C9—- Campus Gladiatorial Arena (VII)


Flower: so handsome!!!


Hungry to death: Ma Ma I want to marry him !!


Orange wine: I actually prefer the anchor’s sultry look. But that person is really good-looking, long legs and a handsome face, he gives a clean and clear feeling.


Takeaway girl: kneeling for his name, I want to give him a child!


Xia Yihui stared at Zhang Qingyu without turning his eyes. Zhang Qingyu’s features were outstanding, belonging to the kind of good looks that could be seen at once in the crowd. But the most stunning place, was his eyes. His eyes were very beautiful, the end of his eyes were tilted up, making him look serious, but his eyes seemed to be clear and clean.


It was this contradiction that made it impossible to understand Zhang Qingyu’s good looks with a mysterious meaning, so that people couldn’t help but look at his eyes again and again, if they were a little inattentive, they would fall deep into it.


Lu Xian: Hahaha, the anchor is also stunned. Why are you guys watching each other like this? Are beautiful people attracted to each other?


Flower: HHHH, can you take care of the poor player next to you who is scratched by broken glass and baked in high temperature? They are playing a nightmare level horror game. Is this a love game at first sight?



Orange wine: I just went to Zhang Qingyu’s live room to look around, hahaha, I’m laughing to death, their side’s style and our side is highly consistent, they’re praising our anchor’s godly face, kneeling for news of the anchor, crying and shouting that they’ll give children to the anchor 233333

[TN: 2333 — Lol/LMAO]

Circle: So are both audiences captivated by the opposite side? 666666

[TN: 6666 — liù liù liù 六六六 = well played/cool]


Orange wine: now the opposite side has began to urge Zhang Qingyu to ask for the anchor’s contact information, hahaha


Wolf cub: from the opposite side! anchor I like you ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, you know? From the opposite side, it looks like you’ve being reborn from the flames, just like being equipped with flame effects. It’s super stylish! And he looks pretty!


Favorite Long Legs: Coming from the opposite side+1, I suddenly realized that the perspectives on both sides are very beautiful. Looking at this side from there, it seems like it has been added with a flame special effect. Looking over here and over there, there are all shiny little glass. Do good-looking people bring their own special effects? (≧▽≦)/


Xia Yihui: “……” What happened?


He was dumbfounded. Noticing that Zhang Qingyu was still looking at him, Xia Yihui was a bit baffled. After thinking about it, Xia Yihui hesitantly nodded at Zhang Qingyu, counting it as a greeting.


It was this greeting that caused the incident. Zhang Qingyu’s eyes flickered for a moment, with a hint of indescribable complexity between his eyebrows, and he slowly moved away from his gaze.



Favorite long legs: eh? Anchor, why do I feel that you two know each other ah?


Teacup dog garden: there is adultery!


Circle: The person who first removes their eyes during a gaze is often the one who loves deeply.


Lu Xian: I am studying psychology, and I think what I have learned throughout my life will be applied to it! I bet there was definitely something going on between you, otherwise Big boss Zhang wouldn’t have looked abandoned like that!



Piece of cat: meow meow meow? Was that look just now the look of abandonment? I feel like I’m begging for it.


The barrage below was flickering, all speculating about Xia Yihui’s relationship with Zhang Qingyu, trying to pair them up.


…? “Xia Yihua was shocked.



Did they know each other? Why did everyone say it was true? He almost believed it himself, OK!


The number of people in his live stream was growing rapidly by multiplying times, from a thousand to more than seven thousand in the blink of an eye.


Xia Yihui knew these viewers should be from Zhang Qingyu’s side.


Looking at the screen full of strange comments, Xia Yihui felt a bit helpless. If he wasn’t wrong, Zhang Qingyu’s live room comments should be more than this, right?



Zhang Qingyu looked so outstanding, how could he not remember meeting him?


But judging from the other party’s performance, it really didn’t seem like they didn’t know each other. Xia Yihua was a bit confused.


Just as his thoughts were drifting, the sparkling little glass flying everywhere in the air finally stopped. After pausing for a few seconds, they seemed to suddenly lose their strength and fell freely to the ground.


A moment, the sound of crisp glass shattering sounded constantly, mixed with echoes of the chaos and complexity.


Those who were cut to rags by glass and their faces covered in blood were overjoyed. As long as there was no interference from the glass, they could use their skills again.



Here was the chance!


The player who could control the fireball couldn’t withstand the attack of the broken glass, and backhanded a ball of fire and threw it towards Zhang Qingyu’s back.


At the same time, all the people who were ready to attack Zhang Qingyu, had taken out their own skills.


The fireballs, vines, and all sorts of strange and bizarre skills, fell towards Zhang Qingyu.


“You ……” Xia Yihui subconsciously shouted, ready to use the word ‘careful’.


Before he could finish speaking, he saw Zhang Qingyu slightly raise his hand and thrust it into the air, stopping the fierce fireball in the air.


