no one else could hear anything unreasonable at all.



The project of in vitro regeneration of organs was related to the vital interests of every human being, so its status far exceeded the experimental results themselves, the crowd of scholars kept issuing praises, and Dong Juncheng’s reputation reached the highest peak at once.



“I remembered a saying.” Zhong Peng looked at Dong Juncheng who was trying to pretend to be modest on the high stage but couldn’t hide the smugness on his face.






“If you want to make it perish, you must first make it mad.”



Li Zheng smiled and his gaze fell on the slightly aged figure on the stage. From the way Dong Juncheng behaved downstairs at Wen Xuefeng’s house that day, he wasn’t a person who had completely lost his conscience, it was just that fame and fortune had driven this old man into madness.



Xu Mingsheng didn’t know when he sat next to Li Zheng, looking at Dong Juncheng who was surrounded by a crowd of biologists on stage, he frowned slightly, “Isn’t this getting too big?” He could already imagine what would happen to Dong Juncheng when the results of Li Zheng’s lab were announced later.



The higher you stand, the more you fall, was the scene in front of him.



Li Zheng stretched his body, which was a bit stiff from sitting for a long time, and then turned his head to look at Ma Wenmin, who barely had a single expression on her face.



“Teacher Ma, get ready, it’s your turn to go on.”



Ma Wenmin’s body shook, she looked at Li Zheng incredulously, Li Zheng had never said that she would be on the stage for the results show.



Just like Dong Juncheng, the presentation of a result was usually the responsibility of the main person in charge of the experiment, or the person who made a great contribution to the experiment. Ma Wenmin herself knew that although she and her husband proposed the project of “in vitro regeneration of organs” and did a lot of preparatory work for it.



But the experimental results of the “human nasal mouse” were undoubtedly made under the leadership of Li Zheng. In other words, without her, Li Zheng could still make the experiment, and she could never complete the project independently without Li Zheng’s guidance.



However, once Ma Wenmin took the stage in such a public forum, the group of scholars would tacitly assume that she was the main experimenter of this experiment, even if this didn’t change the ownership of Li Zheng and Li Zheng’s lab over the results of this project, but ……



“No, I’m not qualified for this.” Struggling for a long time, Ma Wenmin finally said this sentence, after saying this sentence, it was as if a thousand pounds of weight was lifted and she became relaxed all of a sudden, “If I did it, what is the difference with Dong Juncheng?”



Li Zheng opened his mouth slightly, “Teacher Ma, did you misunderstand something? You are the initiator of this project and a member of Li Zheng’s lab, the main member of this project. You are certainly qualified to be the narrator of this project.”



He paused and continued, “The birth of the human nasal mouse is just the beginning, there is still a long way to go from laboratory to clinical application of this technology, and the five senses will not be the ultimate goal of this project, as you know, compared to the five senses, the internal organs are the key to human life. I am not good at tissue engineering, so you need to be the gatekeeper for the long-term development of this project.”



When Li Zheng said that he wasn’t good at tissue engineering, all the people, including Xu Mingsheng, looked at him with a very subtle gaze.



Oh, not good at ……



Liu Sichao had felt that his pretending skills had been fully developed, but now he realized that compared to Li Zheng, he was still too far behind. No wonder he was the boss and he was a part-timer.



Ma Wenmin’s body trembled a bit with excitement. For more than a decade, this project carried her initial dream with Wen Xuefeng, their growth, love, and pain. She had thought that the moment she signed that employment contract, she would completely lose the project.

As a biologist, she understood that the status of this project in people’s minds had far exceeded the value of the project itself. It was enough for an obscure biologist to be among the top of the pyramid of the world’s biology circle all of a sudden.



This was also why Dong Juncheng grabbed their research results.



“You …… what did you say?” Ma Wenmin’s voice trembled a little.


“I said that you will be the head of the entire project in the future.” The project had made a good start, Li Zheng naturally wouldn’t just be satisfied with the experimental results at the moment, from the laboratory to the clinic, in order to make the results of an experimental project really live up to its value.



Li Zheng himself wasn’t good at organizing engineering, and he still had too many projects in his mind to put into practice, so Ma Wenmin was naturally the best person to be in charge of this project.


Ma Wenmin’s eyes were a little teary, “Thank you, really thank you.” She didn’t know how many times she said thank you to Li Zheng, this young leader had given her too much affirmation, Ma Wenmin secretly swore that she would not fail Li Zheng’s trust, she would not!



Li Zheng patted Ma Wenmin’s shoulder to express his comfort.



All the people in Li Zheng’s lab looked at Li Zheng with admiration and respect. For the first time, they understood what the charisma of a leader meant, and at this moment, the cohesiveness of Li Zheng’s lab was stronger than ever.



Xu Mingsheng was really surprised by this student of his again and again. He admired his own vision for the nth time, and praised his own decisiveness.



After today, when people mentioned him, besides the title of Dean of the School of Medicine of Hong Kong University, the most resounding one would be the identity of Li Zheng’s teacher, right?


Xu Mingsheng looked at Ma Wenmin, and the two of them walked towards the backstage of the conference, one after the other.


On the stage, Dong Juncheng’s performance was also gradually coming to an end. His artificial ear was brought down long after fifteen minutes of display on the pretext that the temperature difference would affect the activity of the artificial organ.


“It seems that this time the quota for committee members will be Professor Dong.”



“No, those people at Dongchen University should be mad with joy. Professor Dong, too, will not leave that school even after he has achieved fame and fortune.”



“Didn’t Professor Dong say that he is at Dongchen University to let those poor students have the opportunity to receive the most advanced biological knowledge education, really has the style of a teacher.”



Dong Juncheng returned to his seat amidst the praises of the crowd. The moment the artificial ear was moved down, his apprehensive heart settled down.



Here, it was time to wait for the final vote, and he was sure that he would become a member of the Biological Society Committee!



At this time, he saw Xu Mingsheng whispering a few words in Su Changzhi’s ear. This Honorary President of the Biological Association was so excited that he jumped up at once.


“Are you serious?” He shouted out loud.


“Really, I saw it.” Xu Mingsheng said.



The crowd’s eyes were instantly drawn to the change on the stage.



Su Changzhi stood up and said in an excited voice with a slight tremor, “I just got the news that Researcher Ma Wenmin from our Li Zheng lab will be here to announce a landmark biotechnology!”



“Let’s welcome Researcher Ma!” Saying that, he led the applause.


Ma Wenmin?



After the group of scholars realized what this name represented, the expressions on their faces became a bit odd, and some of them had already cast their eyes towards Dong Juncheng implicitly.



After Dong Juncheng heard Su Changzhi’s words, he only felt his head “buzz”, his whole soul seemed to hang in the air, his heart almost stopped beating.



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