C8– Campus Gladiatorial Arena [VI]

Xia Yihui was grabbed by the long arm, he helplessly stared at the fireball that was about to meet his face, he couldn’t dodge.



The live room had already began wailing, mourning the loss of Xia Yihui’s live stream.



Xia Yihui’s mind was still stable, he quickly raised his hand and the long-armed man’s hand also raised with it.



His plan was very simple, using the fireball to force the long-armed man to let go.



If he didn’t let go, very well, then they’d all die together.



Facts had proven that few people could be as crazy as Xia Yihui in this game. The long-armed man hesitated for a moment, he cursed at him, let go of his hand, and quickly tried to retract his own hand.



But it wasn’t over yet. As Xia Yihui grinned, the long-armed man instantly had a bad feeling, and sure enough, the next second Xia Yihui grabbed his hand, rubbed it into a ball around himself and ran to meet the impact of the thick blaze.






This was the thought of everyone present. Including his opponents, the live viewers from everyone’s live streams, and Xu Qing, who had ran back towards him.



The fireball hit Xia Yihui’s temporary made ‘shield’, the fire spread out, and some tiny flames diffused on Xia Yihui’s collar and hair.



Sharp screams resounded throughout the 6th floor. The long-armed man retracted his hand and frantically slapped at the fire, the smell of flesh burning was creepy, no one knew if it was an illusion, but the floor seemed covered with the smell of burnt meat.



The sparks floated everywhere.



The comments in the live stream were all over the place: ahhhhh god wodma is so f*ucking awesome!!!



Everyone concluded that he was crazy.



It wasn’t easy to use an enemy’s plan to make them hurt themselves.



Xia Yihui was considered the first person in this copy. Never had they seen the prey crazily escape, the hunters usually chased them wildly, this was the first time they had seen a prey resist, and the resistance was successful.



Hungry: I’m already the anchor’s wife fan, if the anchor doesn’t die today, I want to follow you for life (≧▽≦)/



Jester: cr*ap, this is so cool, I offer my knees!



Lemonade girl: Anchor looks like a phoenix bathing in fire, he’s so good-looking, if only the live room had a screenshot function, I want to take a screenshot of this image, place it over my bed and stare at it everyday.



Flower: Mama I saw a fairy! Work Hard, Anchor!



Taro Has A Margin: I just came into the live room and met this scene, I was completely shocked, I thought it was 3D movie special effects.



82 Rafi: I want to know all the information about the anchor in five minutes!




Lucian: I apologize for speaking out against the big guy before, QAQ.




There was one distinctive comment among a flurry of frenzied comments.



Orange wine: Are you okay? Is it very painful?




All the commentators froze and finally remembered that what was on Xia Yihui at this moment was not a movie special effect, but real flames.



Through a layer of the screen, they couldn’t feel the hot temperature, but from the long-armed man’s screams, it was obvious how painful it was. What the fireball brought, was a terrifying temperature that struck the soul.



Thinking of this, everyone began to worry and asked Xia Yihui about his physical condition.



Looking at the comments, Xia Yihui laughed. In fact, the fire only looked scary, 90% of the attack was blocked by the temporary made ‘shield’, which was exactly why the one-armed man was screaming so miserably.



Xia Yihui would never gamble on a moment of anger to face danger. Before doing this, his mind had gone through a precise calculation.




In a few seconds, how big the hand of the long-armed person would be kneaded by him, how much flames would leak through the arm gap, how many attacks could be blocked by the arm, and how far from the center of the fire could he keep himself to the greatest extent.



Xia Yihui thought of all these things. After all, he was still very life conscious.



The fire from the skill was still suspended in the air, and the temperature of the entire sixth floor corridor soared violently. Space seemed to be distorted and appeared metaphysical.



The crisis brought by the fire was diverted, but the crisis brought by people was still there.



Xia Yihui couldn’t say ‘I’m fine’.



The situation was very dangerous at the moment.



There was Xu Qing blocking the way on the left, on the right was the group of hunters, and outside the window was six stories high.



It could be said that there was almost no way to escape.



Of course, this wasn’t an absolute desperate situation.



The two rival forces were holding each other in check, and Xia Yihui wasn’t in danger for the time being.



Xu Qing knew in his heart that he couldn’t take Xia Yihui today, but he didn’t leave either, he just blocked Xia Yihui’s exit, so as to neatly cut off his last retreat.



