“Mr. David said he never lost this cufflink.It’s just that he and I were like old friends at first sight, so he gave it to me.” Li Zheng said to the crowd as he extended his right hand to David.

David was very upbeat and quickly took off the cufflinks from his hand and placed them in Li Zheng’s hand, saying, “Yes, Li and I were like old friends at first sight, and I gave this cufflink to him!”

The crowd looked at the two people who were lying with their eyes open, they were unable to speak for a long time.

Xiao He had an anxious and panicked look on his face, he really couldn’t understand why this foreigner was speaking for Li Zheng, obviously… obviously he had put that cufflink in Li Zheng’s bag himself!

He opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, his mouth was covered.

“Oooh…” Xiao He struggled hard, but how could he, a waiter, compete with the guard’s strength, and he was soon pulled out with his mouth covered.

“Hahaha, so it was a misunderstanding, just explain it clearly. I was afraid that it might affect Mr. David’s mood.” Qiu Zhengye said with a big smile. At the same time, he sized up Li Zheng who bowed his head as he played with his cufflinks, he secretly commited this particular high school student to heart.

What David most wanted to do was to immediately return to his room and make a phone call to confirm the feasibility of the tips and tricks provided by Li Zheng. But these Chinese officials in front of him were so good at talking that a polite word was spoken like a flower, and even David couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the sweaty young translator.

“Mr. David, it’s getting late.We still have to go on a field trip tomorrow, so we won’t bother your rest.” Qiu Zhengye’s words finally came to an end.

“Okay, okay!” David was so busy that he didn’t wait for Qiu Zhengye to speak again, he had already turned around and trotted up the stairs, and as he reached the top of the stairs, David turned around with a smile on his face, “Dear Li, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

David thumped upstairs after saying that, leaving behind Li Zheng, who was baptized by the eyes of the group of Chinese officials.

Li Zheng…I still have classes tomorrow.

The next day, Dongliu High School welcomed a group of distinguished guests. David walked at the front, changing his expressionless face from yesterday, today’s David was in an incomparably flying mood, although he had two black circles under his eyes and his face also looked a little pale from staying up all night.

Just last night, he had people experiment with the tips provided by Li Zheng on a production line overnight, and the results were absolutely delightful. After changing the order and method of substance placement, the rate of white smoke production decreased by nearly 80%. After getting the results of the experiment, he made a report to headquarters at once.

“Is Li Zheng right here? What an institution of higher learning with Chinese characteristics, no wonder it can produce such an outstanding talent as Li Zheng.” David’s good words were like free money.

“Yes, Dongliu High School is also ranked among the top in the entire Haidong Province, and student Li Zheng is very outstanding!” Qiu Zhengye would never say that he had never heard of any Dongliu High School before today.

Although the crowd didn’t understand why the person in charge of Roche didn’t visit the several factory site candidates they had drawn up early in the morning, but insisted on coming to Dongliu High School to find Li Zheng, but the money was in people’s pockets, so what could they do but accompany them with smiles on their faces.

Principal Zhang, Director Ma, Liu Huiying and a host of other teachers from the school waited downstairs in the school building when they heard the news. When he heard the governor explain the foreigner’s request, Principal Zhang’s entire body went bad.

His first reaction was, Li Zheng? How come it was Li Zheng again?

Liu Huiying’s reaction was a little more obvious, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Is Li Zheng in some kind of trouble? He’s still young… I’m his class teacher, so talk to me beforehand if you have anything to say.”

The interpreter quickly translated Liu Huiying’s words to David.

“Oh God, so you are Li Zheng’s tutor, what a beautiful lady, no wonder you can educate such an excellent student like Li Zheng.” David made a gesture and went up to hug Liu Huiying.

Principal Zhang’s eyes just bulged and he took a step forward. David and Principal Zhang hugged in one place.


Principal Zhang…….

When David and his party arrived at the senior class eight, it was a history lesson, which happened to be about the Allied Forces of the Eight Powers invasion of China. Director Ma, who understood the purpose of the man’s identity, sweated at once.

“I’ll go call out student Li Zheng.” Director Ma said with a dry smile.

David shook his head gravely, “We can’t interrupt a scholar’s teaching, let alone a scholar seeking an education, let’s just be patient and wait, right, Deputy governor Qiu.”

Qiu Zhengye took a glance at the history teacher on the podium who was indignantly denouncing the atrocities committed by the Eight-Power Allied Forces, then looked at David who looked like he was listening carefully, and nodded in silence.

When the bell rang at the end of class, David’s eyes lit up when he saw Li Zheng, he stood up and greeted him.

“Li Zheng, my friend.” Li Zheng had only just turned his head, received a loving bear hug from David.

“Li, your campus is so beautiful, and your teacher is outstanding and speaks very well.” Li Zheng was stunned, if it was barely understandable to say that the campus was beautiful, the teacher spoke excellently….

He took a look at the open page of his history book, and then at the expressions of the group of people headed by Governor Qiu, Li Zheng….

After Li Zheng walked out of the classroom along with David’s group, the entire class exploded.

“What’s the relationship between that foreigner just now and Li Zheng?And that’s the mayor standing behind that group, isn’t it.”

“Not only that, there’s also the county governor and secretary, even Xie Wenjie is standing at the back, the people in front must be even bigger!”

“Li Zheng, Li Zheng…so powerful.” A certain girl muttered to herself.

The students suddenly realized that they and Li Zheng, it seemed like they weren’t in the same world anymore.

Li Chaoyang scratched his head and spoke up, “Am I the only one who finds that foreigner’s manner of saying his name in a serious manner very funny?”

The crowd froze, and then the classroom erupted in laughter.

David in the hallway sniffed and exclaimed, “Youth~”

The Ministry of Health and Qinghe Town drew up three sites as candidates for the factory site, and under David’s strong invitation, Li Zheng also participated in this factory site inspection as a special guest.

Qinghe Town was not a big town, so the three factory sites were quickly visited. David didn’t speak, and Qiu Zhengye also began to get anxious.

“Mr. Andorio, you see…”

David and the other two foreigners exchanged a couple of quick words and spoke up, “Governor Qiu, to tell you the truth, on the first day we arrived in the region, we had already decided to give up on building a factory here.”

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