C4—-Campus Gladiatorial Arena II

[Ten, nine, eight …… two, one.]


【Countdown ends. Large-scale copy of the campus gladiatorial arena, has officially begun!]


The sound of disorderly footsteps was heard from the corridor outside. As if many people were driven by something, they ran away in a panic.


The classroom was still silent.


Everyone looked left and right, and they were all at a loss. The hunters and their prey were well-behaved.

They didn’t know what to do.


They just arrived, yet they were suddenly asked to k!ll each other, most of them were still in a dumbfounded state.


“How about we find something to defend ourselves?” Someone spoke up.


The crowd of players woke up with a start. Although it wasn’t quite clear how this copy was, picking up something to hold in their hands made them feel slightly better.



Many people rummaged through the classroom and made use of all available resources, including compasses, tables and chairs, and erasers. Finally, even the podium was confiscated.


“D*mn, who can tell me how this blackboard eraser will hit people?”


“How about we remove the chair, and hold this piece of steel in the middle.”


“Oh my God, where can I find something to defend myself in this classroom, why don’t we go out and take a look?”


“I just saw someone carrying a fire hydrant, it’s definitely more solid than a steel bar … aye? Where’s that young man just now? How can someone be gone in a blink of an eye? ”


Liu Zite looked to the side and froze. He was the freckled young man Xia Yihui had seen.


As the countdown started, Liu Zite saw a person sneaking out of the back door.


At that time he subconsciously wanted to call that person, but the young man was holding a fire hydrant, he narrowed his eyes and smiled, but his eyes were cold and hard, scaring Liu Zite into silence.


There was no shortage of people in the room, some players immediately saw that something was wrong with Liu Zite, and directly went forward to force out an answer.


Liu Zite was dressed in a white liberal arts school uniform, he was a prey. As several black school uniform hunters surrounded him, his nervous legs and stomach shook, he hesitated again and again, before stammering out his guess.


“Just now when everyone was looking for tools, I went outside to look at our current class and it was classroom 403 in building three.”


Someone was puzzled: “So what?”


Liu Zite pointed to the big screen outside and explained, “The coordinates of that No.10 classmate Xia Yihui is classroom 403 on the 3rd floor.”


The crowd was amazed and hurriedly looked at the huge display outside and looked at each other excitedly.


“Wow sh*t, it’s true, so we are now in the same frame with the big players?!”


“What what? Who is Xia Yihui ah?”


“Are you stupid, it must be the little white guy who just ran away carrying the fire hydrant. Such little guts, he actually ran away, he’s ranked No.10, see how this grandpa will squeeze him down hahaha ……”


“That big guy is actually a liberal arts student, a prey ah! Level 3, if I take him, I can directly upgrade …… hahaha don’t look at me like that, I’m kidding.”


“Bully, he’s level 3, I’m only level 1, some people are more lucky than others ……”


In the few minutes they talked, the coordinates of Xia Yihui on the big screen was constantly changing, from Building 3 403 to 317 to 309, refreshing once every two minutes on average.


“What’s he running for?” Someone wondered, “Does he really think that people will comply with this shitty rule? It’s against the law to kill someone ……”


Many people had the same doubts, the crowd watched as Xia Yihui’s coordinates kept changing, then they laughed and sighed.


Seeing everyone’s expression, Liu Zite silently breathed a sigh of relief, he complained about Xia Yihui silently.


It was Xia Yihui who snuck away, causing him to be suspected. They lived in a legal society, it was only a game, would anyone dare to k!ll someone?


Liu Zite felt amused, he shook his head and muttered: “Big brother is like this, he has no ability, just blind worry ……”


At the same time, in a place invisible to the crowd, East Lane Anwei had fallen into complete and utter madness.


The reason, the legal system had completely collapsed, in the hearts of many people, it was as if time was better than everything.


If the players present went out and look, they’d be horrified to find that Xia Yihui hadn’t been blindly worrying.


If they didn’t run, they wouldn’t get away.



Eleven o’clock at noon.


The hunters only had 13 hours left.


Xia Yihui quickly climbed the stairs.

He saw a hunter standing on a prey. They must have been fighting fiercely, they both looked tired.


The hunter’s face was particularly ugly, like he has been in a dessert with no water for a long time, his lips were dry and cracked, the whites of his eyes were glazed, he seemed hysterical.


He picked up the watch of the prey and placed it over his watch for a few seconds.

With the beep of the watch, the hunter’s face became ruddy, like he had drank a few mouthfuls of water, and he returned to his peak state.


As for the prey who’s time was stolen, his face quickly became gray and thin, he screamed in pain, “Just wait, I’ll go back and sue you! Harming people in broad daylight, is there no law anymore?!”


The hunter threw the watch back on his prey and smiled cruelly, “Law? In this copy, I am a hunter, this is the law!”


Xia Yihui froze, then he turned around and ran back.


The hunter was startled by the sound, he instantly recognized Xia Yihui: “It’s Xia Yihui! I see him, everyone, chase!”


