C5—- Campus Gladiatorial Arena (III)

Both of them were thrown to the ground by the huge impact at the same time. Xia Yihui frowned, rubbed his butt*cks that almost fell in half, and looked at the youth who had bumped into him.


The freckled youth on the other side screaming incessantly, as if he had been st@bbed.


Dealing with the same fall, Xia Yihui immediately got up without a word of complaint, while Liu Zite laid on the ground, completely unable to get up.


Xia Yihui hesitantly glanced at Liu Zit, he finally estimated that he wasn’t trying to take advantage of him.


After crying out for half a day, Liu Zite was finally silent, and saw Xia Yihui, he was surprised and called out: “Xia Yihui?”


Xia Yihui was going to walk away, when he heard Liu Zite, he fiercely stopped in his tracks.


It was just as well that the other was also a prey, there was no threat for the time being, Xia Yihui directly asked, “How do you know my name?”


Liu Zite’s face paled. After more than ten hours, he had figured out this escape game, and likewise knew how ridiculous his previous thoughts were.


Despite this, Liu Zite still didn’t think highly of Xia Yihui.


He and the youth in front of him were similar, he looked like he couldn’t handle a shove, yet he was a Level 3 player.


With a bit of inexplicable defiance, Liu Zite muttered in a low voice: “Now the whole school knows you.”


Xia Yihui raised his eyebrows, Liu Zit immediately felt weak, and stumbled over his explanation.


In fact, this incident was his fault.


In Classroom 403, Liu Zite exposed Xia Yihui’s identity to some people.



Then they told others. Now everyone knew that level 3 big brother Xia Yihui carried a red fire hydrant, as long as they saw a person holding a red fire hydrant, no doubt, it had to be Xia Yihui.


So, all hunters marked him. In the eyes of the crowd, Xia Yihui was the same as a golden elixir, after taking him out, they’d be able to increase their level.


According to a player of the infinite escape forum, he was seriously injured by the crawling species during the newbie copy, before his stamina points reached zero, he managed to kill one of the crawling species and his stamina increased, at this point, they all probably saw Xia Yihui as one of those creatures.


Now many people were wounded, the time was reducing and the stamina points consumption was getting faster. If they caught Xia Yihui, it was almost equivalent to a full-blooded resurrection, how could they resist?


After listening to Liu Zite’s explanation, Xia Yihui felt a headache. He made a quick decision, walked quickly to the window and threw out the fire hydrant.


The floor wasn’t high, as the hydrant was thrown down, it immediately caused a cry of surprise.


“Hahahaha a fire hydrant actually fell down, God is helping me ah!”


“D*mn, brothers, don’t let that man run away with the hydrant.”


“Chase! Chase after him!”


The floor below fell into chaos because of a fire hydrant.


No one could find anything in East Lane High School except papers, pencil and other gadgets, the fire hydrant was definitely ranked in the top.


As Xia Yihui threw it, the comment screen immediately exploded, they questioned why Xia Yihui didn’t discuss with them before throwing the fire hydrant.


Especially the anti-fans, at this time, they were even more enthusiastic. Apparently everyone didn’t understand why Xia Yihui suddenly threw the fire hydrant.


Xia Yihui didn’t explain.


Inside the escape game, all his choices were for his own life, there was no need to explain everything to the audience.


In his mind, the audience only needed to watch him as he made risky choices, then kneel after it was over and shout ‘Big brother is so cool’.


Liu Zite was also shocked by Xia Yihui’s behavior, he looked at Xia Yihui with an open mouth, he didn’t understand: “Why did you throw your weapon? Later when the hunters find you, how will you defend yourself without it?”


This question was exactly what the crowd in the live room wanted to ask.


Comments rushed through the screen, crazily repeating Liu Zite’s question.


Xia Yihui patiently replied: “With the fire hydrant, I’m a target, so I might as well lose it.”



Liu Zite snorted, “You shouldn’t have, at least it is something that can protect you, later if you meet hunters, won’t you be empty-handed?”


With Liu Zite holding the same viewpoint of not a few people, many people in the comments section agreed with Liu Zite, there were people who painstakingly advised Xia Yihui to go back downstairs and get the fire hydrant back.



Xia Yihui touched his nose, narrowed his eyes and smiled, but he didn’t respond. Seeing his expression, the live crowd sneered and laughed, secretly laughing at his ignorance and cursing even harder.

Of course there were people who spoke for Xia Yihui, but these people were ultimately a small number. With the fire hydrant thing, many people were on Liu Zite’s side, and felt that Xia Yihui was unbelievable.


Just then, Liu Zite heard a loud cry from behind him, “Son of a b*tch Liu Zite, give me back my bread!!”


Liu Zite’s expression changed, “Sh*t!”


He pushed Xia Yihui away without saying a word and fled.


Xia Yihui staggered after being pushed by Liu Zite, he held the wall to stand up, shrugged, and moved to enter a random classroom to hide.



The speed of the comments increased all of a sudden.


Davis: Come on, anchor. Help him. He can’t beat the hunter alone.


Barry: Anchor, don’t seek death!


Circle: I’m speechless, what is wrong with people nowadays, is there no love?