Zhang Qingyu turned his head, calmly looking at Xia Yihui, as if asking what Xia Yihui just wanted to say.


Xia Yihua took a deep breath and smiled, then changed his mouth and said, “Sending a heart to you.”


Esther: Anchor, are you toxic?! Temporary change of mouth isn’t okay hahaha



Hungry: laugh out loud hahaha, you even dare to molest the no.1 Big Boss Zhang, what else can’t you do?


Flower: Help! My share of today’s laughs 23333


[TN: 2333 — lol]


Favorite long legs: Hahahahaha anchor, I came from the live room there. You know Big boss Zhang is most annoyed by these words, even his viewers don’t dare go over the boundary, he will emit a killing aura to them!


Takeaway girl: Oh my God, really? Sending the anchor wax 23333333


[TN: it’s the same as “F for respect.” or RIP. Usually when someone dies in China, they light incense, which became candle in emoji-format, and so it became a meme, but in a more friendly way.]


Sheep horn shoes: wax +1


Seeing the comments, Xia Yihua knew it wasn’t good. He was used to doinfg things like this, but suddenly he met someone more serious, which really made him nervous. He immediately waved his hand and prepared to apologize.


Zhang Qingyu was one step ahead of him, he lightly asked: “What did you just say?”


A barrage of ‘hahaha’ laughter erupted, leaving a momentary blank in the live broadcast interface.


Everyone was surprised. Generally speaking, Zhang Qingyu didn’t care for such jokes, but now he replied to Xia Yihua again, which was a bit confusing.

“Hmm?” Xia Yihui was equally confused, “What said what?”


Zhang Qingyu seriously, “You said, you’ll send me a heart.”


Xia Yihui’s face was full of horror. Did he say such a horrible thing? With just one more word, the picture was completely different!


He hurriedly explained: “I don’t mean that. Than heart doesn’t mean giving you a heart, but expressing fondness for people.”



Zhang Qingyu paused for a moment, “express fondness?”


Xia Yihui: “……” This still didn’t make sense, did it!?


The good thing was that Zhang Qingyu didn’t dwell too much on this issue. His attention returned to the big fire in the air.


Fortunately, Zhang Qingyu didn’t dwell too much on this issue. His attention returned to the large fire in the air.


He gently raised his hand and the raging fire shifted direction in the air, quickly being hit back.



Although the person who attacked had a fire-based skill, it was as if he himself wasn’t fireproof. When the fireball hit, the person was completely defenseless, and was chased by the fire, hiding all over the place, burning loudly.


——Can you apply others’ skills to yourself? This is an open loop! It’s horrible.



Xia Yighua saw the bullet screen flashing through the live broadcast room with sharp eyes.


He shook his head in disapproval. Zhang Qingyu shouldn’t possess the skills mentioned in the barrage.



Moreover, the game were fair in a sense, no one’s skills were bad, there were just strong and weak points. The focus also depended on whether the holder itself could skillfully and properly use the skill.


The horror of Zhang Qingyu should lie in himself, and adding a matching skill made it seem like he had a CHEAT skill.




The vines twisted wildly in the air, one by one, intercepting the skills that were thrown over, pocketed in one place, and very simply sent it back again.


Those who implemented the skills never considered that the scorching heat, spikes, giant pressure, etc. would revert back to themselves.


They cried and dodged and were tortured by their own skills to the point of death. In no time at all, they could not support themselves and lay flat on the ground, almost invalid.


In addition to Xia Yihui who was spared, there was one other person present, Xu Qing.


From the moment Zhang Qingyu got off the field, he stood in place like a wooden stake, not even moving a bit.



In fact, he was thinking of picking up a leak or something. It just didn’t occur to him that this thought saved his life instead.



Seeing Zhang Qingyu’s gaze turn to himself, Xu Qing took two steps back in fear and shouted, “Now we are the same hunter, it’s useless if you just kill me, and it doesn’t increase the time. Brother, have mercy on others, ah.”

Just like setting off the words’ hunter ‘in his words. The electronic sound suddenly sounded, releasing the the third mock examination rule.



[The second mode is over. The total number of players in this copy is 10,000, after the elimination of the second mode, the remaining number is 4,723, the elimination rate is 47.23%.]


[Congratulations to the players who survived the second mode.]


[The list has been replaced.]


[During the third mode, the hunter-prey status is switched, setting science students as prey and arts students as hunters.]


[From now on, the remaining time for Arts students starts to count down. The remaining time for science students is frozen.]


[No. 078 Campus Gladiator copy hidden branch has been opened, please players try to develop the branch and pass this copy to the maximum extent.] [No. 078 Campus Gladiator copy hidden branch has been opened, please players try to develop the branch and pass this copy to the maximum extent.]
[This hidden branch line found player: Xia Yihui.]



Xia Yihui froze. Feeling a number of eyes wandering over himself, his face turned ugly.