The hunters who heard the news ran upstairs with cheers, and with one turn, Xia Yihui’s shadow was no longer visible. Everyone shook their heads and sighed, “I can’t believe he ran away again.”


There were a total of six arts students in the top ten of the list, that was, six prey.


They all worked together and took out three, they had run into the other two, one armed police and one special forces. It was hopeless, so they gave up.


But No.10 Xia Yihui, he was slippery like a loach, obviously the coordinates would be updated every few minutes, but the strange thing was that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t catch him.



While depressed, the crowd also felt admiration. In this infinite escape game, sometimes it was useless to be able to fight, it was better to be able to hide.


After talking about the odd man out in the eyes of the crowd, everyone decided not to chase after him, but to turn around and hunt other prey to get more time. First, to improve their security, and second, to stabilize their precarious stamina points.


As the game dragged on, they finally figured out how to control the stamina points.


Three meals a day, one missed meal would reduce ten points of stamina, if they didn’t eat a day, the stamina value would be reduced by 30.


And 50 was the passing line, if it fell below 50, they would look like the hunter just now, dehydrated, dizzy and disoriented.


In addition to that, people also found that the decrease in watch time, lack of stamina, and too much bleeding would accelerate the decrease in stamina points.


That was a very scary discovery.


Many people got no currency from the last copy and couldn’t afford to buy bread, milk, or medicine.


Therefore the decline in stamina points was almost irreversible, now there was a fixed reduction of 30 stamina points day, if the watch time was reduced, maybe stamina points would also have additional deductions.


This burden was simply unbearable for the players.


They could clearly feel their bodies gradually deteriorating, their pace and breathing became visibly heavy, their eyelids felt like it weighed a million pounds, and they couldn’t even hold it up.


Maybe after a little while, they wouldn’t be able to move, they would only die in place.


Such psychological pressure was too terrible, apparently the hunters couldn’t stand it, so their heart of reason collapsed, and they began to rob the time of the prey.


It had been eleven hours since Xia Yihui sneaked out of 403.


During this period he had been frantically running away without interruption, the campus was too big, and now he wasn’t even sure which classroom or building he was in.


At twelve o’clock noon, Xia Yihui’s stamina points decreased by 10. Plus after moving around for hours, his stamina points was now at 80.


Xia Yihui hid in a dark corner somewhere in the teaching building, took out a piece of bread and two pieces of milk and ate it, pulling the stamina points back to 100.

At present, he still had one medicine, two bottles of milk and one piece of bread left.


The milk and bread added up to 30 stamina points, enough to last him another whole day. The medicine, on the other hand, would be for emergencies such as major injuries, it couldn’t be used easily.


While Xia Yihui was eating, a comment screen slipped through the live stream.


In fact, there had always been a comment screen, when he started running for his life, Xia Yihui looked at the number of people in the live room, about twenty or so people. Later, he was busy running for his life, so he didn’t seriously look, now that he was a little free, he glanced at it, the number of live room had risen to a hundred or so.


Shattered peace: strange, why do I feel that people in this game can instantly recognize the anchor, obviously there is no photo on the list.


Yang Juhua: From the infinite escape forum, What’s the situation now? Why are you so useless, anchor?Stop running and fight, I want to pay attention!


Flower: Gee, if I were there, I wouldn’t be as stupid as the anchor. Obviously, it’s most important to save my physical strength. In this case, just find a hidden place to hide. With the anchor’s IQ, he’d never survive five episodes of a horror film.


Sister Meimei: Did you just say that the one you were hiding from was a hunter? The list updates the coordinates in real time, isn’t hiding waiting for someone to catch you?

Summer Sorrow Travel: Unlimited Escape Forum+1. Don’t think about it. I came earlier than you. I watched the anchor run for more than ten hours. Don’t talk about hunting others, the anchor can’t even protect himself.



Want to eat pickled fish: Don’t say that. During this second copy, the anchor is the prey, he can’t help it.


Cheese Laoganma: The anchor is No. 10 on the list, how can the commenter be so stupid? You’re all typing on your keyboard, when it was your turn, what did you do? You all got disqualified.


Orange Wine: I’m surprised, too. Anchor, the way you get recognised is weird. Everyone calls out your name whenever they see you.

Xia Yihui ignored certain discordant comments, grinning: “Well …… Being good-looking in an escape game also makes me a target, I am also helpless.”


The comment screen was empty for a second, and suddenly “vomit ~” emojis began to fill the screen.


Xia Yihui was amused by the comments. After laughing, he also began to worry.


Because the list revealed his coordinates, he had to move constantly, he had to keep moving to avoid hunters who followed the coordinates to k!ll him.


Originally, with the two-minute refresh interval, he could more or less take a break. But strangely enough, no matter where he went, the hunters always recognized him precisely and then surrounded him with ill intent.


Two fists couldn’t defeat four hands, although he didn’t understand, Xia Yihui didn’t want to take the risk, and could only resign himself to his fate, he desperately fled.




At a corner, Xia Yihui collided with a speeding figure.

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