Hungry: That freckled little brother painstakingly advised the anchor not to throw the hydrant, yet anchor turned his head like this. It’s the right thing to return the favor, is it only me who feels this way?



Orange wine: Have you lost your wits? The man revealed the whereabouts of the anchor, or else would he be as miserable as this, how does your eyes see? Do you automatically filter what you see?



Yang Juhua: Big Brother? Where is the big brother, I only saw a lazy person being chased for days.


Flower: You shouldn’t try to convince the anchor, he can’t protect himself now, how can save the man?


Just as Xia Yihui was reading the comments, the sound of the hunter’s footsteps rapidly approached.



Orange wine scolded the cult-like commentors, and advised Xia Yihui to hide in the classroom and ignore Liu Zite.


Xia Yihui glanced at the group of persuasive comments, thought about it and said, “You guys really want me to save him?”



Orange wine: Big brother, don’t be disturbed by these people. …… If I had known, I wouldn’t have talked about you in the Infinite Escape Forum. I’m sorry for the trouble! QAQ.


Xia Yihui blinked gently, it counted as appeasement.


Looking at the comments that neatly expressed agreement for him to save Liu Zite, Xia Yihui smiled and nodded, “Okay, I’ll save that gentleman, as a free lesson for you.”



Huahua: Too good! The anchor finally found his way.


Hungry to death: What lesson?



Xia Yihui grinned, “I’ll let you see why you can’t survive this game.”


The comment section was silent for a moment, before it was filled with amused comments.


It was true that they didn’t pass the novice copy, but it was purely by accident.



If the copy they experienced was the current one, most of the people in the live room were sure that if they were there, at least the situation wouldn’t be as bad as it was now.



Although they had been watching Xia Yihui’s live stream, they could never identify with Xia Yihui’s strength.



Everyone had seen the video of the newbie copy, and in the eyes of the crowd, Xia Yihui’s act of hiding on the door and exclusively hitting the creeping species three inches away was almost like finding a bug in the game, equivalent to cheating.



Although he successfully advanced to L3, his method wasn’t as bright and open as other L3 and above players, so Xia Yihui’s position in L3 seemed extraordinarily embarrassing.



Seeing that no one took the ‘lesson’ comment seriously, Xia Yihui didn’t argue, but quickly turned around and went after Liu Zite as promised.



Liu Zite’s legs were shorter than Xia Yihui’s, and his steps were much smaller, so the latter caught up with him in a flash, and had time to ask, “Who’s chasing you? You stole his bread?”



“He put it there, so I took it, he didn’t write his name on it.” Liu Zit panted, his eyes were full of boredom, “He’s a L2 hunter, his initial skill should be related to speed, he runs twice as fast as a normal person. Also, don’t follow me, you’ll slow me down!”


“Twice?!” Xia Yihui’s pupils trembled for a moment, and suddenly remembered that he also had a skill called Scouting. He silently looked at how to use scouting, and also used it on Liu Zite in passing.



[Scouting lv1: can view the basic information of random players in the copy, a maximum use of three times a day.]


A line of subtitles appeared in the air, the words were only visible to Xia Yihui.


Name: Liu Zite


Age: 22


Level: S1


Skills: knitting sweater lv1


In addition to these four, he couldn’t detect anything else.



Xia Yihui turned his head back and threw a Scouting lv1 on the blurred figure of the big man in the distance.


Name: Xu Qing


Age: 38


Level: S3


Skill: Sprint lv1


Xia Yihui quickly thought about it. Maybe the lv1 skill was still too weak, and the upgraded scouting would show him more information.



But what the hell was this knitting sweater skill?



Before in the infinite escape forum, he had seen many people complaining that their initial skills were trash, Xia Yihui hadn’t believed them, he firmly believed that there were no trash skills, only people who used skills terribly.



As a result, knitting sweater …… this skill was indeed trash. He was suddenly glad that his luck was good, he had gotten two skills that were very powerful.



After running for less than half a minute, he turned a corner and there was a fork in the road. At this time, the hunter Xu Qing was already very close, and the sound of panting seemed close at hand.


Behind him came the sound of the rustling wind, Xia Yihui violently pushed Liu Zite to the side, he was pasted on the wall like a meat pie, and he landed face first, knocking off two teeth with a mouthful of blo*d.


“What the f*ck is wrong with you?!” Liu Zite yelled in anger, and spoke with a puff of air. He suspected that Xia Yihui was taking revenge for being pushed.


Xia Yihui innocently pointed to the fire axe stuck in the ground.



Xu Qing chased the enemy too eagerly, and actually threw the fire axe over. If Xia Yihui hadn’t pushed him away, this axe would have cut off his head.



Only then did Liu Zite understand that Xia Yihui was saving him, he felt a little embarrassed.



In his mind, their strength was about the same, he thought Xia Yihui wasn’t worthy of his L3 title, but reality gave him a hard slap in the face, he was actually saved by the person he despised.



Liu Zit was furious, “You’re too nosy! I can dodge it myself!”


Xia Yihui didn’t deny it.



It so happened that at the fork in the road, Liu Zite didn’t hesitate for a moment, he quickly turned to the left. While running, he quickly screamed, “Don’t chase me! The person next to me is No.10 Xia Yihui, I stole your bread but the reward for k!lling him is 150 experience points. Go after him!”




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