With the crazy move just now, at this moment the crowd didn’t want to act rashly. No one wanted to be cannon fodder, they had all seen the long-armed man’s miserable state.




When the situation was stalemated, someone shouted, “Holy sh*t!”



Everyone looked in the direction his finger was pointing and was also shocked.



Just now, the clock struck zero and the list changed.




Now the list floating in the air had changed.



“This was really a bl00dbath, from the list of ten people, seven are new names. Have the previous seven people been eliminated?”




“Not really, aren’t we standing in front of someone that isn’t on the list? But Xia Yihui is the prey, the fact that he’s not dead is already a miracle. Look at the three people who still remain on the list, their status last round was hunter.”




“Tch, No.1 is still Zhang Qingyu, Zhang Qingyu has been dominating these five days.”



“Cr*p, am I seeing wrong, is that column below Zhang Qingyu’s rank L16? A full 8 levels higher than No.2! Oh my God, I don’t even have a fraction of his level!”



“Why is he hanging, it’s weird!”



“He’s a god, why are you comparing yourself with him?”




The person who first discovered the list had changed found that everyone was focusing on the wrong thing and shouted anxiously, “I’m not surprised that the list has changed, look at Zhang Qingyu’s coordinates!”



The crowd’s eyes shifted down.





Player: Zhang Qingyu


Level: 16 (790/1600)


Subject: Science


Coordinate: Classroom 907, Teaching Building No. 23


Time left: 169 hours and 33 minutes


The crowd was confused. What was wrong with the coordinates? It was normal.



After about two seconds, the list singled out, and the coordinates changed to ‘Classroom 807, Building 23’.



Everyone was silent.



Xia Yihui also felt disturbed, in a two seconds interval, how did this No.1 big brother go from 907 to 807?



If it was just down the stairs, it was 901 to 801. This spanned 14 classrooms in between, how did he do it?



Everyone in the live stream was also discussing this strange sign, which everyone obviously found amazing.



“It’s changed again!!!”



Xia Yihui’s pupils shook, this time he clearly saw that in two seconds, Zhang Qingyu’s coordinates went from 807 to 707.



“Teaching building number 23, that’s the building we’re in now!” Someone shouted.



Xia Yihui froze and immediately looked at the classroom next to him, and he instantly went numb from his scalp to his cheeks.



The sign on it read clearly, Classroom 607.



According to the coordinates of the list, he was in classroom 607 of the 23rd teaching building.



That meant …… Zhang Qingyu was now upstairs?



Obviously everyone thought of this. They all raised their heads in fear and looked at the ceiling.



“Afraid, afraid of what? Obviously we’re all hunters ah!” Someone stammered.



Xia Yihui’s pupils flickered. That person wasn’t wrong, now the list had changed, but the electronic voice hadn’t yet said anything about an identity switch.



The Science students were still hunters.



There were so many people in the room, including the strange coordinates of Zhang Qingyu, all of them were science, just he, the arts student sandwiched in the middle, was like fat meat on the cutting board, falling into the wolves den, holding himself tight and shivering.



If Zhang Qingyu really came to the 6th floor, that would be three forces against him.



Xia Yihui’s throat rolled for a moment, profoundly feeling that this game had great malice towards him.



The whole scene was quiet, no one knew where Zhang Qingyu would come out from and in what way he would appear. Everyone could only look fearfully at the list outside the window and pray that the coordinates wouldn’t change again.



The crowd’s prayers didn’t work, and in just two seconds, the floor of the coordinates on the screen dropped another place, from 7 to 6.



“Where, where is he?” Someone muttered.



The crowd stared at each other with wide eyes, no one could answer this person’s question.




Xia Yihui bit his lower lip, his face grim. Suddenly, his expression changed and he turned his eyes to look out the window.



At the same time, there was a loud clatter and countless window fragments shot into the corridor. Everyone dodged the broken glass in panic, it was too late to think about what was happening.



Those fragments were like long eyes, no matter how everyone dodged, the fragments found them accurately, and unceremoniously cut one small slit after another on people’s bodies.



Xia Yihui also dodged, and then was embarrassed to find that no fragments came towards him. He just stood still, yet no fragments cut him, so there was no need to dodge at all.



When he realized that, he looked at the person who had broken the window.




Coincidentally, that person was also looking at Xia Yihui.




The two were separated by countless crystals floating in the air, the air was distorted by the heat, and the crowd of people writhing wildly to avoid the debris because they had been caught off guard.



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