When he thought that the electronic voice just broadcasted the word ‘Xia Yihui’ directly, he felt overwhelmed.


If the players of this copy were compared to the stranded people on the island, then the behavior of the electronic voice just now was almost telling all the stranded people.


— There is a man named Xia Yihui among you who holds the secret to get out. To know what the secret is, you must find Xia Yihui and seize the secret.


Let’s put it this way. Before the list change, because of the list, Xia Yihui was the target of the entire science students.


And after the list change, it was hard to mete out from the list. As a result, because of this hidden branch, Xia Yihui simply became a target with long legs, and very tragically became the target of the entire copy of the surviving players.


The electronic sound continued.


[For one hour from now on, the live stream is closed and the list is hidden.]


[Please note your time, there is not much time left!]



Slippery: Expect the anchor to kill the science student back! Charge!!!


Delivery girl: Oh ho, anchor, you’re playing dead. In the next game, you will definitely be the hot cake that everyone will compete for, haha


Favorite long legs: what? Don’t ah! Is turning off the live room at this point humane?


Orange wine: anchor I believe in you, you must escape from under the hands of Zhang Qingyu QWQ


Hua Hua: Before the anchor goes to the street, show a white dog (dog head saves life)


circle: I feel that once I’m offline, I will never see the anchor again, I really can’t let you ah 5555


[TN: 55555 —– wuwuwuwuwu/boohoo]


Elbow wolf cub: Wardma, a reminder from the opposite live broadcast room. Big Boss Zhang is simply a bug. I don’t know why, there is no difference between hunters and prey in his place. You must be careful of him.


There was no difference between hunter and prey?


What did they mean?


Before Xia Yihui could inquire in detail, the live screen went dark and all the comments disappeared.


Viewers all over the world connected to the Star Network were kicked out of the live stream.


After a moment of silence, everyone coincidentally logged into the escape forum, their fingers crackling on the keyboard, excitedly exchanging what they had seen and heard during the second mode.


The forum was full of posts.


The background of the copy was the same, but the direction was completely different. The points that people were discuss are naturally very numerous.


Among the many posts, one named ‘Surprise! No. 078 copy developed a hidden branch, me and my buddies are stunned! The post quickly rose to the top.


In no time, this post was topped as a HOT hot post.


Countless people replied to the post, discussing the legendary hidden branch line, and Xia Yihui, as the first person to discover the branch line, was also being discussed and followed by everyone.


The first person was always different.


Just as the forum was caught in an unprecedented firestorm, the atmosphere on the other side was equally explosive.


Those who were lying on the ground cried out in horror and prostrated themselves backwards.



Among them, the long-armed man couldn’t bear the terrifying atmosphere and cursed, “Great god Zhang, leave a line on everything! We are all prey now, you just can’t get time even if you kill me, why do you need to rush to kill?”


Zhang Qingyu glanced at him coldly, and the man was scared and immediately silenced. Just now, he looked very tough, but with this glance, he was stunned and immediately deflated.


The man who was with him cursed in his heart and wanted to send him out directly with a knife.


Big boss Zhang obviously didn’t take them seriously and was thinking of tidying up Xu Qing. Was this person howling blindly that he didn’t want to die fast enough? Even if it was, don’t drag everyone down!


Xu Qing on the other side wasn’t feeling well.


Seeing Zhang Qingyu coming head-on, Xu Qing’s legs and stomach trembled. Reason told him to run, but his body instinctively froze, her couldn’t move.


For some reason, he felt that Zhang Qingyu had become so powerful that he was invincible, and it was useless to run away.



Finally, Xu Qing couldn’t help the fear inside and turned his head to Xia Yihui for help, “Please, save me, save us!”


This statement actually played a role. Zhang Qingyu paused and turned his head to look at Xia Yihua. His eyes were clear and his face was pale, saying, “Do you want to save them?”


The question was so calm that one couldn’t tell what he was thinking.


Xia Yihui hesitated for a moment, deliberating: “If I want to save, what will you do?” Would he take him out with them?


Zhang Qingyu said succinctly, “Then let go.”


Everyone froze. This answer was so surprising that for a moment, the crowd didn’t even react.



Those who were lying on the ground were so excited that they were about to cry, and a huge hope erupted in their hearts.


There was a chance! As long as they got past Xia Yihui, maybe Zhang Qingyu would really let them go!


With pleading eyes, the crowd turned their heads to look at Xia Yihui, hoping that Xia Yihui would be magnanimous and would disregard the past.


“Huh? Let them go?” Xia Yihui shook his head like a rattle, full of incredulity, “They just surrounded and tried to kill me eh. I am not the Virgin Mary, I won’t save them, if you want to, they can be steamed, fried, or boiled, it depends on your mood. If it is convenient, please let me come with a knife.”


“……” The scene was silent.


If the live room hadn’t been closed at this time, the comments would have started to brush the screen like crazy.


–The most coquettish anchor of the whole star network, big boss Wardma, you deserve this title!



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